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Fairytales Real or Not

Are you kidding me?

When we got to the Stage, Daily pulled on my arm so that I wouldnt get smashed. I'm shorter than a lot of the people who play here. As we made our way past the merch tables, we saw the stage manager. His name is Earl, he's african-american or black whichever you prefer and he is bald.
"Hey Earl, how's your boyfriend doing?" I forgot to mention that he is gay.
"Good, now no sweet talk Hayden 4 and Daily 2, as soon as they go on stage you work at their merch tables,got it?" We nodded and turned to go to our assignments.
Day turned away as we came upon door 2, leaving me by myself to walk to door 4. I looked over right before someone tackled me. When i got up, i turned to look at who tackled me, Paul Digovanni.
"Hey I haven't seen you since May, and now it's September! Is it okay if i crash at your house tonight and bring some friends?" The guitarist asked me, flipping his brown hair.
"The friends can't be drunk and you have to clean up after yourselves, and make sure Day is okay with this," this wasn't the first time he had asked to sleep at my house.
"Fine, I'll go tell the rest of the guys," he turned and ran to where the rest of boys like girls was.
I finally reached door 4 and knocked on it. The familiar smell of swear and beer was evident. As the door opened, light shown into the dim hallway. There was a tall, but lanky guy staring down at me. His brown hair was streaked with blonde.l, making me think of a skunk.
"You a band groupie?" He asked.
"No, i work here," i was slightly shaking, ive seen this guy before, but i don't know where.
"Oh sweet," he looked a little sick, "I'm Jac-" he didnt get to finish his sentence instead he barfed on me. I pulled out a thermometer amd stuck it in his mouth, only to find out that he was sick enough to the point where he shouln't play, 100°.
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I know its small amd its been a while but i am freakisly tired i will update more tomrrow