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The Wrong One


Sian was shaken awake by Zacky extremely early.

“Zacky, what’s wrong?”

“Come on, we’ve got more things to do. We can’t stay in bed all day,” he said and moved away from her.

She sat up and looked around. He’d pulled his side of the bed up to cover the pillows and he was moving around quickly. She stretched before she stood up and made her way into the bathroom to take a shower. She was barely under the water when Zacky burst in to talk to her.

“No heels for now.”

“What?” Sian asked, confused.

“Don’t wear heels today. Sandals will be fine, but if you’ve got tennis shoes, those would be best.”

She stuck her head out of the curtain to see Zacky with his hair slicked back, sunglasses on top of his head and those tormenting rings in his bottom lip. He was wearing a simple black shirt and cargo shorts with a pair of Chuck Taylors.

“Alright, I think I can do that,” Sian said and pulled herself back into the shower.

Zacky left the bathroom while she finished and lay back down on the bed. He watched Sian emerge in her towel, her long hair cascading behind her back. He watched as she moved around, looking for clothes. Her back was to him and he watched as the muscles in her back moved as she did. She went back into the bathroom and a few minutes later, emerged dressed in khaki shorts, a white long-sleeved shirt, and tennis shoes. Her watch was on her wrist, and her hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail.

“Does this look okay?”

“Yeah, it looks great,” Zacky said, nodding.

“I’m ready when you are,” she said with a smile.

“Alright, let me just grab my stuff,” Zacky said and moved away from the window.

He moved around and made sure he had everything before they left.

“We need to stop so I can change my money over,” Zacky said as they walked out the door.
“Alright,” Sian said and took his hand in hers.

They walked down the stairs, opting not to take the elevator, to the lobby. They weaved through the people and out into the bright sunlight. A car was waiting at the end of the stairs and Zacky held the door open for her. She smiled to him and slid inside as he sat down beside her. He didn’t speak, but the driver seemed to know where they were going.

“Zacky, what are you up to?” Sian asked.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll see when we get there,” Zacky said and smiled at her from his side of the car.

Sian watched as the scenery changed from city and faded into rolling hills and trees. Every chance she got, she snapped pictures of the hills and flowers. They stayed in the car for another twenty minutes when the city began to pop up again. They drove through more trees and Sian became suspicious. Suddenly, the trees opened up and in front of her stood the Palace of Versailles. Her jaw dropped and she stared in awe as the car bounced along the brick road. They stopped and Sian forgot about everything as she climbed out and looked at the huge buildings around her.

“Come on, we get to see more than just the outside,” Zacky said as he came up behind her.
She smiled over her shoulder at him, and walked beside him up to the huge palace.

They spent hours at Versailles. They went on a walking tour of the entire palace, and Sian marveled at the richness and detail of the palace. She’d always had a fascination with the history of London and Paris, and thought the ancient times would’ve been exquisite… if someone were on the right side of things.

They ate lunch there, and spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the garden, taking pictures. Finally, they dragged themselves back to the front of the palace and found a car to take them back.

Zacky walked her back up to their room, moved around for a minute collecting a bag and walked back to the door.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to get ready. I suggest you do the same, Sian. I’ll be back at eight to pick you up. The bag on the bed is for you,” Zacky said with a smile, and he was gone.

Sian stared at the door for a minute before she turned around to the bag. It was a black bag with white stripes on it. She pulled away at the tissue paper and dug into it. From it, she pulled a black short dress. She held it up in front of her and chuckled at his taste. Somehow, he knew her size. She tipped the bag a bit and saw there was more, so she stuck her hand back in. From it, she pulled out a pair of leopard print shoes, a set of bangles, and gold hoop earrings. The last thing she pulled out was a clutch with the same print on it, and black ribbon sitting in the middle. She laughed and thought of him.

“Such an ass,” she said jokingly to herself.

With a sigh, she moved to the bathroom and started the water. She decided to take her time, as she still had three hours to waste. She plugged the drain, her mind settling on a shower, and she moved around to get things ready. Once the water was drawn, she sunk down into the steaming water and thought.

She knew she should’ve told Zack about Liam, but she didn’t to spare his feelings. What happens when they find Samantha and she was with Liam? What would Zacky say if he were to see Sam and Liam? Where the hell was Sam? She chewed on her thumbnail as she thought about everything. That was it; she was going to tell Zacky about Liam at dinner.

Once she was done with her bath, she wrapped a towel around her and secured it. She moved to the bedroom and was rummaging through her suitcase when a knock sounded on the door She looked at the clock to see she still had another two hours before she was supposed to be ready. She smiled and headed for the door, fully ready to tell Zacky he could wait.

Pulling the door opened, she was surprised to see a boy who worked for the hotel standing there. He cleared his throat and she made sure her towel was secure around her.

“A letter for you,” he said and handed it to her.

She flipped the envelope over and saw her name yet again written in Samantha’s scrawl. She watched as the guy moved away from the door and she stepped outside, looking up and down the hallway. She didn’t see anyone. Moving quickly, she shut the door and turned to the balcony. Flinging the doors open, she rushed outside and looked over the railing. She looked down and all over the busy street. Finally, just below her, she saw the brown of a girl’s hair. The girl smiled and turned quickly away, getting into the cab she was holding open. Sian knew immediately it had been Samantha. She watched the car drive away before she looked back down at her envelope. She ripped it open and pulled the card out.

“NunduL DnglenI.”

She didn’t even have to write it down, as the code was coming back to her, now. She knew her sister was going to London, England. Sian smiled and looked up, seeing the taxi turn onto a different road and out of sight. She moved back inside and got ready for the night.

It was 8:05 and Zacky wasn’t there. She sighed, grabbed her clutch, and headed out the door. She took the steps down to the lobby where she saw him standing, waiting for her. He looked almost devilish. His hair was spiked in the back and ran across one of his eyes. His lips sparkled with the light reflecting off of his lip rings. He had on his flat black button up shirt, and the sleeves were buttoned around his wrists. The only tattoos that were visible were the ones on his hands and knuckles. His shirt wasn’t tucked into his black slacks, and his shoes were tennis shoes. Her eyes lifted back to his and she saw he’d lined his with black eyeliner. To her, that made him all the more tempting, instead of being a turn off like she thought it would be. She smiled as she descended toward him.

He’d been on his way up the stairs when he saw her at the top of them. Her curvaceous body fit into the dress in all the right places. Her tanned legs seemed to go on for days until he saw the shoes he’d picked out. Her hair was curled and pulled back to form a bump. A few stray pieces framed her face, which had little makeup on it. He saw the whites of her knuckles holding her clutch and knew she was nervous. He’d thought a lot while he was getting ready and had come to the conclusion that he was going to tell her, tonight.

She finally stood in front of him and he took her hand, smiling. He led her out of the hotel and they walked down the steps to the street.

“No car this time?” Sian asked, half joking.

“Not this time. We’re not going too far from here. It’s a nice night out and I thought we could just walk if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s perfectly fine with me,” Sian said, smiling back at him.

They only walked two blocks before they got to the restaurant. Zacky asked to sit outside where they could see the Eiffel Tower in the background, lit up like nothing they’d ever seen before. Sure, Sian had seen L.A. at night and she’d seen other cities, but nothing compared to the sight she saw now.

Three bottles of wine, dinner, and a lot of drunken laughs later, Zacky stood up and held his hand out to her. Sian glanced around and saw people moving inside to dance, and she took his hand. They moved to the dance floor and he pulled her closer to him. His arm wound around her waist and her arms snaked around his neck. She rested her head on his shoulder and he put his head on top of hers.

“Happy birthday, Sian,” he slurred.

Sian’s head came up with a start. It was her birthday already. She looked into his eyes and smiled. He couldn’t control his head leaning down and his lips meeting hers. She was a bit surprised at first, but as her eyes closed she couldn’t help but think how right it felt. Her hands grasped his neck and his gripped her waist as the kiss intensified. Goofy smiles adorned their faces when they pulled apart.

“I love you, Sian.”
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