Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

Roxanne's Story

“Are you fucking stupid?” Were the first words that Roxie heard when she woke up the next morning. She groaned lightly, and rolled back over. She didn’t really want to hear whoever it was, spouting out whatever it is that they felt she needed a lecture on. “Out of everything that you could’ve done, you chose this? Really, Roxie? I expected this from anyone else, but you. You’re the responsible one, dammit.”
Roxie picked her hand up and shot out from under the covers, and effectively shot the bird to whoever was above her, yelling. They were yelling loudly, that’s all that concerned her at the moment. Not the person, or anger. Not the fact that she probably fucked up pretty badly. Not the fact that her entire body kinda hurt, but the simple fact that the insistent yelling that kept going on and on and on. She was trying to sleep for goodness sake.
“’M head.”
“I do not care.”
Suddenly, Roxie was very aware of whom it was yelling above her. She suddenly became aware that it was more than just one person. It happened that there were people crowding around her, if not people specifically two of them. Slowly and surely, she opened up her eyes from underneath the covers that adorned her hotel bed. She let her eyes adjust to the bright light shinning through her white blanket before she finally poked her head out to see two, angry, British men standing over her.
“What in the hell?”
Harry looked more upset than she’s ever seen him before and Liam looked so worn out and angry that it practically scared her. The two men backed up a tiny bit to give the girl a little bit of space. She ran her hand through her shorter, bleached hair before sighing. She looked between the two of them.
“What in the bloody hell did you and Spencer take?” Liam spat. “Because I’d love to know why my girlfriend was passing out in the car, and then the room,”
“It was just a little pill,” The blonde girl rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t a big deal.”
“It wasn’t a big deal?” Harry rolled his eyes. “You couldn’t function.”
“I got back here, didn’t I?” She questioned, raising an eyebrow at the two men standing there.
“No, you didn’t.” Liam squared his shoulders and admitted.
“I had to carry you,” Harry stated. “Which is why you’re in my room right now,”
Again, Roxie rolled her eyes.
“Are you done?”
“What you did was reckless, and un-called for,”
“Liam, drop it.” Roxie sighed. “It’s done and over with, okay? We can’t turn back time.”
“It shouldn’t have happened at all!” Liam busted, pacing twice before returning to his original, arms-crossed stance at the foot of the bed. “Do you realize how dangerous that was?”
“You’re meant to have more sense.” Harry stated. “What happened to you?”
“People snap, Harry,” Roxie retorted. “We stretch ourselves too thin, we get over-worked and we snap, okay?”
“I thought that at least after what happened to Spencer’s brother than you lot would be more careful.”
“Shut up, Liam.” Roxie snapped. “I said that I was sorry.”
“Sorry can’t fix everything,” Harry sighed heavily. “We’re only looking out for you,”
“Well, don’t!”
“Roxie…” Liam warned. “Just please, what was it?”
“I told you already, it was a little pill. I have no idea what it was that we took! Thank you very much. Why isn’t Spencer getting the third degree?”
“Because I walked out on her after she passed out, and I haven’t been back since.” Liam stated, stony face unwavering.
“Good for you,” The blonde snapped back. “I’m sorry that we’re not your idea of perfect. We’re all a little fucked up, we explained that to you guys early on.”
“I understand that,” Harry huffed. “What I don’t understand is exactly-“
“Oh for fucking crying out loud!” Roxie snapped again, getting up out of her bed and grabbing out Harry’s MacBook. She pulled it up and quickly signed on, Harry looked like her while she hacked his computer. When he wondered what his password was, all she had to do was mutter a small “momma’s boy” before she pulled up a fresh tab. She pulled up Dirk’s own tumblr page and his website. They actually had their own tab on his pages so she quickly went to them. She pulled them up, and invited the boys to sit beside her.
She showed him the photo shoot where the girls were all sneaking into some off-limits plantation. They were jumping fences that were clearly marked. Those weren’t that bad. There were a few of her with Emery and Liz. They all were half-naked, and red-eyed. It was obvious that they weren’t in the right state. Then the photos of Spencer and Ash barely dressed, laying in the middle of the road after a particularly rowdy party. They were out of their minds wasted. White girl wasted, if you will.
Then there were the photos of them parting with the bands when the girls at the time were still under eighteen, some of them, and heavily influenced by the bands around them. There was a photo set with each of the girls happily kissing Dirk, even if some of them were taken. That’s almost how wasted they were.
Then she closed the tabs and went to her personal Facebook page, one that’s locked to the public. She pulled up old photos of them doing their thing. One picture in particular that the girls looked extremely young. Liz had a bob hair cut with at least five colors in it. Roxie’s hair was a dark, natural brown color that barely reached her shoulders. Spencer looked like a typical party girl with blonde hair and black underneath. Emery had shorter hair and was wearing what people now dub as Hispter Glasses. Ash had a full set of fringe, and dirty auburn hair. They looked too young. Underneath the picture ran the caption; “Me and my new favs. We’re babies.”
“That’s our first picture together and we don’t remember taking it.” Roxie laughed sadly. “It’s uh…a lot of these photos are like that.”
“You look young,” Liam noted.
Roxie just nodded her head as the three of them stared at the screen with said picture still pulled up. They really didn’t know why, but that’s all they kept staring at it. It was void of any visible tattoos. No piercings at all. They were all looking so young. It was scary to see that, for the boys anyway. They knew the extent of their past, just not all of the stories behind them all. They could tell the girls were all wasted. Their make-up was kind of trashy and tight outfits were un-called for at such a young age. However, that’s what they wore, even if they were that young.
“We were,” Roxie finally answered with a sad sort of laugh. “That picture was taken right before I turned fifteen,” She admitted.
“You were that young?” Harry questioned.
“I said we were young,” Roxie shrugged. “We clicked quickly and then the next thing we knew, we were all forming a band.”
“So how exactly did you meet them?” Liam asked softly, looking at the screen again.
“I don’t exactly remember, I was drunk,” Roxie shook her head.
“I can’t believe that’s Spencer.”
“It looks like none of you at all, but at the same time it does.” Harry muttered.
Roxie laughed, shaking her head. It was an experience. She found it weird, as she always did, that they met at parties instead of in a school setting. Then again, it really wasn’t that abnormal for the five girls. It was eerily normal for them, now that she thought about it. They’ve never been normal, no matter what Simon Cowell was currently trying to portray them as. No matter how many matching outfits and how clean-cut Inga tries to make them look, they’re still the party girls formed in New York City. It’s not something that many people get a chance to see.
Anyone who knows Reckless Little Hearts know that the girls have some weird history. Their first photo ever of them taken together, they were all too fucked out of their mind to really know that they took it. The only proof is of them captured on her old, digital camera she still keeps around. It was a fond memory, even if they don’t exactly re-call it. Roxie smiled slightly before changing the picture to another one that popped up. It was a group picture with the girls and a group of un-familiar looking boys. The caption carefully read; “Flavors of the week ;) Except our Sethie,”
“So that’s Seth?” Liam questioned, pointing to the indy-punk looking guy with his arms wound around a bright-smiling Emery. She did actually look happy. She was younger, as much was obvious. She had shorter hair than the previous picture and the other girls had their hair slightly changed. Spencer now sported auburn hair as did Ash. Roxie was now a dirty blonde, and Liz only had two colors in her hair as opposed to the original six.
“Yeah,” Roxie sighed. “That’s him.”
“How old is he?”
“Nineteen…well there. That was right before we started the band, and he went on tour,” Roxie slightly explained. “I’m going to go back to my own room and shower. You may look through all of the photos. There is quite a few, but it’s manageable. Maybe that will give you a better understanding of where we came from.”
“You’re still not off the hook.” Liam informed her.
Again, the blonde shook her head and walked out of the hotel room, leaving the boys by themselves to dive into their history. It was a little strange to leave them completely alone without her there to supervise. However, she really didn’t care all that much. All the girl wanted was a hot shower, and to go back to bed. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, and she felt like she really didn’t need to.
Roxie grew up differently from the other girls, obviously. She grew up slightly on the richer side of things. Her family wasn’t exactly wealthy, but she had things that others didn’t. She really didn’t let it get to her. She was secure with who she was at such a young age unlike most teens. She was born Roxanne Joyce Lancaster, American born into a very British family. She never grew up in Great Britain, but she visited there because of her grandparents. She never really understood what was so great about British accents until she was interested in boys.
Roxanne wasn’t like other girls in Utah. She hated ballet and dance classes that her parents tried to force her into. She wasn’t the beauty queen type, but bugs definitely made her scream. She loathed her full name, even if she didn’t admit it. She had a big white house in Salt Lake City and her dad was some CEO for a company who’s name she could no longer remember. She thought her life was normal, because all she would interact with was those in her social class. She was a Catholic school girl until the age of twelve when her parents decided that a normal school would be best for her.
Roxanne lasted through middle school fine enough. She got into some trouble though, causing her parents to get embarrassed. They lived in a suburb where news traveled fast. So when she started to party with high school boys, things got tense within their house-hold. It was around the time that she was thirteen that Roxanne admitted that she hated her name in favor of her new-found one, Roxie. She proclaimed that it fit her better, so that’s what she used. She was now Roxie Laney, not Roxie Lancaster. Lancaster was honestly too long of a name anyway, and a cute Junior at the local high school dubbed that it should be shortened. Therefore, her name was shortened.
The last name Laney wore off quickly, and she went back to plain ole Lancaster. However, Roxie stuck. She was slowly becoming known as a party girl, and could hold her drinks rather well. She’s responsible for the most part, but she knew how to have fun. It was all fun, really. She went to school, but really, middle school was a breeze and high school was pretty easy. That was until her father came home to announce that they were moving. It kinda broke her heart, but excited her at the same time. What teenager doesn’t dream of living in a big city at some point in their lives?
So they packed up everything that they had and moved from Salt Lake City to New York City. Again, her parents lectured her to make the best of her second chance, to which she rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to hear their non-sense. She just wanted to live and be herself. She wasn’t going to exactly listen to them; they were never around anyway. Her father was always working and her mom was off fucking whichever physical trainer she had at the time. Lovely picture-perfect British-rooted family, right? Roxie learned to build her walls that she never-ever wanted to come crashing down. And for a while, it worked.
At fourteen, she met Elizabeth Lake at an apartment party that she got invited too. The girls quickly befriended each other. They clicked. Liz didn’t look like the girl that would party, but neither did Roxie, really. They were misfits at the party scene, but they really fit in at the same time. They played beer pong with each other, and on a team. They got along really well. They knew that they were going to be best friends. It just so turned out that they attended the same high school. Soon enough, they were sharing secrets. They were happy just them, but then something really great happened; they met Emery, Spencer, and Ash.
The girls met at one of Seth’s house parties. His band, Willow Trees, was playing and three girls were cheering and making way too much noise. They were acting stupid on purpose, just to make the attractive lead singer smile. His smile was really only for one of them though, even Liz and Roxie could see that from a mile away. They ended up going a round of shots with the three girls. They had met Ash and Spencer in passing, but neither of them were sober enough to honestly remember. They were more sober at this point, and were introduced to Emery. The oldest amongst them, and the most innocent looking, was beating them both. Then it got down to just two of them, Ash and Roxie. Ash beat Roxie, but the girls just giggled about it in return. They vowed to stick together through whatever may come because someone finally was a challenge to a young Ashley.
Right after that game was when the girls took their first group picture, and it was one of the last weekends that Seth was home. Emery admitted to the two new friends that she lived with her boyfriend as opposed to being at her house. She hadn’t been home in almost a year. It was weird to think about, but that’s how she worked. Roxie laughed at this, because she felt like that was the kind of life she was supposed to be living, not in the big, empty apartment that she was currently in with her fighting parents.
The fights were getting more frequent. Roxie began to get even more annoyed before she was sneaking over to her newfound friend Liz’s house. She confessed everything to Liz, and yeah, Roxie felt better. She actually trusted someone else with her secrets, because she knew what Liz went through. She had her own crap, but she was there for her when she felt like no one else really was. That was what friendship was to Roxie. It was family.
Before she knew it, Roxie, Liz, Ash, Emery, and Spencer were all hanging out regularly and outside of parties and school. They were becoming very close; a tight-knit family. It was nice, Roxie thought. She never really had a family before, one that loved and cared deeply for her. These girls did. They were sharing secrets that no one else knew. Spencer’s brother died, Emery got kicked out, Ash was insanely secretive, Liz had a foster mom, and Roxie; she was broken. They were all a little messed up. They made the perfect family, because of this reason, they were inseparable. So when Seth went on tour, the natural thing to do was for them to actually move in. Of course Seth didn’t know this, but it happened nonetheless. It’s history from there.
Roxie met the boy of her dreams, or so she thought, when she was seventeen. The girls had already been signed for two years by this point. She was getting kind of lonely. Ash was on and off with guys that it made her head spin, Emery stayed away, because she was still a little heartbroken. Liz had a fling or two, and Spencer was actually faithful to one John O’Callaghan. Roxie was feeling like she was missing out on something. It did come as a surprise when Oliver Sykes of all people showed interest in the blonde drummer. She was shocked. She was sure he would easily go for Ash or Emery first. However, he walked right up to her and offered her a drink. She blushed and declined to say that she was just seventeen. By this time, she accepted her role as the mommy. She took care of most of the girls while they were too drunk to walk, and she made sure that they got home safely before she had her own fun. She felt some-what of a party pooper.
They started dating soon after that, and they were truly happy together, for a while. She was happy with him up until she realized that his band meant more to him than she did. Roxie was some-what okay with that, because her own band meant more, but the girl knew that something else was wrong. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. That was until she met the One Direction boys and her world changed drastically, yet again.
The blonde girl slowly woke up from her dreamless nap. She didn’t really dream, and it felt like she hadn’t slept at all. However, the clock on the wall told her that she was out for four and a half hours before coming-to again. She didn’t really want to face reality yet again; it was a bitch slap to the face earlier. She was sure that Liam was still mad, he had a raging temper while Harry was slow to anger. Yet, she managed to piss both of them off. Roxie’s talented, she’s sure of it.
So she slowly walked back to Harry’s hotel room, and tentively knocked on the door until he came to open it. Slowly, the door was opened to reveal a very tired, curly-haired boy. She tried to smile, as he attempted in return, but neither could really hit the blank expressions from their face. It was kind of awkward for a moment before he cleared his throat and moved away from the door. Roxie almost walked in when a slightly flustered blonde walked out of the room. She was blushing red, and apologizing for being there. Then she was gone, and Roxie furrowed her brows at the boy before her.
Harry was now looking sheepishly down at his feet. She rolled her eyes and went to turn around before Harry grabbed her arm. He drug her into his hotel room, closer to him and further from where she wanted to be at the moment. However, it seems that she had no choice. Harry was gripping her arm snugly. He wasn’t squeezing hard, but it wasn’t exactly light either. There was enough pressure to keep her planted where she was standing. He shoved the door shut and turned around toward her. She stared down at his hand, and he quickly removed it.
“I’m sorry.” He admitted pretty quickly.
“For?” She questioned, looking at him with the same blank expression.
“For bringing another bird back here?”
“Harry, you’re a grown man.”
“I know.”
“You’re allowed to fuck whoever you want whenever you want,” She tried to reason. “You don’t have to apologize.”
“It felt like the right thing to do.” He admitted, looking up at her, smiling. “Sorry, the first choice pissed me off and went to snooze.”
“Uh huh.” She nodded slowly. “So you couldn’t just walk twenty feet to bang on my door?”
“Not in broad day-light on our day off.”
“Typical.” Roxie rolled her eyes. “How did you two fare without me?”
“Liam’s past raging. He’s bloody mad.” Harry admitted. “Not mad as in upset but mad as in crazy. He’s hit the deep end.”
“I believe you mean he jumped off the deep end.”
“Same difference,” Harry waved his hand before carefully looking over at her. “How are you feeling, love?”
“Annoyed.” She deadpanned. “And pissed, I’m rather mad about this.”
“I said I was sorry?” Harry offered.
“It’s not like we’re dating.” She retorted quickly, stunning Harry and herself into silence. It was awkward and the furthest thing from comfortable they’ve been in a while. It was weird to have to say it to someone she was sure had a huge chunk of her heart anyway. She just didn’t realize it. She thought that she could continue this relationship with Harry without any messy feelings or situations. This feeling that she was feeling was starting to prove her wrong. She was so, so wrong.

It was one of those not-so rare times that Reckless Little Hearts had some down-time. They really didn’t have anything too horrible to do since being on break for the past two days. They were just chilling in their shared green room. One Direction hadn’t made it back yet from their radio interviews or whatever it was that Paul dragged them around to do. It was all really too confusing for the girls to even begin to understand their schedules.
So the girls too advantage yet again to play some more covers of their favorite bands. It was one of their favorite things to do together. It bonded them; reminded them of why they started their band when things get tough. So they all sat down in the floor as opposed to the plush couches the venue provided. Roxie grabbed her drum sticks just to beat against the ground while Ash and Liz got their acoustic guitars. Emery had her acoustic bass. The girls just started to goof about with pointless covers.
The girls weren’t even half-way though their own rendition of Mayday Parade’s Black Cat when the boys finally arrived back from wherever they had disappeared to. They were being rowdy, but then they heard Spencer singing along with the girls as they played one of their favorite songs as a band. Naturally, the lads moved toward them, grabbing chairs to sit around them while they sang in their own little world. The guys really loved when they did this. It showed their passion for music.
Close up camera two,
Because the hero dies in this scene,
Your inspiration is the loss of absolutely everything,
And flashback on the girl,
as we montage every memory,
And we bleed out in the bathroom sink…
You’re like a black cat,
with a black back pack full of fireworks
And we’re gonna burn the city down right now.
You’re like a black cat,
with a black back pack full of fireworks
And we’re gonna burn the city down right now.
She said get your hands off my star,
It’s not your part, but all your fault,
And jealous actress has a habit of making things sound way too tragic.
Get your hands off my star,
It’s not your part, but all your fault.
And jealous actress has a habit of making things sound way too tragic.
And this jealous actress has a habit of making things sound way too tragic.
You’re like a black cat,
with a black back pack full of fireworks
And we’re gonna burn the city down right now.

The girls decided to cut the song off early, slightly laughing before the launched automatically into another song without acknowledging the boys at all. They went into the song I Wouldn’t Mind by He Is We. Ash and Emery effortlessly added extra harmonies to the silly acoustic performance. The song itself was cute, and made the girls smile before the started to play Don’t Stop Now by The Maine. They just picked up from the second verse simply because Spencer couldn’t remember the first one.

Where I come from,
You learn to make the best of things.
But honey since we met,
You know you’ve had the best of me.
So you can lock me up, baby throw away that key.
Because all I know,
Is that this is where I want to be.
You can rough me up,
You break me down,
Baby don’t stop now.
You can use me up until it all runs out,
Baby don’t stop now.
I’m all yours, I’m all yours somehow
Baby don’t stop now.
You can rough me up,
You break me down,
Baby don’t stop now.
You can use me up until it all runs out,
Baby don’t
You can rough me up,
You break me down,
Baby don’t stop now.
You can use me up until it all runs out,
Baby don’t
You can rough me up,
You break me down,
Baby don’t stop now.
You can use me up until it all runs out,
Baby don’t now.
I’m all yours, I’m all yours somehow
Baby don’t stop now.
No honey, don’t stop now.

“I’m the world’s worst lyric forgetter,” Spencer mumbled as soon as they finished the song, again messing up at the end. None of the girls really cared though. They were just goofing around with their instruments. It was normal within their group. The boys watched on while they covered at least three more songs and Paul walked back into the room to inform them that they were on within the next hour. The girls all stood up to put back their stuff, finally acknowledging the boys existence. Harry and Roxie watched each other carefully before they went off to have their own conversation. Emery and Zayn went further away to accept a Skype call from Zayn’s mom and sisters. Niall and Liz were in a heated discussion about moving. Louis and Ash decided that they just wanted to chill and cuddle a bit while Liam awkwardly looked at Spencer. The girl didn’t care much, she just grabbed her own acoustic guitar when he stood up to go to the bathroom.
“I don’t think that we have too much longer on this tour,” Zayn informed his mother. “It’s passing by so fast.”
“We miss you,” His mum replied happily. “When do we get to meet the lovely girl that stole your heart?”
“As soon as possible, mum.” Zayn replied. “I love you, but we’ve only got a little while to talk, yeah?”
“I’m fine with that,” She smiled. “How are you, Emery?”
“I’m living,” She laughed. “It’s been challenging one with his busy schedule. I can barely keep up with my own.”
“That must be hard on you lot.”
“Definitely,” Emery nodded in agreement, not at all bothered by how quiet Zayn’s younger sister was. She was okay with it, she knew that the girl will come around when she’s good and ready.


“Do you think that we’re the only normal one’s now?” Ash craned her neck back to look at her boyfriend.
“Nah, we’ll never be normal.”
“I’m starting to feel like it. I feel so old all of the time.” She answered. “When did this happen? I demand that it stops!”
Louis laughed, shaking his head before burying it into Ash’s neck. He took a deep breath before planting a small kiss on her neck.
“I wanted so bad to talk about you during our interview.” He admitted quietly before pulling back to look down at the shorter girl. “I wanted to so bad, but…”
“I know,” Ash shrugged. “It’s okay. I understand,”
“But it’s driving me mad.” He stated, slightly pouting. “Why can’t I tell management to shove it?”
“Because you can’t,” She gave him a pointed look. “I’m sorry, but it’s not just about us anymore, Lou. Ronnie’s also under that contract.”
“Why did you choose him?” He asked, looking at her supeciously. “Weren’t you dating?”
Ash gave him a look.
“You’re my first real boyfriend in nearly three years.”
“You were shagging, whatever,” He waved his hand in dismissal.
“Louis…Lou…baby…Louissss.” She laughed. “Are you jealous?”
“You are!” She laughed. “Awe…that’s kinda cute.”
“Shut it, you,” He rolled his eyes.
“You’re ridiculous. It’s okay to-“
Louis happily cut his chatty girlfriend off with a kiss that would’ve made her knees weak if she was standing instead.


“I think that we need to figure out where we’re going to permantely reside.” Niall stated, holding onto his girlfriend’s hand tightly. “After we send time in both places though,”
“I really like that idea.” Liz smiled. “However, I have a feeling that it might be in LA.”
“What makes you so sure?” Niall playfully asked her.
“Well…I’m cute and I get what I want.” She smirked slightly back before wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. “That and LA has the best weather ever.”
“What if I wanted to stay in London?”
“What if I didn’t?” She countered.
Niall laughed, figuring that he really had no choice in the matter.
“You’re so headstrong.” He stated. “When did this happen?”
“It’s always been there!” Liz laughed. “Where has your head been, babe?”
“Clearly not here,” He retorted. “Are you excited, though?”
“I am,” She smiled slowly. “I’m also really excited for our album release. It’s coming up soon, you know?”
“Yeah,” He nodded. “So are some birthday’s, if I’m correct?”
“Emery’s is next week,” She nodded in agreement. “When was Liam’s?”
“A few weeks ago,” He laughed.
“I wonder why Spencer didn’t mention it?”
“She sent him a gift,” Niall shrugged. “It was a cute, framed picture of them from a tabloid magazine and then a real picture of them. Odd, but cute.”
Liz rolled her eyes.
“And when is your birthday, boyfriend.”
Niall rolled his eyes.
“You should know this.”
“I may have forgotten.”
“Ha-ha.” The Irish lad shook his head. “I want to spend it in Ireland.”
“You do?” She questioned. “Won’t we still be in the states?”
“Yeah…but I want to celebrate it at home, where my family is. I miss them,”
“I do too, oddly enough.” Liz playfully joked. “What if we moved to Ireland?”
“I said that I missed my family, not that I always wanted to be around them,”
“Sorry! They’re nosey and it’s fucking annoying.”
“Okay, okay…not Ireland.”
“But maybe London?”
“Maybe London,” Liz smiled before pressing her lips to his.
She was grateful for this loud, brash, Irish boy-band member.


“We clearly need ground rules.” Harry stated, looking right into Roxie’s eyes. “Because you’re clearly not happy,”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Roxie crossed her arms.
“You’re not happy that I shagged someone else.” He stated simply. “Honestly, I’m not that happy that I did it either.”
“Harry, you’re not mine.”
“But you already claimed me.” He stated. “Didn’t we talk about this?”
“That was just in front of Inga, okay?” She forced a laugh, her tough exterior building up more and more as they spoke. “We’re not dating.”
“Of course we aren’t.” Harry stated casually. “But we need to set ground rules, again. If you want this to work for the remainder of the tour, you have to clear things up for me, love. If I’m honest, it’s a tad bit foggy.”
“Okay…here are the rules.” She snapped. “We quit this stupid, little game that we have going on. It’s clearly making things between us awkward.”
“So…we just stop. We go back to barely acknowledging each other’s existence. We can be friends, Harry, but friend who casually fuck. I’m actually kind of sick of this game. It goes back and forth, and it’s tiring.”
“You’re tired of me?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Shocking, I know.”
“That’s a first, considering how you beg for it.”
“Please, stop flattering yourself, Styles.”
“We’re not going to do that are we?”
“Do what?”
“Call each other by our last names, ignoring the chemistry and sexual tension. It’s going to get on everyone’s nerves just like Spencer and Liam’s did.”
Roxie rolled her eyes at him.
“Harry, we’re not Liam and Spencer. We’re completely different.”
“How are we?” He questioned. “They’re together aren’t they?”
“For now,” Roxie snorted. “They’ll be over by the time that this tour ends. Liam may be falling hard for her, and I know my best friend, alright? She’s going to break his heart, somehow.”
“Maybe we are like them.” Harry stated before he stood up promptly to jump unto Ash and Louis whilst they laid on the couch.
Roxie stayed standing, looking after him.
“What in the fuck did that mean?”


Liam returned from the bathroom, still upset with Spencer, but much more confused. His brain had been all over the place within the last two days. Spencer was driving him mad. First with her drinking, then sneaking off with Roxie, and it upset him. He wasn’t happy with his girlfriend. They were doing so well. Sure, they fight… a lot, but it’s normal. This silence, isn’t. They’re the couple that fights and makes up within minutes; not the ones that give one another the silent treatment. Even when Liam was angry with her, the silence lasted for an hour or two at the most. Not all day long.
“I am weakness, I am greatness. I am anything that you me to be. I am wasted, and I’ll make this the anthem for a dying breed. See the light in the night when we’re fading away. Trust in us, we’re all that you’ve got these days. Take a look inside my heart. Oh, let’s get carried away.” Spencer sang. “Don’t you dare, don’t you ever give up, don’t you ever give up. Oh whoa, don’t you dare, don’t you ever give up. Don’t you ever give up on us, my dear.”
When Liam finally looked up, he saw his girlfriend’s blue/green eyes staring right back at him. He almost smiled, but he didn’t. Instead, he kept watching her, and actually listening to whatever song it was that she was singing to him.
“I am selfless, I’m selfish. I’m anything that I wanna be. This is violent, this is honest. It’s the anthem for a dying breed. See the light in the night when you’re fading away. Trust in us, we’re all that you got these days. Take a look, inside these eyes. Oh, let’s get carried away. Don’t you dare, don’t you ever give up. Don’t you ever give up on us, my dear. Don’t you-“
Liam sprung forward and gripped the girl’s head in his hands. Their lips easily molded together, and it made Liam’s heart hurt. It hurt to know that she would do that to herself. It hurt him to know that she was willing to loose control just because she felt like it. It hurt him that because of his angry dicissions, her heart was hurting just as much. And that was one thing that Liam Payne could not take. He couldn’t take hurting Spencer Tucker.
“I’m sorry,” They both whispered.
And all was forgiven, but not forgotten.
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