Righting Wrongs


"Hey Rach!" Noah yelled down the hallway as he jogged up behind me.

"Yeah?" I smile up at him.

"Do you wanna come over tonight? Watch a movie maybe?" He asks. I would have said yes without hesitating last month but I don't want to just fall back into a blind love again.

"Umm," I start and I watch as Noah's face falls.

"Or we can go to a movie." He offers.

"No, Noah, a movie at your house is perfect." I can't make him suffer for forever after telling him I forgive him. That's not fair and honestly I want things back to the way they were. To the way I would look at him with nothing but love and trust. I need to trust him again.

"Yeah? Awesome!" He kisses me then goes to class. I watch as he goes then continue down the hallway.

"What's up Man-Hands?" Santana falls into step with me.

"What do you want Santana?" I roll my eyes.

"Well, seeing as we're friends...well, seeing as I like to see you suffer, I just wanted to see how you were doing with the news?" She smiles evilly.

"I don't know what you're talking about Satan." I try to keep this short.

"Oh, that's funny Ru-Paul, but you seem to be fine, which is a little disappointing." We stop in front of the choir room.

"Santana, I really don't want to play this game with you right now, so either tell me what you're talking about or leave me alone."

"Fine, but you asked for it. Quinn's pregnant."

"What? Really? Oh my God! How is Finn doing with the news?" I ask her.

"How do you know it's Finn's baby?" That smile is back as I take in her words. I really let them sink in and then it clicks.

"You mean..."

"Puck is the father." She tells me. I can't even process her words.

"You're wrong. He wouldn't, Noah wouldn't so that, I mean I know he did that but he isn't..." I ramble.

"Now this is the reaction I was looking for." Santana smiles as I start to process what's being told to me.

We walk into class and I stay standing waiting for Noah to come in late, like always. He does and just by his face alone I know Quinn's told him. That the rumor is true. I just stare at him and he's the one to break down. I've never seen Noah cry before and I've never seen anyone, besides myself, cry like this before. I don't know what to do but he walks straight to me. My heart is breaking as I open my arms and he wraps me in his arms.

"I'm so sorry Rachel. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry." He just keeps repeating the same thing.

Everyone is just starring at us. They just sit there completely silent, even Santana. And although I love him and he needs me right now. I can't bring myself to tell him what he needs to hear right now. I can't bring myself to say the two words that will make him okay again. I can't say It's okay, because nothing about this situation is okay.

"I'm DONE with you!" We all hear Finn yell as he storms through the door. He looks at Noah and I then just leaves the room. Quinn stands in the doorway, tears streaming down her face as she watches Finn leave. Then she looks straight at me. I look back as I rub Noah's back. I watch as her mouth moves. No sound comes out but it isn't hard to see the words forming on her mouth. To words. That's all she says but it breaks me.

I'm sorry.
♠ ♠ ♠
Oh. Shit just blew the fuck up! ;)