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Married to a Monster

Chapter 3

Mom had woken me up the next morning, very early in fact, and drove me quietly to school. I was wondering why she had come inside, dressed me like I was a 4 year old, gave me breakfast, made my lunch, and then just rode me to school...all in silence.

What was wrong with her? The only words I heard her say were, “I love you, Alex. Be good today.”

I nodded, before hugging her, and added a kiss to her cheek. No matter who looked, I still loved my mom. I watched her leave, with my backpack hanging on my shoulders, before I walked off into the school, which was named, Greensburg High School. I’m in the 11th grade here, even though I think I should be in 12th grade. I’m smart enough to move up one, though I don’t think my parents will agree to it.

I began my trek from the parking lot, towards the entrance, seeing familiar faces along the way, though no one talked to me on the way in, and that was fine. I didn’t really feel up to talking anyways. All I wanted was answers. Why the silence from my mom? What and who were they talking about last night?

And why does everyone want me to forget about Danny going off to college? I mean, he was the one I was closest to, doesn’t that mean anything?

Quite frankly, I wasn’t watching where I was walking, since I bumped into a solid body, which had me look up immediately into light green eyes. “S-s-sorry...”

The green eyes brightened a bit, as I stepped back a bit to give this person a look over. He was wearing a black tuxedo, with black dress shoes, a red shirt, with a black tie tucked in; and had short black hair, with a dark blue streak running on the side of his hair. He wore a shoulder bag over his clothes, but I had to stop looking him over, because I heard his voice soon fill my ears.

“I suppose you like to stare at people for hours on end?” It wasn’t familiar, but I can hear a very thick accent echo from him.

“I’m sorry...I wasn’t watching where I was going...” I said, running a hand through my hair nervously, as I met his bright green eyes again.

“Of course you are,” the young boy said, giving me a smirk. “Hey a minute?”

The boy who was called Tony, had walked over, wearing the exact same thing as this one had on, only his hair was a bright red, with a streak of purple on the side. “Yes Zane?”

The boy, I assumed was Zane, nodded his head towards me, and asked, “Is this her?”

Tony walked up to me, examining me with bright red eyes, which I can’t say are contacts or real. I stared at him with wide eyes, wondering what he was doing, as he looked me over, starting with my eyes, and then working his way down, before walking around me. I raised an eyebrow, before he resurfaced in front of me, making me stagger back a bit, until I bumped into someone else.

Oh great, who could that b-? I looked behind me. It was a girl, wearing the same clothes, only she was wearing a long gown with the same colors. Her hair was long, dark, and had a light green streak on her bangs. Her eyes were purple. Alright. This is getting weird.

She had her arms folded, while raising an eyebrow, as I continued to stare at her in wonderment. “An apology is in order...I think...” She soon said, her accent thick, but unfamiliar. It was like one I’ve never heard.

“Sorry?” I said, surprised that she had said something, before I turned back to see Tony and Zane smirking at me with those creepy smirks.

“I...have to go...”

They all nodded, before I quickly walked away from them, still feeling their eyes on me, as I made my way to my first class.


“And as you can see here, we have the equation equaled now, so what do we do next?”

Ugh. Math. Why me? It’s the most boring class I’ve ever been in. We sit down, we take out our giant textbooks, go over lesson after lesson that has me doodling more in my book than anything. At least, that’s what’s been going on with me. I was surprised though, to hear that a new student was joining us. That rarely happens.

“Everyone...” Ms. Jane said kindly, having me roll my eyes, while I continued to doodle in my notebook. “I want you all to meet our new transfer student...”

“Zane Collins.” What?

I looked up now to see that it was indeed Zane. The boy I bumped into this morning. He was in my class?


A new transfer student?

“Zane has come from a mighty long ways to join us today, so make him feel welcome,” Ms. Jane said, giving him a small shove towards the back of the classroom.

I closed my eyes, hoping he didn’t have to sit next to me...only to my disappointment, it was far worse. He had to sit behind me. You see, there was 5 people per row of chairs. I was the fourth one in my row, and now Zane was the 5th.

Just perfect.

When he walked passed me, he placed a piece of paper on my desk, and soon sat down, before taking out his book and binder for class. I stared at the paper. It had a red flame on it. I opened it up, seeing as it was folded, and stared at the neatly written cursive that was in dark red.

Dearest Alexandra,

I would like to have a word with you during lunch hour. After the bell rings for lunch this afternoon, I’ll meet you outside of your next class. English, I believe it is, right?

See you then,
Z. Collins

I quickly folded the paper back, wondering what it was that Zane needed to talk to me about...and if this was some kind of trick...I wouldn’t hear the end of it.


Once English was over, I packed up my things, and got ready to go. I was glad to be the first one out the door, only to be pulled off to the side by a dainty hand, and met those green eyes I had seen earlier.

“And here you thought I was joking, didn’t you?” Zane soon asked, his accent running through every word.

He didn’t give me a chance to speak, because the next thing I know, he’s pulling me towards the lunchroom in a hurry. What was the rush?

Once we got there, he pulled me through the crowd of students, and brought me over to a table, where I found the other two that I had seen this morning sitting, and some others that looked just like them. They were all identical. I began to worry about what was going to happen, if they all saw me.

“Look who’s here, fellow classmates...” I heard Zane say, as he pulled me up into the front of the group. “Alexandra...welcome to the Dark Gemstones.”
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