Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

Alternative Press

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Alex laughed the second the group of ten appeared in the bands green room. He got up and hugged all of the girls in Reckless Little Hearts before he stopped to look at One Direction. “I can’t even…”
“Alex!” His wife, Katie, hissed from the couch. She was sitting beside her best friend Cayla, and they had their children playing together at their feet.
Alex blushed slightly.
“I’m sorry!” He threw his hands up in the air. “It’s just weird!”
“I assuming you mean us?” Liam lightly laughed.
Jack rolled his eyes, bouncing around the place.
“Pretty much! He’s a jack ass though!”
“Jack! My kid is around!” Alex smacked his best friend upside the head.
“Like you haven’t cussed in front of him before,” Jack rolled his eyes as he went for a hug from all of the girls. “Looking sexy as ever, Ms. Ashley,”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“You too, Jackers,” Jack winked.
“Jack, stop hitting on other women. I’m right here!” The ginger-haired girl joked lightly from the nearest couch.
“I love you the most, my Lizard!” Jack bounced over toward his long-time girlfriend before sitting on her lap.
“I’m sure you do.” She rolled her eyes.
“You’re just saying that because I’m here,” A tall, ginger-haired, man stated, standing up to stretch his muscles.
“You’re brother s kinda scary,” Jack mumbled to the girl.
The girls of The District walked into the room, and smiled at Reckless Little Hearts.
“Roxie! My little sister!” Lyric, the baby-faced drummer of The District yelled at the taller and younger blonde. “Where have you been all of my life?”
“Around,” Roxie giggled. “How’s the husband?”
“Taking a quick shower,” She laughed.
Karma let her arm fall over Emery’s shoulders.
“What trouble have you been getting into?”
“Loads,” Ash rolled her eyes. “The usual really,”
“I heard about the bar fight. Nasty.” Emmie wrinkled her nose. “That one must have sucked.”
“Oh how you are lucky Simon Cowell does not run your lives,” Emery sighed.
“No one runs my life!” Jack yelled loudly. “I mean, Matt really tries to, but we all know how that one works…”
“We got in so much trouble for that one,” Liz made a face.
“I told you that they were trouble, did I not?” Colton stated, walking in casually with Skye a little bit behind him. “Spencer!”
“Colton!” The girl joked.
“You’re eighteen right?” She nodded slowly. “Then why in the Hell haven’t we ran away together yet?! You owe me a wedding!”
Roxie snickered.
“I doubt that’s going to happen there, Colton.”
“Dammit,” He shook his head. “I get my hopes up every single time.”
“I’m sorry, dinosaur.” The former red-head casually threw back at the older male.
“Twenty-six is not old.”
“No but twenty-eight is,” A new voice stated, walking in with a new change of clothes.
One Direction easily noticed him as the energetic lead singer of Forever The Sickest Kids. He smiled at everyone. He even high-fived the girls before taking a seat on the nearest couch. Alex sat back down beside Jonathan and grabbed his son from the ground at his wife’s feet.
“How did you like the show?”
“Holy crap, it’s One Direction!”
The boys all turned to look at a tall, bleached blonde boy walking into the room before wrapping Emmie in his arms for a sweet kiss.
“Yeah,” Harry nodded.
“Ello!” Niall smiled happily.
“Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” Liz asked playfully, pinching her boyfriend’s cheeks.
“He’s pretty darn adorable,” Karma nodded. “How are you dealing with all of the extra attention?”
“Not very well,” Emery joked. “I heard All Time Low left Interscope.”
“Yeah…that’s true,” Alex shrugged. “It’s rather nice being on our own,”
The girls nodded in unison, something they didn’t even realize that they had done. The concert was so much fun for all of them. It was different, very different, from the other concert they attended with their girls. Some of them liked it, but for others it wasn’t exactly their cup of tea.
“We should be heading out. We get out for tour tomorrow.” Liz smiled. “It’s going to be interesting.”
“We have to do our tradition before tour!” Jack shouted.
“Jack, come on now, they don’t want that.” Zack playfully begged his friend.
“Alex….” Jack begged.
Alex gave his son to his wife before standing up.
“Okay.” He nodded. “You guys in?”
“Of course we are,” Karma stated for her band mates. She gave Colton a high five. Jonathan stood up to get into more of a circle with the other members.
“I haven’t warmed up,” Spencer tossed up her hands.
“There’s no way you’re missing this song.” Ash laughed, playfully pushing her friend forward.
“I’m assuming you know the order?” Alex jokingly asked as Zack and Ash grabbed acoustic guitars. “Now you know the rules…”
“We got it,” Roxie shook her head. “If you know the song, sing along, but only on the chorus.”
“Good girl,” He winked playfully. “What else?”
“Alex, shut up,” Karma laughed. “We know the rules. Whoever we are celebrating going on tour gets the longest part. We got it.”
The man mocked her slightly before looking at Zack and Ash. They looked at each other before they started to play in unison.
[*…* = Spencer screams]
We're not gonna be
Just apart of their game
We're not gonna be
Just the victims
They're taking our dreams
And they tear them apart
'til everyone's the same
I've got no place to go
I've got no where to run
They love to watch me fall
They think they know it all
I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I've gotta prove them wrong
Me against the world
It's me against the world

We won't let them change
How we feel in our hearts
We're not gonna let them control us
We won't let them shove
All their thoughts in our heads
And we'll never be like them

I've got no place to go
I've got no where to run
They love to watch me fall
They think they know it all

I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
I'm gonna prove them wrong
It's me against the world
Me against the world
Spencer screams
Now I'm sick of this waiting
So come on and take your shot
You can spit all your insults
But nothing you say is gonna change us
You can sit there and judge me
Say what you want to
We'll never let you in

I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
Me against the world

I'm a nightmare, a disaster
That's what they always said
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
But I'll make it on my own
*I've got to prove them wrong
They'll never bring us down

We'll never fall in line
I'll make it on my own
Me against the world*

The bands finished and started laughing. Hugs were passed around along with quick goodbyes. One Direction felt a little awkward just standing there to listen to them do the song all together. They could tell that the bands had history together. The boys felt rather relieved when they got into the big, black van waiting for them. The girls were buzzing about the concert still. They lived for music; that much was obvious.


“Interview! Interview! Interview!” Liz chanted childishly while the group rode in the black van toward their first interview spot of the tour. It was in a building in the outer part of Los Angeles. They were having a quick interview with Alternative Press Magazine about their tour life, new album, and such. The girls were more than excited. It was the first time in a while that they were able to give an interview that included the talk of new music.
“Liz, babe, chill!” Ash laughed, wrapping an arm around the girl’s shoulders. “It’s just an interview!”
“Just an interview?!” Roxie yelled from the opposite side of the van. “Are you crazy?”
“This is Alternative Press we’re talking about here,” Emery smirked at the other dark-headed girl’s direction.
“We’re talking about new music! Come onnnnnnn!” Spencer whined. “This is huge, admit it,”
“You all are fucking psycho.” Ash rolled her eyes. “It’s just another magazine.”
Louis laughed at the girl’s exchanges.
“Love, it seems that they all have a point,”
“Not you too?” She sighed. “It’s not that big of a deal, Lou.”
“Someone toss her out of the window,” Spencer playfully begged.
“I volunteer!” Roxie nearly shouted.
“You try tossing me out of this van, and I’ll beat your ass.” Ash stated, crossing her arms across her chest.
“How are you even still in this band?” Liz asked, still with a huge smile on her face. “Is someone sex deprived?”
Ash clenched her jaw for a moment.
“Yes, Liz, that is correct. Do you know why that is?”
Louis sighed.
“Here we go…” He had heard it all the night before while the girl was ranting.
“Hush you,” She quieted her boyfriend. “I’m sex deprived because I share an apartment with Spencer Tucker, and do you know what Spencer Tucker likes?”
Spencer shook her head.
“What does Spencer Tucker like?” Emery asked slowly.
“Spencer Tucker likes Liam Payne. Are you all aware of what Liam Payne’s nick-name is?”
“Daddy Direction…”
“Exactly, Daddy fucking Direction, and do you know what Daddy Direction is?”
Liz sighed, shaking her head.
“What is Daddy Direction?”
“Daddy Direction is a mother fucking cock block! So there! Sex deprived Ash equals extremely pissy Ash.” She stated, making faces at everyone in the van. “So there! Fuck you Liam.”
Liam was laughing lightly until Spencer elbowed him in the ribs.
“If it makes Ash feel any better, Ash had gotten way more ass than Spencer has.” Spencer stated. “Cause Spencer is sex deprived as fuck.”
“You hear that Daddy Direction? Stop cock-blocking and start Spencer rocking.” Ash snapped.
Liam’s mouth literally dropped before the car filled with laughter. The only people laughing were Ash and Liam. Ash was being serious, and Liam was extremely embarrassed.
“How about we all stop talking about ourselves in third person?” Roxie sighed. “Because this girl is getting rather annoyed by it,”
“Whatever,” Ash mumbled, crossing her arms.
“So…Alternative Press…” Emery trailed off, trying to change the mood of the van. It had gone slightly awkward after Ash’s rant.
Zayn chuckled at his girlfriend.
“Calm down, love. We will arrive when we do.”
Emery rolled her eyes at her boyfriend.
“I love you Zayn, but no.”
“I’m just trying to prove a point.”
“Don’t,” She winked.
“We’re stopping!” Liz shouted again.
Niall capped his hands over his ears when she did so. He couldn’t handle her excitement this early after he had just woken up. The other boys were pretty much in the same predicament, considering that their girlfriends were going crazy as well. They were relieved the second that the van pulled to a stop. The girls jumped out as quickly as possible. Ash was the only girl to stay behind, groaning about the interview instead of being excited.
One Direction followed the girls per usual while they weaved their way through the building to get to the interview. The girls greeted three, younger-looking men, with warm smiles and tired eyes. It looked like had just woken up themselves. They all got situated. There were no cameras, only tape recorders. One man had a stack of papers, possibly full of questions.
“Reckless Little Hearts, it’s been a long time,”
The girls laughed and nodded. Liz even threw in a quick greeting their way.
“We’re going right into the interview, and we have three questions that are from the fans instead of from us,”
“Okay,” Roxie smiled.
“You have been on the road for a while now. Your last album, Home Is Where The Heart Isn’t, debut a little over a year ago. Can you tell us a little information on the new album?”
The girls turned toward Roxie.
“On our last album we were rather young, and kind of in a bad place. Most of our lyrics were written when we were dealing with drugs and depression. That album was so dark, lyrics-wise. We were kind of finding out exactly who we were, who we are now, and we were writing about our families. We really didn’t have any heart-break to go through with our boyfriends. The only person who had a boyfriend at the time was Emery, and they broke up quickly.” She paused to laugh lightly. “So, this album is definitely going to be different. It’s grittier than the last.”
“We played around a lot with our sound,” Ash jumped in. “Like, Spencer and I were writing a lot. I was messing around with some chords, and Emery came into the studio to lay down some bass. She just kind of stopped and was like ‘how about we do a ridiculous guitar rift right there’. So that’s basically what we did. I went in, and we just messed around. We ended up with something that’s different, but definitely us.”
“This record was intense to play on,” Liz laughed. “Between Emery and Ash, the guitar geniuses, I was like ‘slow the fuck down!’, ya know? It was definitely worth it.”
“We also started to change up the way I used my vocals. There is definitely less screaming on the new record, but it’s still there. It’s just not in every song. For most metalcore bands, they only last for very long. The strain on the chords can be minimized by certain vocal exercises, but it’s not enough. You can’t go on a tour for three months, take a break to record, and go back on tour another four months. It’s so hard to do that to yourself. That’s what we did with the last one, and it worked for that album. But this is a totally different one.”
“Why did you decide to call the new album Poisoned Hearts?”
“Well there’s a lot of heart break on the new album to be honest.” Emery shrugged.
“We have a track, the second one, titled Poisoned Hearts, and it just kind of seemed like a no-brainer to call it that.” Liz sighed.
“It was pretty much our favorite track on the new album too,” Roxie added with a small wink.
“You ladies get a lot of comparisons to bands like The District, Tonight Alive, and Paramore. All of those bands have like huge success in this genre of music. You’re between the ages of eighteen and twenty. How in the world do you take that pressure to be like those bands?”
“Its simple- we don’t. We don’t compare ourselves to others bands, because they’re not us. We can’t sit there and compare our stuff to that of Paramore simply because it’s their music. Our sound is different than their sound. We don’t have the same lyrics, and we’ve been put in different situations. If you compare yourself as an artist to other artist, it’s not true art. You get caught up in what people think and trying to be too different that your stuff ends up sucking ass instead. We, as a band, try to stay away from the gossip about comparisons. It does Reckless Little Hearts no good to compare ourselves to The District, Tonight Alive or Paramore.” Emery spoke. “Why would we put ourselves through that? I’m not hating on those bands, we all love them-”
“We do,” Ash nodded.
“Love me some Karma,” Spencer lightly joked.
“-But we’re not them,” Emery concluded.
The man nodded.
“Well spoken.” He stated. “So I have to ask about the buzz around this tour with One Direction, who are in the room right now.” He spoke toward the voice recorders. “The tour is called The Poisoned Hearts Tour, ode to the new album. You’re not doing arenas. Why not?”
“We can’t sell out arenas.” Liz sighed, making them laugh. “Just kidding.”
“We wanted to stay true to who we are as a band. That includes standing room, cramped, venues.” Ash winked.
“How are your fans different from One Direction fans?”
“Our fans are mostly guys!” Roxie laughed. “Believe it or not, we draw in the fellas.”
“It’s funny for us,” Spencer spoke next. “Going into this thing we were pretty much banking on girls liking us better than boys, but they totally surprised us. I’m not hating on our girls fans, they’re fucking rad, but our boys out-weight them by a lot.”
“They totally are into the music, and not just our looks.” Emery stated. “It’s nice actually,”
“Some of them even make signs!” Ash laughed. “Like, legit posters for us, and I’m like ‘What the fuck is this’.”
“I love reading them while I’m singing.” Spencer added. “Most of them are like ‘Fuck me, Roxie!’. There are quite a few for Emery too.”
“None for you?”
“Nope,” Spencer shrugged. “I’m too scary.”
“She’s lying.” Liz laughed. “We get pretty much a fair share.”
“There’s some like rumors going around that you have attended prom’s with some fans. Is that correct?”
The girls collectively laughed.
“That’s actually true,” Emery nodded. “We never got to go to our actual prom, so like this fan was totally cool. He came up to us, and was like ‘Liz, will you go to prom with me?’.”
“I told him that I would go if and only if he got four of his friends to take the rest of the girls. Within like five minutes, he had his friends on the phone, asking us to go with them. So we got his twitter and facebook accounts. We direct messaged and emailed a lot until it was actually time for his prom. Then we just all met up, and we were their prom dates.”
“Man, I would have loved to have at least one of you as my prom date!”
“That’s not the only prom we went to with fans either.” Roxie smiled.
“We went to that same guy’s Senior Prom also.” Liz pointed out.
“And we went to another fan’s prom.” Spencer added. “We love our fans, so that was something we could do for them.”
“That’s sweet. Okay, that’s all the questions I have for you guys.”
“Awe!” Liz pouted.

“Thank you,” Ash smiled before he hugged all of the girls. The guys with the tape recorders hugged them also before the interviewers left the venue. As soon as they were out of sight, and gone, the bands were allowed to finally relax. “I never thought it would end!”
Louis laughed, standing in front of his girlfriend.
“Come on, love.”
“Where are we going?” She whined.
“No where special,” He winked playfully.
“Sex? Please tell me you mean sex?” She practically begged.
Harry laughed, making the couple look over at him.
“Don’t keep the girl waiting, Lou.”
Louis gave Harry a mean face before walking away with his girlfriend.
“I’m going to score!” She called back over her shoulder, causing the rest of them to laugh.

“Zaynnnnnn?” Emery batted her eyelashes at her boyfriend.
He raised an eyebrow at her
“Will you please tell your friend to stop being all loud?” She asked playfully.
Zayn playfully elbowed Niall in the side. The couples were on a group date. It was odd for them to be spending so much time together. Normally the boys time would be split between the other three or each other. Ever since being in the relationships, the two boys spent the most time together. It was simply easier. They loved their alone time, but they also enjoyed double dating. The paparazzi had doubled, but it was easier to handle between the four of them.
“Oi! That hurt!” Niall pouted after swallowing some of his food.
“You were eating kinda loud, Nialler,” Liz laughed.
“I was not!”
“You totally were!” Emery countered just as playfully.
“I was not, was I Zayn?” Niall pouted.
Zayn smirked before crossing his arms.
“What do you think, Niall?”
Niall made a face at him.
“You’re not nice!” He claimed. “In-N-Out is nice though,” He commented.
Liz rolled her eyes widely at the boy.
“I told you,”
“You did.” He nodded.
Zayn reached across the table for his girlfriend’s hand. Emery smiled widely, and laced their fingers together happily. She was glad to finally being with him after a month long break. She didn’t expect to miss someone so much in her life, but she really missed Zayn. He became a big part of her daily life. She got to spend more time with him than she would have if they were on separate tours. Their tour starts the next night.
“Do you think that the paparazzi will go down?” Zayn questioned the other three at the table.
“Babe, you’re lucky you’re not being mobbed by teenage girls right now.” Emery smiled. “In-N-Out is a pretty popular place to eat.”
“Then two members from One Direction come and…bam!” Liz clapped, causing everyone to jump at the sudden movement. “Again, you’re lucky.”
“And here I was thinking that we would actually get to run away from rabid fans. They’re pretty crazy,” Emery sighed slightly.
“Especially in America….” Liz sang playfully, causing the other’s to laugh.
“What kind of stand up venues are we playing at?” Niall asked, changing the subject.
“Pretty big ones,” Liz replied. “They’re smaller than your arenas, but the stand will be big enough for the five of you to do what you guys do.”
“That’s good. Liam was freaking out over it,” Zayn rolled his eyes. “No offense, but this place is kinda getting on my nerves.”
“How so?”
“I’d rather just spend some time at your apartment, ya know?” He asked, looking only at Emery. “Just spend some down-time with my favorite bird,”
Emery practically swooned at his accent. She loved when he spoke to her, or just spoke in general. His accent was the hottest thing on the earth to Emery. It was nice to hear him. Zayn was soft spoken a lot of the time, but the lad could be a right handful when he really wanted to be. Emery adored that about him. She loved that his personality was one that she easily meshed with. She adored the boy with all of her heart. She wouldn’t say loved, yet. They had been a couple for four months. She was serious about her relationships.
“Why are we still sitting here?” She joked.
“Because we’re still eating!” Liz laughed.
“Let us out, mate. We’re going to head back to her flat.”
Emery giggled.
“I love how you say flat instead of apartment.” She winked, grabbing his hand. “You guys can get back, right?”
“Yeah,” Niall nodded before taking another fry into his mouth.
Liz rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. He had a never-ending stomach. She loved food almost as much as he did, but she had no idea where the boy put it all.


“Hey I just met you! And this is crazy! But here’s my number! So call me maybe!” Ash and Roxie sang at the top of their lungs while Ash drove. Harry and Louis casually sat in the back of her car while the girl drove to the nearest theatre. They decided to make them have a casual-ish friends outing. Of course for Louis and Ash it was a date, but Harry and Roxie were there to make it look more like a hang out session than anything else.
“This song…” Harry sighed, shaking his head.
“Is freaking awesome!” Roxie turned around to yell at the boys in the back.
“Never said that it wasn’t, Blondie,” Louis laughed playfully.
“Whatever!” Ash yelled from the front, turning into the theatre’s parking lot quickly.
“Ash! Don’t kill us!”
“No backseat driving, Rox.” Ash playfully winked before pulling into a parking space.
“What film are we going to see?” Louis asked, poking his head more toward the front.
“I really wanted to see Magic Mike myself…” Roxie trailed off.
“Aye,” Ash sighed. “Those boys can go naked all they want too.”
“We’re not seeing that one,” Harry laughed. “Sorry, but no.”
“Fine,” Roxie pouted, crossing her arms over her chest.
“How about we watch Rock of Ages?” Ash reasoned.
Louis smiled, accepting the answer.
“Good, now break!” Roxie playfully laughed.
The four of them got out of their cars, and headed toward the ticket booth. Louis paid for all four tickets. Harry paid for the popcorn and drinks for all of them. The girls would be lying if they said that girls weren’t staring. Of course girls were ogling at their ‘dates’. They were sure that the girls had over-looked them. More than likely, the girls would think that Harry and Louis were here together.
Ash had to force herself from grabbing her boyfriend’s hand a few times before they were in the comforts of the dark theatre. Roxie kept teasing the dark-haired girl about it while the boys stood in front of them getting popcorn. Being the way that she is, Ash rolled her eyes and walked into the theatre anyway. Roxie sighed before following her friend into the room. She found her quickly, and looked down at her.
“Please don’t sit next to me if you actually want to watch the movie,”
Roxie laughed.
“Do you think I actually plan on watching the movie?” She asked her friend. “If you didn’t recall, I’m a little Louis deprived.”
“Didn’t you guys take care of that earlier?”
“Yes, now go!” Ash begged. “I’m begging you. Allow me to be a horny teenager for once? I just want to make out with my man in a dark theatre without anyone saying anything about it!”
“Okay,” Roxie laughed. “Have fun…”
Ash rolled her eyes at the blonde before the girl walked back up the isle. She was going to go out to the lobby, and tell the boys what was going on. However, Louis passed her with a confused expression. The blonde didn’t say anything to Harry. She grabbed his hand, and lead him toward the very back, very dark, part of the theatre. He didn’t question it though. He could have pretty much guessed that this was going to happen.
Harry didn’t say anything when Roxie gripped his shirt tighter in her hands. He didn’t question it when the blonde pressed a slow, sinful kiss to his full lips. In fact, Harry welcomed the kiss happily. He allowed the blonde girl to kiss him while they sat down in the theatre. The previews were about to start, but they had the entire back row to themselves. They were grateful for that, for Harry had missed Roxie in more ways than one.


Something thrilled Liam Payne every time he kissed the girl he now called his girlfriend. It was different; exciting. He liked the feelings that rushed through his body. The younger girl being pressed beneath him, and letting him take control made him feel slightly proud. He knew that the girl was a little wild, everyone did. For him to be the one that she had loved meant the world to Liam, even if they had to hide that love from every one.
It probably shouldn’t have surprised him when she found his sweet spot on his neck rather quickly. The girl wasted no time in giving him love bites. It didn’t hurt him too bad, but instead it made his body shiver in delight. Spencer pushed the boy off of her and to the side before straddling his waste. Liam tried to concentrate, he really did, but he couldn’t. There was no way that he could make a clear thought go through his head while Spencer was doing that.
Liam had been a little shy about doing some not-so-innocent things with Spencer. He didn’t want to take things too fast, but he also wanted to do those not-so-innocent things with her. He had obviously been physically attracted to the girl since the drunken night when he had been placing love-bites all over her body. Now he was doing the same, just a little differently. This time, the girl was littering an generous amount on his body as well. Liam wasn’t complaining.
“Okay…air,” She laughed lightly while the boy kept trailing kisses over her bare body. She ran her hands through his perfectly placed hair.
“Sorry,” He mumbled against her skin.
The girl tugged on his head, bringing his lips back to hers. They let their lips mesh perfectly. Spencer didn’t try to take control of the kiss. For once, she was perfectly fine with Liam’s gentle touch leading the way. She let his tongue win the almost non-excitant battle. They were enjoying themselves in their kisses. She couldn’t help but stare as the boy pushed himself off of her long enough to tear off his shirt.
“Why in the Hell are you allowed to own shirts?!” She lightly joked.
“I could ask you the same thing,” The Brit joked.
Spencer faked a gasp.
“That’s not very Daddy Direction-like.”
“Neither is any of this. Look at what you’re doing to me!” He joked before pressing his lips to hers again. “Are you sure you really want to?”
“Spencer, I mean seriously.” He paused kissing her. “We’re about to go too far, and I just want to make sure.”
“Yes, I’m sure,” She smiled, pressing another kiss to his lips. She slowly wiggled his boxers down his legs.
“I really want you to.”
“Liam!” She sighed. “I really want to, I do. Please don’t make this about making sure I want to. If you don’t want to, then don’t.”
Liam smiled at his girlfriend.
“I want to.”
“Yeah,” He nodded his head.
“Okay,” She laughed, wrapping her arms and legs around the British boy.
Between the next two hours, the two spent entangled with each other. They took breaks to just rest and kiss, but soon enough they were at it again. The pair even decided to take a shower together, but that ended up in some extra bruises and very tired limbs. They playfully washed each other’s bodies, and Liam blow-died her hair before doing his own. Spencer kept herself wrapped up in her towel while she sat down on the bathroom counter. Liam gave her one of his shirts that was way too big for her.
Unluckily for the two of them, the rest of the big group had arrived back into her flat. Eyes turned to them as they exited her bathroom with flirty looks, and traveling hands. Liam blushed brighter than his shameless girlfriends. He excused himself from the group, she quickly followed. She gripped his hand tightly, and gave him a pointed look. He dug in her drawer to toss her some shorts. He himself made sure that he had someone on his bottom half other than his pants. The boy put on some gym shorts, but the girl stopped him from wearing a shirt.
“Well, looks like Liam actually took my advice,” Ash smirked in the couple’s direction that were cuddled up beside an equally loved-up Emery and Zayn.
“What do you mean?” Roxie laughed.
“Do we really want to know?” Niall raised an eyebrow in her direction.
Louis squeezed the girl closer to his chest.
“Daddy Direction got to Spencer rockin’.”
Liam’s face looked like it was on fire, because it was so red.
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