Status: An idea I've had for a while now. Please give me feedback :)

If You Dare

Alexandreina cel Rau and Mason Faulkner have never met, though they go to the same school and are the same age.

They both think that they're so different and so misunderstood, but they don't have any idea that the other understands them almost completely. Almost.

When a school masquerade ball is held and both of them are forced to go, everything changes. Alexandreina is no longer as hidden as she had been before, and Mason is now a part of the roller coaster.

Can they run away, or will this end with more of their blood being spilled than they'd ever wanted?
  1. Great, It's Required.
  2. We Didnt Have A Care In The World
  3. Mama's Dress
  4. Alexandreina...Pretty And Uncommon Name
  5. At Least You Have Parents
  6. Even Animals Hate Me
  7. Tepes Found You
  8. Time To Find A New One
  9. Awake
  10. I Swear I'm Falling For Her
  11. It's Different
  12. Ive Herd Worse
  13. Nine Years
  14. Knives and Pens
  15. They're Really Back...
  16. I Won't Let It Happen
  17. No, Why Can't You Hold On?!
  18. Its Just The Way I Am
  19. Never Again
  20. I Promise Ill Protect You
  21. What Am I Doing?!
  22. She Seems To Just Need A Friend At This Point
  23. Vicious Little Bitches
  24. Over My Dead Body
  25. Taic─â
  26. Ill Can Your Perfect Disaster, You Can be My Ever After
  27. I'm So Sorry
  28. We ARE Happy
  29. Play
  30. Who Are You Now?
  31. Like Roses, We Blossom Then Die
  32. A Demon Thats In Your Head
  33. Stay Awake, Lexa
  34. Manly Pink And Purple Bag
  35. Just The Way I'm Not
  36. She's Just Perfect In So Many Ways
  37. Bitter Sweet
  38. I'm glad I met you
  39. Repressing
  40. Over Thinking
  41. Bombarded
  42. I Wouldnt Be So ***ed
  43. Steven
  44. Living In A Fantasy World Where Nothing Could Hurts Him
  45. No One Deserves To Live Like This
  46. All I Ask Of You
  47. No
  48. My Dear Brother
  49. Don't Talk About It!
  50. The Only Thing I Had Left..Gone.
  51. Let's Forget It
    ~Warning: Slight Smut~
  52. Atleast You Have Some Defense
  53. You Suck
  54. I'll Make You Have Fun!
  55. Jump
  56. 1,2 Freddy's Coming For You!
  57. It's Ella
  58. Please Dont Leave To Punish Me....
  59. Believe Me Or Not
  60. Im Not Perfect,But Ill Keep Trying
  61. Anger Management
  62. Who Knew My Brother Would Be A Bully
  63. Shit
  64. What Happened To The Brother I Looked Up To?
  65. Tired
  66. My Life Was A Endless Black Tunnel
  67. You Can't Leave Me
  68. It'd Be The Best For All Of Us