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Your damn ex-girlfriend

Drew's Point Of View:

I shook my head as I walked into my office after talking with Ally about her taking the Beta position, temporarily. That made my head spin. My feelings were a jumbled mess, especially considering I had ended with Lily.

Lily. We would have been together for six years today. We started dating at fifteen and I love her more than anything, or so I thought. I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing in breaking things off with her.

A picture of Ally's face was all it took to tell me it was. That day I found her, all scrapped up. She was so fragile, so innocent looking. I couldn't have a more beautiful mate, yet I know she doesn't want to be with me. Who would be with the way I had been recently treating her.

Rebecca knocked on the door, looking rather unkempt. "Hey."

I scanned over her, taking in the bruises and scraps along with the torn clothing. "What happened to you?"

She glared at me, daggers would have been nicer. "Your damn ex-girlfriend."

I stood up," What do you mean? What happened?"

She huffed," She's on a rampage! She wants to kill Ally and she's hurting everyone in her way."

I ran out of the room and out to the clearing, assuming that the pack would be gathered there. Sure enough, they were. Lily and Ally were standing in the middle of the pack.

Ally was thoughtfully watching Lily as she yelled everything Ally had done wrong to her. "You stupid bitch, why? WHy the hell did you take my mate away from me? Why my position? Why couldn't you have died?"

My stomach clenched at the thought of Ally being dead. Ally just stood there and took every word she throw at her, not even blinking.

Lily realized she wasn't getting anywhere so she throw a punch. Only it didn't hit Ally, it hit air. Ally had moved so fast that my own enhanced vision. The fight continued with Lily trying to hit Ally and Ally dodging her every move.

My wolf was howling at me to break up the fight but something stop me. This fight might prove that Ally is a good asset to the pack, besides I doubt she would want me coming to her rescue.

Everyone's attention was on the fight when suddenly a group of vampires erupted from the southern border, near the school. Ally's head instantly snapped up and zeroed in on them. She shifted and dashed over with me being hot on her tail.

I ran along behind her, figuring she knew better than to attack. Mentally, I told the pack what they needed to do. Marcus get all the warriors and get ready to fight. Rebecca, I need you to get all the pups and take them into the school.

The vampires snaked along the park, and Ally stopped them. Her thoughts were loud and clear. What do you want? Oh, it was actually her wolf.

The leader hissed," You. Your father promised us that we could have you once you turned of age."

She sent images of his death to him. He's dead, he can no longer hold that promise. Get off my land before I rip your throat out."

He didn't like that to much, he lunged toward her but she was faster. A crunch was audible when her form had appeared again. The vampire's arm was in an unnatural position, showing what Ally was capable of. Vampires were stone so it took a very old werewolf to even try to break one of their arms. Usually, we burned them or I killed them. It was still difficult for even me to kill them.

The vampire's eyes shined red," I will get you, my little wolf. But it will have to wait until next time. Until then." He smiled, threatening us with his gleaming fangs.

Then as quickly as they came, they disappeared. Ally collapsed on her side and I thought my heart ripped in half. Mate. Hurt, must protect.
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