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The Reckless and the Brave

Tour Prep

“That was good, Spencer.” Simon commented. “But I know that you can do better. I believe one more time and you’ll smash it.”
The girl nodded her head before moving closer to the microphone in the recording booth. She took a deep breath before releasing the rough sound that made up her voice. Simon smiled proudly at the girl behind the glass. He was happy that Reckless Little Hearts had come so far in the last couple of years. He had no idea that they were going to cause this much commotion, but the five ladies did indeed prove him wrong.
Fresh off the European leg of their tour with One Direction, the girls hit the studio to record a few bonus tracks for their second full-length album. Before the tour, they finished it, but Simon wanted them to come back in to record some more tracks. While they were in the studio, they were able to get with other artist and write more music for them. He wanted the ladies as involved with his record company as humanly possible. He saw their talent, no matter who didn’t like their music.
Spencer stopped singing, and backed away from the microphone. Ash, who had been texting Louis on her phone, stopped to give her best friend the thumbs up. Spencer smiled widely, and looked over at Simon. She was asking silently for his approval before he nodded. The girl took off the huge earphones that let her hear the track and herself before she rushed out of the booth. They were officially done recording. The girls are planning on releasing their CD half-way through their North American tour.
Simon allowed the girls to leave the studio right after they finished tracking the new songs. Roxie and Liz had chosen to stay back because they were able to finish their recording within a few days as opposed to Emery, Spencer, and Ash taking longer. They had decided not to go, but opted to sleep in instead. The three girls were slightly jealous, but Simon had promised them Starbucks and donuts. It was a fair trade in their eyes.
“We are officially done with album number two!” Emery cheered as they walked out of the huge building in the heart of Los Angeles. “I can’t believe it,”
“It feels weird, doesn’t it?” Ash laughed.
“It really does. I don’t know how I expected to feel but this is just weird,” Spencer added.
“We’ve come so far,” Ash added again.
“I believe that we deserve a few drinks!” Emery playfully stated.
“No, we don’t!” Spencer playfully yelled at her friend.
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Those bitches still deserved it,”
“You’re telling me,” Emery laughed.
After the club brawl, the girls were put under a very strict public drinking ordinance. They weren’t allowed to be publicly inebriated. Simon made sure that they were blacklisted from every club and bar within a thirty mile radius, and in every city on their tour stop. They didn’t need any more trouble. The girls were lucky that the other party hadn’t pressed charges, and nothing was broken. The public fight brought a lot of negative attention toward the all-girl group. They didn’t need that at the moment. It was bad enough that they were trouble makers already, but with a story like this it made the band even more noticeable.
“Are we going shopping for tour later?” Spencer asked Emery as the girls were about to say their goodbyes to each other before entering their apartments.
“I think so,” Emery nodded. “I’ll call you,”
“Okay,” Ash laughed before the three of them went their separate ways.
Ash smiled over at her best friend. So much had changed for the girls, in a small course of the months. On a whim, the former blonde and black haired girl decided to dye her hair all back black. She no longer had the streaks in her hair that she used too, and her hair extensions weren’t as long. She added another tattoo on her right arm, and one behind her ear. It was nice to change every once in a while. The change was good. Emery started to tan more so her skin was darker than it had been before. Liz added another tattoo to her hip bone, and started to wear more eyeliner.
Roxie toned down the bleach blond hair just a little bit, and took out her extensions completely. Instead of having her hair down to nearly her waist, her hair came just below her shoulders. It was weird to get used to at first, but she was happy with herself. Spencer’s hair was no longer red. The shorter girl had taken it upon herself to change her hair color. She went from a deep red to a lighter brown color, almost the same as Liz’s. Her hair still had a red tint to it, so her hair was more auburn. The hair extensions were still the same length.
The new hair needed a while to get used to. Each band member loved it though. The girls needed a change. With everything that has happened to them over the past three months, change was inevitable. It was going to happen anyway, regardless if they liked it or not. Spencer didn’t hook up with anyone. Ash was with one man. Liz talked to Niall every chance she got. Emery skyped Zayn all of the time, and Roxie was enjoying her single life-style.
The girls really didn’t know what to say if they were asked about possible boyfriends or actual boyfriends. Simon made it rather clear that they weren’t to actually talk about them anymore. If Emery or Liz were asked about the boys, they would give a quick answer and leave it at that. Spencer and Ash got to pretend like they were single when they really didn’t want to. In actuality, the girls were rather miserable about the subject of the boys.
“Our tour starts in two days, Spence.” Ash muttered as she cooked up her and her friend some veggie burgers back in their apartment. “We get to see our boys tomorrow!”
Spencer smiled like a school girl.
“I know,” The girl all but giggled.
“We have boyfriends, Spencer,” Ash laughed. “Has that not really hit you yet either?”
The girl shook her head.
“I still can’t believe I’m dating the most up-tight, preppy, sensible British boy known to man.”
Ash shook her head.
“That’s weird! I still don’t know how that one happened.”
“You and me both,” Spencer rolled her eyes. “How are our veggie burgers coming along, love?”
“Pretty good, actually,” The other girl replied. “They’re just taking forever to get done.
The girl finished making their food, and they were half-way done when the other three band members decided to show up. Of course they complained about the grossness of being a vegetarian, but the two girls ignored it. They really were way too used to their teasing by now. Soon after the other girls showed up, they were all ready to go out for a nice day of shopping.
Unfortunately, the girls never really got a nice day of shopping anymore. Ever since their European tour, it seems as if they had blown up to be more popular than before. Touring with One Direction definitely put them higher up on the Hollywood radar. The cameras that followed them nearly doubled, and they never failed to ask about One Direction. Thankfully the girls just smiled and kept going like they hadn’t heard them at all. It was the only way to keep their lives somewhat normal.
They moved quickly into the nearest Betsey Johnson store to look around. The clothing shops that Simon insisted on them shopping at more were more expensive than they would have liked. They didn’t want to be divas. The only items Reckless Little Hearts enjoyed spending a lot of money on was their shoes. The metal band really did love their shoes. They would drop a lot of money on them in a heart beat. They had to start wearing more make-up when they went out, but that was apart of the job. They always had to look good or they would get shredded apart.
They quickly moved to more vintage shops that not a lot of people were shopping at. The girls love for old clothes, and edgy style was perfect for this place. They found a bunch of items that couldn’t be found in widely popular clothing stores. It just wasn’t their style to wear things that others considered popular. They liked what they liked and that was it. The girls weren’t too impressed with articles of clothing that everyone else seemed to have.
In actuality the girls could really care less about what they were getting for tour. They rather just wear clothes that they already had. They figured that is what will happen anyway. The girls may have seemed all that to on-lookers, but they really weren’t. The girls were way to excited to have their other halves coming back to the States. It was an exciting time. They kicked off tour in two days. They had a few events planned for One Direction until then. That, of course, included another concert.


“Liam, chill out!” Niall laughed loudly at his friend whom was having trouble packing.
“I can’t just chill, Niall!”
“Nialler, you know as well as the rest of us how he gets before tour,” Louis playfully rolled his eyes. “It’s just a tour thing.”
“I think that it’s more of a Spencer thing,” Zayn playfully teased the brunette boy.
If Zayn was honest, he also had been freaking out over what to pack. The Bradford bad boy wanted to look good for his sweet American lady. He knew that she could care less what he wore and if his hair looked perfect, but he wanted to do it for her. He just chose to pack in more of a private setting with Emery on Skype a few steps away. She giggled and joked with her boyfriend as he packed. He would roll his eyes, but he was grateful the girl was willing to help him.
“It’s not a Spencer thing,” Liam mumbled, crossing his arms. “I just have no idea how many clothes to pack!”
“Just pack like normal, mate,” Harry shrugged, eating an apple from his frazzled friend’s kitchen.
“Are you excited to see the girls?” Liam asked, changing the subject the best he could whilst throwing more clothes into his already over-flowing suite case.
“More than you know,” Niall bounced. “I miss my Lizzy.”
“Lizzy?” Louis raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah…so?” Niall challenged.
“Nothing wrong with a nick-name,” Louis laughed. “That’s cute.”
“You blokes don’t have names for yer girls?” Niall questioned, looking between them.
“I used to call Spencer Little Red, but she told me she dyed her hair.” Liam sighed. “I have yet to receive a picture of it.”
“Liam, breathe,” Harry jokingly instructed his friend.
“I call Ash by her name,” Louis shrugged. “She calls me Louis and I call her Ash.”
“That’s weird,” Zayn laughed.
“We all can’t call our girlfriends cute pet names, right Zayn?” Louis winked over in his direction.
“Whateva,” He shrugged before standing up. “Liam, watcha got to eat?”
“Nothing, Niall ate everything editable in that kitchen.”
“Not this apple!” Harry retorted.
“Not that apple! See, Lee? I didn’t eat everything,” Niall stated with a goofy grin. He looked too much like a little kid than he really needed to.
“Do you lot know what we’re meant to do when we get to the States?” Zayn asked, coming back to sit down after returning from the kitchen empty handed.
“I believe the girls are picking us up at the airport, but I’m not certain.”
“Daddy Direction doesn’t know?!” Louis fake gasped. “What a shocker.”
Liam gave Louis a death glare before throwing a shirt at his head.
“Get off it, Lou.”
“I understand, you’re more interested in seeing your new girlfriend. We all are,”
“Stop teasing.” Harry laughed. “Are you almost done, Liam? Our flight leaves in a few hours, and I’m starving.”
“You almost have the same appetite as Niall.” Louis sighed. “Almost…”
Niall snorted.
“No one can have my appetite, mate. No one,” Niall nodded his head as he spoke, making the others laugh at him.
The band, along with Paul, went out for one last time before they left for America. They had a celebratory lunch at Nandos after saying goodbye to their families. Niall’s mum told him that if he didn’t bring Liz back by soon then she would hunt him down personally and drag them both there by their ears. Niall knew that she was only joking. He loved that his mum loved Liz so much already. Liam’s sisters playfully teased him about his new girlfriend. His parents acted hurt that they had yet to meet this girl. Lottie begged Louis to bring Ash by their house as soon as he possibly could so she could meet her. Zayn’s mum already loved Emery and she hadn’t properly met her yet.
The boys were grateful for their families not being so pushy when it came to their love lives. It was nice that they weren’t, considering how much crap they were getting from the general public enough as it is. They wanted their families to at least give them a chance to slow down before pressuring them. It wasn’t really easy considering who they are.

“I think I see them!” Emery stated happily. The girls were waiting in the big, black van that Simon had ready for One Direction. He had insisted that the girls stayed hidden away for One Direction’s sake. They could have their reunion in private. The windows were tented to nearly an illegal state. When you’re Simon’s favorite bands, you get that sort of treatment.
“Of course it’s them. No one else get’s that kind of airport attention in the world,” Roxie rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Unless you’re Bieber,” Liz playfully stated.
“Bieber is a dick.” Ash scoffed.
“This is true,” Spencer agreed.
“I see them!” Liz giggled happily, gripping Emery’s hand. “I see our boys.”
“Yay,” Roxie rolled her eyes. “Can we please just get some coffee after this?”
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“What got your panties in a twist?”
“Nothing, I’m just moody right now,” Roxie stated with a shrug. “I want coffee and more sleep. So fucking sue me.”
“Yay, Roxie’s not happy,” Emery rolled her eyes.
The girls knew that at least one of them would be grumpy. It never failed. Three-fifths of the band was not morning people. It was surprising that only one of them had woken up on the wrong foot. Usually all three girls were moody in the mornings.
“I’ll get over it,” She mumbled, pulling the sunglasses over her eyes, and resting her head on the back of her seat.
The boys walked closer to the big, black van that was clearly theirs. They saw the normal US driver that they had. The girls in Reckless Little Hearts scooted out of the camera shots as much as possible while the boys piled in. They didn’t have room to sit beside their respective others, so they settled for where they could find. The almost quiet van soon came alive with the excited voices of RLH and 1D. Roxie still stayed with her head busting and resting against the seat.
Harry playfully poked Roxie’s side. The girl shot up quickly before glaring at the curly-haired boy.
“What in the world to you want, Styles?”
“Hey,” He mumbled.
“Hi.” She sighed back.
Harry awkwardly cleared his throat.
“So, you have my favorite shirt.”
“Do I really now? I wasn’t aware?” Roxie said almost playfully. The girl was fully aware that she had his favorite shirt. The shirt with The Ramones logo on the front was still used by her often. It was tucked away in her closet for Harry to have back as soon as the tour actually started. She loved the shirt, so that was the one that she had taken before they went their separate ways.
“I expect to have it back soon,” Harry smirked before dropping the subject.
“You’re hair is different, babe.” Louis smiled, looking at his girlfriend properly for the first time in a month. “It looks great.”
“Thanks,” Ash laughed, picking up a strand of her hair. “It’s odd.”
“I like it.” Louis stated. “Spencer, your hair is so…different.”
Spencer laughed before shrugging.
“I know,”
“I almost didn’t recognize you,” Liam playfully winked at the girl he really did love. “What brought it on?”
“Simon,” Spencer laughed. “Oh and I just needed a change. So much is different…why not change my hair to celebrate?”
Liam shook his head.
“I love it, but now I can’t call you Little Red.”
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“I’m sure you’ll think of something else,”
“What have you guys been up to?” Emery questioned, holding onto Zayn’s hand.
Zayn was the only one able to actually get a seat beside his girlfriend of nearly four months.
“We did some more recording, writing, and tv shoes.” Niall interrupted.
“It was rather boring.” Harry admitted. “But we got to visit our families.”
“My mum is dying to meet you,” Zayn laughed, squeezing his girlfriend’s hand.
“Oh! Mum said that you better come back with me or she’ll hunt you down.” Niall informed Liz.
The girl giggled and quickly agreed to her boyfriend’s request.
“Where are we going?”
“To our apartments,” Roxie stated.
“We’re taking you guys to another concert tonight to see our friends in The District, All Time Low, and Forever The Sickest Kids.” Emery explained. “So, we’re going to have to rest before then.”
“We’re assuming you guys are tired?” Spencer spoke playfully.
“Definitely,” Harry yawned.
“I didn’t have my morning tea.” Louis mumbled. “My own day is just off.”
“I’ll fix you some when we get back to our apartment, Princess,” Ash rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.
He playfully scoffed at her, making the others laugh.
The exciting chatter finally dialed down to a comfortable silence while they all made their way back to the apartment complex. It was rather early in the morning, and no one was up to chat. They wanted to chill out. They have a long tour ahead of them.


“Who are we going to see now?” Niall asked, bouncing on his toes while the rest of the group started toward the venue.
“Some old friends,” Roxie laughed. “I think you guys might love them,”
“How are you so sure?” Harry playfully questioned.
“You like the other show, didn’t you?” Spencer questioned, making the others laugh and nod. “Then there you go.”
Liam wanted to wrap his arms around his girlfriend like he was finally able to in her apartment, but he couldn’t now that they were in public.
“So we will like it?” He asked.
“Maybe,” Ash shrugged. “Expect a lot of cursing, and some other weird shit going down.”
“Well that’s different than the last one,” Niall chuckled. “Damn, I’m so excited.”
“As you should be!” Liz nearly yelled. She was just as excited as her boyfriend was.
“Are we going to get to meet the bands afterward again?” Zayn asked.
“More than likely,” Roxie shrugged.
“We’ve toured with them before,” Emery answered. “We’ve also had some pretty big fights with The District too.”
“Who?” Liam questioned.
Spencer laughed.
“A band made up of male and females, Liam.” She answered dumbly.
“Well Roxie had to go off, get drunk, and fuck Karma’s boyfriend.” Ash winked at her friend.
“Spencer was with the singer’s baby daddy.” Liz attempted to sound ghetto, but in actuality wasn’t at all. “It was just messy.”
“I think that we’re all good now,” Emery confirmed. “I mean, we’ve never really been mean to them. They’re older, and we were like really uber young at the time.”
“We were sixteen-ish,” Roxie added. “I think almost seventeen. We were young and stupid,”
“We’re still young and stupid, Rox.” Emery laughed at the blonde.
The girl rolled her eyes before laughing. They were excited about the night. The bands knew that the girls were coming, but they got there early enough to be near the front of the line. They sat down on the ground and just talked while they waited. Some of them were spotted and asked for pictures. They happily took them, and even talked to the fans for a little while.
The boys would admit that waiting in line was a pain. They didn’t really like standing there for so long, but they did it anyway. It was odd for a world famous boy band to be waiting at some punk shows concert line. The boys didn’t really find this normal. They preferred to enter early. That didn’t make them divas, they just didn’t know if the band was worth the wait or not.
A band called Forever The Sickest Kids were first. The girls were going crazy, and jumping around to their music. It was fun. These bands that they were watching helped influence them with some of their writing styles. The boys had no idea of this, but they enjoyed their set to. It was really energetic; it was different than the other concert they went to. Not as many people jumped around, and the music was more rock. As to this one, it was definitely punk-pop.
The boys couldn’t help but notice the girl’s excitement whenever The District came on. Instead of ending the show, All Time Low was to do that. They were fun, but the girls were practically naked. They didn’t look too old, but it was clear they were in their mid to late twenties. The girls in the band had darker hair colors. They joked around a whole lot more on the stage than Reckless Little Hearts did. The lead singer even kissed one of the male guitarists. The crowd cheered loudly at them no matter what.
“A little birdy told me that our favorite trouble makers are here…” The lead singer, whom they learnt was Karma, said in a sing-song voice.
“I dunno, Kar. I think it’s a fucking rumor,” The black haired boy guitarist stated.
“Nah, Skye, I think I see them right….” The other guitarist trailed off before pointing to the group. “There!”
“Hey ladies!” Karma yelled. She pointed to them. “Those girls are like my mini-me’s. All of them!”
“I like Roxie cause she’s tall and blonde!” The drummer yelled before beating on her drum.
“Shut it, Lyric! No one asked you!” The guitarist playfully scolded.
“Reckless Little Hearts are here tonight! I love those girls!” Colton yelled into his microphone. “We’re going to switch it up right about now.” He said.
The lead singer moved across the stage, and took the guitar from her male friend before he grabbed a different microphone. They started a catchy song that the girls seemed to know every single word to. The crowd was into the music, and the guys didn’t blame them. The band knew how to really put on a show. When it came time for the guitar solo, the male singer and guitarist started to mess around with each other. The boys laughed because it was the same kind of mischief they would put up on stage.
Then the two boys kissed. The girls in Reckless Little Hearts cat called, and even Emery shouted out a quick “Ow baby!’ in some short of a thank you. Roxie playfully fanned her face while Liz just squealed like a little girl. Ash opened up her arms, and Spencer pretended to faint into them. The reactions from the girls were sort of odd. The boys hadn’t experienced this first hand, but they were informed girls like that sort of thing during a Much Music interview.
By the time All Time Low had gotten half-way through the set, they had heard it all. They laughed at the lanky guitarist’s penis jokes, and how he insisted on coming out into the crowd more than once. The lead singer would banter back and forth with him, it was all playful. They were talking about something completely unrelated to their music, but the fans seemed to really love that. They were real in front of them.
Louis loved their music. It was catchy as hell. Niall liked jumping around to it. He loved the fast energy, and the funny things the band did. Zayn was warming up to the pop-punk band’s since of humor. Harry enjoyed watching them perform live. He considered getting some of their music on his laptop. Liam easily recognized a few songs that they play because they were ones that Spencer had put on his iPod before they went their separate ways the month prior.
“Is it just me or do they get better every single time that we see them?” Emery questioned. “Dammit, I love All Time Low.”
“Me too,” Spencer quickly agreed. “If Alex wasn’t married and had children….”
“Hey!” Liam playfully stated.
“You’ll get over it.”
“I nearly cried during Therapy.” Ash sighed. “I love that song so fucking much.”
“Jack is still fine as fuck!” Roxie nearly yelled. “I love them too, though.”
“What do you think?” Liz poked her boyfriend’s side. “I saw you jumping along.”
“I thought it was great!” Niall nearly yelled.
“Me too,” Louis smiled. “So you actually toured with them before?”
“Yeah,” Ash laughed. “They are some of our biggest lyrical influences.”
“We’ve been lucky enough to actually sit down and write some songs with Alex. That was like our first pinch-me moment.” Spencer shared.
“Do you guys want to go meet the bands? They have about thirty minutes before they have to go on out?” Roxie asked.
The boys looked around at each other and shrugged. They were really willing to do anything. They were just glad that they were back together with the five girls that had turned their worlds even more upside down than it was before.
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