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Married to a Monster

Chapter 2

I woke up late that evening, my stomach rumbling loudly. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed food. I sat up in bed, wiping away the tears from the short dream I just had. It seems with Danny gone, these memories of him might be frequent.

Ugh. What time was it anyway? I stared at the clock that sat on my dresser beside me, 10:34pm. Wow. I slept so late. I wonder if anyone is up at the moment.

I pulled my legs over, before standing up. I noticed that I was wearing my light purple nightgown. Who undressed me? Usually Danny does that. Thinking about it has me blushing deeply. Not like that you idiots...seriously, are all people perverts? Some may be.

Shaking my head, I walked out of the room, and into the dark hallway. Everything was quiet. It doesn’t seem like anyone is up, at least, that’s what I thought.

“Mom! Dad’s being a wimpy loser!”

“Mom, Ali won’t let me win a single game!”

Um. Yea. Alright. They are still up. My dad sounds like a whiny brat just now, which has me giggling, as this wasn’t the first time he tried playing a videogame with Ali. When he got down to it, he could be a real machine gun.

“Ali, play fair! Don’t make me come up there on your behind!” I heard mom respond. It seems she was in the kitchen, probably baking something. My mom was always baking a sweet...whenever she wanted to.

Well, I guess standing here, and listening in to what everyone else was doing, wasn’t going to give me much progress. I took my time creeping downstairs, and walked into the game room, that was right by the living room area. I smirked evilly, while creeping up behind my dad and Ali, who was oblivious of my presence.

Chuckling quietly, I counted to three, before roaring loudly. I was good with a bear roar, and Dad and Ali both jumped up quickly, and turning around to see me wearing an evil grin. They both screamed at the top of their lungs, while I laughed loudly.

Mom came in to see what all the ruckus was about, “What’s going on here?”

I was still laughing, as I had fallen on my back, while rolling around on the floor, while Ali and Dad explained how I had scared the wits out of them.

I finished laughing, and stared up at mom, who clearly didn’t know what to think. Instead, she asked, “Alex, can you be a dear, and come help me ice these sugar cookies?”

“Great. That way she wouldn’t have to bother us with our game...” I shot a glare at Ali, who turned back to the game, along with Dad, who just completely ignored me and mom.

I then smiled up at mom, after standing to my feet, “Sure mom, can I lick the spoon when I’m done?”

“Sure, Alex.”

“Yes!” I pumped my arms up into the air, before walking off with mom towards the kitchen.


“Alex, I understand what you’re going through. There are times when we have tough choices to make, and must make the best of them...”

Here we go.

Ever thought your parents' blabbing was so annoying, you wished to ask them to stop talking for a sec? Yea. That’s how I felt right now.

Whenever it came to lectures like these, my parents would go on non-stop; to the point where I just zoned out, and basically had their words go through one ear and out the other. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know they mean well, but they should talk less, and focus on what their doing.

Like how mom right now, is putting too much sugar in her coffee.

“Uh, mom. Are you sure you’ll be needing all that sugar?”

She stopped talking, finally, only to realize her mistake, and then had to dump the whole mug out. I couldn’t help snickering. Well, that got her to stop blabbing. She was basically talking to me about how to get over Danny leaving.

Pft. She says that she understands, well, she obviously doesn’t. I mean, Danny and I were very close, and hopefully, we still are. I never wanted to lose him, but now that he’s gone off for college, I have to wait a couple years to see him? Yea. Not. Happening.

Call me stubborn or rude if you want, but I have my reasons.

I finished icing the cookies, and placed them on the cookie tray, before washing my hands, and leaving the kitchen. I didn’t need any more lecturing; just some time alone.

I walked outside into the backyard, and sat down on the patio. The moon was out tonight, and so were millions of stars. I remember the time when Danny and I would look for familiar constellations; like the north star, the big dipper, and so on. But when I look up now, I can see none of those things. Just millions of stars above me, making me feel very dizzy at the moment.

“Alex?” I looked over to see my sister, Ali, walking out looking worried. “Mom told me to come get you. You haven’t eaten dinner yet...”

I stared at her for a few seconds, but said nothing, as she sat down on the swinging bench beside me. “I know you miss him, Alex....but you can’t sulk like this all the time. You’ll need to move on...”

I scoffed. She acts as though Danny was my boyfriend, and he just broke up with me. I shook my head, stood up, and then walked off, without saying a word. She won’t understand.

I walked down the hall towards the dining room, and stopped abruptly as I heard parents talking.

“I hear he’ll be wanting her soon.” That was mom, sounding worried.

“We can’t have that monster dealing with our family. We already talked about this Margaret...” Dad sounded furious.

Who and what were they talking about?

I peered around the corner to see that dad was sitting at the table, munching on some cookies, while mom was sipping her coffee. Why she drinks coffee this late at night is beyond me.

“Is everything alright in here you two?” I soon asked, causing them both to look up at me with surprised expressions.

“Yes, dear. Everything’s fine,” my mother said, getting up, and walking over to me. She gave me a light hug, before smiling, “Are you hungry?”

“Uh...” My stomach seemed to have answered for me, as it groaned loudly, which had me blushing deeply. “Yes...I’m starving...”

“Great! Go have a seat, I’ll bring out your food.”

I did as I was told, and raised an eyebrow at my dad, who hadn’t said anything yet. “Is everything alright, dad?”

He was staring into space, which had me wave a hand in front of his face, “Hello? Earth to dad?”

He blinked a couple times, before staring at me with a small frown, “Sorry hun, I was just thinking for the moment.”

“About what?”

Mom came out, and set a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of me, which I began eating, waiting for an explanation from dad, but he never answered. He told us good night, kissed our cheeks, and then went to bed. I looked over to mom, who turned to Ali, who had just walked in, and witnessed dad walking out for the night.

“What’s going on?” I asked, looking from Ali to my mother, who shrugged her shoulders, before taking her time drinking her coffee. I finished eating my food, and soon walked upstairs to my room.

I got to get some sleep anyways, since I have school tomorrow. Hopefully someone will talk to me there...unlike my family who keeps secrets from their youngest.
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