Sequel: American Candy
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The Reckless and the Brave

Under The Water

Liam and Spencer caused a lot of commotion when they stepped out around town together, with Paul in tow, and just having a wonderful time. They shopped together, got coffee, and even went to get more tattoos. Spencer smirked, getting more arm ink to her nearly tattoo free left arm. Liam got a tattoo on his left arm, on-top of his wrist. By the time that they were out of the tattoo shop, paparazzi flanked them everywhere. It was one of those days where they weren’t going to get any privacy. It didn’t help that Spencer was wearing one of Liam’s old, noticible , t-shirts.
Harry, Louis, and Ash spent more time than they ever have together. It was nice, for the boys at least, and Ash just enjoyed their company. She smiled, looking on as Harry and Louis pushed and teased each other. The girl laughed to herself. She felt this warmth in her heart, and she knew that if she was one of their fans; she’d be a dedicated Larry shipper. However, she’s the one that got to fuck Louis at the end of the night, so she kinda knew the truth about their relationship. Ash even wanted to get a Larry Stylinson shirt, bless her 14-year old fangirl heart.
Roxie and Josh spent a lot of time holed up in her hotel room, rolling around in the sheets. She didn’t exactly expect it to be Josh that was going to be her next fling, but the girl wasn’t opposed. Josh is hot, to put it simply. He wasn’t bad to look at. Sure, they were around the same height, but he was temporary. He knew that, she made sure this time, and he was okay with it. Josh was lonely, and Roxie wanted to make a mess of some things. She didn’t know that she was destroying herself even more in the end.
By the time the concert was ready to start, both bands had brighter smiles on their faces. Kellin and Ronnie had left them earlier that morning, right after their meeting, and there were no signs of having to sneak around to hug one another. Inga huffed and puffed, but she eventually refused to come to the show tonight, assuming that it would be a complete disaster. That night, Reckless Little Hearts, got to actually wear clothing and the type of clothing that they wanted to wear. Inga wasn’t breathing down their necks. The girls were actually laughing as they got ready for their show. They danced around the room, kind of celebrating, and sang loudly. Even Roxie was in on the acts, and she hadn’t been herself for a while. It was a nice moment that the girls all shared with each other.
Spencer, Liz, Ash, Emery, and Roxie walked out of their dressing room for the first time all tour, feeling like they were all finally on the same page. As they assumed, the lads of One Direction were already standing in the green room, but they were different too. They were actually laughing again. It was a nice to see after nearly two months of the boys not laughing, and just focusing on their show. No one really realized just how things had gotten between all of them. Without Inga there, or the other two males, they were all able to relax. It was just them, and that’s all that they really needed. They didn’t need to hide behind fake relationships or risqué clothes on stage. They just needed to be themselves.
That’s how easy it was for them to go back into themselves. Liam was actually smiling, and on his phone, but Spencer was on his lap. She was just cuddled into him, and they were happy. Zayn and Emery talked to Zayn’s older sister, Doniya. She talked about how she was doing, and of course grilled Zayn on his relationship with Emery. Even if they have never met in person, Doniya was fond of Emery already. She seemed like a sweet enough girl, and Zayn was a bit gone for her. She knew that this girl was different than any of his past girlfriends. Liz and Niall were stuffing their faces full of food. This was one of the times that Niall has been able to eat before a show. On this tour, he didn’t feel a ton of pressure hanging over them like he did when they played huge arenas. This was nothing compared to that.
Roxie and Harry were ignoring each other, and making it very obvious. She didn’t care that the British boy wanted to be with her. She didn’t want to be with anyone at the moment. She was okay with being by herself. It was okay, and she liked doing what she wanted to do. She was having fun. That is okay right? Roxie thought so too. Harry seemed more into his phone than anyone else in the room. Ash and Louis had disappeared around the corner, and everyone knew what those two were up too.
“Look at this!” Liam laughed, showing his phone to his girlfriend on his lap.
SabrinaAllOver: Okay lets face it @Real_Liam_Payne and @SpencerRLH are totally fucking. GETTTTTT SOME ;)
“I need to meet this girl and hug her.” Spencer stated, gripping onto Liam tighter. “Are you going to say anything?”
Liam sighed.
“There are a hundred more kind of like it. We were a trending topic earlier. People are calling us Lencer. How mad does that sound?”
Spencer laughed.
“It sounds like mouthwash.” She stated, but she was too happy to really care. “When do you guys go on?”
“Half an hour,” Liam smiled up at Spencer.
“Okay…” She smiled, pressing her lips to his softly. “Only two more weeks, Li.”
“I know,” He agreed. “It’s crazy,”
“We’ve been on tour for almost two months here.”
“I know,”
“Our last two shows are in New York,”
Liam nodded slowly, sitting down his phone.
“Are you worried?”
“A little scared,” She admits. “Weird things happen when we go home.”
“What do you mean, love?”
“I mean that our old friends come out, some family…it can get a little weird.” She spoke.
“I’m not too sure I’m following what you’re saying to me,” He admitted, smiling up at her. “But that’s okay too, yeah?”
“It can’t really be explained. It’s just… I don’t want anything like what used to happen at hometown shows to happen this time. That’s partially why Simon is coming this time. He wants to ensure that nothing too weird happens to us when we do go home. We’ve got people to visit. Sometimes we go see our families. I, well…. I go see my Aunt. Would you….are you….um…interested in going with me?”
“Sure,” Liam smiled. “Love, I’d be honored to go.”
“Shut up,” She muttered before Liam kissed her. He liked kissing her so much because honestly Spencer was his favorite person in the world. And he felt like that was okay enough for right now.


“I thought that Florida would be hotter,” Roxie stated, looking up at the sky. “I’m so freaking cold.”
“Well…it is October, Roxanne.” Liz playfully teased. “It’s not going to magically be warm just because it’s Florida.”
“But still…” She trailed off before looking around them. “It’s kind of dead here too.”
“And you’re complaining?” Liam playfully joked. “It’s pap free!”
“Liam’s just excited,” Spencer playfully winked at her boyfriend. She slipped her hand into his. This made Liam smile wider. “So…what are we doing?”
“I think that we need to go pick out some costumes,” Zayn spoke up. “It’s getting close to Halloween,”
“This is a very valid point,” Emery pointed out, leaning against her boyfriend’s back. “I don’t even know what I want to be,”
“You’ll figure it out.” Ash muttered, clinging to Spencer’s other side while Louis stood beside her. “I think I may know what I want to be,”
“And that is?” Spencer asked.
“It’s a secret… a top secret, secret.”
“That barely made any sense,” Louis muttered, not really paying attention. “It may also do with the fact that it’s too freaking early.”
“I second that,” Zayn agreed quickly.
Liam rolled his eyes, starting to move with Spencer in tow. As Spencer moved, Ash whined loudly. As expected, they all followed anyway. Maybe it was completely stupid for Spencer and Liam to be so openly holding hands in public. However, the young couple really didn’t care. It’s only a matter of time before people find out the truth anyway. Plus, there wasn’t anyone else really around. It’s too early, and paps weren’t around. It was okay for them to really be out there for the time being. So, Spencer followed, leaning her entire body into his. He smiled happily down at the ombre haired girl. She wrinkled her nose up at him. He was wearing a beanie today, to cover his newly-shaven head.
“Let’s go in here,” Liz suggested with a yawn.
“I think that we should get our costumes separately. I want them to be a surprise.” Emery admitted.
“Oh! Idea!” Roxie stated, actually agreeing for once.
“Noooooo,” Spencer whined, latching onto her brown-eyed boyfriend whom she loved dearly. “Don’t wanna leave Leeeummm.”
“You’re tired.” Ash deadpanned. “Come on, now. You’re turning into a five-year old.”
“The bird goes get a tad cuddly when knackered, doesn’t she?” Liam smiled fondly down at her again. “Go on then,”
“Spencer…” Liam trailed off. “Go on, and shop. We’ve got plenty of time together later.”
“I know but…ugh.” She stated, pressing her lips to his jaw because she couldn’t quite reach his lips. He was so much taller than her. “Liam…”
“Okay, okay,” He smiled, leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips. “Bye, love.”
“Byeeee,” She mumbled, latching onto Ash instead of her boyfriend as they walked into the store.
“You’re so obvious that it hurts,” Ash mumbled to Spencer, even though all of them knew that she was totally gone for the British man. “You really love him,”
“I do,” Spencer sighed before settling into a sleepy smile.
“I want to be Tinkerbelle.” Roxie stated, already picking up her perfect costume that she had already had in mind. “Call me strange, but isn’t it perfect?”
“Your hair is going to be a bitch to get into that hairstyle,” Emery laughed.
Roxie stuck out her tongue at her friend.
“Shut it, shaved head!” She retorted, causing Emery to roll her eyes dramatically.
“Okay…good one, Rox.”
“I thought so too.”
“I want to be Sandy.” Ash stated. “The Bad Sandy from Grease.”
“Isn’t that Louis’ favorite movie?” Liz smirked.
“It’s mine too!” Spencer protested. “It could very well be for me!”
Ash laughed, wrapping her arm around her best friend’s arm.
“I love you Sweepy Spencer.”
“I love you to weird Ash.” She smiled before searching for a costume.
“I already have mine,” Liz announced. “That’s okay, right?”
“Of course it is,” Emery giggled, searching up and down the aisles. “I really want to be Katniss.”
“Then why don’t you do it?”
“Isn’t that a little bit expected?” Emery questioned. “It’s…kind of cliché.”
“It’s not that bad,” Liz smiled. “Just do it,”
“I need to get a wig,” She sighed.
“I did too.” Spencer shrugged
“Yeah…same here,” Liz agreed.
“Am I the only one who’s going to not wear a wig?” Roxie questioned, starting at her costume instead of her band-mates.
“Your point?”
“Weirdos…” Roxie trailed off. “I’m ready. Are you guys ready?”
“Yeah…” Emery trailed off, grabbing her costume. “We can find a wig shop in New York when we get there.”
“I like this idea.” Ash agreed before the rest of the girls headed toward the cashier area to pay. Spencer stayed behind, already having the items for her costume packed tightly in her suite case. She didn’t want Liam to see what she was going to be going as. She was keeping the secret from the girls also.
“Holy fuck,” Emery groaned. “Why?”
Ash and Spencer gave her the weirdest look ever before turning toward the direction that the others were facing. As it turns out, the paparazzi woke up and quickly arrived to where they were at. It was frustrating for the girls. They had just gotten out in the open. Sure, they expected it sooner, but that didn’t make it suck any less. Once they were alone for a while, they figured that the stalkers wouldn’t catch them until a few more hours.
“Florida paps are cray.” Liz stated, shaking her head. “Come on,”
And with that, the rest of the girls followed their fearless leader outside and to where they were going to meet up with the boys. It suddenly felt like this day was really going to get worst.

“They think I’m fucking Harry againnnnnnnn,” Ash whined from her upside down spot on the sleek leather couch of the girl’s dressing room.
“And you’re mad because?” Emery asked, with humor in her voice.
“Because Lou gets really pissy when people make up things about me,”
“Harry’s hot,” Spencer stated from the mirror as she used the flat iron to straighten her wavy hair.
“You have a boyfriend!” Liz laughed.
“So…that doesn’t mean that I’m blind.”
“Harry is hot.” Emery stated. “There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious. The guys won’t care,”
“I don’t know…I think they may?” Liz questioned.
In that moment, Roxie walked into the room. The blonde was dressed the same as usual. She had on her tight pants and a tank top with black vans on her feet. The drummer looked ready for the show, but she looked just…different to the other girls. The signs showed clearly that Roxie had something going on behind their backs. It wasn’t just sex either. They were very well aware that Roxie was hooking up with someone; they just didn’t know who. However, there was something in the air that screamed that Roxie was up to something else. The girls just couldn’t exactly put their fingers on it. She was just totally off, and they all could tell.
“What do you think, Roxie?”
“Huh?” She spoke, looking up at them as her shaky hand reached for a bottle of water.
“Do you think that the boys would mind if we all openly agreed that Harry is totally fuckable?” Ash questioned.
“So…” Liz trailed off.
“So what?” Roxie questioned, looking over at them. “What was that?”
“She’s hopeless.” Emery sighed, frustrated.
“No, no…” Roxie shook her head. “Louis would flip out, because Harry is his best friend. Zayn would just be upset and moody because he’s insecure. Niall wouldn’t give a fuck, and Liam would pout like a fucking baby.”
“That answers our questions.” Emery sighed, standing up to grab her bass. “Are you guys ready for tonight?”
“I guess,” Ash shrugged.
“To be honest, I just want to get back to New York.”
“I’m not exactly the most thrilled with the idea.” Liz admitted. “I’m not ready to face Simon.”
“Relax, you’re not the one who broke his rules,” Spencer playfully stated.
“You guys are pretty much in the clear,” Roxie shrugged before mentally checking out again.
“That makes it better,” Emery rolled her eyes.
Roxie didn’t even catch the fact that her friend was being sarcastic and a bit rude. Instead the blonde just focused on her water bottle and a spot on the wall. The other girls eyed her carefully for a moment, but the blonde simply didn’t catch their stares. Finally, Liz shook her head, opting to fix her hair instead of watched the dazed blonde. Emery groaned and fetched her bass. Ash simply shook her head. Out of the other four girls, Ash was the one that knew that Roxie was probably going through. It wasn’t like the blonde was trying super hard to cover up what she was doing. It was kind of obvious.
By the time, Reckless Little Hearts were done with getting ready, One Direction were already out on the stage. They were jumping around. The boys were being their cute, energetic, selves. Four-fifths of Reckless Little Hearts stood on the side; watching them happily. Ash giggled, leaning into Spencer’s side. Emery stood beside her with Liz leaning on the side of the wall. There was something different about tonight. Sure, Inga wasn’t there again, but that wasn’t it. It was like nothing could bring them down. It felt like none of this was ever going to end. The girls, they felt infinite. They didn’t feel like anything was crap anymore.
“They’re…they’re different,” Emery commented.
“They’re happy,” Liz laughed. “It’s almost the end of tour,”
“Shut up, Liz,” Spencer groaned playfully.
“I can’t believe it’s almost over,” Ash noted. “What do you think is going to happen?”
“I have no idea,” Spencer whispered.
“Our album comes out in two weeks,” Emery shook her head. “This is crazy,”
“We’re growing up guys!” Ash added with false excitement.
“I’m worried that it’s not going to be received as well,” Liz spoke. “What if people hate it?”
“All of our fans are loving it though,” Emery spoke up. “There has not been a lot of negative feedback yet…”
“What do you think is going to happen with Simon?”
“I have no idea,”
The girls sort of fell silent. There are no other fears that were wanted to be spoken. Of course the girls knew that they were secretly afraid of different things. However, they didn’t want to voice those just yet. There was no need to worry each other, but they all knew that they were worried about Simon’s reaction. The girls knew what was at stake.
“I’m in love,” Spencer broke the silence.
Her band-mates all gave the ombŕe haired girl their attention. Spencer didn’t dare look at any of their faces. Instead, she continued to stare as Liam did something stupid on stage. She smiled widely as she watched him.
“You….what?” Emery spoke, reaching forward to the girl. She pressed her hand against her forehead. “Are you sick?”
“Are you joking, Spencer?” Liz questioned. “Because you should be super cautious with this,”
“I’m not joking,” She smiled. “I’m in love with Liam. I have been for a while,”
“They’ve been in love for a while,” Ash finally spoke up, looking at the others.
“For how long?” Liz questioned, moving closer to her friend.
“Since we kissed,” She shrugged. “We’ve just been…in love.”
“That’s so cute!” Emery squeaked. “And he loves you to?”
“No…definitely not,” Spencer rolled her eyes. “Yes, he loves me. Dumb ass,”
“Thanks.” Emery stated dryly.
“I couldn’t handle being with Kellin, because I knew that I was head-over-heels in love with him. He knew that. Kellin even figured it out.”
“I’m so happy for you…” Liz smiled. “Wow…Spencer in love…”
“It took me a while to get used to, too.”
“How did you find out before us?”
“Ash and Lou were standing a little too close to us when we said it.”
“Still….cute,” Liz smiled. “And you can’t show the world? No wonder why you’re pissed off at the world.”
“Tell me about it.” Spencer groaned as the guys continued to mess about around the stage. The song that they were doing was a little lost on them now. “Come on, let’s go discuss which song form the new album we’re going to play.”
“Agreed,” Emery stated, leading the way even if it was Spencer’s idea.


“We’re going to play you guys a new song from the album…is that okay?” Spencer spoke into her red microphone. The crowd yelled loudly, making the girls smile widely. “With that being said, we’re going to dig a little deeper,”
The crowd kind of booed, but the girls just smiled away.
“This song is called Under The Water,”

Lay my head, under the water
Lay my head, under the sea
Excuse me sir, am I your daughter?
Won't you take me back, take me back and see?

There's not a time, for being younger
And all my friends, are enemies
And if I cried unto my mother
No she wasn't there, she wasn't there for me

Don't let the water drag you down (Don't let the water drag you down)
Don't let the water drag you down

Broken lines, across my mirror
Show my face, all red and bruised
And though I screamed and I screamed, well, no one came running
No I wasn't saved, I wasn't safe from you

Don't let the water drag you down (Don't let the water drag you down)
Don't let the water drag you down

Don't let me drown, don't let me drown in the waves, oh
I could be found, I could be what you had saved

Saved, saved, saved

[Musical Break]

Lay my head, under the water
Aloud I pray, for calmer seas
And when I wake from this dream, with chains all around me
No, I've never been, I've never been free

No, I've never been, I've never been free
No, I've never been, I've never been free

There was a silence as the girls finished the new song. It was probably just a second, but to the girls it felt like an eternity. This song was a deeper one. They didn’t want to play one of their other songs from the new album. Together, they decided that this was one of the best ones. They wanted to display this song before their album release party. It had a lot of depth within the actual music and Spencer’s voice. It was raw. It was really had to decide if they were going to put it on the album in the first place. After major debate; it was decided as a bonus track in certin stores.
The girls only had two more songs before they were coming off of the stage. The boys were nowhere to be found, much to their surprise. They were just there for the new song. They must have snuck off somewhere between the last two songs and when the girls walked off. Instantely, Roxie split off from the group to disappear around some sketchy corner. The other girls rolled their eyes.
Something was definitely going on with Roxie, and they wanted to know what it was.
The girls met the lads back on the bus as soon as their equipment was packed on up and shoved away. They settled in with food and a movie. Liam cuddled Spencer close to his chest. He could practically feel the heart that the entire band was emitting as they sang the last song. It was easy to forget that these wonderful, talented girls didn’t always have the incredible lives that they had now. It was easy to forget that sometimes, some things still really hurt. No matter how much you really want to be able to take away the pain; it can come back. No matter how hard Liam tried to protect the girl, he simply couldn’t do that. He could just love her with all of his heart.
Ash felt weird. She couldn’t really explain it, but the girl just didn’t feel normal. Something wasn’t right at all, and she couldn’t place it. It’s like you just know that something is going to happen, but you can’t explain it. She had been feeling sick for the past few days. She just assumed that she was getting sick. She even had a fever at one point, so she knew if it got any worse that she was going to go to the nearest doctor. She fully planned on taking at least one of her band-mates with her. She wouldn’t go alone, and she wasn’t going to let Louis go with her.
Emery was dreading returning to New York City. She expected her parents to be at the show. They always did tend to show up whenever they weren’t wanted at all. She didn’t want them to meet Zayn. He knew her as she was currently, and not how she grew up. She wanted to protect him from that. It just made it even worse that something told her things were really going to go south from here. Sure, Ash and Spencer had shit situations, but her and Zayn and been great. It was just something in her gut that told her that something bad was going to happen. It was going to happen soon.
♠ ♠ ♠
The song is Under The Water by The Pretty Reckless.

xoxo Rae