Status: completed.

The Wrong One

Zacky's life was amazing.

His band was gaining fame, they were working on their fourth album, he had his own home, and his girlfriend of two years had just agreed to marry him. He was extremely happy with where he was. Samantha had said yes to marry him, but now she was going to Europe to study abroad for college for the summer. He knew it was going to be good for her, but he didn't want her to go.

Sian was the serious sister of Samantha. She was in school for Physics, and now that her junior year was through, she was ready to do something with her life. Somehow, her sister had convinced her to come back to Huntington for a couple of weeks to spend time with her, but when she gets to California, Samantha isn't there.

It turns out that while in Europe, something has happened and now Samantha is missing. The group of friends she went with don't know what's happened to her, only that she's been gone for days.

Zacky and Sian are thrown together in their search for Samantha, but as the months pass, they realize there's more between them than just finding Samantha. Zacky is hit with the realization that he may have fallen for the wrong one...

[disclaimer:] i do not own Zacky Vengeance or any member of Avenged Sevenfold, nor do I claim to. I do, however, own Sian (pronounced Shawn) and Samantha, as well as the plot and any other characters.