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The Wrong One


They stayed in Amsterdam for another four days before booking a flight to Paris. They stood in their room as they finished packing. She’d found one last cap when they were finishing up. She lifted the bag up and looked at it as Zacky came to stand beside her.

“What should we do with it?” Sian asked.

Zacky just shrugged and turned away to finish packing his things. Sian looked from the bag back to him. Before she could talk herself out of it, she opened the bag and shoved the cap in her mouth. It tasted disgusting, but she chewed it until she finally swallowed it.

“Hey, Sian where are my—”

Zacky turned at the same time Sian did. He caught her chewing before she swallowed.

“Did you just eat that cap?”

Sian only nodded and tried to wipe the disgusted look off of her face. She felt the pieces going down her throat and into her stomach. Minutes later she swore it was as if an invisible shield was running up from her toes to cover her entire body. She swore she almost saw the trip travel up her body. All of a sudden, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Zacky smiled while folding up his clothes. He knew that feeling all too well. He didn’t remember her geeking like that before, but he just attributed it to her not chewing the cap well. He knew she pretty much swallowed the thing as she hated mushrooms.

The smile faded a bit as he recalled that. He wasn’t sure how he knew she hated mushrooms, but he guessed he’d noticed it along the way. Then he remembered when they were eating in Italy how she’d picked all of them out and set them to the side. He smiled again at how weird he was acting, and focused back on Sian.

By now, they were as close as two people could be. They sat close when they were out, and even held hands when walking. Neither of them found it weird; they felt it was normal. The only awkward moments they’d had was when a few people stopped them to tell them how cute of a couple they were. Sian had blushed, but Zacky just thanked them and they kept walking.

Sian couldn’t sit still the entire flight. She was way too excited to be going to Paris. Zacky couldn’t deny his excitement, either. He had plans for her while they were in Paris. He also had to keep people from finding out the fact that she was extremely high on shrooms. Going through airport security had been almost excruciating. She’d laughed at everything, and couldn’t stop talking about the “pretty colors”. He was sure the guy beside them knew something was wrong, but thankfully he remained silent.

When they landed, Zacky had Sian get directions to their hotel. Fortunately, the trip had worn off and Sian just felt extremely tired. This time, he wanted to have a bit more elegant hotel than they’d had in Germany or Amsterdam. It was part of his plan for Sian, even though she didn’t know it was coming.

Sian barely had time to put her things down in their suite before Zacky was pulling her back out the door.

“Where are we going, Zacky?”

“We’ve got things to do!” he said, only.

She had to run to keep up with him. Her flip-flops thwacked loudly against the pavement as he led her through streets, down alleyways, and out into the open. In front of her, the River Seine was glistening with boats and people all around. Tears sprang to Sian’s eyes as she looked around. She took back everything she’d ever said about any place being beautiful, because she’d found the most beautiful place on Earth.

“Zacky,” she said, but that’s all she could get out.

Across the river and set back a bit, the Eiffel Tower shadowed over everything. She blinked a bit as Zacky held his camera in front of her face. She took it from him and snapped a few pictures. She handed it back to him and he snapped some of her, and much to her surprise he pulled her in, reached his arm out and took a picture of the both of them with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

“Come on, this isn’t all,” he said and pulled her hand.

Again, she had to run to keep up with him as he wound his way down through more streets and alleyways until they came out on a dock. Sian watched in amazement as Zacky spoke a bit of broken French, and laughed as he messed up some of the words and tenses. She corrected and the guy understood immediately. He led them to a small boat where Zacky jumped on. He turned around and held his hand out for Sian.

“We’re going sailing?”

“Yes, we are, if you get on the boat,” Zacky said with a smile.

Excited, she took his hand and stepped down onto the boat.

Within minutes, they were away from the dock and floating down the Seine. They stood together at the front of the boat and looked out at the sights and other boats. Sian leaned into Zacky’s side as his arm snaked around her to hold onto the railing. She pushed the hair out of her face and looked at him.

“You didn’t have to do this, Zacky,” she said.

“I know, but I told you I was going to recreate your childhood, and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I understand, but Zacky, I feel like you’re throwing away all your money.”

“Trust me, it’s worth it,” he said and he smiled.

She didn’t say anything else, just remained quiet as they floated up and down the Seine. Every once in a while, one of them would point at something in the distance, or some piece of history that Zacky was sure Sian would like to see.

After their ride, they decided to go back to the hotel and order food. They stayed in bed the rest of the night watching television and eating. Soon after, Sian was out cold, and Zacky followed, but both of them had smiles on their faces.
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