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Fairytales Real or Not


"This song is called Remembering Sunday, and it goes a little like this," Alex's voice rang through the crowd as he started to strum his acoustic guitar. Zack and I ran off the stage, while Rian fixed his drums.

Zack turned to me, "You did good, are you sure you haven't done this before."

"I'm sure, but I work here, remember? I see people on stage, and depending on their personalities, depends on what they do on stage. From what I saw, Jack was the type to do crazy things."

"That's exactly how he usually acts," Zack prasied.

"What about me?" Jack wobbled over to us, putting his arm around Zack for support.

"She jumps around just like you on stage, and is a better player, you could be replaced."

"Hey, Alex would never do that to me, or he isn't getting any!"

"You and Alex are gay?" Alex didn't seem to be into girls, if anything he was checking Daily out earlier.

Jack smiled wide, "No, but we-" he barfed on me again.

"Again!" I exclaimed, looking down it only got on the jeans.

"Don't worry about it, those are-those are mine!" the realization hit him like a brick wall. "Let's go get you another pair of pants.

"Okay," I said letting Zack pull me to a bus.

"Here you go," he said, holding up a pair of grey skinny jeans.

"How many pairs of grey skinnies do you have?"

"Enough, now go get changed, I'll tell Alex to stall," with that Zack ran off the bus. I walked into a bathroom, and changed my jeans, putting the old pair in the bath tub and turning on the water so that they can soak the barf out.

I ran onto stage, right as Zack was going to tell Alex to stall. He nodded at me, and threw me the purple guitar. We started off playing again, and finished te set. We ran off stage, and I ran to the Boys like Girls bus, to get my clothes.

I came out five minutes later, looking like me, minus the bangs. I pinned my bangs up and pulled on a white knit beanie. I ran over to the All Time Low merch table.

"Hi, I'm Hayden, and I'm supposed to be helping you." I told a bald guy that was handing a t-shirt over to a girl.

"You were supposed to be here when they started to play." he let his frustration show in his voice.

"I know, and I'm sorry." i apoligized, no one could no I faked being Jack.

"It's ok, just help me now, before it gets worse when the guys get here." At that, I started to help with the merch.

I looked over and saw Alex's blonde hair, "Hey Alex!"

"Wow, you look different clean."smooth Alex.

"One would hope that they don't look like their covered in barf all the time!"

"Good point."

After two hours of helping with the merch, my shift was over. I grabbed my skateboard, and went to find Daily. I found her with Martin Johnson, he saw me, and waved me over.

"Hey, I haven't seen you at all since May," he fake pouted but then show his smile.

"I know but you're coming over right?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, now go make me dinner woman, I expect it when I get it home," Daily and I burst out laughing.

"Ok, see ya at home guys," I waved bye to the boys of Boys like Girls. Daily and I skated home.

"You make food, I'll set out beds," Day proposed.

"Yeah, if you made food, it would be posioness." I teased.

"Screw you!" I stuck my tounge out at her, and started to make enchiladas. An hour later, I had set a table, made homemade enchiladas, and cleaned up my food mess.

"Honey I'm home," I heard John yell.

"Bro-hoe, I missed you!" I yelled jumping on him.

"Oh thanks, I missed you to sissy," he laughed and shook me off, "Where's the food."

"Kitchen, you big pig." Paul came running in from the kitchen, with two other guys, Zack and Alex.

"You're friends with Boys like Girls?" Zack's jaw dropped