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Fairytales Real or Not


"Yes, have been for the last two years." the statement had his face in shock.

"Why does Zack look like he forgot his camera and skateboard?" Alex asked walking up behind me.

"Because he just found out Hayden here is friends with Boys Like Girls!" Martin said happily.

Zack calmed down enough to follow us into the kitchen, "Eat up guys, I made enough so you can pig out."

"But don't pig out too much!" Kaden sat down at the table, laughing at his own comment.

"Hey! You and Zack have a similar hair color when Zack doesn't dye it blonde!" Rian yelled.

"Goldilocks isn't natural?" I asked sarcastically.

"No, I'm not a natural blonde," he sighed and got up and walked around the table from where he was sitting, just so he could smack Rian. When he sat back down he continued talking, "I maybe a natural blonde but I get the afro 'cause I don't do anything with my hair."

"Okay! Don't worry about it though, Rian is the only one who doesn't dye his hair in All Time Low!" Daily pointed this out making Rian smile wide.

"You called me Goldilocks, Goldilocks is a girl," I see where he is getting at now.

"Yeah, she is a girl, but she also walked into a house uninvited, ate their food, broke their chair, and slept in their bed, and then made friends with the people who live there, and the people who live there happen to be bears," when I finished my rant I took an over exaggerated deep breath.

"Goldilocks is a bad-A!" Martin yelled.

"I wanted that eardrum," Paul, who was sitting by Martin, held his ear.

"I did too!" Alex complained.

"Well then, let's go fix them up!" Martin said, grabbing their arms and attempting to drag them out the door, but instead Paul hit him in the groin. Martin doubled over in pain, while Paul and Alex hid behind me and Day, while we attempted to clean the mess the boys made while eating. I picked up another plate, but got pushed by Paul and dropped it.

I screamed, when the plate broke on my foot, "Paul, Martin to your rooms! Kaden show Alex where his is!" they complied with the demand when they saw my bleeding foot. "This is not my day," I muttered to myself .

"No it's not," Zack said, making it known that he heard me.

"Oh, no one was supposed to hear me say that."

"Okay, let me help you."

"No it's okay, I'm a big girl, I can do this myself," but of course, as I said that, I proceeded to take another step onto more glass, yelping out in pain.

"No, I'm bringing you to the hospital." Zack wasn't going to take no for an answer, so I just held my arms out, motioning for him to pick me up.

"I'll clean up the broken glass," Kaden offered.

"Thank you, Kade." I thanked him as Zack carried me out the door.

"Do you have a car?" Zack asked looking around.

"No, I have a skateboard."

"Okay then, where is it?"

"Porch," that's all it took for him to grab my skateboard and get on it.

"No way Jose, you are NOT going to carry me while riding a skateboard."

"Well how else do you suppose we get to the hospital, because you definitely need stitches?" he asked dumb founded.

"A cab dodo head," I grabbed the phone hanging out of the pocket of his jeans, I typed the number into his phone.

"Why did you take my phone?" he complained.

"Shut up I'm on the phone." I shushed him, and told the person on the phone my address. "I took your phone, because it was hanging out your pocket and mine is my house charging.

"Okie dokie," and that was the last thing said until the cab driver got here.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked before we even climbed into the yellow vehicle.

"The nearest hospital," Zack answered before I could. The cab smelled like hot dogs and smoke.

"We're here," the cab driver said, fifteen minutes later.

"How much?" I asked.

"Twenty." I proceeded to pull out what little cash I had in my pocket, but before I could the Zack gave it to him.

"Hey, I'm the reason we're here in the first place I should pay," I whined.

"It's okay, Sweetheart, I wanted to," Zack smirked as he kissed my nose.
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Sorry about that, I don't really know about cabs/taxis so that could be way off.