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The Wrong One


Zacky and Eliza walked back out of the hotel and down the street.

“Now what the fuck do we do?” Zacky asked.

“We find a hotel of our own to say in.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” he said and waved his hand for another taxi.

“Uh…” Sian started.

“How about I’ll pay for our hotel?” Zacky said.

“Are you sure?”

“Sian, I’ve got it. Hell, while we’re here, we may as well enjoy it. I hardly ever get to spend a lot of time in the cities I travel to. We’ll go all out. What’s that really nice one they always talk about?”

“The Brunelleschi Hotel?”

“Yeah, that one!” Zacky said, snapping his fingers.

“Zacky, that’s a very expensive hotel,” Sian stated.

“Sian, I’ve got it covered; trust me.”

She spoke to the driver and he nodded, taking off.

“Zacky, I don’t know if I’m okay with that.”

“Sian, I promise you it’s fine. You’re helping me, remember? When was the last time you were pampered?”

“It’s been a while,” she conceded.

“Alright then, I’m going to pay for the hotel. You just sit back and translate what I say, alright?”

“Fine,” Sian said, but she couldn’t help but smiling.

It was nice to meet a guy who was willing to pay for things. He seemed determined to prove he had money to her, but as long as he was offering, she wasn’t going to say no.

They sat in silence in the minutes it took to get to the hotel from where Bryce and Delia were staying. She didn’t realize it was literally in the center of Florence. She gazed at the scenery around her, and was disturbed by a clicking noise behind her. She turned to see Zacky holding a camera.

“Hey, we’re in Florence. It’s always camera time here,” he said and stepped out of the cab.
Sian handed the driver some money, said her thanks, and grabber her bag and Samantha’s suitcase before entering the hotel beside Zacky.

“Ask them for a suite,” Zacky said, looking around as they made their way to the counter.

Ciao, possiamo avere una suite per favore?

L'unica suite che abbiamo a disposizione è la suite con vasca idromassaggio,” the woman said from behind the counter.

“What did she say?” Zacky asked.

“The only suite they have available is the Jacuzzi suite,” Sian said, clearing her throat.

“Sweet; sounds good to me.”

Che ci piace avere quella suite?” Sian said, looking back at the woman.

Certo che può. Quale nome la stanza sotto e come intende pagare?

“Do you want me to put your name down?” Sian asked Zacky.

“Yeah, I guess so since my name is on the card,” he said and pulled out a black credit card. Sian’s eyebrow lifted in amazement, but she didn’t say anything to him.

She spelled his name for the clerk and watched as Zacky signed the receipt. She thanked the woman and followed the bellhop to the elevator and to one of the top floors.

The bellhop opened the doors to the suite and Sian’s eyes grew wide.

“Zacky, I think this is a bit much.”

“Sian, relax, okay? I’m going to take a shower.”


Sian sat on the huge king-sized bed; the only bed in the whole suite. She took a break from reading Samantha’s journal to rub her eyes. Zacky was still in the bathroom and she had just finished reading Sam’s last entry. Who the hell was Liam and why would Samantha run off with him? She didn’t have the heart to tell Zacky about Liam, whoever he was, and she decided to keep this a secret.

She looked up as the door to the bathroom opened and saw Zacky coming into the room, a towel wrapped around his waist and one in his hand, drying his hair. The first thing she noticed were the tattoos that covered his chest and stomach. She felt her cheeks heat up and the thought of his chubbiness being cute. She closed the journal and stood up.

“Anything?” Zacky asked.

“I think she’s gone to Germany.”

“Well, then we’ll go to Germany.”

“We just got to Italy, Zacky,” Sian said as she slipped the journal into her things.

“I know. We can spend a few days here, and then go to Germany. I want to see a bit of Italy anyway.”

“What do you want to see?”

“I don’t know, but why don’t we start with something to eat? We’ll get something to eat and then go out.”

“Alright, sounds good to me,” Sian said and she went into the bathroom.

“Wear a dress!” Zacky hollered through the door.

Sian was just stepping into the shower when she heard that comment.

“I don’t have a dress!” she hollered back.

“Samantha does,” she heard in return.

She cringed. All of Samantha’s dresses were either really short or strapless, or worse: both.
A few minutes later, she wrapped the towel around her and went back into the bedroom. Zacky was now wearing pants and a belt, but he was still shirtless. She saw him holding up a checkered shirt and watched as he slipped it on. She went to Samantha’s suitcase and rifled through it.

“I don’t see any dresses in here,” she said, double-checking herself.

“That’s because I already found it.”

She looked over her shoulder at him. He was holding up the smallest dress she’d ever seen in her life and she swore her eyes crossed.

“Dear Jesus,” she breathed out.

She made a face at Zacky’s smile, grabbed the dress from his hands, and rifled through her own bag. After a minute, she stuck her tongue out at him and disappeared back into the bathroom.

“You’re welcome,” he said through the door.

“You can go fuck yourself,” he heard come from the bathroom and smiled.


He was already dressed and ready twenty minutes before Sian was ready. He was standing in front of the window looking over the city when the door opened. He turned around and his jaw dropped. Sian’s hair was curled around her face and her makeup wasn’t too done. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry except for earrings. Her tan body fit snuggly inside the dress and he was in awe. A small bit of cleavage was visible over the dress and she was trying in vain to pull the dress down her tan legs. It wasn’t working. He continued down to see the shoes she’d found. They were silver and wrapped up around her legs. He gulped audibly and forced himself to smile.

“You look great,” he said, knowing she looked a hell of a lot better than great.

“This dress is too fucking short,” she said, still trying to pull the dress down.

“It looks fine,” he said and moved toward her.

She looked up as he got closer and saw he didn’t look bad himself. The shirt slimmed him and played up the blue in his eyes. She smiled at him as he moved to the door. She followed him, and looked around the room one last time before pulling the door shut behind her.
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Sian's outfit

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