How It All Should Have Gone

My Baby

“Rachel, do you want me to go with you before school?” My dad asks.
“No, I'm fine, I don't want you to be late for work.” I smile as I finish my breakfast.
“Alright. Get the big bundle again though okay?” He kisses me.
“Alright, I will.” I promise and leave for my appointment.

“Good morning Rachel!” Dr. Greene beams.
“Morning, Doc!” I smile and lift my shirt over my belly.
“So, wanna find out today?” She asks.
“Nope, I want to be surprised!” I tell her again.
“Alright. Lets see then.” She squirts the cold gel all over me and rubs it around. I watch the screen as everything comes to life. The little heart beat and the picture. Every time I come here I cry.
“The baby looks good. Everything is fine. Still healthy!” Dr. Greene smiles and hands me a tissue.
“Are you getting the pictures again?” She asks.
“You betcha! 3D and regular please.” She goes and prints out my copies as I wipe the goo off and fix my shirt.
“Alright, here ya go Rachel. I'll see you next month.” I take the pictures and go to school. I open the envelope and pull out the stills during french class. I stare at my baby and just smile.
“Is that the baby?” Jesse's in my ear, looking over my shoulder.
“Yeah.” I say putting the pictures back into the envelope. He's quiet for a long time.
“Can I see them?” I turn around and our faces are inches apart.
“No. We both know what's going to happen with us Jesse. Just stop making it harder.”
“Rachel, that's my baby too. I want to see it.”
“I said no Jesse.” I put the pictures on my desk and turn around.
“That's not fair.” He says grabbing the envelope.
“Jesse!” I say grabbing for them but he's turned in his seat looking anyway.
“Give them back.” I tell him.
“He looks like you Rachel.” Jesse takes a picture then hands me the rest.
“I don't know if it's a boy or girl.” I tell him then turn around in my seat again. Halfway through Mrs. Hade stops class.
“Mr. St. James! Whatever you've been starring at for the whole period, put away.” I turn my head slightly and see it's the picture of our baby.
“Yes, Mrs. Hade.” Jesse slides the picture into his pocket. After class Jesse stops me in the hallway.
“Rachel, when I didn't have you the reality of what I did to you crashed down on me. I cried because I lost you. I Jesse St. James missed you Rachel Berry. I never want to feel that way again so I'm gonna sing to you today in Glee.” Is all he says then walks away. All day I'm nervous to go to Glee Club. When I finally get there, I'm relieved to not see Jesse there. It's short lived though because he walks in as the bell rings.
“Mr. Shuester? I have a special song to sing today of you don't mind.” He stands up and looks at me.

Having my baby,
What a lovely way of saying how much you love me,
Having my baby,
What a lovely way of saying what you're thinking of me

I can see it, your face is glowing,
I can see it, in your eyes I'm happy you know it

That your ,
Having my baby,
Your the woman I love, & I love what it's doing to you,
Having my baby,
You're a woman in love and I love what's going through you,

The need inside you, I see it showing,
Oh the seed inside you,
Baby do you feel it growing,
Are you happy you know it,

That your having my Baby,
I'm a woman in love, and I love what it's doing to me,
Having My Baby,
I'm a woman in love and I love what's going through me,

Didn't have to keep it, wouldn't put you through it,
You could of swept it from your live,
but you wouldn't do it, no you wouldn't do it.

And your having my baby,
I'm a woman in love, and I love what it's doing to me,
Having My Baby.
I'm a woman in love, and I love what's going through me,

Having My Baby (Having My Baby)
What a lovely way of saying how much you love me,

Having My Baby,
I'm a woman in love and I love what it's going through me,
Having My Baby

“I'll kill you!” The rage in Santana's voice was evident. Her chair crashed to the floor and she sprang up. I jumped up to and moved away from her quickly and she tried to get to me.
“Santana!” Puck caught her and held her back.
“How could you Jesse?!” She screamed.
“Santana, I was with Rachel long before I was with you.” Jesse reminds her.
“Fuck you. Fuck you both! Let me go Puckerman!” She yelled. I stood behind Mr. Shuester as Puck let her go. She stormed out of the room with tears running don her cheeks. I looked at Jesse. He smiled at me.
“Why would you do that? Now everyone is gonna know!” I was angry.
“They should know. I want them to know! Rachel, I love you! I always have, but my parents-”
“And there it is Jesse. Your parents! You care more about what they say and think more than love me! You're song was lovely but it doesn't change anything. Songs don't make things go away. They don't make anything better.”
“But I love you. That's what that song tells you.”
“The only thing that song did was tell everyone you got me pregnant and horrible destroy Santana's heart.” I look at everyone. They're all silent. I grab my things and leave before the bell rings. I walk to the guidance office.
“Rachel Berry, for Ms. Pillsbury.” I tell the lady at the front desk.
“Why didn't you tell me?” Santana's in my face and I'm actually a little scared.
“Wh, what?” I stammer.
“Why didn't you just tell me that when I was being mean to you? It would have shut me up real fast.” She ask, her face puffy.
“Because I promised him and his family I wouldn't tell anybody. If you aren't aware of who the St. James' are, a teen pregnancy wouldn't be good for them.” I tell her honestly.
“Yeah.” Is all she says.
“I'm sorry you found out like that though. I didn't know he was going to do that. He had no right.” I tell her.
“I knew something was up. He wasn't the same after the first day of school, when you walked into class. And all he paints are those stupid animals like the one you did for the room or whatever.” I don't know what to say now.
“Are you going to be with him now?” She asks me.
“Santana, I love Jesse. With all my heart but he also hurt me worse than anyone else in the whole world. I don't know how to get over that. I've tried for 7 months. And I don;t know if I could ever be with him again because I don't know if I can ever forgive him.” I wipe away tears. Santana nods.
“Santana, Rachel. Is everything alright?” Ms. Pillsbury asks.
“No, Jesse got her pregnant.” Santana cries.
“Oh.” Is all Ms. Pillsbury says as she hugs Santana but looks at me.
“Why don't you both come in.” We follow her into her office.
♠ ♠ ♠