Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

Like We Did (Windows Down)

“Rise and shine ladies!” Inga’s way too cheerful voice filled the bands’ tour bus. Slowly the girls started to climb out of their bunks but not without a whole lot to beating against the walls, and tugging of curtains. Inga, however, didn’t look into the bunks. The girls were definitely grateful for that one, especially. She didn’t really want to run into the perky blonde with a naked Louis beside her that early in the morning. The girls had all joined Inga in the back lounge where she had their clothes arranged for them. They all looked around, not that happy with again the matching up clothing.
The girls got dressed, too tired to complain, and followed Inga wordlessly into the front lounge. By this time, Liam was up with Harry. The pair attempted to cook some breakfast for everyone while the tour bus was currently stopped. The girls barely even acknowledged the two, very shirtless men standing near the stove. It took the girls a second to realize that yes, that was Liam standing there, and yes, Harry was wearing really tight boxers. Spencer was the first to notice Inga’s lingering gaze on her boyfriend’s body. Not that Spencer minded when girls looked, but it’s when they looked for way to long that it started to bug her.
The auburn-haired girl realized that Inga didn’t exactly know about the other relationships that had formed within the two bands. She was staring shamelessly at the two British men standing there. It made Roxie become more aware. It took her a second to see that maybe leaving a hickie on Harry’s neck wasn’t the best move. However, it made her feel better when she saw the generous amount that Spencer had left on Liam. It really shouldn’t have been a surprise, but someone Roxie found it odd that someone as sensible as Liam would allow that kind of behavior from her.
“Damn, Liam.” Ash playfully stated. “Where have you been hiding that body?”
“Underneath my clothes?” He asked, looking confused with a spatula in his hand.
“Whatever you do, it’s working for you…” Emery playfully winked toward Spencer. The girl laughed a little in return.
“I thought you birds were falling over my body,” Harry playfully pouted.
“Okay, Slutty Styles, you’re pretty too,” Ash rolled her eyes. “Now let us look at that body that is Liam Payne,”
“I agree,” Roxie nodded, sizing up Spencer’s boyfriend. She elbowed her friend lightly. “Good job,”
Spencer rolled her eyes lightly.
“Nice little body,” Liz nodded in agreement before taking a coffee that had been in there when the girls arrived.
“Uh…thanks?” Liam asked awkwardly, now aware of their staring.
When Spencer became more aware that Inga was still staring, she walked closer toward Liam, but not all the way. She was waiting for a comment to fall from the blonde’s mouth. She was itching to proclaim Liam as hers and only hers. All she needed was something that would slightly set her off.
“Do you work out?” Where the words that left Inga’s mouth.
“Yeah,” Liam nodded.
“It shows,” She smirked. “You too,” She nodded toward Harry.
Spencer walked forward and wrapped her arms around the taller, fit, British boy. The smile reached his eyes as soon as the contact was made. He sat the spatula down rather quickly so that he could wrap her up in his arms.
“I’m one lucky girl.” Spencer playfully stated.
Liam blushed before pressing his lips to hers in a sweet kiss before pulling away.
“What do you have today, love?”
“They have a performance to get to. We actually have to get going.” Inga stated quickly.
Spencer resisted the urge to roll her eyes before she looked over at Liam again.
“I’ll see you later.”
“Okay,” He nodded, bending his head down again to kiss the girl. She made sure to make the kiss slightly longer, proclaiming her territory even more, before pulling away. She poked one of his obvious love-bites on his hip bone. “Ow! That hurt!”
Spencer smirked.
“You weren’t complaining when I put it there,”
Harry and the rest of the girls, apart from Inga, snickered lightly at his reddening face.
“That’s besides the point!” He stated. “Go on, get out of here you minger,”
“What?” The girls questioned.
“Look it up!” Liam called as Inga pushed the girls off of the bus.
The girls made it off of the bus in one-piece. Two of their guitars were set up outside, waiting them, along with a portable van. Inga made sure that all of the girls were inside before she, herself got into the van behind them. They were awkwardly quiet as they collectively sipped on their own coffees. Five minutes had passed before anyone said anything.
“Dammit, Liam,” Spencer muttered. “Stupid boy thinks I’m actually going to look up the word!”
“You could, ya know…” Roxie trailed off.
“I’m sure you could google it if you wanted,”
Spencer started to laugh.
“He knows me too well,” She stated, staring down at the text message she just received.
a minger is a dirty minded person love xx have a good day dont get into too much trouble. I love you xx
“Did I mention that your boyfriend is notorious for run-on sentences?” Ash questioned. “Cause he is.”
Spencer groaned.
“I know, and it’s the most annoying thing in the entire world!” She sighed. “That and his horrible taste in music,”
“How did you end up together again?” Liz playfully questioned.
“Hell if I know…” She trailed off. “I guess somewhere between the dressing-room breakdown and the casual movie-night…”
“What?” The rest of the girls turned to ask quickly.
Spencer blushed but gave no further explanation. No one really knew what went on between the pair behind closed doors. All they knew is that Spencer wrote a song, and then they were together a second later. It was rather weird how quickly it had happened. Nothing really made sense.
The girls arrived at Tilly’s, and were more than happy to play their small, four song set. They got to set up before playing the usual acoustic songs that they had prepared. There were quite a few fans for it to be that early in the morning. It made the girls hearts swell. They were extremely happy to have the dedicated fans that they did. It wasn’t on the scale of One Direction’s fans by any means, but it was still wonderful how dedicated those fans were.
Once the girls were done with actually singing, the fans got to ask them a few questions. By this time, the girls had relaxed in their stools, and the One Direction boys had shown up. It seemed that they wanted to be apart of the girls musical experiences as possible on this tour. It was rather adorable how Harry’s hair stuck out of his beanie placed on top of his head. Liam made sure that he was covered up with a lightweight hoodie, with the hood over his head, and some sweat pants. Zayn was dawning a tank-top, much to his girlfriend’s pleasure. Niall looked out of it in his t-shirt and gym shorts, and Louis had his glasses perched up on his nose along with a beanie and Jack Wills sweat shirt.
“So the ladies of Reckless Little Hearts are here with us! We have quite a few questions from the audience. We’re going to go right ahead and start taking them right now before we play a game called Rapid-Fire. Are you ladies ready?”
“You bet!”
“Bring it on,”
“I’m ready!” Liz was the last to yell, leaving Ash to be quite.
Mornings were not friendly to the second oldest member of the band.
“Okay, and go…”
“Hi, I’m Jason.” The girls waved. “And I wanted to know; what is your biggest pet peeve?”
Liz smiled.
“When people crunch ice with their teeth!” She nearly yelled. “It gets on my nerves endlessly.”
“When um…people grind their teeth,” Ash added.
“People who lie straight to my face,” Roxie stated, crossing her arms.
“Bad music,” Spencer shrugged. “Like I have this friend, and they have the worst taste in music ever.”
Emery laughed.
“When my boyfriend takes longer than I do to get ready,” She sent a small, discrete wink toward Zayn. He rolled his eyes at her.
“I’m Adam,” The guy shrugged. “Who in the band is currently single?”
Without missing a beat, Spencer, Ash, and Roxie all raised their hands
“It sounds like you ladies are being hit on,” The Tilly’s worker guy playfully stated.
Roxie shrugged.
“It happens a lot.”
“I’m Andrew. I kind of have two questions if that’s okay?”
“I’m down,” Emery shrugged.
“You are rumored to be in The Maine’s new music video debuting tonight. Is that true?”
“Yes,” Liz confirmed.
“I also wanted to know if you could date anyone within The Maine, who would it be?”
They laughed lightly.
“Kennedy wins for me. Hands down,” Ash smiled. “I’ve had like the biggest crush ever on that boy for a long time now,”
“I think I would get along well with Pat,” Liz stated. “He’s so freaking cute. He’s like a little kid, even if he is like four or so years older than me.”
“Jared!” Roxie yelled. “He’s my homeboy.”
“Did you just say homeboy?” Emery questioned.
“Yupp, I did.” Roxie popped her imaginable collar.
“Garrett,” Emery sighed. “We both play bass.”
Spencer didn’t answer.
“Spencer….” The worker playfully called. “You’re not answering…”
“I…um…refuse to…”
“That’s not fair,” The Andrew guy playfully stated into his microphone.
“I don’t think that it would be fair to answer!” Spencer nearly yelled back.
“Come on, we all answered,” Liz winked.
“JohnO.” It came out rushed.
“What was that?” Ash winked.
“John Cornelius O’Callaghan the Fifth.” Spencer stated.
“Did you ever date John?” The same guy asked.
Spencer blushed.
“Uh….yes. Next question!”
“This one is for Emery. I’m Ashley by the way,” a girl stood up. “First off, I just want to say that your boyfriend is a stone-cold fox.”
Emery laughed, tossing her head back.
“Thank you. Don’t tell him that though, it will go to his head,”
“And secondly I wanted to know how you two ended up together,”
“Well Once Upon A Time; Reckless Little Hearts and One Direction were at a club in LA. Emery herself was getting pretty drunk. Zayn claimed not to know how to dance, therefore forcing poor Emery into teaching his Arabic ass how to move. Then the drinks swirled and they ended up on the bathroom floor, thus creating Zemery. The end,” Emery told in a pseudo-whimsical voice. “But I do adore him,”
“Awe now we have the last question.” The Tilly’s worker stated, looking toward another boy.
“I’m Kevin,” He waved. “Ash, will you please go out with me?”
Ash giggled a little bit.
“Maybe…if you get me a iced coffee, and take me to see Magic Mike,”
“It’s a deal!” He stated, causing the girl to laugh.
“Okay, that’s it for Reckless Little Hearts Q&A. Now we have a game of Rapid-Fire.” He stated. “Are you ready?”
“How does this game work?” Emery questioned.
“I’m going to toss in some words that involve your tour, and you ladies are going to say a word that comes to your mind first, okay?”
“Alright,” Liz laughed. The other girls nodded in agreement.
“Okay so this does include the boys, and each of you get the same question. You will just answer in order. So it will be Spencer, Roxie, Emery, Liz, and Ash.”
“Okay,” The girls nodded collectively.
“I’m about to start, are you ready?”
“Yeah!” The girls yelled together, causing the small crowd to agree with them.
“Here we go…” He trailed off. “Reckless!”
The host-type guy laughed.
“One Direction, go!”
“How about Roxie?”
“Party animal,”
“Okay next we have Emery.” The guy stated.
“Weird,” Emery laughed at herself.
“Guitar genius,”
“Zayn,” Ash shrugged. “It was the first thing that came to my mind too.”
“Liz! Go!” The guy nearly shouted.
“Sweet,” Liz stuck her tongue out at the other girls.
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Spencerrrrr,” The guy trailed off her name.
“Dumb ass,” Spencer answered about herself.
“Sexy,” Ash nodded.
“What about Ash now?” The man asked.
“My baby!” Spencer nearly yelled.
“Me!” Ash stated.
The host laughed.
“Now we’re moving on toward the One Direction boys. First we have Liam,”
“Sex! Fuck!” Spencer cursed. “Lame,”
Roxie looked at her friend weird.
“Flirt,” Spencer stated.
“Sexy,” Roxie nodded.
“Pussy cats,” Emery nodded.
“Cougars,” Liz added.
“Larry Stylinson,” Ash winked, causing One Direction to shake their heads.
“How about Niall?”
“And we have Zayn.”
“And our very last in the rapid-fire round; we have Louis.”
“Just like me,”
“That was wonderful! Thank you ladies for stopping by,” He stated. “Ladies and Gents; Reckless Little Hearts,”
The girls were able to leave their guitars for once, because now Inga had people in charge of it. They slowly started to peel themselves away from the crowd, and toward the signing table. The boys waited patiently while the girls got to sign stuff and take pictures before they quickly moved on back toward the tour bus with Inga and a few tech guys in tow. It didn’t take long to actually get back, but the car ride felt like forever when the girls were trying to avoid talking to their newest asset to touring.

“Remember that tonight is the music video’s premier from The Maine that you ladies were in,” Inga stated as soon as they were back in the air conditioned bus. “The boys of The Maine sent a thank-you card and some drinks.”
“Finally!” Ash yelled, tossing her head back. “They know us so well,”
“Unluckily for you, I had to throw away the bottles.” Inga admitted. “Simon ordered no drinking for the girls.”
“Ugh!” Emery groaned. “You are officially my least favorite person in the entire world right now.”
“I’m sorry,” Inga stated, flatting out her shirt.
The blonde was dress normal, but preppy, that day. Her hair was braided to the side. The young stylist was barely twenty-one, but like this she looked so much younger than she really was. She wasn’t exactly showing off her body with form-fitting clothing like she was earlier but looked casual instead. However, that didn’t make the girl any less annoying.
“No you’re not,” Emery sighed. “But that’s okay.”
“Oh, Spencer it has come to my attention that you said a few things during the rapid-fire questions earlier.”
“Yes…” The girl trailed off.
“Don’t let them happen again. Simon is letting it slid this time, but he said that next time you think about saying something about Liam then don’t.”
“Right,” She sighed.
“The music video will be on Fuse at eight o’clock sharp. Don’t miss it. You have exactly an hour before then,” Inga announced.
“We won’t,” Liz smiled. “We haven’t even watched it yet.”
“Filming it was a bitch,” Roxie laughed.
“Was that the video you told me you were making?” Liam asked his girlfriend.
“Yeah,” She sighed.
“I barely remember filming it,” Emery admitted. “We were pretty much everywhere,”
“It felt like we were actually high something,” Ash sighed. “It was one intense shoot. I don’t think I was ever that tired. We spent like a week filming them,”
“It was hard,” Roxie laughed. “You guys will just have to watch it.”
“There was a lot of weird things in that video, wasn’t there?” Liz giggled mostly to herself. “It was a whole lot of fun anyway.”
“So the videos were set back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s era. It was a lot of fun,” Emery shrugged. “I wouldn’t have minded being born back then.”
“We would be dead by now if we were born back then,” Spencer playfully stated. “We would have been into some major drugs.”
“Probably,” Roxie shrugged in agreement. “I’m just glad that we have a night off,”
“We’ve played two shows,” Harry laughed.
The blonde rolled her eyes.
“Doesn’t mean that I’m not happy about a free night,”
“I agree.” Louis stretched out his arms.
“I just wish we could go out,” Liz whined. “Why did that bitch have to say stuff?”
“Why did that bitch have to pour something down my dress?” Spencer scoffed. “I should have broken her nose,”
“You lot are to rough,” Zayn laughed.
“You’re one to talk!” Niall retorted. “The four of you tackle each other all of the time,”
Emery rolled her eyes.
“Our boys…” She trailed off, looking at the girls of Reckless Little Hearts. “Inga can you please make a food run right quick?”
“Where to?” The blonde asked politely.
“Mc’Donalds!” Niall shouted before anyone else.
Harry rolled his eyes.
“I’ll get you his order. We have it written down specially,” He answered before disappearing in the back.
Inga took five minutes writing down what everyone had wanted, and kept Niall’s order completely separate. Liam informed the girl to just go to their band/crew’s bus to look for Paul. He was a bodyguard, but he was Paul. He loved the boys like they were his very own. The blonde disappeared off of the bus, much to the girls delight, leaving them all some bonding time between the bands.
“So this is the video that you got to do with The Maine, correct?” Liam asked Spencer.
“Yes…” She trailed off, eying him carefully.
“And you did date John, correct?”
“Hell, Liam, yes.” She laughed. “What is this about?”
“How exactly did the video turn out?”
“Just wait for it,” She laughed before standing up to stretch. The girl went to sit back down, but Liam pulled her easily into his lap.
The bands talked and goofed off for a little while longer before Inga and Paul returned with their food. They dung in happily. Niall got his own bags; yes bags of food to himself. Even Liz wasn’t up to actually eating that much. In fact, most of the girls weren’t. They were a little nervous about One Direction seeing the videos. They were long, and there were a lot of factors going into them.
The girls were worried mostly about the staged drugs. During shooting the video, the drug intake looked real. There were a few times that the directors commented on just how real that it looked. There happened to be a sex scene or two. It was really fast, and staged, but the girls were worried about it. IT wasn’t like it was real, they were acting. However, it was going to be uncomfortable to watch the videos with their boyfriends.
“Simon got a cut of the video,”
“And?” Roxie asked, finishing off her sweet tea.
“He said that it was made very well. He was comfortable with it, oddly enough. I haven’t seen it, but I heard from him that it was very risqué.” Inga spoke.
“Yeah,” They all agreed at the same time.
Inga walked over to the television that was set up, and went to turn it to Fuse. If one of the girls weren’t nervous before, they were now. The hostess was talking about how within five minutes John, Kennedy, and Pat from The Maine were going to be in the studio for an interview before they debuted the two new music videos. The TV cut to commercial, giving the girls enough time to get their nerves out. Zayn wrapped his arms around Emery, giving her small kisses. Louis had Ash’s hand tightly clasped in his own. Spencer was still sitting on Liam’s lap with his arms wrapped tightly around her middle. Niall and Liz were cuddled up together on a small couch while Harry and Roxie sat in the floor beside Louis and Ash’s feet.
“And we’re back! Here we have three members of rock band, The Maine! Say hi guys!”
The three boys answered.
“So we have Pat Kirch, Kennedy Brock, and John O’Callaghan here in the studio. So boys, what are the videos you have for us?”
“We have two that are merged into one long video.” Kennedy started. “It’s kind of long, but there is a long plot that goes along with it.”
“What songs are they?”
“We have one called Like We Did and the other is While Listening To Rock-N-Roll.” Pat smiled happily. “Half of it is set in the heart of rock music in the ‘80s era, and the other half is now.”
“How did that come about?”
“We wanted to really do a story line,” John stated. “So the songs really tell a story. The songs are reflecting situations and such that we did in our past or might have if we were of that era,”
“These songs are really well written. Personally, I’m a big fan, so I know these by heart. They’re ridiculously amazing.”
“Thank you,” John laughed, tugging at his grey beanie. “We have a couple of our really good friends come out, and be in the videos.”
“There was a rumor that Reckless Little Hearts are making an appearance. Tell us about that,”
“That is not a rumor, because it’s true,” Pat answered. “They’re some of our best friends. They’re like little sisters to us.”
“Oh yeah, they’re younger,”
“By like six or seven years,” John laughed.
“Everyone tends to forget that they are eighteen to twenty years old, because they act so much older,” She stated.
“They definitely are wise beyond their years. Sure you get to see the very, um…paparazzi portrayed girls, but they are so much more than that. Just listen to their lyrics, and you will understand what they mean. They write stuff that comes from the heart.” Kennedy praised.
“Awe,” Emery gushed. “How sweet,”
“That’s sweet of you,” The girl on the TV said, making the rest of them laugh. “What was the weirdest part about the entire video?”
“The drug abuse,” Kennedy added, looking at the other two that nodded in agreement. “There were a lot of fake drugs going around.”
“I think that the only thing that was real were the drinks and cigarettes.” John stated. “We used mints, and pixie sticks for cocaine and pills.”
“That’s intense.”
“Yeah, but the pixie sticks really do freaking burn. So when you see our red noses and us rubbing our noses, just know that it was real at that point. It was painful,”
“It did hurt a hell of a lot,” Pat laughed.
“Okay without further ado, here it is. Like We Did and While Listening To Rock-n-Roll from The Maine.” She stated before the screen went blank.
The screen came back up, and the five boys of The Maine appeared to be around the age of fifty. They had some gray hair coming in, and facial hair. They were dressed pretty much the same, and they all were sitting around in what looked to be one of their houses. There were a few pictures were lazily placed around, and by the looks of it, John, was the saddest. They sat in silence for a few seconds before someone finally spoke up. It was Jared.
“John, it’s been twenty-four years,” He sighed. “Come on, man. Let’s get you out of this place.”
“It doesn’t change what happened,” He sighed heavily. “She’s not here,”
“She’s gone,” Kennedy sighed. “She has been for a long time,”
John rubbed his hands over his face, looking completely at a loss for words before he picked up a couple of photos. The boys crowded around him, and the music started up. It flashed to a sepia-type color during the beginning instrumental. John and the boys were back to their original looking ages, but suddenly the girls of Reckless Little Hearts were there, dressed in era. Liz, Ash, Emery, Roxie, and Spencer were all waiting there. John walked over, shaking hands with Spencer.
“I’m John,”
“Katie,” she replied before he started to sing.
Then it flashed back to the boys in their graying hair and he sang the first verse. He was looking through a bunch of pictures of the groups. They were cute, and fun. He was staring fondly, enjoying the scrapbook that she made him years ago. By the time it got to the chorus, it flashed back to the now ten-person group. The girls were dancing around to some music with the boys singing along. It flashed to a few of the couples; Pat and Roxie, Kennedy and Ash, John and Spencer, playfully making out on the screen before they were all filmed smoking and drinking. There were a few of them that had started to pop some pills.
They all started to bolt for a classic car by the time the second verse came. They got in, and apparently loud music was playing. They were smoking and drinking again as well as singing loudly. Spencer scooted over into the middle of the front bench seat, placing her hand on John’s thigh. She was whispering in his ear, and his smirk was on his hips as he sang. The windows were rolled down, and the smoke started to slip from the car. It didn’t show much more but it flashed to the couples getting hot and heavy. Ash was slammed up against a wall by Kennedy while their tongues were down each-other’s throats. Emery and Garrett were sharing some kissed in between smoking. John and Spencer were practically naked on a bathroom floor.
By the time the second chorus came back around, they were in that small apartment at the very beginning of the video. The girls, with Kennedy and Garrett, were doing lines of pseudo-cocaine on a couple of hundred dollar bills. They were laughing, and rubbing their newly red noses. John came into the room with a cigarette, slightly shaking his head before he joined in on the activities. They started drinking some more. The bands were just dancing around, and throwing things in the air. The two bands got together, and slightly started to play music before they were all running back out into a balcony. They were pointing out the sunrise as they continued smoking. They passed around what looked like weed, and drinks. The music slowed, zooming in on all of their faces before it went back to original color, and the men sitting around on the couches.
John stuck his head in his hands before looking back up at his friends. They were all looking like they were deep in thought before he stood up. They all looked at him as he grabbed his leather jacket. Slowly the band stood up, and formed a make-shift circle.
“I think you need a drink,” Pat laughed. “Come on, lets head on down to Jerry’s.”
“Jerry’s…really?” John scoffed.
Jared rolled his eyes.
“Get over yourself. Let’s go have some fun.” He stated.
John sighed.
“Yeah…fun,” He stated before they moved out, and down the street until they came to an old looking bar. The music started up as they started drinking. John started singing to the music as he did before as the rest of them started to sit down with him. The bartender smiled, and started to strike up a normal conversation with the man that didn’t look interested at all. He was looking around at the nearly-empty bar before walking over toward the jukebox. He started looking through songs before he finally landed on one that he liked. He stood there for a minute, resting against it. He looked entirely too sad. It hit a mini-instrumental after the first chorus before it turned to the sepia again, and the guys were back to their normal ages. They were stumbling back into the old pub, back when it had slightly more people in it. The girls were there, also drinking. Liz was standing at the Jukebox, trying to pick out some music while the others were eating very little and drinking a whole lot.
The other boys looked to be teasing John about Spencer, who was Katie in the video, before they were pushing over to her. They shouted some things and made kissy faces at them. John stopped in front of her, offering out his hand while a slow song played over-head. She looked at him before looking back over to his friends. He looked embarrassed. She took his hand right when the line, I asked Katie to dance, and I almost blew it, was sung. Just as the next line, I only kissed her on the mouth, cause he told me to do it, was sung John placed a slow, agonizing, kiss to the girl’s awaiting lips before pulling her tighter to him. They continued to dance until the end of the small chorus. Then the rest of the couples joined together to dance also.
It then showed the two, as they were getting older it was assumed; from their wedding, to a baby shower. Then they were fighting, throwing things at each other. He looked so mad, and she was just as angry. It was convincing. They then met, and more making out continued. Their clothes were thrown about the room in a passionate endeavor. The girl snuck out of the bed after he was asleep, to check on a little girl that they had. The little girl was played by none other than John’s actual daughter, Elena. Spencer moved into the bathroom, and unrolled a few pills, really mints, and cocaine before she took them. She looked really dizzy, and held her hair back from her face before she fell to the ground beside the sink.
The next scene flashed to the sun raising, and John was waking up. He saw that the girl was no longer next to him, and he got up. He wondered into the bathroom where the lifeless girl laid. He rushed forward, and started to shake her. She wouldn’t move, and the tall man started to shout. The little girl walked toward the entrance, and started to scream and cry to. In one movement, she was up in John’s arms, and he picked up the ridiculously large phone to call someone.
The music was dying down to another instrumental when it went back to the boys in the same pub that was old, and almost run-down. John got up, and started to walk away from the other boys. It was a confusing move, supposed by their glances, and they got up to follow after him.
“John!” Jared yelled. “Where are you going?”
“To her,” He called back over his shoulder.
“John stop,” Kennedy sighed. “At least call your daughter first,”
“Lindsay is already there,” He retorted before he started walking again. The older-looking John walked a little bit before coming back up on the graveyard that was open. This time he had a small, pink daisy in his hand. He walked slowly toward another figure, crouched down in front of a tombstone. The girl turned around, you could tell that it was obviously Spencer. The girls dawned a sandy-blonde wig, and normal clothing for a woman around the age of twenty-seven. She had different make up on, and her tattoos were covered up. John sat the daisy on the ground along with the other flowers his daughter brought.
“I miss her,”
“Me too, kido.”
“What was she like?”
“You really wanna know?”
“I do,” She replied. “Show me, please?”
“Okay. Come on home, I think the guys need to tell you too.” He stated.
“Do you still love her?”
“There’s a reason why I never got married again,” He sighed, walking with his daughter out of the grave.
The last shot was of them, zoomed out and walking down the street back the way that John came before it actually cut off of the TV screen. It went back to the lady that was interviewing Pat, Kennedy, and John. She was wide eyes, and she turned toward the three of them.
“That was one intense music video. I was seriously about to start crying,”
Pat nodded.
“The last one was definitely hard to watch,”
“Elena, my real daughter, was in the second one, and it was weird to watch her. She’s four and a half so she kinda knows what is real and what isn’t. She was told what to do, but those tears are real. We really did have her freaked out. She really likes Spencer, so seeing her on the ground was hard.” John explained.
“But she knows that it’s all fake, right?”
“Of course,” John laughed. “She got over it quickly.”
“There you have it, Fuse watchers!” She stated. The girl was about to say something else when Inga stood up, and cut off the TV. She looked at the oddly quiet group of ten. She didn’t know what to really do with herself, so she made a small excuse to leave, and went to her own bus bunk.
The air was thick around the two bands. No one said a word at first. Awkwardness consumed them. They didn’t know how long they stayed like that, but Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up, and looked at everyone from where they sat. He really didn’t know what he planned on saying, but he decided to just wing it.
“That was a really good video.”
Roxie nearly laughed.
“It was a bit weird, to be honest.” Louis spoke. “I mean, with the snogging and what-not.”
Ash sighed.
“I warned you that it wasn’t going to be a good one to watch.”
“I didn’t expect to see you being shoved into a wall by some other man,” The ever sassy member retorted.
The dark-haired girl groaned, taking her hand from his to cross her arms over her chest.
“I knew that would happen.”
“Really, what do you expect?”
“The drugs were really over the top, don’t you think?” Niall questioned. “I get the drinking, but…”
“It was an artistic decision,” Liz defended. “It needed to be true to how the scene was in the late seventies. Everyone was on drugs, simple as that.”
“It’s still weird. You lot looked so natural doing it.”
“What part of ‘We lived in an apartment in New York City at the age of fifteen, and without our parents’ do you not understand?” Liz lightly laughed.
“Guys, we’ve done drugs before,” Emery stated. “I kind of thought that was a given.”
“Me too,” Roxie laughed. “I mean, the drugs weren’t real there, but we have done them before.”
“There’s a different between knowing something happened and seeing it acted out on the teley.” Liam’s clam, almost too calm, voice spoke.
Spencer visibly tensed on her boyfriend’s lap. His arms were loosely handing around her waist, and his head was no longer perched on her shoulder.
“I can’t believe you would purposely play out a sex scene when we are dating,” Liam sighed. “That’s a little un-called for don’t you think?”
“It’s just a music video, Li.” Spencer argued, standing up off of his lap to give him his space. Spencer Tucker certainly knew her boyfriend better than some gave her credit for. “It was a favor for some old friends.”
“An old friend that you happened to date, Spencer!”
“I agree with Liam,” Louis sighed. “You aren’t the slightest bit sorry for snogging that bloke?” He turned toward Ash.
She rolled her eyes.
“It was acting. It was all fake,”
“I don’t even want to know why you were kissing someone else,” Zayn sighed, standing up.
Emery rolled her eyes.
“You’re prettier than him, you don’t have to worry about anything,” She retorted.
“This is just too much for me right now,” Liam sighed. “I’m going to bed.”
“Liam!” Spencer yelled after him.
“No, Spencer.” He sighed. “I just saw you do drugs, snog some other bloke, get married, have a kid, and die all in one sitting. I’ve had enough for tonight.”
The girl chewed on her lip before tossing her head back and letting a aggravated groan fall from her lips.
“Oh, no you don’t!” She nearly yelled, following the boy into the back room where she slammed it shut.
“I thought that it was pretty good,” Niall sighed. “I see the way that they wanted it to go,”
Liz wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, whispering in his ear. He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. They pulled apart and he kissed her slowly, a sign that she was clearly forgiven. Louis, however, wasn’t that forgiving. He was pouting beside his girlfriend but he was further apart.
It took Emery and Ash a minute to realize that they weren’t off of the hook that fast, and that things may go bad. They realized that they should have probably told their boyfriends quicker about what was going to happen in the video rather than ignore it until it premiered. It wasn’t the best decision within the band. The girls now realized their mistake. They didn’t know what to really do within the situation.
It had happened, and they had only played two shows thus far. The girls wanted to groan. By the looks of it, it was going to be another weird tour for the two bands. Sure, the Spencer and Liam bickering seemed to have almost stopped, and Louis wasn’t sneaking around with the girl anymore, but this had been pretty bad. They had to fix it, and fast.
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