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Married to a Monster

Chapter 4

“So you’re telling me that this group...does what now?”

Ali and I were sitting in my room, both working on our homework assignments for the week, and I was busy telling her all about the Dark Gemstones, as they call themselves.

“They mostly just transferred to this school to deal with some kind of project experiment. I don’t know. I was barely listening, since I kept getting strange stares from the whole group, like they were examining me or was weird and creepy.”

Ali stopped writing, and laughed loudly, “And you let them? Really sis, I thought someone like you wouldn’t deal with that sort of stuff...”

“For your information, Ali...I didn’t really know how to react. Everything just happened so fast, it was weird...” I explained, while biting my eraser; a bad habit I have to grow out of.

“Well, you better not tell mom and dad about may get them hyped up, knowing that you now have friends. You know how they can be about that...” She snorts, while shaking her head, her long brown hair waving about with her motions.

I frowned deeply at her, ”Whoever said they were my friends? We just met...”

Hours later the next day...

“You want me to do what?”

“We want you to join our group...but it’ll have to cost you...” the girl with long black hair and green streak said, folding her arms in front of her to make her look more menacing. I think her name was Glamour.

I folded my arms, mocking her as I raise an eyebrow, and ask, “And what stupidity would you have me do, just to get into your group? What if I’m not even interested in joining?”

Zane walked up, giving me a smirk, as he came close to my face, causing me to glare at him, before he pulled away. “That’s alright. You don’t have to join if you don’t want to...”

“Oh good.” I said in relief, before hearing the bell. “I gotta get to class. See ya later.”

They all watched me leave in silence, as I ran off to English class.


“She’s totally in denial...”

“Indeed. She doesn’t seem to know the truth...”

“Maybe we should tell the boss about this...”

“No. We can’t back down now. He gave us a mission, and we’re going to finish it.”

This wasn’t the first time our plans have been put to a halt. If it was one thing I hated most, it was wasting time. The main leaders of this group had come for a meeting, and I was one of them. Although, I was the one who put this whole thing together.

“Alright you’s what we’re going to do....”

They all gave me their full attention. “Our boss sent us here to do a job. A job that deals with his trust. We break his trust, he breaks us...everyone understands that?”

Nods were given.

A hand was soon raised, causing me to look at the individual with annoyance, “Yes?”

“I think we all know what our job is, we just have to figure out how to do it, now that we’ve found our target.”

Being the leader of this group had it’s advantages, though it was the consequences of making mistakes to finish a certain plan. Everyone was counting on me. He was counting on me. I sighed deeply, before running a hand through my dark and red locks.

“The boss said we had to gain the girl’s trust, before moving on with the rest of the plan. That is our main goal here. I suggest we don’t stay in a group as we have been doing. Let us separate ourselves. Find out the places that she usually visits during the week. Once that is done; get as much information as you possibly can, try to relate to her surroundings and emotions. We don’t want to screw this up.”

I made contact with each individual, before asking, “Is everyone clear on what their assignments are?”

They all nodded, “Yes Zane.”

I smirked widely, “Good. Then let us do what we must.”
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