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Imprinting Just Isn't for Me

Hey, I heard that!

I have never seen a place so beautiful as Rebecca showed me the land. The people stared curiously but Rebecca would reprimand them. Many asked why I was here. I didn't pay attention to them though, I was to busy watching the rolling green hills with beautiful houses dotting the tops of them.

Drew called a meeting at a place known as the Meeting Hall. How original. Are you for real? Like you have room to talk, you had a cat named kitty. How original is that?

I ignored her as I followed the crowd into the big white barn doors. Drew stood proudly on the stage, looking very powerful. "Today a new wolf has stumbled upon our land. Her name is Ally and she's mute."

A rumble surrounded around the room, sad looks of sorrow on their faces. Drew went on," She would like to join our pack and thought it would be best to ask you. So, would our pack be willing to take Ally?"

Everyone shot looks at each other, obviously not wanting someone who couldn't pull their own weight. Hypocrites! Just because you can't talk doesn't mean anything, you are a fine warrior.

Suddenly I wasn't in charge of my body anymore, Unknown was. She held our head high and stomped up to where Drew was. She said furiously," Just because my human is unable to talk doesn't make her any less of a worker. You have no right in saying that or refusing her because you think that. I am your Alpha Female, this is your Alpha Female and you will respect us!" Her words bounced against the wall, stunning the others in the room.

Drew cleared his throat as the people stared at him," It's true, Ally is my mate."

A hushed intake of breath was the response of his pack. The pack had ran years without an Alpha Female leading them. Then something truly amazing happened, they all started bowing to me.
Everyone was really nice from then on, only one person seemed like they hated my guts which was Lily. She basically hung on Drew's arm like she'd never let go, somehing Unknown didn't like to much. Grr.. That's my man. She needs to back the hell off.

I shook my head, amused. He isn't ours.

She just growled at me as she decided to ignore me, which was a relief. Hey, I heard that!

I didn't bother answering her, a new scent flooded my nostrils. That's the thing about finding out you're half wolf, your senses all sky rocket. It's quite annoying.

Lily rounded the corner, snarling some inaudible words even to my wolf ears. She glanced up and growled," What are you doing here, mute?"

Ouch, that hurt. Not. I just shrugged at her, passing her until she grabbed my shoulder. "Look here, you can't just come in trying to run the place. You will answer me, speak. I am your Future Alpha Female and you will obey me."

I glowered at her, letting her know that despite her fantasies I wasn't her little slave. Unknown was ripping at my control as she keep on demanding I talk. That stupid bitch. Who does she think she is

Lily just tightened her grip on my shoulder as she waited. I stubbornly shook my head and pulled my arm away from her grasp. I heard her scream and felt her coming at me from behind. I side stepped out of her way and continued on to the lunch hall.

My wolf powers have given me more grace then ever before. I didn't trip as I twisted half my body around so Lily's kicks would it nothing but air. By that time, we were in the mess hall. Everyone watched curiously from their seats.

Lily was restless in her attacks, even when she missed every time. The pups were beginning to laugh at her which only added fuel to her anger. The others didn't bother to show any support. I finally just turned and caught her foot. I thought I told you to leave me alone.

Her eyes widened," You can mind speak in human form?"

I just throw her aside, wanting to be left alone. Drew just happened to come in at that moment," What the hell is going on?"

Drew's sister, Rebecca said," Lily attacked Ally. Ally was just acting in self defense, in fact that's the first time she even touched her."

Lily just laid there, her head down and tears dripping on the floor. Unknown laughed," Oh, you big baby."

I ignored her as I gently placed a hand on her back. I felt jolts of energy pass from me to her. She had broken her arm when she fell, and that's where the energy went. To mend the broken bone. She looked up at me in amazement, as did everyone else in the room as they felt the passing of power.

Drew exclaimed," You're a healer!"

I didn't react, I was to absorbed in my own thoughts. Lily just stood up, after the bones were fixed, and walked away. She even stopped for a fraction of a second to send me a glare. It held a message, it's not over.

Drew ran after her, clearly furious at her behavior. Rebecca just sighed," He'll never let her go."

I tilted my head up as if to say," What do you mean?"

She answered gravely," Lily is Drew's first love. They've been together since they were little, and only now do they know that they're not soul mates. He actually told her today that he wouldn't be with her when he had you as a true mate."

I understood why she attacked me now. She thought I was taking Drew away from her, only I'm not. I refuse to take a mate, let alone be a leader of a pack when I barely know what I am and what I can do. But then again, these people needed me.

What could I do? Rebecca seemed to be reading my thoughts," You could be the Beta for now... we recently just lost our previous one to a fight against the Red Blood Pack."

I shrugged my shoulders up, not knowing what exactly a 'beta' was. She said," A Beta is the second in command of the pack."

I embraced her suddenly and without warning. She didn't know that she had just answered my unspoken prayer. She just hugged back and asked," Do you want me to talk to Drew about it?"

I nodded in reply and ran to the food line, my stomach growling for some thing to eat before it died.
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So, people asked what happened that made the pack members accept Ally so fast and this is why! Hope you like it! (: