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Imprinting Just Isn't for Me

Have you gone completely crazy, or am I missing something?

The moon rose above the clouds, emitting a bright cascade over the yard. I watched the shapes of wolves as they prepared to hunt. Rebecca had spoken to Drew today about the possibility of me becoming the Beta. He agreed, but only for the time being. Since then I've been kind of restless, like something big is fixing to happen. We should tell him about our uneasiness.

I don't want to bother him, especially if I'm just overreacting. I continued to stare up at the moon, it was a full one to night. Then something caught my attention in the shadows. It was a midnight black wolf, and it reeked of human blood. Rebecca had said something about when a wolf tastes human blood it goes mad and attacks everything in its power to get again.

I felt the change come over me and suddenly I was out the window. He will attack the young. He wants those who have yet to change. We must stop him. STOP, STOP, STOP! We skidded to a stop and glared into the blood red eyes of the mad wolf.

His thoughts entered my own, causing a chill to go down my spine. Must have red. Unturned blood.

No. You can't feed here. You must leave or we will have to kill you. I snarled at him as he lunged toward the pups. We are warning you. Go away.

The male just viciously yowled and charged at me. He nipped at my ears and I took a bite out of his forepaw. He whimpered but when on trying to attack me. He sent his teeth toward my throat, which caused us to growl lowly, but deadly.

Another wolf, one that was gray, jumped on his back. It was Drew and he was livid. Mate, protect. Mate, protect.

Drew ripped at the wolf's neck and he almost died. I gasped and reached forward with a snowy paw, the shock of energy went through and the wolf breathed normally again. He wasn't mad anymore, it was like he had never tasted a drop of human blood in his life.

Drew looked at me in admonishment but then transformed back into his human form. He picked me up effortlessly, causing my paws to scrap against his muscled back. He patted my back, lacing his fingers through my fur. Are you okay?

I thought," Have you gone completely crazy, or am I missing something?"

He chuckled before sitting me down on the sofa. " You might want to change back into your human form."

Nah, I'm cool like this.

He just stared at me," Why, won't you?"

Won't I be naked when I change back?

"Yes..." He said confused.

That's exactly why I won't.

" That makes no sense.

Someone called across the house," Hey Alpha, who are you talking to? Yourself?"

Drew glared at me," Why can't you just talk?"

I shrugged my shoulders the best I could. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I'd said a word, let alone had a conversation.
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So I know this is crappy but I wanted to get a chapter out. :) It's been awhile and I'm so sorry. I will update tomorrow or the next day. See you then