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Imprinting Just Isn't for Me

Oh really? I would have never thought!

My eyes scanned over the hall, my body hidden by the wall. It was clear. I quietly stepped out and carefully made my way down the steps, pausing as I listened for my dad’s snores. So far, so good.

I stuck my head out to see if anyone was in the living room, which no one was. I hiked my backpack up on my shoulders a little more as I found the door knob to my freedom. I had a little while until dad woke up and found me gone, maybe a little over an hour. He’s a light sleeper and frequently checks to make sure his daughter didn’t run away. You see, my dad is one of the few people who thinks it’s okay to abuse his kids.

I ran from the door to the cover of the trees, making sure to check for any signs of dad waking up. I’ve been planning this from the time my dad first raped me. I shuddered at the thought as I went on. I couldn’t stop. I needed as much distance as possible between him and me.

My footsteps were inaudible as they danced gracefully across the forest floor. I tried desperately to find my old clubhouse, the one my dad had made in his happy days. The days that my mom was alive.

Eventually I spot the well hidden tree house, masked by trees. I shot forward and shoved my feet into the holes that lead up. It was still in pretty good condition, so it would work for the rest of the night and part of tomorrow. There is no way I could set off to where I wanted to go and get there before he finds me. He wouldn’t know that though, he would assume I was stupid enough to think I could out run him.

I plopped down on the old wood floor and leaned back on to the wall. I sat there, facing the door that barely stood on its hinges. I thought a lot about the old days and found myself crying silent tears. I missed my mother dearly and wished she was still here. Soon, without realizing it, I fell asleep.


I shot up out of my sleep when I heard the sound of dad’s old beaten down truck. Crap, I’ve stayed here longer than I expected. I should have slept better the night before. I mentally cursed myself out as I slipped over to barely look over the window ledge.

Dad’s truck was just rolling out of sight when I finally got the courage to stand up. That was close. Too close. Oh really? I would have never thought!

I shook my head, trying to clear my head. I did not need to start talking to myself. Or thinking to myself. I pulled my backpack back up onto my shoulders and shimmied down the tree instead of taking the steps.

I surveyed the forest around me, trying to remember which way to go. I finally decided to go west instead of north like my dad. I started out at a light jog, hoping to make it to my next hiding spot before nightfall. It was probably mid afternoon so that meant I had about three hours.

My legs began to tire somewhere around an hour and a half into the jog, so I stopped. No, get your ass back up! Now! He’s coming. I swear, Ally, if you don’t get your ass up right now I’m gonna fucking take over!

My eyes widened. I must being going completely bonkers. I’m talking to myself again. Whatever. Just go!

I decided it was best to just listen to my instincts. I jumped back up and continued on until I reached the lake. It holds our old boat house, a place I can stay for the night.

I pushed the door open and slowly walked around, making sure that no one was here. That was until I saw the lights of my dad’s truck pull up to the dock. Run. Now!
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