Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave


“Mother fucking paparazzi,” Spencer muttered to Liam as they walked into a gas station together. Sure the simple outing would probably cause dating rumors, and Simon told them to stay out of the public eye together. However, the young couple didn’t care. Emery and Zayn had already made it into the small store to grab some sweets. They were car pooling toward Simon’s LA office, and then they were off for tour. The rest of the band members were driving with Roxie and Liz in their own respective cars.
The girls simply weren’t dressed to be spotted today. The dark and auburn haired girls had all of their hair piled up on the top of their heads in messy buns. Emery dawned one of Zayn’s old, and well known, t-shirts and some pajama bottoms. Spencer wore a Jac Vanek tank top with some of Liam’s gym shorts, but no one knew that. The girls simply did not feel up to actually wearing clothes on the way to see Simon. The girls, and boys, didn’t want the paparazzi following them around at the moment. They didn’t exactly expect to be followed to a gas station. That had never happened to them before, but now they were being crowded around.
“I’m sorry,” Liam apologized to his girlfriend. He wanted nothing more than to grab her hand and pull her close to him. This was a new experience for him. He hadn’t really been to a gas station that much on their previous tour. They had no need for it as the boys didn’t drive in America. However, their counterparts clearly did. Liam and Spencer quickly made it to the door, in which he opened for her. The couple easily found Emery picking out all of her favorite candy. Zayn already had some drinks in his arms, and his girlfriend kept pilling him full. “Got a load there,”
Emery waved her hand in a dismissive fashion before walking up to Spencer. She smiled and handed the girl some Reese’s Peanut Buttercups.
“For you, babe,”
“Thanks,” Spencer smiled sadly. “It’s insane out there,”
Emery nodded.
“The more time you spend with the boys, the more used to it you get,”
“Words of wisdom,” Spencer laughed. “You and Zayn deal with that?”
The dark-haired girl nodded sadly.
“It’s kind of horrible. On our dates, we’re never really alone.” She sighed. “I think that from now on they are going to have to be either at home, in a hotel, or we will go undercover,”
Spencer laughed.
“We should have an undercover double date.”
“Yes!” The girl nearly yelled, high-fiving the other girl. “I like the way that you think, darling.”
“Me too,” Liam laughed, placing a comforting hand on his girlfriend’s shoulder.
“Can we stop standing around? These are kind of heavy.”
Emery winked at her boyfriend before playfully messing his with fallen hair. He hadn’t bothered to actually fix it how he normally would. Liam was nearly the same way. The other British boy stuffed a black beanie over his head, something he normally didn’t do. They walked up to the counter, and Zayn paid for everything his girlfriend got. Liam gently took the Reese’s from Spencer’s hand. They wanted to hug and be playful with one another, but they couldn’t. Once the other two were gone, the girl paid for gas before she could pump it.
They all ran out of the store and toward Spencer’s car. Liam offered to actually get the gas for her, and the girl gratefully accepted his offer. The three in the car enjoyed their chocolate and sugar-filled drinks. Liam looked around awkwardly as he stood outside of the car. He wanted to know how the paparazzi would even know that they were here. It’s like they had this kind of radar to spot them. It simply wasn’t fair.
“Ready?” Spencer playfully asked as he slipped into the passenger seat of his car. He nodded and Zayn handed the boy some water, and his own candy. Spencer drove off toward the studio where they were supposed to meet Simon. The girl pulled into her parking spot and they all jumped out quickly. They got into the meeting room, and the rest of the members were all standing around with Simon.
“You’re late,”
“No, we’re on time,” Emery argued. “Everyone else is early, Simon.”
“Whatever the case may be, you lot are the last ones to arrive.”
“Sorry, we had a little run-in with the paparazzi when Spencer stopped to get gas.” Zayn explained.
Simone pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Were you spotted together?”
“Yeah…” Liam answered slowly. “But I don’t think that it would really cause dating rumors.”
“Liam, dating rumors start simply because of a tweet to someone else. Do you think that since you were stopped with your actual girlfriend that they will lay off?”
Liam sighed.
“I suppose not.”
“It won’t happen again, Simon.” Emery promised.
“Roxie,” Simon addressed the blonde girl.
She looked over at him.
“Please make sure that Liam isn’t seen with Spencer out in public again on tour. I don’t want dating rumors exploding between the two.”
“What do you want me to do?” She sighed. “It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong.”
“Yes but it is bad press.” Simon stated. “Spencer’s latest antics with a certain member of another metalcore band seem to have made One Direction fans angry,”
“That’s not even fair.” She sighed.
“Life isn’t fair. As I said, keep a careful eye on them,” He stated toward Roxie.
“What about I go out with them?” Ash interrupted. “That way they could actually go out and I would be a third wheel.”
“No public outings period. I’m laying down the law.” The older man stated, bringing the room silent again. “Now, please obey me. If you don’t-”
“We got it.” Emery stated.
“Can we please move on from this before we all get mad?” Liz sighed. “We kind of have a show to prep for tonight,”
“Right,” Simon sat down on the edge of his desk. “A few ground rules and you will be off. First of all you will get a similar tour as the one you had for the European tour. The boys will have bigger scale interviews and radio stations to play.”
“Naturally,” Roxie rolled her eyes.
“I’m sure you girls will be interviewed quite a lot by your normal people. Roxie’s in charge of that portion. There will be no drinking, publically, on this tour do you understand. We can’t have another almost law suite against the five of you girls. I don’t even want to know how you get a hold of alcohol when you’re so underage. It’s none of my business. Be careful with whom you are seen with.” He spoke to the group. “You lot are under a microscope.”
Roxie nodded, wrapping an arm around Liz’s shoulders.
“We will be okay, Simon. There’s no need to worry about us,”
“That’s what you said last time,” Simon sighed. “That is why Reckless Little Hearts is getting a tour manager.”
“But that’s my job!” Emery nearly shouted. “Come on, Simon. We’re not going to make the same mistake twice.”
“That’s what Ash said about her first bar fight.” The man stated, looking even older than he really is. “You have made a lot of negative headlines in the past two and a half years. I believe that I’ve let it go on for way to long. Inga will be joining your tour.”
“Why?” Ash sighed. “Inga is a wonderful stylist but is she equipped enough to really handle us?”
Simon nodded.
“She has been prepping for the last month. She knows your schedule better than you do.” Simon said.
As if on cue, the tall, blonde girl with Swedish decent waltzed into the room. She was wearing a tight, form-fitting, pencil skirt with a buttoned, white blouse. Her blonde locks were twisted up into a lower bun. Her glasses were small, and stylish. She looked like she stepped right out of a cheesy soap opera where she played the sexy secretary. Sure Inga was nice enough to be around, but not every day. She put on a wide smile that made all of Reckless Little Hearts share the same look. Inga wasn’t a bad girl, but she wasn’t exactly being modest with her…assets.
“I’m so excited to work with you girls,” She smiled her white, perfect smile at the five of them. “As well as the boys,”
“Inga is a wonderful assistant. She will make sure that everything goes correctly. If there are dating rumors, it’s her job to fix it.” Simon stated, looking down at his watch. “I have another meeting to attend to. Get to know Inga a little better boys, and your tour bus is at the venue already.”
Simon was gone in a matter of seconds. The girls of RLH all looked between themselves, Inga, to the boys, and back down at their own clothes.
“Oh hell no!” Liz was the first to state, taking the attention of the room.
“I second that,” Ash crossed her arms. “There’s no way in Hell that you’re going on tour with us.”
“Ash!” Louis hissed.
“What?!” She retorted to her boyfriend.
“She seems nice,” Zayn shrugged.
Emery smacked her boyfriend upside of his head. He winced in pain.
“I’m not sure I understand what the problem is,” Inga looked around like an innocent girl.
“Oh cut the shit.” Roxie stated. “We weren’t born yesterday,”
“Excuse me?” She looked appalled.
Spencer was about to open her mouth but Liam knew something not-so-nice was about to come out of her mouth. The British boy slapped his hand over his girlfriend’s mouth. Inga looked between the girls and the boys of the group.
“Ignore them,” Liam smiled sweetly at her. “They haven’t gotten lots of sleep or coffee. Could you go make their usual runs for me, babe?”
Inga smiled that annoyingly sweet smile before she headed off the way that she came. Spencer, being Spencer, lifted her foot and stomped down hard on Liam’s own. He let go of her mouth rather quickly in favor of his throbbing foot. He hobbled over to the couch. They could tell how fucking mad he was at his girlfriend. Liam Payne had two extremes; really nice or really mean. There really isn’t any in-between for him.
“That Swedish whore!” Emery groaned.
“You’d think she was going to a slut convention!” Liz added.
Spencer crossed her arms.
“Let’s cut all that slut muffin’s hair off.”
“You will do no such thing,” Roxie sighed. “Besides….I’d rather run her over.”
“Yes!” Ash nodded. “I’ll be the one to drive over her with the tour bus.”
“And we can tie her down!” Liz joked.
“Why would do want to do that?” Niall spoke, looking confused.
“She looked like a grade A skank-bag.” Emery answered. “Did you see the way she was displaying herself?”
“Not really,” Louis laughed. “But she had a nice body.”
Ash’s mouth dropped.
“Excuse me?”
“Uh…” Louis trailed off, just realizing that he said the wrong thing. “I’m sorry?”
“Mmhmm…sleep with one eye open.” She warned her boyfriend.
Liam, now calmed down from Spencer’s attack, slowly walked back over to the group.
“You girls are overreacting.”
“He didn’t just say that,” Spencer shook her head.
“I think he did.” Roxie nodded. “Let’s tie him up and feed him to the rabid raccoons.”
“I think I like that idea,” Spencer nodded in agreement before glaring at her boyfriend.
Liam was slightly taken back. Spencer hadn’t given him that look since the beginning of the last tour. The last time he saw that glare, the girl looked like she wanted to actually kill him. He would be lying if he said that it didn’t scare him. He was rather confused about the whole, entire thing. The other boys were pretty much in the same boat, except for Harry. He rolled his eyes at their stupidity. His friends didn’t seem to understand that Inga wasn’t exactly being modest. She was rather flaunting herself to the boys. That action made the girls made.
“Can you please tell us what’s going on?” Zayn sighed, looking at his girlfriend. “Please?”
“Girls basically have a sixth sense. We also are equipped with an slut radar. It’s not hard to see what she was basically trying to do.” Roxie tried her best to explain.
“So in other words, the new girl is flaunting her shit,” Emery crossed her arms.
“Yes?” Liam furrowed his brows.
It was Spencer’s turn to smack her boyfriend upside his head.
“She’s trying to get in your pants, dumbass!” She retorted while shaking her head. “Men.”
“They’re oblivious and bind.” Liz concluded. “Come on, dipshits. We’ve got a venue to get to.”
About that time, Inga walked back into the tension filled room with coffee for the girls. They all grabbed their respective drinks without another word to her or the boys. One Direction offered kind smiles, in Harry’s case a wink instead, before wordlessly following their counterparts out of the meeting room. It seemed as if they were already in the dog house, and they hadn’t really done anything wrong. The boy didn’t realize that looking at other girls, or ones deemed skank-bag, was unacceptable. They had a lot to learn, they figured out really quickly.

Emery looked down at herself before turning toward the rest of her band-mates. They all looked like they had the same expressions on their face as she did. Emery knew that bringing on Inga was one of the biggest mistakes Simon has ever made with the all-girl band. Tours got bad enough if they spent too much time together, that’s way the opted in favor of the boys instead of each other. There is only so much girl drama one girl can take. Having five girls in a band had never been easy for the girls, but adding a next to total stranger in the mix made them uncomfortable. Inga was going to cause some issues, simple as that.
The shorter blonde girl with flawless skin had been the girls stylist for big events since day one. They always seemed to get along. Truth is, in the past they had. They would joke about their non-existent love lives, and the loads of hooking up each girl did. Inga even let them in on a few of her own dirty-little-secrets. She wasn’t one to hold back when a gorgeous guy in question was up for grabs. For the perfect-looking female, girlfriends didn’t matter. Maybe that was what really upset the girls in Reckless Little Hearts even more; Inga was gorgeous. She didn’t have to try hard around boys. Boys flocked to her naturally. They assumed she couldn’t harm a fly.
It’s not that the girl didn’t trust their boyfriends, they did. It’s the simple fact that they didn’t trust her. No matter what guys say, girls can ruin everything for other girls. If two girls are competing for the same guy, even if one already had him, sometimes the third party would swipe them away. A girl like Inga had experience with that many times. She gets what she wants, and breaks what she gets. She’s much like the girls in a way, but much more dangerous to be around.
“Oh good!” The girl cried happily, walking into their dressing room after running to get them some waters. “You girls look smashing.”
Emery forced a smile to her lips.
“Thanks uh… we feel a little…” She trailed off, not finding the right words to say in the situation.
We match…really well,” Ash broke the small amount of tension.
Inga’s confused look turned into a bright, annoying, smile.
“I know. Isn’t it wonderful?”
“More like ridiculous.” Roxie corrected. “We can’t go out there like this.”
“Why not?” The stylist, and now tour manager, questioned.
“We don’t match, we never have,” Liz explained.
“You match whenever I see you girls,” She argued.
“Yes, but that’s because that’s what you want.” Spencer sighed. “This…isn’t us. I mean, the outfits themselves are rockin, but all of us wearing them at the same time is overdone. Don’t you think so?”
“I thought you would look amazing on stage,” She pouted. “I guess I’ll go find you something else to wear…”
Emery shook her head some-what angrily.
“We have to be on in ten minutes. We don’t have time to finish our hair and make-up and change.”
“Oh…” Inga pretend to look some-what sad, but the girls were aware of how happy she was with herself. It was clear within her actions how she felt about the girls dressing the way that they were currently. It wasn’t their choice, but here they were obeying it anyway. They were slightly pissed how the girl got her way. “One Direction match! That makes you feel better right?”
All of the girls looked at each other before looking back at her.
“No,” They stated simultaneously.
Inga gave them a small smile before claiming that she had some sort of tour manager thing to do before rushing off. The girls tried their best to not let the girl get to them so early in tour, it was the first date, but it was hard. It was hard not to look at themselves in distain because of how this had happened. They silently vowed to never let the girl choose their clothing again. They can’t look like they stepped out of the same ad collage for an over-priced designer.
“Can I strap her onto a motorcycle, and push her off of a cliff?” Roxie asked them all.
“I’ll build the ramp.” Spencer muttered.
The girls quickly finished their hair and make-up before emerging from their dressing room. The boys had made it out of their showers and back into sweats by the time their girls had arrived on the side of the stage. The girls did their normal pre-show ritual before breaking off. Liz and Niall talked animatedly to each other about food. He promised her some take out after the show. Liz was more than expressive with how grateful she was for her boyfriend’s eating habits. Zayn, Emery, Spencer, and Liam found themselves in a small group talking about chocolate and maybe watching a movie together later on after the show in the back lounge of the bus. Roxie, Louis, Harry, and Ash all gathered around joking lightly about the Larry Stylinson rumors now that both Louis and Harry were seemingly single.
“Look, all I’m saying is that if Louis is going to have a cover up for our relationship, I’d rather him publically date Harry,” Ash tossed up her hands.
Harry wiggled his eyebrows at the couple.
“I may get a little handsy…”
“Nothing that you haven’t done before,” Louis playfully joked back to his best friend and flat-mate.
“This is very true,” He admitted.
Roxie rolled her eyes.
“You had to say something,”
Ash shrugged.
“I know that I have to share Louis with Harry. I’m just stating a simple fact.” She replied. “Hey! We all can get married one day!”
Harry and Louis stopped their playful banter to look at the girl with confused expressions.
“Marry you both?” Harry asked.
“You know like the show Sister Wives?” Ash questioned. “We can have a show called Louis Wives!”
Harry shook his head.
Louis wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.
“The coffee clearly got to her head.”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Seriously though…I love Harry too!”
“But Harry and Louis would be weird,” Harry commented.
“Okay…this conversation officially got weird,” Roxie stated.
Emery and Zayn were busy being cute together when Liam took a step closer to his girlfriend. He ran a hand through her soft bangs, ending up on her cheek. She smiled softly back at him before grabbing his free hand in both of hers. They were apologizing to each other sort of. It was the type of non-verbal communication that they had developed on such a short period of time. It wasn’t easy for either to forgive. They were very prideful people separately; together it made it worse.
“I’m sorry,” Liam broke first. “I was being a right prat.”
“No…” Spencer sighed. “You were just doing what anyone else probably should have. Maybe I was going to say some not-so-nice words to Inga.”
“You stomped on my foot too, love.” Liam sighed. “That really hurt.”
“You shouldn’t have called her a pet name, and I wouldn’t have.”
“We always call girls pet names.”
Spencer semi-glared at him.
“Not her, not anymore.” She retorted. “I swear Liam, if you call her something like that again; I will beat you. I’m not scared of you,”
Liam rolled his eyes at his girlfriend before wrapping an arm around her neck. He brought the girl close to his chest, her words were mumbled by his t-shirt. He laughed to himself before letting her pull away from him. She was pouting, making him laugh again.
“I’m sorry, what was it you were trying to say?”
“I was calling you some dirty words…fucker.”
“That’s not very nice,” He warned playfully.
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“Ever the sensible one,” She sighed. “I love you,” The girl mouthed.
“I love you, too,” Liam mouthed before pressing a long kiss to his girlfriend’s lips.
Emery hugged Zayn’s next tightly.
“You better be right here when I get off that stage, Mister.”
“And if I’m not?” He joked.
“I’ll have to hurt you,” She threatened. “But seriously, don’t move.”
“I won’t move. I promise you that, Em.” He smiled widely at her.
The girl nearly swooned. She was positive that the Bradford boy had an idea of how hot he really was. Of course Emery likes Zayn for a whole lot more, but the girl wasn’t blind. She knows how hot her boyfriend is. He has that sultry stare, and mysterious factor to him that make girls go insane. However, she soon learned that Zayn was rather open and honest. He wasn’t as mysterious as he was portrayed to be to the public.
“Girls, it’s time,”
The girls groaned before pulling away from the boys and conversations long enough to actually get their instruments. The boys looked over their girls, noticing how matching they were, and looked at each other. That normally didn’t happen. It was odd that they had basically the same thing on, just variations of colors and shoe choices. However, they didn’t play too much into. They wanted to see their girls do a full set on their own time.
The boys were enjoying the concert. The girls worked more on their show than they had on the European Tour. It had more effect on them in The States because this was their home turf. They were used to playing in these venues, and the crowd was more into their music. The boys did notice how many males filled the crowd. It seemed as if they had doubled since their set. It wasn’t really a bad thing, but the boys were now aware of the fact. They started to understand how the girls were feeling on the European Tour. The boys didn’t know if they liked this fact or not.
Reckless Little Hearts played an equal amount of their new stuff as well as previous songs. The girls wanted to introduce the crowds to their new music, but also keep the favorites from dying out. The fans enjoyed it so much. It was crazy how loud that they were. The girls noticed the massive trash pits during their sets. It surprised them a little bit, but it was funny to see. The girls got a few things thrown at them. A few of those things were some funny sexy toys, to some guy’s jock strap, and even an bra. The girls picked them up playfully; Ash even trying to put on the jock strap before tossing it back behind her toward one of the techs to put in her stuff. There was a whole lot more interaction between the songs than they had last tour.


“That was brilliant!” Louis stated excitedly to the girls as soon as they made it back to the bus. “I had never seen you ladies so happy!”
Ash shrugged, leaning into her boyfriend’s side.
“The crowd tends to help with that,” Roxie playfully winked. “There were some fine boys out there, I must say.”
“Please don’t tell me you got any phone numbers.” Liz playfully joked.
“This girl doesn’t kiss and tell,” Roxie sighed but ended up nodding. “Yeah I did, two of them actually.”
“That’s horrible!” Emery laughed, throwing a pillow at her friends head.
“What happened to sensible, Mum Roxie?” Liam asked playfully.
Roxie laughed.
“Daddy Direction happened to be on the same tour. Mommy gets a break,”
“That makes sense.” Niall laughed. “You officially are relieved of your duties.”
“I hope so,” Roxie sighed. “Being sensible is tiresome,”
Spencer pinched Liam’s sighed.
“Ow! What was that for?”
“Take notes, Li. You might learn something,” She joked, causing the rest of their friends to laugh along with her.
The girls collectively groaned at the blonde entered the lounge room where they all were currently residing.
“What?” Roxie sighed, pulling her long hair into a messy bun.
“I wanted to go over your schedule for tomorrow…”
“We know what we have. The boys have a radio interview, we have a in-store performance at Tilly’s, and then we go to do our actual show,” Roxie replied.
Inga blinked.
“Oh and you will be there, breathing down our backs, and crushing our hopes and dreams slowly…” Liz stated dramatically.
“Well…I…I don’t think of it that way…”
Emery rolled her eyes.
“Thanks anyway,” She tried her best to smile at her. “Just make sure we’re all functioning in the morning,”
The girls nodded.
“I’m going to turn in for the night,”
“Bye!” The girls called cheerfully while the boys genuinely said goodnight.
“You could be nicer,” Louis sighed. “Please?”
“Lou…” Ash whined. “She’s mean!”
“She looks harmless,” Niall shrugged.
“Oh no, not this again!” Liz stated, looking at her boyfriend. “Please just stop? You’re making it worse.”
Liam squeezed his girlfriend’s hand.
“Be nice,” He muttered loud enough for her to hear. He could practically read her mind.
Spencer cursed Liam almost playfully. He was always trying to get her to filter herself more than she had wanted. She cared about others feeling yes, but she wasn’t going to stop being honest. That’s not the way that she rolls. Liam may be her boyfriend, and they may love each other, but that doesn’t stop their personalities from clashing. The pair hated that the most about their relationship, but they couldn’t help it. They were willing to put up with one another no matter what the cost. It was worth it.
“Tonight was insane, yeah?” Harry asked, getting the groups attention from something other than Inga.
“I don’t think I’d seen so many boys.” Zayn laughed lightly. “You deal with that a lot?”
Emery nodded.
“Every night. It’s rather nice,”
“Boys are much nicer than girls. It’s a proven fact.” Liz sighed heavily. “All this talk has gotten me sleepy. I’m turning in,”
Niall smiled before following the girl wordlessly.
“I’m going to do some twitter questions.” Emery sighed. “Join me, Zayn?”
Zayn smiled and nodded before following the girl. However, unlike Niall, Zayn made sure to tell everyone goodnight. Roxie and Harry equally claimed that they wanted some rest. Once they were out of the sight of the others, they took up the back lounge, locking the door behind them. Liam and Spencer smiled at the last two, and went to their shared bunk to cuddle. That left Ash and Louis, looking at each other. Louis finally sighed, staring at her.
“I’m sorry, alright.”
“Yeah,” Ash nodded, pulling her hair to one side. “For what, exactly?”
Louis rolled his eyes.
“Oi! I’m sorry that I was being a prick. I shouldn’t have said what I did. I didn’t meant to anger you,”
“Lou…” Ash trailed off. “I care for you a lot, okay? It’s just not cool to call another girl beautiful. It’s not that I’ll get jealous, I just don’t trust her.”
“I understand,” He sighed, patting the spot next to him. “Come here, please?”
“Okay,” She caved, moving next to him to cuddle. She placed a slow kiss on the love bite she gave him a few hours prior. “Mine, and don’t you fucking forget it.”
Louis laughed.
“I won’t.”
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