Sequel: American Candy
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The Reckless and the Brave

Spencer's Story

The blow up didn’t happen all at once. It came slow, like a winter snow. All of them seemed to be having an okay time. They were all light hearted around each other. They were traveling to the next city on their tour date. The things that had happened the night before was not spoken about. That was easier said than done, considering Kellin and Ronnie were actually traveling with the two groups. For the most part, the two men stayed out of everyone’s way. They knew what their own tour lives were like, much less that of a world-famous boy-band. The men didn’t want to cause any arguments. They didn’t want that, especially after what they had to do with the two girls the previous night.
Liz and Niall huddled around a laptop in the front lounge area. They were looking for apartments that would eventually work for the both of them. It was difficult, actually. The girl still wanted to very-much stay in LA. She had a life there, and she had her dreams to deal with. How could she be in a band that was in another country if she moved to London with Niall. It would be nearly impossible. They weren’t exactly the best at making plans when they got busy; everyone knew this. It’s not uncommon knowledge. That’s one of the reasons why the girls all lived in the same apartment building. But even with all of that said and done, Niall couldn’t leave London. One Direction was based there. He already left Ireland twice, once for X Factor, and another time for when he moved to the heart of London. It wasn’t easy to even be that far from his family, let alone in The US. At this point, it was a lose/lose situation. Either of them is going to have to give up something that is important to them. They weren’t ready for that, yet they were still searching for apartments in both countries.
Then long-distance was brought up again. Could they actually do it? Could the couple stay together through their intense schedules even though they were a bit gone for one another? Liz and Niall liked to think so. They knew that they were crazy, and in love, but how would that translate into the real world? They’ve been together for three solid months, a record honestly, but how could they work? They wanted this to work. They want to be with each other. They don’t want it to be easy. They just need their relationship to be possible.
Louis was steadily trying to ignore Ronnie’s presence. Ash was cuddled up to his side. The purple-haired girl knew that her boyfriend didn’t take it well. And yeah, if he wasn’t just a little bit scared of Ronnie he would have said something. But Louis hasn’t said a word to Ronnie, even if he was a jealous little bitch. It almost made Ash laugh, but she understood what it was probably doing to him. It must have killed Louis to see the photos. He had a hard time touching the girl when he literally felt like she belonged to someone else. Louis knew that Ash cared about him a whole lot, but sometimes he just couldn’t tell. Even with her cuddled up to his side, he felt like she was far off.
He wrapped his arm around the girl protectively. Her head was on his shoulder, and he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He could feel the girl wiggle around, getting even closer to him that he thought possible. Somehow the girl was pressed up against him, no space at all between them. That was Ash’s goal anyway. She wanted to be comforted by him, and comfort him in return. It wasn’t easy to explain, but she wanted Louis to know that she was there for him. She cares deeply, and somehow Louis was trying to convey how much he wanted her right beside him.
And maybe Zayn and Emery were the only really content people on the tour, because they were happy. They knew that they were really happy, it was plain to see from everyone around them. They shared sweet kisses, and whispered I love you all of the time. They were coming into their own as a couple. Maybe it was because they were so much alike that they clicked. To the others, it almost seemed like the young couple had no problems. This was false of course, but they didn’t really fight. Sure, Zayn was messy and slept way too much and Emery got annoyed when they were together for too long, but they worked. The two of them moved around each other like they were made for each other, and the others were really starting to believe that.
They sat together, Emery on Zayn’s lap with his arms wound around her middle protectively. They were perfectly happy, sitting on the couch and watching the movie on the tv in front of them. It wasn’t a bad thing really, people were just trying to watch a movie in silence. It was weird because Spencer and Louis were quite. Normally, the two of them would laugh at everything, but they were in their own little words. Harry sat on the other side of Louis, resting his head on his best friend’s shoulder. Roxie just sat in the floor near Spencer’s feet. Kellin noticed this instantly. He decided to put an end to it. No one was really paying attention to the movie. It was like they were all aware that Spencer and Liam were barely touching, and Louis was hurting just as much as Ash was over the previous night’s events.
“Enough of this,” He stated, leaving the room only to return a minute later with an acoustic guitar. He sat down, motioning toward Ash. Reluctantly, she removed herself from Louis’ arm, and toward Kellin. She sat down beside him on another couch. He handed the guitar over to her, and motioned for Spencer to join them. She didn’t want to, but at the same time she didn’t want to be around Liam. He was trying to do a good job of acting normal, but it wasn’t really working for him. So she got up and sat down on the other side of Kellin.
“Why do I have a guitar?” Ash spoke, sounding older than she really is.
“Because we’re going to express our feelings through a song,” He stated. “Well, you guys are actually. You’re just going to sing my band’s song to do it,”
“Why, Kellin?” Spencer asked, sighing heavily. “I don’t think-“
“Good, stay that way. Just…” Kellin trailed off, “Sing to him. Let him know how you feel…”
Ash sighed.
“Stomach Tied in Knots,” She stated. “We’ve got to do it.”
“Okay…” Spencer nodded slowly.
“I’m just hear for back up,” Kellin smiled. “Take it away ladies.

Oh, my stomach’s tied in knots
I’m afraid of what I’ll find if you want to talk tonight
Oooo Oooo
See the problem isn’t you, it’s me I know
I can tell, I’ve seen it time after time
And I’ll push you away (mmm)
I get so afraid, oh, no

And I can't live without you now
I can’t even live with myself
And I can't live without you now
And I don’t want nobody else

I only have myself to blame
But do you think we can start again?
'Cause I can't live without you

All my stomach’s tied in knots
I’m afraid of what I’ll find if I see you with him tonight
Oooo Oooo
See problem isn’t you, it’s me I know
I do this every single time

At that moment, Liam chose to stand up and walk into the back lounge by himself. He slammed the door behind him, yet they continued to play; Spencer staring at the door for the rest of the song.

I’ll push you away (ooh)
I get so afraid, oh, no

And I can't live without you now
I can’t even live with myself
And I can't live without you now
And I don’t want nobody else

I only have myself to blame
But do you think we can start again?
I only have myself to blame
But do you think we can start again?
I only have myself to blame
But do you think we can start again?
I only have myself to blame
Let's start again
Let's start again

I can't live without you
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh
Oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh
And I can't live without you now
I can't even live with myself
I can't live without you now
And I don't want nobody else

'Cause I can't live without you now
I can't even live with myself
And I can't live without you now
'Cause I don't want nobody else
Nobody else
Nobody else

I can't live without you
Oh oh

The room went silent, no one said a word. Louis sighed heavily, shaking his head. But eventually, the older boy smiled down at the purple-haired guitar player. She moved the guitar aside, lifting herself up, and wrapping her arms around his neck. She hugged him so tight, burying her face into his neck. He was her shelter. He was almost everything to her, something he became in such a short period of time. How could someone turn your entire world upside down? Ash didn’t know, all she knew was that she was sick of spending time with Ronnie. Ash was over this entire thing.
Ash didn’t want to pretend to date Ronnie anymore. Sure, they were great friends, but honestly the girl was getting sick of pretending. She was going to lose her mind, and her boyfriend if she wasn’t careful. The girls needed to do something, and do if fast if they wanted to keep these wonderful people that have seemingly walked into their lives. This boy-band isn’t worth losing their contracts. Louis, however, was worth losing everything. She wanted to throw caution to the wind and just fall. Forget every insecure thing that she has ever thought about herself, and just be with Louis. She knew that it was going to be a risk, but Louis was worth it. She didn’t want to admit it before, but he was worth losing everything. Even Simon couldn’t take that away from her.
Louis finally pulled away, and ran his fingers along her cheeks slowly, looking into the girl’s eyes. He smiled sadly, but it had some sort of hope in the smile. They weren’t perfectly okay, and that was okay for now. They were admitting that, but it was going to get better. Ash nearly laughed, but it ended up sounding like a choking sob before she was burying her face in his neck again, with arms around his waist. Louis held onto her tightly, closing his eyes. And yes, this was painful. He never wanted to feel like this again. It wasn’t pleasant.
“We have to do something about this,” Ash sighed heavily.
“You can’t exactly,” Louis muttered. “You’re under a contract,”
“I don’t care, I need a way out,”
Spencer felt like she was on the outside looking in as she saw her best friend kiss Louis slow and with everything that she had. She had never seen this girl like this, and she knew that it was the same for her. She was just like Ash is. She was so in love with Liam that it shouldn’t be humanly possible. Yet, she couldn’t go after him. The time wasn’t right, she knew this. He needed just a little bit of time to cool off. Maybe she was scared, if she allowed herself to admit that. She just kind of pretended that she was okay with their relationship, but some days the girl just freaked out. It was kind of normal for her, as in relationships. She’s never been the best at keeping them together.
Spencer never wanted last night to end up the way that it did. The fact that they weren’t being convincing enough was hard on her heart. She thought that she and Kellin were doing a really good job. They always tweeted each other, and they went out a lot. She used to act, so she used that to her ability to look like she was head-over-heels in love. Spencer thought that people couldn’t see through their façade. Apparently she was wrong, and so extra measures were taken. In return, it was tearing her apart inside. It was killing her. But not just Spencer was hurt, Liam was pissed. He got so mad, and he had every right to be. So, the girl continued to sit there, looking at the closed door and silently praying that the man on the other side still loved her enough to stay.

The ride to the hotel didn’t last much longer than that. They all got checked in, and into the right hotel rooms. The ride up to the hotel room was painful for Spencer and Liam, to put it simply. They were awkwardly quite, and it just wasn’t right. Something was definitely off. Spencer was seriously getting tired of whatever was going on with the two of them. They couldn’t be happy, not since Simon put that dumb public dating ban on the bands. It’s been a weird roller coaster of a tour since then. It was getting worse each day.
Spencer tossed her suite case onto the bed closest to the door, sitting on the one that they were going to share. Liam put his own bags on the floor, before turning around and disappearing into the bathroom. Spencer sighed, laying flat against the bed. She stared up at the ceiling, not really knowing what to do. Did this feeling like everything was going wrong, ever going to disappear?
Then finally Liam came out of the bathroom, changed into a shirt and a pair of sweats before he stood in front of her. Spencer sat up and then he started pacing….again. Liam Payne is a pacer. Spencer thought it was cute, but she knew that it was a sign that things were about to get serious. Somehow she knew that they were going to have to talk about this eventually, and apparently that was tonight. Liam had something that he wanted to say to her, that was obvious.
“Liam?” Spencer asked carefully as her boyfriend began to pick up his pacing in front of her. He looked pensive as usual these days. They’d been butting heads a lot recently over the dumbest situations. Except this time, it was over something a little bigger. It was about the very public display of affection she was forced to show with Kellin, even if they both apologized. Normally Liam wasn’t this over-reacting, as it was Kellin’s job. However, he hasn’t properly spoken to her in the last twenty-four hours, and it really got to him.
“Spencer….just….” He trailed off, not looking at the girl.
“I know,” The girl whispered. “I wish it wasn’t this hard,”
“It shouldn’t have to be! We should be able to walk down the street holding hands, kissing, and tweeting each other all days. I should be able to call you my bird, and know that you love me just as much as I love you. Just….why does it have to be him?” He asked, stopping to look at her as he spoke rapidly. He was breathing heavily, and his eyes never looked so sad. “Out of everyone in your world, you chose the one person that I personally got to watch break you apart. He hurt you so much, and I can’t handle that. It killed me when I saw you like that. You were a mess. You were crying and throwing things. His words hurt you to that point. Yet you forgave him and let him back into your world. Why did you do that?”
“What else was I supposed to do?” She asked. “I can’t just hold a grudge against him because what he said hit too close to home. I hurt him too, it wasn’t just one-sided.”
“But you have history. Please forgive me for getting upset. He loved you,”
“But I never loved him.” She argued, gripping his hand. “Why can’t you just get over that?”
“Because I love you,” He sighed, walking closer to her. “I don’t like the thought of anyone hurting you ever. I want to protect you from everything,”
“You can’t,” She shrugged. “I’ve got a tougher skin than you think. I’m not made of glass.”
“You say that, but you’re just a fragile little girl. You can’t lie to me, babe.” He sighed. “I think….it’s time for break, yeah?”
“What?” She spoke breathlessly. “Wait, Liam….what are you talking about?”
“Just a few days apart,”
“That isn’t going to magically fix everything!” She stated, standing up in front of him. “Stop that.”
“Stop what?” He spoke sadly, furrowing his eyebrows together. He looked like a kicked puppy.
“Stop running!” She nearly yelled. “Dammit, Payne, I’m here! I’m standing right in front of you with my heart on my freaking sleeve. I’m not going to leave you, you’re stuck with me, okay? Believe it or not, I’m recklessly, heartbreakingly, and head-over-heels in love with you, and nothing you can say can change that. Hell, nothing I can say will change that. I love you so much that it hurts, Li.”
So Liam kissed her with everything he had, because he can’t remember when loving someone was this hard. He loved Spencer with absolutely everything he had in him. He had fallen completely for the girl, just as much as she did for him. It was tragic, really, because loving her caused a lot of pain. With Danielle, loving was easy. Their love, when it was good, flowed like a river; never-ending and always the same. Loving Spencer was like intentually walking into a run-down house, knowing a mass murder was inside and you weren’t going to make it out alive. But love is funny that way. He’d run full-force into that house if it meant saving her in the end. He loved her so much more than that. He would probably die for her, but he couldn’t tell her that.
“I’ve never been hurt this much by a girl like this before.” Liam spoke softly, lips still brushing against hers. “This is new,”
“I’m so sorry,”
“It’s okay,”
But it wasn’t really okay. Both Liam and Spencer knew that. Liam was slowly turning miserable from all of the weight on their relationship. It was getting harder to handle. Liam got to tell everyone he had a girlfriend but he didn’t get to tell the world who she was exactly. And well, her situation wasn’t making anything better. The only silver lining was that the tour is coming to a close soon. Only three more weeks, he could do it. They could make it through this.
“Will you stay?” She half-whispered. “Please?” and it came out broken.
She latched onto his arm, but he took her hands that were on him and kissed them. Liam slowly let the girl’s arms fall to her side. He turned away from her, and walked toward the balcony in the room. Feeling even more rejected, Spencer went to the bathroom instead. She didn’t want to actually see him leave the room. She washed her face, pulling her hair up into a messy bun. Her make-up removed, hair pulled back, and in Liam’s t-shirt. She finally looked at herself. Since her relationship with Liam, she was insanely happy, but tonight, Spencer could see the remains of the girl she used to be. She could see who she was and who she is, all tangled up in on human body; a messy reflection. Her face was paler, and her eyes not nearly as bright, but they weren’t lust-filled and pissed off anymore either. She needed Liam now more than ever.
With a new determination, Spencer got angry. She flung open the bathroom door, and marched straight to the balcony. Liam turned to look at her. She took a minute to look over his features. His head was wearing all black. The girl reached forward, gripping his face in her hands. Brown met green/blue eyes and suddenly they knew that everything was going to be okay. She pressed her lips to his slowly before pulling slightly away from him.
“You’re not allowed to quit on me, Liam James Payne, that’s my job. I’m the runner, not you,”
“I’m going to tell you a story, okay? So you better get comfortable and listen. It’s a long one,”
And Liam slowly nodded in agreement.
Spencer had to get her thoughts collected. Liam already knew the story of her family. She had no need to tell him that story again. It took the girl a moment to realize that she needed to tell him about John. He was really her first love, nearly everything to her. When they broke up, her world changed drastically. She was all of the sudden back to the same girl that she was before she met him. She was back to going out to parties, and she started to sleep around. That was the biggest difference for her.
She met John O’Callaghan when she was sixteen-years old. The Maine let Reckless Little Hearts open for them. Something that he saw in the teen was different. Their age difference wasn’t really that important to either of them. They connected on a musical level. That was a nice change of pace. John wasn’t looking for a relationship. Mostly, he just wanted to help the girls really get on their feet as artist. Sometimes the first album is the hardest, and John wanted them to succeed.
Their relationship started getting serious right before she turned seventeen. At the time, John was almost twenty-three. They had a six year age difference, now being eighteen and twenty-four. It started a little unexpected, but in the end almost everyone saw this one coming. What no one really expected was how deeply Spencer would fall. They started dating just after her seventeenth birthday and before his twenty-third. They were serious about each other from the very start. They would write songs together, and there was a point where she practically lived with him. Just two months after dating, John introduced Spencer to his daughter Elena.
Elena was like her mom, Karma. Spencer had been compared to Karma countless times, and she agreed that they were a lot alike. Spencer was just younger, and slightly more cautious. John didn’t know how his daughter was going to handle this new person in her life, but she accepted Spencer automatically. She simply became one of Elena’s favorite people to spend time with outside of her parents. Spencer had been brought into their dysfunctional family. Somehow Spencer was this very active part of Elena’s life. Elena stayed in Arizona almost as much as Spencer did which was a lot. They were all okay with each other.
Things were great with them for the first six months of their relationship. Then the seventh month hit, touring started, and things got hard. Elena would spend the night with Spencer in her and Ash’s apartment. Spencer was photographed with the toddler, thus bringing up rumors of her relationship with the older male. It was crazy that it took this long to actually catch wind of this relationship. However, when people did, the alternative websites and even TMZ started airing them all of the time. Spencer and John started to actually go out in downtown LA whenever Elena was with Jonathan and Karma. They were photographed a lot. Suddenly, their relationship got weird out of nowhere.
John was okay with the media attention, sort of. He’s the type of guy that didn’t care, yet he really didn’t know how to react in public. He was thrown into the spot light. He cared for Spencer though. One could say that he loved her, but he didn’t love her as much as she loved him. At least, that’s what he was telling himself. He had her virginity, as of five months in, and her heart. They didn’t agree on a lot of things. Spencer held a lot in, and John would just write it all out instead of talking to her about their problems. Elena was also putting a strain on them a lot of the time. Spencer Tucker was a kid herself. She wasn’t really ready to accept the challenges of acting like another parent. Eventually, after nearly eight months together, they called it quits. Spencer found comfort in the form of Kellin Quinn. It was a slow process of getting over him.
So Spencer spoke her story to Liam. She explained to him how hard it was to fall for someone who could never really love her like she wanted him to. She explained why she was the way that it was with Kellin. She stated that she felt like she had turned into John, because she lead Kellin on. She didn’t mean to, honestly, she tought that heunderstood where they stood. But that ended badly, and that’s where Liam came in. She told him how fast and how hard she fell for him. It was faster than how she fell for John.
Liam didn’t know how to process the information. He just continued to stare at the girl as she refused to make eye contact with him. She just sat there, staring out at the scene from their shared hotel room. He felt like he saw an entire new side to her. He finally got to hear the story of how her and John ended things. She didn’t sugar coat how hard the break-up was for her. The fact that they stayed friends was beyond him. He rarely talked to Danielle. Unlike Kellin, John didn’t make Liam uncomfortable.
“I don’t want a break,” Liam finally broke the silence, rubbing his very short hair.
“Good,” She smiled, looking over at him. “Can we please stop being so weird around each other now? I want to be with you.”
“I think we need to do something about the Kellin situation,”
“I think I need to publically ‘break up’ with him.” She sighed heavily. “I’m sick of hurting you.”
“I don’t like hurting,” Liam almost laughed. “Let’s go to bed.”
“Okay.” Spencer agreed, leaning over to kiss him before they both got up to move back inside of the room.
The next day, Spencer tweeted something about it being “over” with Kellin. Liam never smiled brighter, and Kellin was just as happy as the young couple was.


“I swear, when Simon finds out about this, your life is OVER.” Inga stated, looking at the groups sitting in front of her. “We have to figure out a way to make this all seem fake.”
“No,” Spencer stated. “What is done is done. Kellin and I are publically over, and there is nothing that can change that,”
“We can say that it was a hacker.” Inga smiled. “I mean, that’s believable. We can say that it’s one of Kellin’s fans determined to start drama between the two of you,”
“We’re over,” Kellin sighed heavily, looking at the blonde woman. “I’m sick of coming in-between two people who have every right in the world to be together. I’m done,”
“But you’re under contract!”
“I read the guidelines, I know,” Kellin sighed.
“You can cause the girls to lose their recording contract. Do you really want to ruin their lives,”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“What is done, is done. Spencer and Kellin are over, okay? I personally plan on breaking up with Ronnie tonight. Or stating that we’re over anyway,”
“Why are you trying to ruin this?” Inga stated. “Everyone is happy with what’s going on. Both One Direction and Reckless Little Hearts are booming in the music business. Even Kellin and Ronnie’s bands have gotten publicity! Everyone is winning!”
“At what price?!” Spencer stood up, looking at the girl. “My happiness? Liam’s? How in the hell is that winning?!”
“Spencer…” Liam sighed, gripping the girl’s hand with his own. “Sit,”
“No,” She stated, ripping her hand from his grip. “I’m not letting this blonde ass, Barbie bitch ruin my life…not anymore.”
“But…I’m working with Simon.”
“You can tell Simon to fuck off, and you to while you’re at it.” Ash spoke up.
“Go home, Inga.” Liz finally spoke up, standing up with her other two friends. “It’s time,”
“You’re fighting a losing battle here,” Roxie chimed in.
“Simon will just love to hear this.” She muttered, walking toward the door.
“Tell him that we can’t wait to see him at the New York show,” Emery muttered, but Inga heard her before she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. “Now what?”
“Ronnie and I are going to lunch. I’m going to leave him there, and then state that we’re no longer together on both twitter and on stage tonight,” Ash decided. “Louis and Harry are going to be in the part of town, and then I’m going to hang out with both of them.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Ronnie smiled. “I just want to actually have a break before I have to go back on tour. I can’t wait to get home.”
“We’re up for it,” Harry shrugged, nudging his best friend’s shoulder with his own.
“Come on,” Spencer smiled, looking down at her boyfriend.
“Where are we going?” He questioned.
“On an adventure,” She playfully winked, gripping his hand to haul him up. Once Liam was steadily standing, he wrapped an arm around the girls’ shoulders. They were going to do whatever they wanted, expect for publically kiss. The couple had agreed that even that was stepping over the lines until Liam or Spencer could get an interview to explain where they stood the entire time. They were waiting to be together until they got a chance to explain everything that went on with them from the very beginning.
It just so happened that earlier that day, Liz and Niall decided on a place just a little ways away from his flat in London. It was a nice place, and that would be their home when they were in London. Niall would just stay with her whenever the boys were in the states as opposed to staying in a house that Simon provided or a hotel. Niall had his brother, Greg, find the flat for him. He sent them dozen’s of pictures, and Liz already fell in love with it. Niall got his brother to go ahead and put a down payment on it. He and Liz would make the proper arrangements as soon as the tour was over with. Their lives were coming together.


“Are you ready for this?” Ash whispered to Ronnie.
He nodded his head, keeping his fingers laced with her fingers over the table. The pretend couple was well aware that there were quite a few paparazzi sitting in the chairs around them. They thought that they were being sneaky, but it was quite obvious. Ash made sure that she spoke low enough that no one besides Ronnie heard her. If they were going to do this, it was going to go right.
“What are you talking about?!” Ronnie nearly yelled, catching the attention from everyone around them; paparazzi or not.
“No! You’re dumping me, and you can’t even give me a reason?!” He nearly yelled. “This is fucking ridiculous! It’s that boy-band, isn’t it?!”
“Hush! You’re disturbing others!” She nearly yelled.
“Are you sleeping with one of them?!”
“No, Ronnie! God! I just don’t want to be with you, okay?! You’re way too clingy, and I just can’t do it anymore!” She burst, standing up. “I don’t want to see you again!” She stated before stomping away from the scene. Ash laughed to herself. The situation that they set up was entirely too over-dramatic. It was something from a cheesy movie, honestly. It was so staged, and she felt like that’s how it looked. However, she knew that it would be enough to convince the public that they were really over. She left, trying her best to look heart-broken. She made her way toward the shop that Louis and Harry were at. When she finally got there, she wrapped her arms tightly around Louis’ neck.
“Whoa…that was fast.” He commented, rubbing her back.
“It’s really over,” She spoke. “Like…we don’t really have to pretend anymore!”
“This might be the happiest I’ve been in forever,” Louis admitted, stealing a small kiss. “I love this.”
“Thank you!” Ash giggled, letting go of him and hugging Harry hello. “One step down, just a few more to go,”
“You’re going to get into so much trouble,” Louis sighed, shaking his head.
“Lou, I was in a bar fight, and I’ve been to rehab…I think that I can handle Simon yelling.”
“Okay,” He agreed, hugging her tightly again.
Louis was just happy that his girlfriend was happy. That’s all that mattered.
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