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Everything About You has Stolen My Heart


“Mummy, can you tell me the story of how you and Daddy fell in love, please?” my six-year-old daughter, Darcy Rose begged as I tucked her in. I smiled. “Okay, but we need to be quiet, your sister is already asleep.” I reply, referring to my four-year-old, Lily Elizabeth who was already fast asleep on the other side of the room. Darcy sat up, nodding her head. “SJ, do you want to hear the story too?” she whispered. I turned and saw my oldest child, fifteen-year-old Sean Joseph leaning against the doorframe. My other son, eleven-year-old Michael Patrick was staying at a friend’s house for the night. Sean smiled and walked into the room, getting onto the bed beside Darcy, who immediately snuggled into him. I smiled at my children and began the story. “Well, it all started a very long time ago, when I was sixteen…”

22 Years Ago (Kate, 16; Harry, 18)
“Kate Louise O’Donnell!” my best friend shouted as he chased me while I laughed as I ran away from him. I had poured a bottle of ice-cold water over his head just because I felt like it. “Harry Edward Styles!” I called back as I ran into the flat he and his four band mates shared. I saw Liam aka Daddy Direction and Louis standing in the kitchen and I ran to hide behind them while Niall was cooking something on the stove. “Liam, Lou! Save me!” I whispered as the three boys laughed at my actions. “From what, Kate?” Daddy Direction asked just as Harry walked in, still soaking wet. I pointed towards my curly-haired best friend as Lou, Liam, and Niall all burst out laughing. “Hazza, what happened?” Lou asked in his fit of laughter. Harry rolled his green eyes. “Someone thought it would be funny to pour ice-cold water over my head, isn’t that right Katie?” he responded. I giggled innocently as he walked up the spiral stairs to his room as Zayn was walking down them with his girlfriend, Isabelle. “What’s with Haz?” they asked. “I poured water on him.” I reply with a shrug before going up to Harry’s room while everyone else laughed.

When I came to his door, I stopped to knock before going in so that he’d know I was coming inside. My blue eyes widened as I walked inside. He was dressed, except for a shirt and I blushed as my eyes scanned his chiseled muscles but was snapped out of it as he pulled a white V-neck over his head before looking up at me, his eyes locking with mine. I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach but ignored them. “Haz, I’m sorry. I was just playing around.” I apologized. He smiled and opened his arms for a hug. “It’s okay.” He replied as I hugged him, my arms wrapping around his mid-section. He closed his around me after a few seconds and I felt like I was wrapped in the safest place in the world. “Now it’s time for pay back.” He whispered in my ear. My eyes widened and before I could react, he began tickling me. I began to laugh as his fingers tickled my sides. “H-haz stop!” I begged, and soon we had fallen on his bed from all my squirming.

He hovered over my body as I was pinned beneath him. Harry had finally stopped tickling me and I was now breathing heavily, trying to catch my breath. His emerald green eyes were staring into my clear blue ones, his beautiful brown curls still a little damp were hanging in his face. I felt my heart race, as it seemed his face was getting closer to mine. Before I knew it, his soft lips were pressed against my own. I didn’t react at first, but after a few seconds I began to kiss him back. His lips were soft and fit against mine perfectly and after a minute or two, he slipped his tongue into my mouth and our tongues fought for dominance. I moaned against his lips in pleasure as I felt him smirk as we slowly pulled away. During the kiss, my eyes had closed as soon as our lips were pressed together. However, once we had pulled apart they shot open and I pushed Harry off of me before I bolted out of his room, not looking back as he called my name.

“Belle, can you take me home?” I asked her softly once I got down to the main level of the flat to see that Danielle (Liam’s girlfriend), Eleanor (Louis’s girlfriend), and Iris (Niall’s girlfriend) had all arrived. “Sure, are okay?” she asked. “I’m fine, just please take me home.” I begged. She looked at me, worried as I ran from the flat and to her car. A few seconds later, Isabelle, Danielle, Eleanor, and Iris had joined me before the five of us piled into Belle’s car. “Kate, what was all that about?” Belle asked as she pulled out of the parking space. Looking at the other four girls from my seat in back between Danielle and Iris, I started to cry. “Sweetheart, what happened?” Iris asked. I looked up at the four girls, all like sisters to me since the boys had introduced us. “He k-kissed me, and I just ran!” I replied, crying into my hands as Belle drove us towards the flat I shared with Iris.

When the girls had gotten me inside and on the couch I explained what had happened to them. “Well it’s about time you two snogged!” Belle exclaimed. “What do you mean?” I sniffled. The four older girls laughed. “Kate, we’ve been waiting for you two to get together for the longest! The way you look at each other is just adorable. But the question is, why did you run?” Eleanor asked. I shrugged as the tears fell freely from my eyes. “I don’t know.” I replied. “Kate, do you love Harry?” Danielle asked as the rest of them looked at me. I looked at all of them; did I love Harry? “No, how could you ask that?” I replied as they smirked. “How does he make you feel?” Iris asked. “Like my feet aren’t touching the ground; like everything suddenly makes sense but at the same time doesn’t. I feel safe, happy.” I answered as I thought about the curly-haired, green-eyed boy I called my best friend. The girls smirked at me again.

“You love him.” Danielle stated. “No I don’t.” I countered. “You do.” “I don’t.” “You do.” “I don’t.” “You don’t.” “I do.” “You don’t.” “I do – hey! You tricked me!” I said. “Got you to tell the truth though, didn’t it?” Belle asked as the other girls nodded. I sighed but then a realization hit me; I was in fact in love with my best friend. “I do love him. Belle, take me back there!” I said. The girls smiled at me as we ran back to the car and drove back to the flat owned by One Direction.

“Where is he?” I asked the four boys sitting on the couch as I ran into the flat, followed by the girls joining their boyfriends in the living room. The boys pointed to the stairs and I bolted for them, taking two at a time as I ran upstairs. I walked to Harry’s room to see the door closed, but I heard him singing an unfamiliar song.

“On the other side of the world, it don't matter, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two. I still feel it every time; it's just something that you do. Now ask me why I want to… It's everything about you, you, you. Everything that you do, do, do. From the way that we touch, baby, to the way that you kiss on me. It's everything about you, you, you. The way you make it feel, new, new, new. Like every party is just us two and there's nothing I could point to. It's everything about you, you, you. Everything about you, you, you. It's everything that you do, do, do. It's everything about you.”

I heard his voice sing softly, making my heart flutter. I carefully opened his door, not making any noise seeing his back turned to me as he sat on his bed looking down at something in his hands. “Harry.” I whispered, to make my presence known. I felt my heart beat faster as he slowly turned around to face me. What I saw nearly broke me.

His beautiful green eyes were red and puffy, tears staining his chubby cheeks. A frown was in the place where his 1000-watt smile was supposed to be. I felt a tear come to my eye as I walked towards him to see a picture of us at his birthday just a few weeks prior. I sat down beside him, as he stayed silent looking back towards the window. The silence wasn’t the usual comfortable silence we shared if neither of us had nothing to say. This silence was awkward and it hurt, a lot. Finally, he broke the silence. “Why did you run from me Katie-Lou?” he whispered, using the nickname he had given me when we were just kids growing up in Holmes’s Chapel while he still kept his eyes on the window. I shrugged. “I don’t know Haz. I guess I was just afraid.” I whispered as I looked down at my hands.

I felt him place his hand beneath my chin, turning my head to face him. “Why afraid?” he asked softly, confusion spread across his face. I sighed. “Because Haz, you’re you and I’m me.” I replied quietly, knowing he’d still be confused. “I’m sorry, but what exactly do you mean by that Kate?” he asked. I suddenly got frustrated and stood up abruptly, beginning to pace the room. “What I mean Harry is that you’re Harry Styles; international pop star, member of One Direction, gorgeous, and just the most incredible person I know. Me? I’m just some stupid little girl from Holmes’ Chapel who fell in love with her best friend. I’m not as beautiful as half the girls out there that are throwing themselves at you, and you could just do so much better than me.” I said as I faced out his window. I felt his hand on my shoulder, turning me to face him as tears rolled down my face. He brought his hand to my cheek, wiping the tears away with his thumb as he slowly pulled my face closer to his.

I didn’t fight back; I didn’t pull away. I allowed him to pull my face towards his as he gently pressed his lips against mine. I melted into him as I wrapped my arms around his waist. He slowly pulled away, his forehead leaning against mine as his beautiful green eyes stared into my blue ones. His thumb lovingly stroked my cheek as he started to speak. “Katie-Lou, there is no one better for me than you. You’ve been my best friend for as long as I can remember and I’ve loved you for so long. All this time I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you. Everything about you has stolen my heart and I wouldn’t change that for the world. When I kissed you earlier, that was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and when you ran, I felt my heart shatter. But Kate, I know that you’re scared because I am too. Yet, I know we’ll be able to do this as long as we know that we love each other. I love you Katie Lou and I would really love if you can take this chance with me and be my girlfriend.” He said to me, and I knew that he was speaking from the heart.

I smiled at him as small tears fell down my face. “I would love to be your girlfriend Harry, and I love you too.” I replied softly. A smile appeared on his face as he placed a short, sweet kiss on my lips. “C’mon love, shall we tell the others?” he said as he took my hand and led me from the room.

“And that my dear ones is the story of how your father and I fell in love.” I said, finishing the story. I smiled at my children noticing that Darcy had fallen asleep in her brother’s arms. Sean looked at me and smiled; he was a spitting image of my husband and would take over as ‘man of the house’ when he would tour with the rest of the lads. Along with Louis & Eleanor’s seventeen year-old son, Gregory and Zayn and Isabelle’s oldest son, Daniel who was sixteen; he made sure that his four ‘aunties’ and mum were well looked after, the same goes for the other children in our family. Sean carefully slipped out of the bed and followed me out of the room. “When does dad come home?” he asked me as we walked down stairs. “I believe tomorrow.” I replied just as my son smirked at me. “What are you smirking at?” I asked him just as a pair of arms snaked themselves around my growing stomach. “Hello my beautiful Katie-Lou.” He whispered in my ear. I smiled from ear to ear, turning in his arms to place a kiss on his soft lips. “I missed you.” He whispered, his curls dangling in my face. I smiled. “I miss you too; and you sir are not leaving again for a long time.” I replied as he chuckled. “Wouldn’t even think of it love. Now let’s get you and this little one to bed.” He said softly, rubbing my stomach. I smiled and followed him upstairs. “Lock up will you SJ.” He said to our son as we entered our bedroom and lay on our bed. I curled into his body and looked up at him. “I love you Harry Styles.” I whispered as he kissed my forehead. “And I love you Katie Styles.” He whispered back as we drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.
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