What Could Never Be

The New Girl

“You cheated!” Puck grabbed Santana around her waist, spinning her in a circle, through the empty choir room.

“I did no such thing!” Santana giggled.

“You lie!” Puck stopped spinning.

“I never said when I would kiss you.” Santana put her hands on top of Puck's.

“You implied it.” Puck said.

“Tomato, ta-motto.” Santana leaned her head against Puck's chest. Santana closed her eyes and was surprised to see Brittany's face.

“So, who's that new girl?” She asks Puck.

“The one you ran over?” Puck smiled into Santana's hair.

“I didn't run her over. If you remember correctly I was the one on the ground.” Santana laughed.

“I think she transferred from Ohio or something.”

“Ohio?” Santana snorts.

“Yup, small town, hick-ville style.” Puck joked.

“Why is she here then?” Santana asked.

“Finn said she can dance. Like really dance. Rachel said she's gonna help us win Nationals.”


“Yeah.” Puck pushed his lips to hers. They part and Puck just stares at her.

“What?” Santana asks.

“Nothing.” Puck glares at Santana with an evil smile. He pounces then, his arm wrapped around Santana's waist. She slides back and stares up at Puck, hovering over her. The young couple smiles at each other, then Santana stretches her neck out and pushes her lips to Puck's again. Puck continues the kiss, running his fingers along Santana's sides. Santana grins making the kiss only one sided now. She pushes his hands away from her belly, laughing.

“Puck!” Santana giggles.

“Oh, are you ticklish?” Puck quickly, but gently, pokes Santana's sides.

“Puck! Stop, please!” Santana throws her head back and barks out laughter. Puck smiles but ignores her pleas.

“NOAH!” Santana brings her knee to her chest, creating space between herself and Puck.

“I don't think so.” Puck states. Santana is hysterical with laughter and desperate for him to stop. Without thinking Santana kicks her leg out, hitting Puck in the chest, hard. He gasps then rolls of her onto the floor. Santana springs up.

“Puck?” She looks down at him.

“NOAH!” Santana drops to the floor. She was now the one hovering. She was on top of Puck and starring at his face. They were only inches apart. Puck sprang to life, grabbing Santana's arms. She screamed, startled. Puck just laughs.

“That wasn't fucking funny Noah, I thought you were seriously hurt.” Santana climbs off of him.

“Aw, come Santana, don't be mad.” Puck gets up and looks at Santana's turned back.

“No, we aren't speaking.” Santana crosses her arms over her chest.

“Well, it's a good thing I know about a couple of things we can do without speaking.” Puck grins as he whispers this in Santana's ear and wraps both arms around her waist.

“Sorry, can't.” Santana whips her hand up, trying to show Puck her purity ring that each of the celibacy club girls decided to get. She's a little to quick and bashes Puck in the face. He drops his hands and grabs his face.

“Puck, I'm so sorry.” Santana rushes him.

“Let me see.” She pulls his hand away from his face. It's a little red but it won't bruise.

“Are you alright?” Santana asks, kissing Puck's eye.

“I'm okay.” Puck assures her. A light knock on the door startles Santana.

“Come in.” She calls, turning toward the door, wondering where everyone was.

“Hey.” Brittany smiles, entering the room.

“Hey, Brittany.” Santana greets back.

“Hi.” Puck nods.

“What's up?” Santana asks.

“I was told to come here and get you guys. We're in the auditorium today. I'm going to teach the class some moves.” Brittany tightens her hair tie.

“What? We're practicing today? Shit, I forgot.” Santana sends an evil glare to Puck.

“Hey, it's not my fault.” He raises his hands.

“Yes, it is.” Santana glances at the little platform they were just making out on.

“Okay, I guess it could be.” Puck smiles.

“We're doing Valerie's choreography?” Santana returns her focus on Brittany.

“That's what the boss man tells me.” Brittany smiles and Santana shudders the littlest bit.

“We should go then.” Santana turns to Puck.
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