Home Is Where The Cell Is

Rachel-This Can't Be Happening

“What did you tell him?” I ask Noah.
“You're out?” He ignores my question and hugs me.
“Yeah, now what'd you say?” I push him away.
“Not much after you left.” Noah sits back down.
“I can't believe you told him anything!” I snipe at him.
“Rachel, come on, maybe he was telling the truth.” Noah sounds hopeful.
“You're delusional.” I can't believe that Noah could be so naive after everything that man did.
“You're just mad.” Noah says in a lower tone.
“Damn straight I mad Noah. Come on! That man left us when we needed him the most and now all of the sudden when we can't do anything about it he wants a relationship?” I give Noah a condescending look.
“You okay babe?” Jesse wraps his arms around my waist from behind me.
“Better now.” I say closing my eyes.
“What's wrong?” Jesse puts his head on my shoulder.
“My...father came today.” I say tensing.
“Why?” Jesse swayed us back and forth.
“He's want to start over with us.” Noah broke the calm I was starting to feel and I just glare at him.
“We don't really know why he came.” I say it more to Noah then to Jesse.
“Can't you just give him a chance?” Noah looked up at me from his spot on the couch.
“No, and you shouldn't either.” I tell him.
“Well I am.” Noah can be so stubborn sometimes.
“Fine! But when this all comes crashing down around you, don't came crying to me about it!” I say harshly, freeing myself from Jesse and walking out of the room.
I storm out side and look around. I can see Sam and Quinn on the weight bench holding each other. That makes me mad too and I walk toward the basketball court. I let out a frustrated scream and throw my hands out. I don't feel any better and look around again. The new couple is looking at me now. I'm losing it front of the people I've worked hard to trick. I punch the pole holding the hop as hard as I can. The pain shots ups my arm and I drop to my knees.
“Shit.” I whisper looking at my already swelling hand.
“Come on Rachel.” Quinn's standing over me, dragging me up.
“Leave me alone.” I tell her but she doesn't leave.
“You have to get that looked at.” She says walking me toward the guard near the entrance.
“Good job Rachel.” Mick looks at me as we approach.
“Yeah, and where the fuck were you before I did this?” I ask him.
“Watching?” His nose is a little crocked and I smile at him.
“Nice nose.” I say.
“Nice hand.” He answers back.
“My work is always nice.” I won't let him have any satisfaction. Mick takes me from Quinn and we start walking to the medic. The hall is empty and Mick stops walking. I stop to waiting for him.
“You think you're so high and mighty huh?” He asks stepping closer to me.
“Screw you.” I say rolling my eyes.
“Is that an offer now?” Mick grabs my shoulders and slams me against the wall. It knocks the wind out of me and my head is pounding from the impact.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“Maybe I'm gonna teach you a lesson.” Mick presses his body against mine. I look at him.
“Try and I'll be seeing you at your funeral, Jesse will kill you.” I can't really see straight. I probably have a concussion.
“I don't see Jesse here, or Puck. I don't see anyone actually.” Mick pushes his forearm to my throat and puts his other hand on my stomach. His hand is on my jumper, I can feel him moving it up my body.
“I'll tell him.” I squeak out.
“You won't have the chance.” He says yanking the jumper open. The air on my belly is cold and Mick smashing his lips to mine. The air rushes into my lungs and I sock Mick as hard as I can with my left fist.
“Bitch.” Mick throws a right hook and I fall to the ground. I can't see out of my left eye. The pain in my head is excruciating. I crawl a couple of inches but Mick kicks me in the ribs. I fall over onto me back letting out a cry.
“It doesn't feel goo, getting beaten up, does it?” I can feel him on me. He's heavy and I try to struggle. He punches me in the face then moves his hands to around my neck. He squeezes and I can't breathe. I'm starting to black out. Where was Jesse? This can't be happening to me.
“Hey!” Is all I hear before I pass out.
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