You Never Really Can Fix A Heart

Shocked-Rania's POV

"Alright, so Kaylyn said the kids can stay at her place tonight, so we could...catch up." Menat informed me as she walked out into her living room.

I still couldn't believe it. That Menat is alive, well off...with kids. That's the most unbelievable part. I mean, I always figured she'd have children. Well, maybe one. One day. One far away day and that we would all raise our kids together. I always just assumed though that Menat would be the last one to reproduce, not the first. I thought she'd be smarter then to get pregnant at seventeen. But I also thought she'd come to her senses about Blake before it was too late and that never happened either.

"Menat, what happened?" I need to know.

Menat isn't the same girl anymore. The light in her just isn't visible anymore. Whenever Menat would walk into a room she would be so full of energy and life and now she just seems dull. But people always have said that the brightest of stars burn out the fastest. All it took to diminish Menat's light was a boy who broke a promise. A boy who broke her heart. There are times when I can see glimpses of that light though, when Menat talks about my niece and nephew or when she's actually with them.

"Blake happened...but I can't honestly blame him for everything." Rachel almost shrunk back into herself as she wrapped her own arms around her body.

She looked so fragile, so small, so...un-Menat like. I'd describe Menat as a lot of things, in a lot of ways, with a lot of different words, but fragile, small, wounded, broken were never among them. But that's exactly the word I'd use now. Broken. Menat was broken.

"Menat, please tell me." I watch the conflict in her eyes. A privilege that no one use to be privileged to. Menat was so good at keeping her emotions in check, hiding what she felt behind her eyes.

"Where would I even start?" menat asked, ordering a drink. The waiter doesn't even bother to card her.

"The beginning would be just fine." And so that's where Menat starts. The day she left us. The day she chose him over her family.