Home Is Where The Cell Is

Sam-Getting To Know Her

“Are you okay?” I ask Quinn.
“I guess.” She looks at me and I can the fear in her eyes.
“Thank you.” She smiles at me but not like before. This smile isn't for show, it's just real.
“Your welcome.” I say, unsure of what to do now.
“Weren't you scared?” Quinn sits next to me on the weight bench.
“No, I was terrified.” I laugh a little.
“I was.” Quinn hugged herself.
“Is Jesse like that all the time?” I couldn't imagine why Rachel would want to be with someone so...unstable.
“Pretty much.” Quinn was shaking a little bit. I put my arm around her and she looked at me.
“So, why is Rachel with him, if he's like that?” I ask, trying to show Quinn that I'm just here to talk.
“Rachel isn't the dumb little girl next door that everybody thinks she is. That girl is just as crazy as Jesse, she's just good at making people believe what she wants them to.” Quinn laughs a little at my expression.
“Why does she do that?” I'm confused now.
“Because when you smile people don't think you're a threat. You can get close to people that way.” Quinn leans into me and her warmth feels like heaven.
“So it's all just an act? The sweet, perky, ditz?” I look down at the top of Quinn's head.
“Honestly, I wouldn't be all that surprised if Rachel was smarter than me. I mean here, you learn to play a certain role. One that fits the way you look or why you're here. Rachel's just an expert at her charade.” Quinn shrugs her shoulders.
“So what's your role?” I ask understanding the place I now call home a little better.
“I make out with everyone, flirt with the guards, seem uninterested in conversations, flaunt myself around. If everyone knew what you do they'd know to speak more cautiously around me.” Quinn looks out over the yard. Just beyond the barbed wire fence is an opened field.
“You act like a whore?” I ask and I can even hear the tone.
“Yeah.” Quinn says this quietly.
“Why?” I'm sort of upset.
“Because if everyone knows that you're willing, the game loses it's fun and those people leave you alone. Take Rachel for instance. Every guy in here wants her, they make comments and some even try. Not that's too smart on their part because the last guy who actually touched her ended up in the intensive care unit. Thank you Jesse. But all I have to do is kiss someone and then get pulled away. Everyone here knows that I'm on active watch so kissing is all they can get. It's all they expect. It's my safety blanket.” Quinn lifts her hand to her face and I can tell she's crying.
“Quinn, you shouldn't have to do that.” I say.
“I know, but I can't can't the comments, and the judgment on how I look, I couldn't take it in Hollywood and I can't take it here. So, I'll will play their game.”
“That's how I know you. You're Quinn Fabray. Actress.”
“Yeah...that's me. The famous whore.”
“Hey, don't talk like that.” I say lifting her chin up to look at me. Our mouths are almost touching and I want to kiss her so bad.
“I'm not going to kiss you.” I say.
“What?” Quinn asks shocked.
“I want to, God, do I want to but not when you're upset, not when you might regret it.” I smile at her and she just sits there.
“You're a good person Sam.” Quinn says looking at the field again.
“Tell that to the judge.” I laugh.
“Only if you tell mine.” Quinn says but she isn't laughing.
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