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The Wrong One


Sian rolled onto her back and stretched her legs and arms around her. Once she felt better, she curled back up in the bed. Eyes still closed, she listened for Zacky. She heard him in the bathroom and it sounded like he was on the phone. After a few more minutes of straining, she concluded he was on the phone with one of his friends because he was cussing a lot. She smiled at his antics, and rolled over, finding a different position to get more comfortable in. Her eyes fluttered open and read the clock. She smiled and closed her eyes again. After a few minutes, she realized something and sat straight up.

“What the fuck?!”

Zacky came back in the room, cell phone beside his ear. “What?”

“Zacky, it’s almost one in the afternoon. Why the fuck didn’t you wake up?”

“Christ, let me call you back,” he said into the phone before shutting it. “I’m helping you out again.”

“Zacky, we were supposed to leave today!” Sian cried. She flung the covers off of her body and stood up to move around and pack her things.

“Sian, calm down,” Zacky said as he moved toward her.

She was muttering to herself and throwing clothes in Samantha’s suitcase and her backpack. When she moved to the bathroom, Zacky took everything out of the suitcase and threw it on the floor. Sian came out of the bathroom and stopped in her tracks.

“What the fuck, Zacky,” she said looking at the pile of clothes.

“We’re not leaving today. We’re working on another part of your childhood,” Zacky announced with a smile.

“I told you I was going to Germany to find my sister and that’s what I intend to do. You don’t have to come but I am leaving.”

“Sian, there’s no point in leaving today. I’ve already booked us tickets for tomorrow. We leave at eight a.m. Today, we’re going to work on the second thing.”

Sian stood still and listened to him. He’d already gotten tickets for them. She looked at him to see his face hopefully. He was smiling toward her and she couldn’t deny him. He was getting to her and she didn’t know how he’d done it, but she found herself saying yes to him all the time. She turned around and put her things back in the bathroom. She came back out, crossed her arms and looked at him.

“Alright, what are we doing today? Bungee jumping, stealing, racing…what?”


“No, come on, Zacky, tell me.”

“We’re doing nothing, Sian.”

“Zacky, don’t tell me you don’t have anything planned. I just put my stuff back for nothing, didn’t I?”

“No, Sian. We’re doing nothing today. We’re going to lie in bed, watch movies, eat food, and do nothing.”

Sian slowly smiled. He remembered. Of course he remembered, though. He seemed to remember everything she ever said. With a small laugh, she jumped back on the bed and got comfortable in the middle of the bed. When Zacky realized she wasn’t going to argue and she was going along with it, he crawled over her and to his side of the bed. They flipped on the television to find something to watch.

Several hours and a couple of horrible movies later, they decided to order room service. After that, a cart filled to the brim of nothing but horrible food was brought in by a guy who worked at the hotel. Sian’s eyes grew as she looked at the cart.

“Oh, my God, how are we ever going to eat all of that?”

“We’ll find a way,” Zacky said as he placed a huge bite of what looked like macaroni and cheese into his mouth.

Sian laughed, mentioned he looked like a hamster, and took a bite out of something else.

Within hours, every dish had been eaten out of, and Sian was lying across Zacky, both of them holding their stomachs.

“What are they saying?” Zacky asked as they watched a movie in Italian.

“They’re telling the chick about the guy being a secret agent,” Sian said, and she burped really loudly.

Blushing, she covered her mouth, but Zacky just laughed. “That was the greatest thing ever.”

“That was disgusting and I’m so sorry,” Sian said and blushed more.

“’Better out than in, I always say’,” Zacky said with a lazy smile.

“Thanks, Shrek, that was great.”

“Hey, I really do say that,” Zacky said.

“Tell me about the band,” Sian said, and looked up at him.

“We’re all different yet the same, really. Jimmy is the big drinker. Matt’s kind of the keeper of the peace while Johnny and Syn just… they just do their own thing.”

“What about you?”

“I go with the flow, I guess. I play my guitar, do what needs to be done, and get wasted.”

“I haven’t seen you wasted,” Sian said, settling back in to his side.

Absentmindedly, Zacky reached up and toyed with a piece of her hair. He watched her eyes drift close. “That’s because I haven’t let myself get wasted.”

“You act like you’re really responsible, but you aren’t, are you?”

“No, not really.”

“I didn’t think so,” Sian said with a smile. “So why can’t I see that side of you?”

“You really want to see that side of me?”

“Yes, I really do.”

“Alright, well after Germany, we’ll make a pit stop in Amsterdam, and you can see the real me. Now, the question is are you going to join me in being me?”

“We’ll see what ‘being you’ really involves, and then I’ll let you know.”

“But you’re not saying no?” Zacky asked.

“No, I’m not saying no,” Sian said and smiled up at him. “I thought of something else I want to do.”

“Hit me,” Zacky said, rubbing his stomach.

Biting her lip to keep from smiling, Sian flipped over onto all fours, and stood up on the bed.
“Sian, what are you doing?”

She just giggled and gave him an evil grin.

“Sian, I don’t know what you’re planning, but don’t.”

Sian’s smile only grew and she bent her knees. Within an instant she was jumping up and down on the bed. She laughed as Zacky rolled off the bed to avoid her feet. She paused and laughed harder as he stood up.

“Oh, hell yeah!” he yelled before climbing on the bed to jump with her.

They jumped for a few more minutes before Zacky hopped off the bed and brought up iTunes on his computer and set his camera up in front of the bed. He pressed a button and jumped back on the bed with her. A few seconds later, in mid-laugh, a flash appeared in the room and Sian realized he’d taken a picture.

Sian stopped jumping long enough to tie her hair back into a bun on top of her head and kept going. She and Zacky grabbed hands and twisted about on the bed. Their smiles almost reached their ears as they jumped from the bed to the floor and continued to dance. Sian laughed loudly as she watched Zacky dance even though she swore he was having a spastic attack.

They spent another hour jumping on the bed, spinning around the room, and dancing. They paused their music long enough to go back out to the deck so that they could smoke a cigarette. Zacky was surprised Sian had smoked again, but she just smiled and blew smoke into his face. They moved back to their room where Sian stood up on the bed, jumped a few more times until Zacky laid down on the bed, and then she landed cross-legged on the bed facing him.

“That was so much fun,” Sian said, smiling.

“I’m glad.”

“I needed that.”

“Good, then you better get some sleep. We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow,” Zacky said and stood up to start cleaning.

Sian stretched and watched him move around the room. She leaned back so that her back was resting against the headboard.

“We need to find a place to do laundry sometime. I’ve got more clothes, but I’d still like to wash the ones that are dirty.”

“Alright, we can do that,” Zacky said as he pushed the cart of food back into the hallway.

Sian decided to wait until the morning to finish packing her things. For the rest of the night, she was just going to be lazy.
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