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Fairytales Real or Not

We meet again

I got the guy off of me and helped him to the buses. "What band are you in?" I asked him politely.

"All Time Low," at that moment I realized a few things: 1. I just met Jack Barakat 2. I was going to see cafe guy again 3. I was in charge of a band that I don't like to listen to and the bassist of the said band knows I don't listen to their band on purpose.

As I got on his bus I went straight to where the bunks were, truthfully I couldn't tell where I was going. The bus was so messy it was hard to walk without dragging a full grown man. I finally reached th bunks and placed him on the one with a pictures of him with his family, or what looked like his family. I told him I would be back later to check on him and walked off of the bus.

"Where is Jack?" I heard someone yell.

"Sick," I told the person who yelled. He was tall, like Jack, but he wasn't lanky. He had light brown hair with blonde highlights. His beanie and skinny jeans were the same dark shade of grey, and his shirt was advertising his own band, All Time Low.

"He can't be sick we have to play!" he yelled then looked at me more clearly, " What is on you?"

"Jack's throw up," my simple reply was followed by a look of disgust from the man in front of me.

"That's disgusting!'

"Which is exactly why Jack is on his bunk, hopefully resting. Now if you will please excuse me, I'm going to go get digested food off of me," I said turning around slowly.


"Do you need something, person I don't know the name of?" I said letting my annoyed voice show through.

"You can borrow my drummer's cloths for the night, by the way my name is Alex Gaskarth," he said offering clothes that aren't his.

"Are you sure he wouldn't mind?"

"Rian," he shouted at a guy with a buzz cut.

"Yes Alex," he said, pertending to be sweet.

"Is it okay if this girl borrows your pants, Jack barfed on her," Alex said explaining the situation.

"Sure. I don't mind, just don't let Kara see," Rian said a little worried.

"It wouldn't be cheating," Alex defended.

"She wouldn't see it like that," Rian countered.

"If your girlfriend would be bothered, I'll just go take some from Paul Digovanni, he's coming to my house anyways, he wants to sleep in a real bed," I said interuppting their fight.

"You're a groupie?" they asked in unison.

"Never will I ever be groupie," I was offended.

"Just making sure," Rian said attempting to make the situation lighter.

"Okay, well, I'm gonna go steal Paul's pants and I will be back," I said walking away but not before hearing a comment that sounded like 'that's what she said'.

I walked onto the boys like girls bus, knowing that it was in the same spot as the last three times they've played here. "Hey John," the drummer only nodded in response. I walked over to where Paul's stuff is.

"Brian's stuff would fit you better," John shouted.

"Thank you," i shouted back, turning around and digging through Brian's stuff instead finding his skinny jeans, and walked into the cramped bathroom. I pulled the barf covered jeans off, and put them to the side, and I pulled Brian's jeans on. I took off the white jacket I was wearing, and realized it was ruined, so I put it on Paul's bed to freak him out.

"Here take this jacket, Hayd," John said holding out a black jacket that had Boys Like Girls written across the chest.

"Thank you, see you at my house?"

"Of course!"

"Okay, time for me to go back to work,"

"I LOVE you, sissy."

"I'm not a sissy, but I love you, too, Bro-Hoe," We laughed and I jumped of the bus.

I heard more yelling as I walked towards the venue. I walked in the venue and saw cafe boy yelling. Something about how we can't cancel the show two hours before it starts.

"Who is in charge of this band?" I heard Day yell.

"Sorry that's me, I was getting guitarist barf off of me." I told her, using a disgusted face.

"Ew, well that sucks, hey I was wondering if you could get them to SHUT THE HELL UP," she yelled the last part.

"Can you not swear in front of me?" I asked her.

"Have you not met Paul?"

"I don't see him every day," I countered then walked towards cafe boy.

"Hayden!" Day yelled at me, "Zack," she didn't even have to tell me who Zack was, she just had to say the name and I knew she meant cafe boy.

"Zack calm down," I told the muscular boy.

"This is your second job?" his bewildered face was hilarious, his hazel eyes had a questioning look to them.

"Yes it is, now get your blonde afro head over to your dressing room so we can figure out how to get this to work," I commanded.

"Bossy," he pouted.

"Yes I am, now go."

"Yes mom," he said as he walked to his dressing room.