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Fairytales Real or Not

Read author's note, please, If you want to know why there was a sudden change

(3Rd person pov)
To say the foster kid was shocked, would be an understatement, even though it was just a kiss on the nose. A Rockstar, a guy who could have any girl, kissed a foster kid named Hayden. But you know how fairy tales work, turns out hers might come true soon. Though this foster kid doesn't believe in fairy tales, actually the word she uses is despise. Hayden doesn't in 'happily ever after' and she definitely does not believe in love, because if love was real, wouldn't she live in a home with parents and rules? Hopefully Zack will help change her mind, but the problem is, until she turns eighteen, he can't help her with love. Now it's Zack's turn to tell the story

(Zack's POV)

"Why did you just kiss my nose?" the question asked was not one I wanted to answer, so I just smirked instead. My intentions for the kiss on the nose was something that could get me in trouble. I mean, she's young, I can be legally called a pedophile right now, and that is something I don't want to be called.

"No reason. How old are you?" I replied picking her up as she hopped out of the yellow vehicle. The next time I hold her like this is when we're walking out of a church----Wait, don't think like that Zack, she's off limits.

"Sixteen, seventeen next month, can you, I don't know, walk into the hospital? My foot is bleeding you know." Sarcasm dripped from her voice.

"Well sassafrass, I'll start moving now."

"Second nickname in less than five minutes, nice," the compliment was meant to be sarcastic and meaningless but I took as what it was without the sarcasm, a compliment.
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Okay I know this was a crazy change of pace, but I have decided every eight chapters, I will have one of those updates on how the fairytale is going and a change of view, so for the next eight chapters it will be Zack's pov and then after that another fairy tale and Hayden's turn. I Love all of you who're reading!!!!!