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Amor Vicissitudine

  1. In the Beginning There Was an End.
    Such a waste of a perfectly clean wrist.
  2. Unum.
    Ooh La la, is someone gonna get lucky?? ;)
  3. Duo.
    Mmmm the morning after a night of sex and alcohol is always pleasant... NOT
  4. Terci.
    Looking into Sicily's past means new problems for Jaime and Tony. Let's see what happens!
  5. Quattor.
    Looks like Sicily is being quite her rebellious self with Tony tonight. Is Jaime gonna be able to deal with his "Demon" half-sister?
  6. Quinque
    Let's look at Tony's side of the story. Maybe there's a ,little bit of sense happening there.... Nope...
  7. Sextus
    Jaime gets to thinking.
  8. Septem.
    It's always the quiet ones who are the most filthy of minds.
  9. Octo.
    Tony's thoughts are starting to change but is really gonna be able to keep these thoughts there? Or is he going to do what he always does?
  10. Novem
    Tony can't help as he watches his ballerina play.
  11. Decem.
    A peek into Sicily's brain may have some people running in circles.
  12. Undecim
    Tony walks in and finds something that turns a switch, maybe she really is worth it.
  13. Duodecim.
    A sensitive subject is brought up and Sicily loses her shit. Family fights are always so beautiful.
  14. Tredecim. (Formerly Cruella and her Deville)
    Sicily's going through some strange things right now...
  15. Quattuordecim.
    Sometimes things happen, that really shouldn't.
  16. Quindecim.
    So sweet, so beautiful is she who breaks the cycle.
  17. Sedecim
    Well that escalated quickly.
  18. Septendecim.
    Meeting Sicily's friends means finding a past not many expect of a dancer of her rank. Then again, what is to be expected in this life?
  19. Octodecim.
    Don't start, darling. Don't you turn my nightmares into dreams again.
  20. XIX (There's no Latin word for nineteen...)
    Boom Crack Snap go the kids in the hood.
  21. Viginti.
    If I sleep tonight, will you be there?
  22. Viginti Unum
    Who would make you be all alone?
  23. Viginti Duo.
    She's your daughter, left here in abandonment.
  24. Viginti Tres.
    The heart that beats keeps the time that repeats.
  25. Viginti Quattour.
    How come my dreams have turned so bitter?
  26. Viginti Quinque.
    The day after.
  27. Viginti Sex
    Maybe things aren't so happy-go-lucky after all..
  28. Viginti Septem
    So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you "Let's go in style"
  29. Viginti Octo
    I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you're beautiful and I don't ever wanna lose my best friend.
  30. Viginti Novem
    Out of sight out of mind I was never even there.
  31. Triginta
    We sat on the couch under the chandeliers! You said you're having a baby and before I could cry, you're leaving me just when I thought you were mine.
  32. Triginta Unum
    Little slap here, a few words here, and apology there and we're all set to be one big happy family.
  33. Triginta Duo.
    I'll keep you warm and hold you close, no matter what you'll never know.
  34. Triginta Tres.
    She has more family? Wooonderful!
  35. Triginta Quattor.
    I need your love, like a boy needs his mother's side!
  36. Triginta Quinqe.
    Someday we'll tell ourselves, "Oh my God this is paradise."
  37. Triginta Sextus
    Run Away from this baby!
  38. Triginta Septem.
    Don't start darling, don't you turn my nightmares into dreams again.
  39. Triginta Octies
    So dance, if it moves you and jump in the fire if it burns you.
  40. Triginta Novem.
    It's too bad we never made it, you were all I needed in the end.
  41. Quadraginta.
    Baby, don't cry, I know you trying your hardest.
  42. Quadraginta Unius.
    In 'N' Out makes everything better.
  43. Quadraginta Duo
    There's a certain bitterness to your bite tonight my sweet, blue moon.
  44. Quadraginta Tersi.
    Ferris Wheels and Sunsets.
  45. Quadriginta Quattor
    And in these twelve hours, something amazing has happened to our beloved lovers.
  46. Quadriginta Quinque
    Written by Morgan! (
  47. In Those Final Hours. I Swear We Could Fly.
    After this year of torment and pain and anger and fear. Everything so suddenly stops.
  48. Bonus Chapter: Cry Me a River. Because I Cried a River Over You.
    Do you miss me like I miss you?