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Fairytales Real or Not

Shut Up Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got to room 4, Zack pushed me through it forcefully, his anger back. I saw Alex and Rian sitting on a brown leather couch in the middle of square room. They were listening to Day talk, suddenly she got out her video camera and showed them something on it. Then I heard a guitar playing, it sounded similar to what I was playing, the I heard a voice say, "Crap, that's not the note."

"Daily, you recorded me this morning!"

"Yup, and it's a good thing, too!" the smirk on her face growing.

"You're dead," I said, I was furious! How could she video me? She knows I hate when people hear me play any of my instruments, the only reason I know how to play half of them was for school. I'm a photography major with music as a minor.

"Actually she's right," Zack cut in.

"What do you mean, 'she's right'?"

"You're a good, except when you started playing those three notes wrong, but you stopped and corrected yourself. By the way, for a girl who refuses to listen to our music, you play Jasey Rae, pretty da-good," he almost swore but probably remembered my earlier comment to Day.

"I was only playing it, because that is the song that my professer decided would be best song for finals. If I don't get that part right, I could fail this semester and that would be a lot of money wasted."

"What other songs can you play? By us I mean," he was way to persistent.

"Really, I don't know, the ones that I had to learn how to play when Day's Ipod broke," Day's face went red.

"Why did you have to learn how to play our songs when her Ipod broke?" Rian asked.

"You want to tell them Day?"

"Not really, but I guess it's already out there. I don't exactly fall asleep well, and your music helps me fall asleep easier so she was just being a good friend. She really doesn't listen to your music all that much like she says, Zack."

"Much?" was Zack trying to be difficult?

"There have been days I force her to listen to it," Day explained.

"Well, we still have to figure out how to play without Jack," Alex was more then a little worried, it was apparent that he hated disappointing fans.

"Hayden can play for you guys, she looks like Jack, just a little girlier. You could put her hair into a beanie, and dress her up in Jack's clothes. Then, you could use fog machines to disguise her face."

"Day, you really need to shut up," I was attempting to sound calm, but my voice sounded strained.

"Wait, who is Hayden?" Rian looked baffled. I slowly raised my hand, as Alex yelled, "Are you really that fucking clueless?" I smacked him for swearing.

"Don't swear, you should talk, how you would in front of a little kid," I scolded.

"Please play for us, we have to go on in an hour and a half, we can make sure you can get those notes on Jasey Rae right, and you can tell us all the other songs you can play." Earl walked in right before Rian said that.

"Hayden if you don't help them out, they could loose all of those fans, and if they loose them, the next time they play here, not as many people will come. That means not as much money, and if we don't have enough money, we can't have as many employees, which means people will get layed off," what Earl was really trying to say was, "If you don't play, you will get fired."

"Looks like I'm playing for you."