Sequel: American Candy
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The Reckless and the Brave

We Are The In Crowd

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“You guys are so screwed,” Roxie stated, looking over at Spencer as the ombŕe haired girl got ready. She was trying to really get ready in the best sort of way, but she was tossing clothes everywhere around her and Liam’s hotel suite. The girl finally picked something decent that she was going to be wearing while she went out with Roxie. The girls decided that they definitely needed a day for themselves, despite whatever else is going on around them. They don’t have the night off, but the day is always fair game for the girls to go exploring. Roxie and Spencer agreed that it was time to go get their hair done. The rest of their girls decided that they were going to wait while the other two needed to do it now. Roxie missed her long hair, but she loved her short hair. The blue was also just fading so fast that it needed touching up.
“Can we not?” Spencer questioned, turning toward her friend. “Are you ready to go? We have to be there within the next ten minutes,”
“Fine,” The blonde sighed, turning toward the door and leading the way out of the hotel room. Spencer was sure to grab her purse before she left it, and followed the drummer out of the door. They walked quickly as they could out of their North Carolina hotel room. Charlotte was a nice place, and the girls were excited to be there. They quickly got into the rental car, and drove to the hair salon. Of course, GPS was definitely there to help the slightly direction challenged girls. They even arrived just a few minute before time, which was a record.
Roxie had decided in the car that was going to get her hair extensions put back in. Then she was getting purple on her quickly fading ends. Spencer, however, was getting her hair extensions replaced with longer and blonder ones. She was also going to put more blonde on her actual hair. It was going to be a nice morning even if they were going to be stuck in the chair for a while. They just knew that they were going to feel better as soon as they got it finished. The stylist recognized the girls almost as soon as they entered. The girls smiled at this fact, and everything went on as normal. The stylist were professionals, after all.
The process took a while. Spencer took pictures as her hair extensions were getting out in, and craftily updated them to twitter as the process went on. But when it was all said and done, they looked great. Spencer was unbelievably happy with her hair. The stylist waved her hair, and sprayed it to perfection. Spencer happily tipped the girl before giving her a huge hug. Roxie was already done, because she didn’t have extensions anymore. Her hair was so much easier than Spencer’s to complete.
“I love it!” Spencer spoke, looking at her best friend.
“Thanks, me too,” Roxie smiled, playing with the new found 18” that made it onto her scalp. “It’s so long.”
“It’s so pretty,” She agreed. “Turn around for me,”
That prompted Roxie to turn ever-so dramatically before she stopped, and smiled widely. This was the real Roxie, and Spencer couldn’t be happier that she came back just for a little bit. It wasn’t like she wasn’t always there, it was that she just wasn’t there. The girl was usually mentally checked out, and thinking in some far off world. Roxie was fully there, and that’s really all that Spencer could ask for.
So the two girls left the salon, looking really different from how they did when they entered in the first place. It was almost like changing up her hair made Roxie go back to how she was acting before. Spencer laughed at herself. Of course a hair color or cut doesn’t usually define how one acts…right? It wouldn’t have made sense in her mind, but she’s not an expert. Together the girls just milled around downtown for a bit before they were to head back toward the tour bus.
Their conversation wasn’t as flowed as it should’ve been. That much was obvious to both girls, but neither really knew how to fix it. It wasn’t like it was something that could automatically be said and done with. It was going to take time, and the quicker they realized that then the better off that they were going to actually be. They could get back to how they used to be, they knew that they could. It wasn’t going to be that hard.
“How happy are you?” Spencer asked Roxie, looking over at her.
Roxie looked down at her coffee cup on the table.
“I’m surviving,”
“That’s not what I asked,” Spencer was quick to interrupt. “Are you really happy, Rox?”
“Are you?” The girl questioned back, looking up at her.
Roxie sighed, taking an extra long gulp of whatever extra sugary concoction she had in her cup.
“Good for you,”
“You could be happy too,”
“How?” She nearly snapped. “I’m fine, okay? I don’t need anyone else to make me feel complete after Oliver and I broke up,”
“That’s not at all what I said,”
“That’s what you meant,”
“Actually, no; it wasn’t. I just meant that you can choose to be happy. Whatever it is bothering you, you don’t have to let it consume your life. I’ll be here for you, and you know that.”
Roxie sat down her cup, and adverted her eyes.
“It’s okay,”
“Why are you wasting your time with Liam?” She spoke again, looking over at her.
“Wasting my time….with Liam…”
“Yeah, why are you doing it?” She questioned. “He’s a good guy, right? Why are you doing this until tour is over?”
“Whoever said that I was going to end it after tour was over?” Spencer questioned, looked over at the girl intensely.
“It’s kind of what you do,”
“Not anymore,” The girl sighed.
“I don’t believe you,”
“People can change, Roxie. You know that,”
“I guess…” She trailed off. “It’s just so weird for you guys to be all over each other. What happens when someone better comes along?”
“Liam is the best,”
“I wasn’t talking about for you,”
Spencer sat gaping at her band-mate. No other words were exchanged, despite the ombŕe haired girl wanting to say something. She didn’t. Spencer simply bit her tongue while Roxie disappeared to the bathroom for a few minutes. Spencer let an aggravated groan out, typing a quick text to Liam before finishing her drink. She didn’t expect the conversation to go south like that, but Roxie was full of surprises these days. It really shouldn’t have surprised Spencer when Roxie walked back to the table; wide-eyed, smiling, and a little bit clumsy. But she was still shocked.
And Roxie was high again.


Roxie wasn’t sober by the time the show rolled around. In fact, the girl was probably even more stoned, if that was possible. Whatever she was taking, it was working really well. It was no secret that she was on something. Everyone within their world had finally caught up. Well, except for Inga, but she had been missing until that night. Inga finally decided to show back up for a show only this time that she stayed out of the way of the girls. She just sat typing away on her phone with a smug smile written all over her face. Everyone ignored her presence, and it wasn’t that bad of an evening.
It was an hour or so before show time that the members of We Are The In Crowd showed up. They had a huge powwow before the show, and Emery convinced them to open up the show that night. Of course, they accepted it with open arms. They couldn’t really refuse a sold-out show. It was kind of considered rude, and they were good friends. So they were set to play. It was a good thing that they happened to have an off-night in Charlotte.
Roxie was after Jordan. The rest of the girls saw it from the start. He started talking to her while she was drumming lightly onto the back of the leather black sofa. He sauntered over with a hidden agenda. She smirked at him, but practically ignored him the entire time in favor of her colored drum sticks. The rest of the band just hung out with the girls while One Direction finished getting their outfits picked out. Tay expressed how being on the road was starting to make her personal life suffer, the girls understood.
“So…what are you doing after the show?” Jordan smiled, looking down at the blonde.
“I don’t know. It really depends,”
“It depends on what?” Jordan questioned.
“On what you’re doing,” She smirked, winking at him before sticking her drum sticks back into her back pocket. “What are you up to, Mr. Eckles?”
Jordan laughed.
“We’re going on back to our bus after this. We’re heading back to our hotel, and then to Florida in two days,”
“We’re headed North,”
“New York soon?”
Roxie sighed, but nodded her head slowly.
“Sadly, yes.” The girl admitted. “Do you want to get out of here after the show?”
“Watch out for this one, mate,” A deep, rocky, British voice stated, letting his arm fall over the American man’s shoulders. “She’s prone to breaking hearts,”
“Thanks,” Jordan laughed. “I’m aware,”
Roxie rolled her eyes as Harry removed his arm.
“Harry, this is Jordan. J, this is Harry Styles,”
“Ah…” Jordan nodded slowly. “I’ve er….heard a lot about you,”
“All rumor’s, I’m sure,” Harry stated, looking only at Roxie. “Bye,”
The blonde girl shook her head as she watched Harry walk off to introduce himself to Tay, the rest of the band, and plopped right down on Spencer’s lap. She laughed, tugging on a few of his curls, making him grin. He was like a giant feline.
“He seems nice,”
“He really seems that way until you get to know him,”
“I’m sure,” The male stated. “Is there something…ya know….”
“No.” She was quick to state. “Not anymore…”
Jordan made a small nod.
“Hey!” Emery called. “Love birds! Get over here! We’re about to start pre-show huddle.”
Both of the blondes looked up from where they were currently standing, and then they walked over to join the rest of the group. They did the usual pre-show huddle before We Are The In Crowd took off onto the stage before the other two bands were left alone. Harry pretended to be interested in his phone while Roxie sat just a few feet away from him. The whole situation was getting worst, but only Harry could really tell. Roxie was in her usual daze that they were sadly used to by now. It was a strange thing, to see a girl that they were so close with just so far gone.
The show itself was pretty painless. It went on as it usually did, with the added enthusiasm that We Are The In Crowd added. By the end of the night, Spencer was ready to fall over, Ash and Louis were all over each other, Emery and Zayn were giggling, and Liz and Niall were eating. Harry stayed far ahead of the group as they headed toward their huge tour bus, leaving them behind. Liam rounded up the group to make sure that they all got into their tour bus. Roxie was lagging behind as usual. Her new long hair was everywhere, and something was definitely different.
But Liam didn’t know what.
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