Sequel: American Candy
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The Reckless and the Brave


“So….marry me?”
Spencer’s world stopped turning. She quickly looked up from her plate of French fries to see Liam. He was smiling widely at the girl, and well his face showed nothing of being nervous. She wanted for him to be joking, she would beg, but in her heart she knew that he wasn’t. At first Spencer just stared at him. As the time went on, and the paps took more photos, Liam started to get antsy. The way that his eyes started to move from her face to outside, and back to the girl again.
“E-excuse me,”
Liam sighed before slightly laughing.
“Marry me, Spencer?”
He reached over the table, gripping Spencer’s hand in his. He smiled that stupid smile, and just watched the ombŕe haired girl. He rubbed his thumb softly against her hand as he again waited for the answer.
“I…uh…yeah,” She nodded, shell shocked. “That’s um…that’s a good idea,”
“Good, because this would’ve been really embarrassing if you said no,” He laughed, reaching into his pocket.
Spencer’s brows furrowed.
“You have a ring?”
“It would’ve been a bit weird if I didn’t,” He stated. “I love you so much, more than I’ve loved anyone else. I hope you know that. I’m proper foolish for doing this I’m sure. But I love you, and it’s worth it.
“Shut up,” She blushed, looking down at their hands. She wanted to keep her eyes off of her boyfriend’s face, but he untwined their hands to slip the ring on her left ring finger. “I don’t even want to look at it,”
“Come on now,” Liam chuckled. “Please?”
Spencer didn’t respond right away, but then she did.
“You’re too perfect. You know that right?”
“I try to be the best,”
“Still….” She trailed off, taking a peak at the ring. “Holy fuck,”
“It’s nothing,”
Spencer looked up at Liam just to see him beaming at her.
“Shut up!”
“Just accept the ring,”
“Liam!” She squeaked. “This is…take it back. I don’t want it.”
“You’re being ridiculous, beautiful girl,”
The simple proposal wasn’t exactly screaming an engagement, but the girl now had a ring to prove that they weren’t just dating anymore. Liam was serious about her. The girl couldn’t believe it. She was engaged. Spencer Tucker had a freaking ring from someone who cared more about her than anyone else did in her world. She had someone to call all her own, and someone who wasn’t going to leave her because he simply got bored. Liam was there for the long run, and well, that warmed her heart.
As the young couple left a restaurant in Times Square, she wrapped gripped Liam’s hand tightly, and held onto his arm with the other hand. She didn’t care how many people were photographing them. Liam had to push their way through them. This was a huge development in their lives, according to the news stations around the world. Liam Payne is in One Direction, and dating someone new was definitely news worthy. Dating Spencer Tucker was risky, and the public definitely agreed.
“Are you ready to be the boy-band member who’s making the biggest mistake of his life?” Spencer playfully joked.
Liam rolled his eyes, placing a kiss on the top of her head. The girl smiled at the ground and more pictures were taken of the couple. The paparazzi had seemed to double since going out with Kellin, but Spencer didn’t care. She didn’t care because she had never felt more sure of something in her life. Liam gripped her hand tightly, keeping her close. Liam knew what to do without having to really think over it. They were in sync. They had been in sync since they had started dating each other.
“You’re never a mistake,” He replied softly, pressing along and hailing a cab like a pro.

“A bit,” Liam nodded.
“Just be yourself,” Spencer encouraged, looking at her now fiancé. “She’s going to love you.”
“Should we go in?” Liam questioned, looking up at the apartment building. “Might she be expecting us?”
Spencer laughed.
“Probably,” She agreed, leading the way. “I can’t wait to tell her,”
Liam smiled at his bird as she punched in the code that got them into the apartment building. The desk man seemed to know exactly who she was. He gave a weary nod, she returned it, as the two of them passed him. Spencer was practically bouncing as they rode the lift to her Aunt’s apartment. Liam shook his head and smiled at the girl. She was just so happy, and he was the one to put that smile there. It made his heart flutter.
Earlier that day, Spencer had warned her Aunt that she was coming to visit her to introduce Liam. It was huge, and her Aunt understood that the instant that Spencer spoke about him. Since her aunt hadn’t moved in five years, Spencer still had a key to her place. She often would just unlock the door, and announce herself. Of course, she would let her aunt know that she was coming beforehand so that she wasn’t surprised when she came in.
Spencer pressed her lips to Liam’s quickly before slipping the key into the door knob.
“Aunt Crystal?” Spencer called out, pulling her fiancé along behind her. Spencer furrowed her brows a she heard other voices coming from the living room. She stole a glance at the British man behind her. He gave her a concerned, confused look before nodding. The girl turned around, walking into the living room. The girl stopped instantly. Liam was confused, but also came to a halt next to the girl. In front of them sat two women. One of the women had dark, nearly black hair with a small smile and a refined way of dressing. She wore nice pants, a cute tunic-type shirt and her hair was long flowing over her back. She looked up at Spencer and smiled widely.
“Hey sweetie,”
Spencer stayed frozen, looking at the other woman. Liam noticed that the two looked a whole lot alike, almost like sisters. The other was wearing jeans, a longer sleeve shirt, and a pair of older looking pair of ballet flats, although they were still in great shape. She had shorter, lighter hair. She had wrinkles, but she was beautiful. She looked to be the older of the two women. Yet there was something about her that seemed so familiar to Liam,even if he had never seen her before in his life. Her worn-out smile not quite reached her eyes.
“Who’s this?” Spencer asked softly, as if not trusting her voice.
“Sweetie,” The dark-haired one stood up. “How’s tour,”
“Aunt Crystal…” She warned, looking at the woman fully in the eyes.
“This must be Liam,” She pushed on. She looked at the boy who’s hair was shaved, but definitely growing back a lot, and reached forward. “I’m Crystal Long,”
Liam looked at his fiancé before looking back at the woman in front of him. He gripped her hand, but she pulled him in for a hug.
“Liam Payne,” He mumbled as she pulled back, standing in front of Spencer.
Spencer’s Aunt Crystal went in for a hug, but Spencer stepped back rather quickly. She clenched her jaw, looking right at her aunt before she finally spoke again.
Who is this?”
“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t recognize me,” The other woman spoke up, causing the three of them to turn their attention toward her. “All of my memory has been erased.”
“Get the fuck out of here,” Spencer spoke.
“Spencer!” Crystal gasped. “You can’t talk to family that way,”
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“What family? The last bit of my family left me nearly five years ago.”
The blonde woman looked down at her hands.
“I guess I deserve that,”
“Yeah, you do.” Spencer spat. “Where in the hell have you been?”
“It’s a long story,”
“I’m your fucking daughter. I believe that I deserve an explanation.”
Liam’s hand was suddenly wrapped around her waist, pulling her into his side. Spencer gripped onto his shirt for nearly dear life. She wanted to curl up into his side, and hide there forever. Then she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. This woman sitting ten feet from them caused Spencer so much pain.
“You’re right,” She spoke softly. “Your father and I ended up somewhere in Arizona around ten years ago. After a really bad drug deal, he went one way and I ran the other. I heard later that he got captured in Phoenix, and I wasn’t caught until I got to Maryland. I’ve been in jail for a while. I went back to our house in Brooklyn five years ago, but you weren’t there. No one would tell me either. Most of our old neighbors refused to give out information,”
“He’s dead.” She spat. “John’s fucking dead, and you weren’t there to care! You didn’t care enough to even stay with us let alone care that your son isn’t even alive anymore!”
Spencer’s mom, Wendy, looked down at her crossed hands before looking back up at her daughter.
“I’m sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I am,” She spoke. “I’ve been living with Crystal for the past year,”
“I hate you,” Spencer spoke, then turned to look at her Aunt. “I can’t believe you,”
“She’s my older sister, Spencer,” Her aunt spoke. “I couldn’t let her stay out there like that. She was a much safer in here than she was out there,”
“I understand that you hate me…”
Spencer started to shake her head.
“You’re not allowed to do that to me,” She nearly whispered. “Because of what you and dad did, I wasn’t able to have a real relationship with Aunt Crystal. I couldn’t fucking be around her! Neither could John! I moved out when I was fifteen,”
“You’re so grown up,” Her mom spoke, standing up. “Look at you…”
Spencer shook her head.
“I came to introduce Liam to Aunt Crystal. We’re engaged,”
“You’re eighteen,”
“He’s the only person that I’ve ever loved this much,”
“You’re too young,”
“And I’m legally an adult.” She snapped right back. “Maybe I’ll see you later tonight at the show, but don’t bring her if you do show up,” She stated to her aunt before she was dragging Liam toward the door. The girl got to the archway before nearly crumbling. Liam grabbed her, leading her out of the apartment building. They didn’t make it to the door before Spencer wrapped her arms around his torso, and sobbed into his chest.
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