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Imprinting Just Isn't for Me

It’s just a little farther. Come on, you can do it.

I heard chuckling outside that could only be my dad. “ Come out, come out my little baby. I know you’re in there.”

I shrink back into the walls, scared because I knew it was over. After you ran from my dad, that was it. You are a dead. You are if you don’t get your ass in gear.

A small cry left my lips. What could I do? I’m trapped on the stupid boat, the only entrance blocked by a muscled, evil guy. The lake, it’s the only way.

I glanced over at the window and decided that I was going to break it. I picked up the nearby fire extinguisher and shoving it through the window. It shattered and I hopped off and into the water.

Dad shouted,” You better get back here, girl!”

The water rushed around me, closing its watery walls around me. I couldn’t breathe as I hit the bottom of the lake. It was probably about 8 feet deep. Swim. You have to swim.

I pushed my feet off the hard bottom and pulled myself up higher. I moved my hands out in front of me, trying to move up. My throat started to tighten and the urgency to take a breath was almost overpowering. It’s just a little farther. Come on, you can do it.

I felt my hands break to the surface and I popped up, gasping for air. My dad was still on the shore, shining the light across the water, to see if I’d pop up no doubt. I tried to assess how far it was to the other side of the shore, the one far away from my dad.

He called out to me,” Ally? Sweetheart, are you still out there? I’m coming in after you, you bad bad girl.” A splash told me he wasn’t bluffing. I started to swim to the shore when I felt a hand grab my ankle. I started to freak out. Calm down, now! It’s just a branch. Focus on getting to that shore.

I felt the tears start gliding from my eyes and getting lost in the water. I went on, my legs starting to cramp. My feet finally started to touch the bottom when he found me.

“Ally, that wouldn’t be you trying to run off after I just found you would it?” He was at least ten feet away. Keep going, don’t stop!

I started running, making huge splashes. I was out of the water by the time he made it to where I had recently been standing. I blindly ran into the forest, the branches scratching at my arms and hair.

He bellowed from wherever he was,” Ally!”

Ignore it. Just a little farther and we will find shelter. My brain didn't process the we because suddenly my dad stood in my way, which was impossible because the last time I saw him, he was still trying to make it to the shore.

He grinned evilly as he began taking his clothes off,” I finally found you, my little princess. Now the fun begins.”

I started to shrink back but suddenly decided I would stand for my self. I glared defiantly at him , challenging him to hurt me. Come at us, bro.

He shook his head,” No, no, no. We mustn’t fight back. We don’t want to have to suffer more than we have too."

I glowered, pulling my fist to my sides and clenching them. I wouldn’t hurt him if I could help it. Are you crazy? He’s hurt you for years.

Shut up. I focused on my dad, waiting for his attack. He lunged forward, but I step away at the last possible second. He growled impatiently,” We don’t have time for your games, little one.”

Well if you’re not going to fight, run! I would stand my ground though. Dad’s eyes started to take on a red color, his body shrank down. His legs shortened, along with his arms. His mouth lengthen, and soon what was once my dad, is/ was a wolf.

He circled around me, looking for his first bite. I didn't blot, I didn’t scream. I didn’t do anything but stand.

I’m really sorry that you have to find out this way, but I’m not going to let us die. I felt like I was being pulled to the back of my mind. I wasn’t control of what I was doing, I was just a passive bystander.

What’s going on? I’m saving our asses, that’s what.

Who are you? Not the time.

The wolf lunged at us, but instead of trying to fend him off we ran toward him. Suddenly we weren’t human anymore, we were a wolf just like him. We were a pissed off she wolf.
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