Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

Emery's Story

”That’s lovely boys…now what is this rumor I hear of the night in Houston?”
The girls, and Inga, stood around the TV. They were waiting for this interview all morning, and thankfully, the question came later than expected. Honestly, it was almost as if the world would forget the incident that took place four days prior. It’s been a crazy few days, and One Direction finally got an interview to “clear the air.” Simon was by no means happy with the current situation. He ranted about how he just got back to London and something else was already happening. It was good that Inga informed Simon when she did. As soon as some pictures and videos hit the web, they were quickly erased. They didn’t know how they did it, but Modest Management got shit done.
The videos and pictures may have been down, but the rumors were still spreading like wild-fire. The boys realized that they needed to say something before things would get more hectic. It was like one thing after another happened to the bands. It discouraged them, and made them mad. It was understandable. There were twelve-year olds that had more freedom than they did at this point. Now they were here, watching an interview with their real boyfriends on the screen, lying to the world yet again.
“That’s exactly what it is,” Niall laughed.
“We really don’t know how that rumor got started. The only people who were actually there were Zayn and Emery. The rest of us were back at the hotel. The bands actually were all watching a film. We weren’t out living it up or anything. We were just being normal teenagers inside of our hotel rooms.” Liam spoke in his very-fast, Liam fashion.
“It’s ridiculous to see what people make up about us,” Harry added. “Like, we’re real lads…these rumors do hurt. We’re not robots.”
“Besides, I have a girlfriend,” Louis shrugged.
“As do I,” Liam commented. “It wouldn’t really be right to go out with other girls,”
“We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.” Louis smirked in a very Louis-like fashion.
“So that makes only one of you who doesn’t have a girlfriend,” The interviewer stated. “Harry, how is being single?”
“Not easy…” He trailed off. “Erm…people…uh…they tend to make up lies about me. I’m always shagging someone or dating them because er…they’re standing next to be in the market,”
“The women are always hot though, right?”
Harry smirked.
“Well…I wouldn’t want to say that publically.”
The interviewer laughed, and was about to go on with more questions. However, the girls didn’t see that because Inga turned off the TV. She turned to look at the girls seriously before huffing.
“This is out of control.”
“You’re telling me,” Emery mumbled.
“You are supposed to follow your contracts! You have to start listening to me more, girls!” Inga sighed heavily. “I can’t do my job right if you’re doing nothing to help me,”
“Your job is to manage us on the road.” Emery cut in. “Not ruin our lives.”
“How am I ruining your lives? You do that job well enough as it is!”
“Whatever,” Ash rolled her eyes, laying her head on Emery’s shoulder. “Don’t get your g-string in a twist.”
“Or do, we really don’t care,” Roxie stated, plopping down on Spencer’s lap before getting shoved off to the side.
“You’re being careless again,” Inga informed. “Do you realize what this will do to your reputation again? After all Simon and I have done for you, you’re going to trash it again?”
“The last time I checked, it’s our reputation, not yours,” Liz rolled her eyes.
“And we really don’t give a damn.” Emery shrugged.
“Fine, you may not care for yourself, but what about the boys?” She asked. The girls all stared at her blankly before she sighed. “What do you think will happen to them when you do something stupid?”
“They will be fine.” Ash stated fiercely. “They are grown men, and Simon has a careful watch on them. They’re a boy-band. They have different rules than we do, okay? Their reputation won’t be too badly tarnished.”
“You’re so wrong!” Inga nearly yelled. “Can’t you see that?”
“I’m leaving.” Spencer stated, grabbing Roxie’s hand to pull her with her.
“Yeah, me too,” Ash nodded. “We’re going to go do some song-writing.”
“Good idea,” Liz perked up, going along with the other three. “Are you coming, Emery?”
“No…go on.” Emery sighed, looking over at Inga.
“Are you sure?” Roxie asked carefully.
“I’m fine. Just go,” She shooed them away before turning back toward Inga. The air in the room turned very thick between the two girls. No one else was in the room at the moment to defuse it either. Emery just had enough. She felt the compelling need to break down whatever this was before something bad happened. She didn’t want a hurt Inga being flown back out to California. Simon would surely have her head if that had happened. “You have a lot of nerve.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, Inga.” Emery sighed. “You are letting this power go to your head.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, Emery. I’m only doing my job.”
“No, you aren’t.” She shook her head. “You want to control everything that we do. I’m sorry, but we’re human. We’re not your toys that you can just play around with. We are people who used to have control over our lives. You making sure that we’re in your sight all the time is start to annoy us.”
“I can’t help that Simon-“
“Bullshit.” Emery sighed heavily. “Get it together, or you’re fired.”
“You can’t fire me,” She laughed. “Only Simon can do that.”
“I’ll find a fucking way.” She shook her head. “You’re in over your head. You have no experience at managing bands like us. You can be our stylist, but please for the love for that all is good, stop trying to run a circus! It isn’t going to work anymore. We’re not going to listen to you, and we’re not going to take your musical suggestions. Get over yourself.”
Inga shook her head at Emery.
Emery’s temper flared before she hauled back and punched the girl in the jaw. Inga stumbled backward and cried out in pain. She was clenching her jaw before Emery rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Emery never solved problems like this. It was usually Ash, Spencer, and occasionally Roxie that threw some punches. Emery has had her fair share of fights before, but nothing like this. The blonde girl was simply angry about everything. Hell, she was pissed off at the world at the moment. It just wasn’t right.
When Emery joined Reckless Little Hearts, she didn’t expect them to get this big. She didn’t expect that touring with a world-famous boy-band. She didn’t expect that Simon Cowell of all people wanted to sign them to his record label. It had been a dream come true, really. That was until recently. Emery had a feeling that something like this was going to happen eventually. She didn’t expect it to happen so fast, but she did expect it. No one really escaped this portion of being a celebrity. It was a major downfall to getting what you wanted. Reckless Little Hearts just wanted it bad enough.
You see, Emery Addams hadn’t always wanted to be in a band. Music was in her heart and soul ever since she could remember. She was older when she realized her dreams. She has always enjoyed the music that she grew up on. She learned to remember speeches by putting them to music. She actually spent time in music lessons. The girl used to day-dream in her middle-school and early high school years that she would be famous. Back then, everything was innocent with Emery. She didn’t realize that the world was hard and that people will let you down. In her world, everything was perfect.
When Emery was younger, she fought depression. She didn’t realize that she was depressed until she hit fifteen. Then she started to randomly want to do stupid things that lead to her getting hurt or maybe death. She didn’t understand what this meant, and she didn’t want help with it either. It was just something that she wanted to do. Sometimes it hit her in short waves that lasted thirty minutes to an hour and sometimes it hit her in massive waves that lasted days, sometimes weeks. For a long time, Emery was in a dark place. It wasn’t easy for her or her family.
When she was sixteen, she met her ex-boyfriend. They met not too long after she moved to New York City. He was everything that Emery wanted in a boy. He was older. He was mysterious, and he always. always had a guitar with him. He rarely was seen without it. He drew girls his way, Emery saw the way that every girl looked at him with longing. He was eighteen and a musician. Emery was the quiet girl with glasses, long hair, and over-sized sweaters in the winter. She was plain. He was exciting. That’s why she wanted him, secretly. The girl would never reveal to a soul that she was crushing on him.
She was placed in an advanced Biology class that he so happened to be in. As fate would have it, they were to be lab partners. It turns out, Emery is really smart, and Seth isn’t. Well, he is, but he doesn’t apply himself. The girl was always forced to have the best grades growing up. A grade below a ninety was considered failure. Also as fate would have it, Emery was to tutor Seth. So the first day that Emery visited Seth’s apartment to realize that the eighteen-year old lived alone. She also realized that he had a few other room-mates.
It wasn’t long before Seth had an influence over Emery. He casually suggested that she shouldn’t wear glasses anymore; Emery got contacts the next Tuesday on a cold day in October. Seth raved about her eyes and how pretty they were before he asked her out the following Friday. They started dating, and Seth realized that Emery could play a few instruments. He decided that this was a very good thing. So he started teaching her covers of a band called Blink-182, an un-known band to Emery at the time. She liked them well enough, but Seth was in love with them. By the time December rolled around, Emery got her hands on Blink tickets for their come-back tour.
As the months grew colder, Emery and Seth grew closer. She started to spend more time at his apartment before she started to dress different. She cut her hair and wore make-up. Seth said that he liked her in her own way, but she looked good like this too. Emery loved it. Soon enough, they had fallen in love. She was crazy about him, and oddly enough, Seth loved her too. No one really expected it to last between them. Emery was the good girl and Seth was the bad boy that got what he wanted. It confused people when it was the new girl, Emery Addams that snagged his heart.
Emery finally started to go to the parties that she and Seth were invited to across town. It was crazy at how many people now wanted to talk to her because of who her boyfriend was. It was weird to think. It just so happened that it was a party that Emery met Spencer Tucker and Ashley Walker. They were playing beer pong with a couple of Seth’s friends. They were loud, and seemed to be able to hold their drinks far better than she could herself. Seth introduced them, and they all clicked right form the start. Emery assumed that the girls were older, but was taken back when she found out that Spencer hadn’t turned fourteen yet and Ash just turned fifteen.
Before Seth graduated high school, Emery was living with him and his roommates. She had disappointed her parents enough to the point that they kicked her out of her house. She didn’t care about anything besides her stupid guitar and her trouble-making boyfriend. School wasn’t a priority anymore, and she was rarely home. She was either drunk, high, with Spencer and Ash or with Seth. She was seventeen and dropped out of high school. She lived with Seth and they were happy. Up until Seth decided that he and his band-mates (roommates) were going to go on the road for a little bit. So Emery let Ash and Spencer spend more time than needed in her apartment that she was very lonely in.
Meeting Liz and Roxie happened right before her seventeenth birthday. They were again, at the same party. They were mutual friends of Seth and Ash and Spencer. So they all met and realized that they all knew how to play instruments. Spencer and Ash talked excitedly about being in a famous band one day, and asked the other three girls to join. Liz only knew the guitar and Roxie had been playing the drums for years. Ash was a better guitarist than she let on, and Spencer, well she could sing. Emery felt oddly comfortable with this idea of a band with the four younger girls. However, she felt like there were too many guitar players. They need a bass, therefore she learned.
Seth and his band, Willow Trees, stayed gone for a while, but he still called her every day and night. It was a sweet gesture, really. He had talked about how awesome it was to play in a band on a stage at stupid bars. They didn’t get paid a lot of money, but they were playing on stages. That was huge for them. Emery didn’t tell him, but she and the girls officially had a band. They had already written six songs by August. The rest of the girls dropped out of high school. The dream was their lives, and they were determined to make them come true. They were called The Reckless Hearts before they got some advice from several producers that the name needed to change before they came back.
Emery, having learned some things from Seth, managed the band. After changing the name to Reckless Little Hearts, the band started to actually book shows. It wasn’t easy, but they did it. The shows weren’t really shows, just stupid house parties. They never had anything big, but the girls knew that something huge was going to happen to them very soon, and it did. In September 2009, they got a show at The Rocket, a bigger bar in New York City. Somehow, Simon Cowell had been there on the right night, and then he wanted to sign them. The girls were overjoyed, and Emery was left to tell Seth when he returned two days later.
He was confused and slightly hurt. He questioned why she didn’t tell him that she started her own band. He said that he would have put her in his band, but she wrote it off. Suddenly Seth realized that the woman that his girlfriend was becoming had big ambitions, and it was a little strange. It was a good strange. Seth then became the supportive boyfriend that showed up at the small gigs that they got from then on. He was there when Simon Cowell first started to shape the band. He was there during their first interviews. He was definitely there when they did their first album photo-shoot. Seth remembered how important the girl was to him, and proposed to her nearly four weeks later.
Emery was overly happy and agreed instantly. He wasn’t happy that the other four girls moved in, but he didn’t say anything. Until Simon suggested that the girls got bigger, newer apartments in the heart of the Upper East Side. He went wherever Emery did, but something happened in their relationship. So barely six months into her new-found life, Seth called off not only the engagement but their relationship all together. He wanted Emery to be happy, but he wasn’t fully happy, so he knew that something was wrong. After nearly two years together, everything came to an abrupt end. The girls were moved out to California upon Emery’s request to get as far away from New York City as possible.
After two years, Emery realized how much her life had drastically changed. She went from shy and quiet to partier what seemed like just over-night. She went from parting and doing the occasional drugs to being very famous and dating one of the most sought-after men in the world. It was nice feeling that Emery Addams had and it wasn’t going to go away. There’s not a lot of happiness that Emery has had in her life prior to making Reckless Little Hearts. She felt like she had no purpose, and now that dream came true. Her bands songs were on the radio. She was happy, but still, her past made her un-easy.
Emery was never good at having people boss her around. That’s why she moved out at seventeen, and dropped out of high school. She hated listening to authority. Now people all around her were telling her what to wear, where to go, and how to live her life now. She just was fed up, and punching Inga’s face oddly enough was what she needed to do. She hadn’t even hit twenty-one yet, and she had more life experience than most did.
“What in the hell happened?” Roxie was the first to ask, looking at Emery as she rushed into the room.
“Whoa…Emery, are you okay?” Liz was the next to question, taking in the girl’s shaken appearance.
“No.” Emery admitted. “I…I just…I punch Inga.”
“What?” Ash laughed.
“Up top!” Spencer giggled, offering up her hand.
Emery rolled her eyes.
“Shut up, let’s just write some fucking music.” She stated.

A part of damage control resorted in more public appearances with Ronnie and Ash. They were ‘caught’ kissing multiple times, much to Louis’ dismay, and tweeted each other all of the time. Spencer and Kellin’s text messages were ‘leaked’ to the public by Simon himself, but no one really knew that. Roxie went out with whichever nameless guy would ask her because she didn’t want people to think that she and Harry really did have something else going on. However, in doing that, Roxie quickly befriended Josh Devine, One Direction’s drummer. Harry didn’t like that at all.
The two bands went out to a show in Arkansas where Sleeping With Sirens were going to play with Pierce The Veil, Sparks The Rescue and Memphis May Fire. As protocol, the bands were photographed on the way there. However, they were to stand side stage, because Simon Cowell refused to let them experience the mosh pit. That was just too dangerous for the band, honestly. So they were forced backstage where they caught up with the bands. Ronnie was there, of course. Even the other two of the bands had no idea of the contract. It was carefully hidden under-wraps from nearly everyone.
Kellin fully planned on calling his ‘girlfriend’ up on the stage during one of their songs. Simon’s idea, actually, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t excited. Spencer loved performing, and she honestly was a huge fan of his band before they actually met. Simon wanted their duet to be all over youtube, so Inga was in the camera pit taking the video with a high-tech camera. It would be easy to see what was going on if you knew who Inga was. They weren’t exactly the best at covering up their tracks.
“I need to do vocal warm-ups.” Kellin stated. “You might want to do them with me,” He hinted at Spencer.
One Direction and Reckless Little Hearts were lounging around SWS’ dressing room. The rest of the band was just tuning their guitars and practicing air drumming. It was nothing out of the normal…well except for the famous boy-band. They were oddly placed in there. Reckless Little Hearts were a little loud, mostly Spencer and Roxie. The girls had definitely pre-gamed hard before they got there. It was almost a miracle that they weren’t falling over yet.
“Okay…what do you want to warm up on?” She smiled tiredly, standing up to walk near him.
“How about Do It Now, Remember It Later?” Jesse suggested. “It’s probably the easiest.”
“What song am I actually joining you on?” She asked, looking at her black, cracked nail polish.
“Your Nickel Aint Worth My Dime.” Kellin sighed. “I’m excited, aren’t you baby.”
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“Sure am, sweetcheeks.”
“Did I sense some tension?” Jesse chuckled, looking between the two vocalist as if they were really a couple. To Jesse though, they were. He didn’t know that Kellin was now legally bound to the girl in almost every way possible. It was a lot to take in, and they weren’t allowed to tell people. If others found out, some legal drama would surely blossom.
“Long day,” Spencer quickly jumped in. “Let’s…uh..sing.”
Kellin nodded lightly.
Remember when they said that what we want can never be done
Well look who's laughing now
We'll do what we want to
Said we'll do what we want to
Yeah, yeah, yeah

We'll do what we want
Right now
Come on, come on
With or without you
We will never regret that
Don't you cross the line
Don't you cross that line

We'll do what we want
Right now
Come on, come on
With or without you
We will never regret that
Don't you cross the line
Don't you cross that line

“I think that will do it.” Kellin shrugged. “What do you guys think?”
“I think that Spencer needs to scream louder,” Gabe, the funny drummer lightly commented.
As soon as the sentence ended, Liam’s face blushed deep red, and Zayn stepped slightly in front of him to hid his embarrassment. Kellin’s eyes went a little red, and Spencer choked on a little bit of air before shaking her head.
“I’m good at that,” Kellin sighed. “Let just…run through it again.” He stated before the two of them were singing in sync, a pitch perfect balance of melodies and harmonies. They sounded great together, really, they did. Kellin’s insane rang with Spencer’s rough, solid rock voice mixed better than either band could imagine. It worked for them. So much so that Kellin was going to be on their new album, but none of the boys knew that yet. They also didn’t know that John O’Callaghan made a special guest vocal in addition.
Liam quickly recovered by the time that the concert itself had started. They hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting the other bands, and frankly, the girls didn’t care that much about them. Sure, Memphis May Fire were awesome dudes, and Peirce The Veil were entertaining, but there is only so much façade that one person can put on, let alone eleven others. The bands were standing in a huddle on the side of the stage while Sparks The Rescue finished with Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With. Kellin briefly looked over at Spencer during the chorus. If any song was their song, it was this song. It made him have flash backs of the previous year when the two were nearly together but not all at the same time.
You and I watched the sun turn black
Take your time just to turn your back
Feels like a heart attack when you go..
Feels like
Loving you was the worst thing I've been cursed with
Taking over my head and my verses
Feels like a heart attack when you go..
Feels like a heart attack, heart attack
Feels like a heart attack, heart attack

Send your letters to me, always wrapped up in a bow..
These are all the other boys that you have shacked up in your chatuea

You and I watched the sun turn black
Take your time just to turn your back
Feels like a heart attack when you go..

Kellin laughed to himself and looked back toward the band where they were finishing out the song. At that moment, Spencer chose to slip out of the way to get some fresh air with Roxie. He had enough thinking for one day, honestly. It had been a little drug out, and he’s quite tired of playing boyfriend to a girl who’s boyfriend is a international pop-sensation. It’s still weird to wrap his head around but he’s happy for Spencer, really, he is. He just wants to meet a girl that will be everything to him like Spencer is to Liam. He would be lying if he said that it wasn’t all bittersweet. At the beginning of their friendship, it was them against the world. They had each others backs with everything and yeah, they slept together occasionally. But that occasionally turned into frequently. With the frequent stops by each others apartments, tour buses, photo shoots, and everything, something very domestic happened between the pair and it scared the shit out of them both.
Spencer was terrified of breaking his heart because she didn’t love him. Well, Spencer does love Kellin but not in the romantic way. She looks up to him because he’s older. She respected him, but she didn’t love him the way that he was beginning to love her. It turned into a bit jumble of a mess that nearly cost them their friendship. It could’ve gotten a whole lot worse than it actually did. Kellin and Spencer are grateful that it ended in Italy with way that it did. Kellin was honestly happy that the younger girl found someone that loved her more than he, himself could ever love her. He was glad that she was capable of loving someone after her wrecked of a relationship with John O’Callaghan.
Before they knew it, Sleeping With Sirens were due on stage, but not before they had a small powwow in their own green room where they prayed and pumped themselves up for the show. The other bands had pretty much disappeared until the end of the show. They wanted to shower and be clean for the fans for after the concert. These types of bands hung around and met the fans instead of having a huge signing for them all. Sleeping With Sirens returned quickly; Kellin with his microphone, Jesse and Jack with their guitars, Gabe with a pair of drumsticks in his hands, and Justin with his bass, and they were ready to knock the roof off of the place.
“So…there’s this girl…” Kellin trailed off, speaking the speech that Simon helped him right. “And she’s kinda awesome. She’s got really cool red hair and she’s kind of adorable. She’s the lead singer of Reckless Little Hearts. She’s the hottest thing that this boy has ever seen.” He spoke. Spencer gripped Liam’s hand tightly for a moment before letting it go completely. “How many of you have girls…or guys like that for you? Come on now, let me see those hands!” Kellin yelled, making Justin laugh and shake his heads. “You know that song that just seems to scream the way that you feel? The song that makes you want to just say “fuck it all”, and do whatever the fuck you want to with that person? Yeah? Well…that’s kind of this song. I’m definitely getting laid tonight...”
I found a love that swept me off of my feet
Found a baby, she's the finest thing this boy had ever seen

She'd pick you up,
and make you wanna fall hard
When I step out on the scene, they shout
Oh my god!

She's so unreal
She lets me take her home
Let my body love your body, baby
All night long

Kellin sang, play-coaxing Spencer onto the stage. She pretended to be embarrassed, but grabbed her microphone anyway, and walked onto the stage to sing with Kellin. The rest of the bands looked on as they moved around and played into each other’s movements.
* Italics= Kellin, Bold= Spencer*
I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
Something that would make you wanna start
I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
Something from the bottom of my heart

I wanna take ya home
I wanna take ya home

Damn, this boy, can't find nobody like him.
He is everything I want and I'd do anything for him

I'd beg, beg, and beg
Make me believe that there is no one else I need
When you satisfy me

I'll take you home
We can be alone
And let my body show you lovin' like its never ever known

I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
Something that would make you wanna start
I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
Something from the bottom of my heart

I wanna take ya home tonight, alone
Take you places you've never known
Keep you coming right back for more
Keep you coming right back for more

I wanna take ya home tonight, alone
Take you places you've never known
Keep you coming right back for more
Keep you coming right back for more, more, more, yeah

I wanna write a song about you now
Something that would make you wanna start
I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
Something from the bottom of my heart

I wanna take ya home tonight, alone
Take you places you've never known
Keep you coming right back for more
Keep you coming right back

I wanna write a song about you now, yeah
From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart

The pair stopped singing, breathing deeply before Spencer laughed into her microphone and Kellin placed a well-choreographed kiss to her lips just for Inga, and anyone else, to get onto camera. Spencer quickly scurried off of the stage, and back into her boyfriend’s arms, literally. Spencer flung herself at Liam, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, hugging him closely. Liam didn’t really know how to react. He was upset that she had to pretend to be dating someone else because of their fans. He was upset that Simon made him deny everything he had with this wonderful girl that the world didn’t really know.
Then she was slightly crying into his shoulder and Liam’s heart broke for her. He rubbed soothing circles into her back before he felt her peppering his neck and collarbone with light kisses and muttering words that he couldn’t really make out, honestly. He cast a confused look over to Ash, and she just shrugged her arms, her own hand wrapped tightly in Louis’ while Ronnie stood awkwardly on the other side of his girlfriend. Before Liam could really ask the girl what was wrong, she got a little bit louder and he could briefly make out the insistant ‘imsorryimsorryimsofuckingsorry’ mummers coming through her lips. She couldn’t help herself.
“There’s a dark SUV waiting for you two outside,” Paul informed the group, making them all look at him. “Liam and Spencer, I mean.”
“Oh,” Niall sighed, and Liz rolled her eyes at her Irishman.
Before Liam could ask him questions, Paul was ushering the pair forward. Liam felt a little bit like a daddy in that moment more than he had over the recent years. Spencer wasn’t walking, she was too busy apologizing for having to kiss Kellin and hug Kellin and just be with Kellin. She hated hurting him, but she knew that her job relied on it. Liam simply picked up the girl, supporting her thighs while her legs wrapped securely around his waist while he walked.
Before Liam could ask Paul questions, they both were ushering the girl into the car first. He turned to look at his favorite, and personal, body guard with questioning eyes. Paul left him a small smile before shrugging his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around Liam’s shoulders for a quick hug.
“You’re like my family, mate and well…she was in a right state.”
“I think that she may have had too much to drink,” Liam sighed, trusting Paul now more than ever.
“Liam…you’re not meant to have drinks here in America. You know that, and the girls are in some trouble if he finds out. I care for you, and this girl is important, but please don’t let it get out of hand. I’m helping this one time, that’s it.”
Liam sighed and smiled at Paul.
“Thanks, mate.” He stated before climbing into the black SUV, where no one else was around. As soon as he closed the door, he noticed that Spencer was nearly passed out, cheeks stained. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her toward him. “What am I going to do with you, little bird?” He questioned.
Turns out getting Spencer to move wasn’t exactly what he thought it would be; it was much harder. She was nearly a dead weight on his side as he and another one of their body guards helped them through the back of the hotel entrance so that no one saw them together. It ended up that their other body guard, Andy had to carry the girl bridal style up to Liam’s room because they simply couldn’t find her own key. It was ridiculous, and he didn’t know what else to do. Andy left Spencer on his bed, giggling mess.
“What’s wrong with you?” Liam sighed heavily the second that the thick, hotel room door was sealed shut behind Andy. “What did you get into?”
“Some very, very strong Vodka.” She answered truthfully, looking over at Liam with pupils-blown and eyes red.
“Jesus, Spence, you look a proper mess.”
“I’m drunk.”
“I noticed…but howcome I didn’t notice before? Why did it hit you so late then? Are you alright? Are you sure you just drank vodka?”
Spencer groaned and held her hand.
“I might have done something else.” She stated.
“What did you do then?”
“Sh! A magician never releases her tools…I mean spills her secrets!” She laughed, sitting up again. “But I am sorry.”
“What did you and Roxie do when you disappeared?”
“Nothing, Liam.” Spencer rolled her eyes.
“I’m serious, Spencer Tucker. You tell me what the bloody hell you did to yourself to make you this delirious.”
“I might have taken something.” She waved her hand.
“Taken what?” He questioned, looking angrier by the second.
“Some blood pill,” She replied. “Oh shit! Roxie’s probably high off of her ass!”
“As much as you are?” Liam sarcastically laughed. “You’re unbelievable.”
“That’s not very nice,” She retorted, cuddling to his rigided frame. “Whatever, I’m going to sleep. Night, babes.”
“Goodnight,” Liam stated, shaking his head.
In less than five minutes, Spencer was passed out. Liam shook his head before changing into some of his joggers, NIKE’s and a tank top. Right before he decided to leave he grabbed a hoodie and made sure he had his key. With one last parting look he gave his sleeping girlfriend, Liam Payne walked out of the hotel room, and honestly…he didn’t think that he was going to return until the morning.


Roxie was giggling and slightly falling everywhere before the end of Sleeping With Sirens set. The rest of Reckless Little Hearts and One Direction watched her carefully. Said band came off of the stage, each of them looking at her carefully. She just giggled before she wrapped her arm around Ronnie’s neck. He gripped onto her to make sure that she was stable. He wasn’t happy about what the girl had done, because he knew very well these type of mannerisms. It’s not something that he liked to re-visit and it hurt his heart that the cheery blonde was doing this to herself.
“Where did Spence go?” Kellin asked, jumping off of the stage and seeming like the perfect boyfriend.
“She’s….gone!” Roxie stated with a happy smile. “We were just having fun!”
Kellin furrowed his brows, looking at everyone else.
“Roxie and Spencer got into some vodka before the show and now…something weird happened.” Zayn tried to explain. “Sorry mate, I’m puzzled.”
“Are you fucking high?” Kellin nearly snapped.
Roxie just giggled before holding up her hand and trying to make the space between her pointer-finger and thumb disappear.
“Maybe a smige…”
“She’s gone,” Ronnie sighed loudly. “Can someone please make sure that she doesn’t have anything on her?”
“I don’t!” Roxie argued. “We took what I had.”
“What exactly did you have?” Harry asked, looking at her carefully.
Roxie’s shoulders lifted over-dramatically before falling again.
“I dunno…something blue.”
“Fucking brilliant,” Zayn muttered mostly to himself.
Emery shook her head.
“We’re having a band discussion tomorrow. Early. For now, Ronnie, can you please get her to her hotel room?”
Ronnie shook his head.
“I can’t be seen with someone publically like this. I might get put back on probation and I just got off.” He argued.
“I’ve got it.” Harry sighed heavily. “Just led us toward our car.”
“It won’t be here for another fifteen,” Paul informed them.
“Aces,” Harry rolled his eyes, tightening his grip on the blonde whom insisted that she wanted to sit on the ground like a hippie.
♠ ♠ ♠
Oh my! Drama is brewing!

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