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The Icy Lens

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The next morning Abby awoke to an alarm going off, and James grumbling. He hit the snooze button and rolled onto his back, closing his eyes again. "And people say I'm not a morning person," she said while snuggling up against him. He let out a giant yawn and said, "Let's just stay in bed all day." She laughed and ran her finger up and down his chest in a teasing manner, "you know we can't do that." His dusty blue eyes half opened and stared at her. "I'm not leaving, and neither are you." He playfully rolled on top of her, holding her down to the bed before pressing his lips against her. Abby didn't want to leave, but sooner or later they had to go back to the chaotic schedule of the NHL. "How about this, If you get a goal against Boston today I'll promise to spend all day with you tomorrow," she said, "Is that enough inspiration to get up?" He smirked and said, "But I'm already up, that's why I don't want you to go." She let out a tiny giggle knowing exactly what he meant as his naked body was still pressed up against hers.

"But I suppose you're right," he said with a sigh while teasing her body with kisses, "But we've still got at least twenty minutes before we have to get ready." Abby laughed as his lips tickled her stomach and said, "Maybe you can get ready in under 15 minutes, but I still have to run across the street and shower, fix my hair, and find something to wear." He jumped out of bed and reached his hand out to her and said, "Oh, good idea, we can move this to the shower. Call it Multitasking." She took his hand and said, "You are one dirty boy, you know that right?" He turned around and gave her a grin, "Well that's why we are taking a shower, so you can clean me up."

Between the steam and the morning quickie thirty minutes had quickly elapsed. She had to hurry up and go back home, so she quickly put on just her dress and shoes leaving everything else behind. He made her promise to meet him by the locker room before the game, and after a few more kisses she finally left running down the street.

Abby walked inside and he was sitting there like a dad, drinking coffee as if he was waiting for her to come home all night. "So this is what the walk of shame looks like," he teased. She stuck her tongue out at him and said, "I have nothing to be ashamed of!" He laughed and said, "Oh Really? Well you're dress is on backwards." She looked down and said, "No it's not!" He laughed and said, "Gotcha!" She gave him an annoyed glare before scurrying down the hall to change. Abby set a land speed record for getting ready, throwing on a black dress and heels after she pulled her hair back with barrettes. She knew she would hear some comment about it, but it was clean and the first thing she could grab from the closet.

She ran out and met Matt at the car, and they headed into the city. "So..." he started to say slowly. She broke in and teased, "what, do you want the details? Like if he was good or not, how many times, where..." He turned up the radio and said, "I'm not listening." Abby laughed as he turned the radio back down and said, "No, I just wanted to mention that you look happy again. That's all, and not in an I just had sex way." She knew where he was going with this, and it made her stop and think. Of coarse she was happy, she had waited so long for that moment to happen - and James had waited even longer. "Yes I am, but I'm not going to start slinging the 'L' word around after one night," she said, "Though it was great really sex." He shook his head and said, "Ok, did not need to know that part. But I'm glad you're taking your time." She smirked back and him and said, "I'm a going to be a lot smarter this time around, or at least I keep telling myself that."

As they entered the arena Matt headed directly for the locker room, and Abby set up her gear in her press spot. Once she was finished, she went to wait in the hallway near Suite 66, just as he had asked. She stood there nervously, adjusting her dress every once in a while wondering when he would be coming out. As the door opened and he walked over she had to contain herself. "Shouldn't you be fixing your hair or something," she asked. "No I'm going for the messy bed-head look today." She smiled, as she looked at him in his full uniform. She has seen him like this before, but this time it was different. This time she also knew what was underneath, and the thought sent her heart racing.

"You're too tall now, how am I supposed to give you a good luck kiss," she asked. "I could find you a step stool," he joked while bending his knees so he could dip low enough, "Better?" She let out a tiny laugh and said, "Much." Abby draped her arms around him, feeling his shoulder pads underneath his Jersey as she kissed him sweetly on the lips. "Awwwwwwwww," said Pascal while exiting the locker room, "Isn't this cute. Our little brother and Matt's little sister are kissing." James smirked and said in a proud tone, "What? I'm not allowed to kiss my girl for good luck before the game?"

Her heart rate increased for a moment, realizing what was just said. James called her 'his girl'. Pascal smirked and said, "As long as it doesn't distract you from the game, I'm OK with it." She composed herself quickly and smiled at Pascal. "Well don’t worry, I won't be distracting him for much longer, I have to head to my press spot anyway." She smiled and turned to James and gave a wink "Remember what I said about if you score." He smirked and said, "Oh I won't forget. I'm going to hold you to it." She waved to the guys and blew a kiss to James before making her way back down the hallway to go get ready for the game.


The game was intense, but the Pens won 6-4. It almost seemed as if James had a burst of energy that game. He skated faster, he hit harder, and he walked away with a goal and three points. She couldn’t help but wonder if the spark between them had sparked him out on the ice.

Matt was the first one to leave the locker room, so she greeted him with a big hug as she squealed, "Great goal Matt!" He smiled and said, "Yeah but I have to thank Neal and Geno for that one." They talked about the game a bit, but then he changed the subject. "So I have a date tonight, do you mind staying with Neal?" She smiled and said, "You have a date? How did that happen?" He laughed and said, "Well after you left the club Staal and I went on the prowl." She gave him a hug and said, "Well I’m happy for you. As for staying over that's no problem, I'm sure he won't mind."

"I won't mind what," James said as he finally exited the locker room. "Matt has a date, so he asked if I would mind staying with you tonight," she said with a grin. He gave a high five to Matt and said, "Nice bro." Matt showed them a photo of the blonde he was taking out to dinner that night. After Abby made some suggestions of where to take her, Matt motioned to the door and said he wanted to get going. She rode back with Matt and helped him pick out something to wear before she went back to her own room. After quickly packed up an overnight bag with some clothes and a few personal items, Abby wished him good luck then walked down the street to James's house.

Just as she was about to knock on the door he opened it. "What took you so long," he asked while greeting her with a sweet kiss. "I had to make sure Matt was color coordinated before I left," she smirked while walking inside. She set her bag on the floor and looked at his house more closely. She hadn't noticed it the night before, but the place was practically empty. "Wow, where's all your furniture," she asked. "I have all I need," he shrugged, "A TV, a place to set my beer, and a bed to sleep with you." She smiled and said, "Oh, I see what you slid in there. Sneaky." He stood in front of her, pulling her in close before trying to fit his large hands into her back jean pockets. "You know I got a goal today," he reminded. "Oh I know, and three points total," she said with a smile, "So that means I'm spending all day with you." He smirked and said, "Naked?" Abby laughed and said, "Naked most of the time, for the rest of it I'll steal one of your shirts." She smiled and said, "I suppose that's ok then. Come on, I made you dinner."

He led her into the kitchen where he had a plate of chicken parmesan for each of them along with a salad and a bottle of wine. "Wow I must say I'm impressed," she said, "I didn't know you could cook." He shook his head and said, "Do you think I know how to operate an oven? I cheated." He lifted up the Bravo to-go bag and said, "Hey at least I picked out the wine." Abby laughed as she sat down and he poured her a glass of white wine. "Well then, you have great taste in take-out food," she said before taking a sip from her glass of wine. "I have good taste in a lot of things," James smirked before taking a mouthful of food. She couldn't believe this was actually happening. The two of them eating alone together, it just seemed all too surreal.

After dinner they took their wine glasses into the living room and sat on the couch next to each other. It didn't take long for him to put his arm around her, and pull her in tighter towards his body. He poured her another glass as they sat and talked, learning more about each other. They talked about family, his start in the NHL, and how she got her job with the NHL. She told him about playing hockey with Matt in school, and playing a bit in college. But then, the conversation eventually turned back to them. "So you called me you're girl today, does that mean we're official," she asked. He quickly shifted his body, as if he was nervous. "Well, It just slipped," he started, "If you don't want me to say that yet I won't..." She put her finger over his mouth and shushed him. Abby had gotten the impression from Matt that James was nervous about moving too quickly with her, and this confirmed it.

"No, It's fine, I want to take things slow ok," she said with a soft smile, "You know, just have fun and date for a while." He frowned slightly and said; "Damn I guess I'll cancel that Vegas flight for tonight then. Elvis will be so disappointed." She laughed, sensing the sarcasm in his voice. "Seriously though, I've waited this long to even kiss you," he took her hand in his and said, "Trust me you're worth waiting around for."

Abby smiled and said, “I still have no idea why you waited around for so long, but I’m not going to complain.” He took her glass of wine away and tackled her to the couch. “Well maybe it’s because you were exactly what I was looking for. Remember the night of the draft where I told you my type? Smart, Funny, and Beautiful. Well who did you think I was taking about?”

“You need to stop saying all this stuff or else I’m going to melt into a puddle,” she said while looking into his eyes. The feeling that this was all surreal returned, it was like one of her romance novels. A brokenhearted girl leaves her relationship only to find someone who had wanted her for years. A man who waited until the right time to finally swoop in and fix her heart.

“Well you said you wanted someone to make you feel special,” he said, “so I want to make sure you realize how great you are.” And with that, her heart nearly popped out of her chest. She flung her arms around his neck and pulled him close, kissing him multiple times, unable to contain herself any longer. She was going to savor and enjoy this moment, the moment in time where everything was just perfect.