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All I've Ever Wanted

Chapter twelve: Movie night and all-nighter with 1/5 of 1D!

“I want details! Tell me!!!” Faith says loudly, pulling on my arm.

“Chill, Faith! I will!” I say putting my hand on her shoulder.

I smile as Harry walks over and takes my hand in his. We all head back up the stairs to my room. Once we make it to my room, Harry and I take a seat on my bed while Sierra sits a foot or two away from where Harry and I were. Faith sits down on my rolling desk chair, rolling over to where we all were.

“So, how did you guys meet?” Sierra asks, smiling over at Harry and I.

I open my mouth and begin to speak when Faith says something.

“Tell US!!!” Faith shouts loudly.

“Okay! I was about to tell you until you interrupted,” I snap, looking at her.

She quickly shifts her gaze down to the rug on my floor. “Sorry…” she mumbles.

“It’s okay…anyways, here’s what I was going to tell you,” I reply. I begin to tell them how Harry and I met. I feel Harry pull me close to him as I begin to talk once more.

“Well, since I went and stayed with my cousins, I went down stairs to see if she was up yet or not. After a few minutes, she walks in the room, a guy trailing behind her. That was when I found out that my cousin has been dating the Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! I couldn’t believe it. Well anyways, he invited me to go along with them to get some coffee and that’s when I met Harry.” I smile and kiss his cheek while he takes my hand in his, lacing our fingers together.

“Cute! But how did you two get together? That’s what we’d really like to know,” Sierra says, smiling over at me.

“After Louis introduced me to the guys, I immediately hit it off with Harry and we started talking. For the next few days, we got to know each other and talked on Skype a bit later. That same night when we were Skyping, he took me out on a date. Later that night, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, of course,” I finish and smile at my two best friends.

“Awww, that’s so cute!” Sierra and Faith squeal in excitement.

“So, I hear you girls are fans?” Harry says, pulling me close in his arms wrapping his arms tight around my waist and lightly resting his chin on my shoulder.

They both nod their heads. “Yes! We are!” Sierra tells him, smiling.

“Any favorites?” Harry questions, eyeing the two girls I call my best friends.

“Niall!” Sierra calls out.

“Zayn!” Faith yells out.

“Nice picks. Those two chaps happen to be single and are looking for beautiful girls such as you two lovely ladies,” Harry says and smiles at my two best friends.


“How about we watch a movie?” I suggest turning and looking up at Harry, smiling a bit and looking over at my best friends.

“Sure! Let’s head downstairs and watch one there,” Sierra says as we all get up and go down stairs. I hope Brad isn’t playing on the X-Box because I just want to relax and spend some time with my friends and boyfriend! I think to myself and sigh as we all go down the stairs, hoping to myself he was in his room engulfed in his DS or something instead.

“Thank God! We get the TV to ourselves, I was hoping Brad wasn’t playing the X-Box because I want to watch a movie with you guys,” I say as we walk in to the living room.

We each pick out a movie to watch. After we set them out on the coffee table, I get up and put in the first movie which was When Harry Met Sally. It was such a good movie and hilarious. For the next couple hours, we watch movies and indulge ourselves in the pizza we ordered.

The girls decide to stay over for the night. As Sierra got up to put the next movie in, I look down to my lap and notice Harry was asleep, his face buried in to my side with his right arm around me. I smile to myself and begin to run my finger tips through his curls and lean down to kiss the top of his head. Throughout the movie, my eyes were drooping signaling I was super tired. We all rearrange ourselves and all pass out in the living room.

Harry and I were both lying on the couch, holding each other close while one of the girls was lying on the other part of the sofa and the other one was on the floor. Today was a long day, fun but tiring.
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