Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

I Want You To Fall Apart Like I Did

Spencer grabbed her boyfriend’s arm to try and turn him around. The older boy was stronger than the girl, but he gave into her attempts. No matter how mad he was, he couldn’t be that disrespectful toward her. He turned to face the somber looking girl. She didn’t say anything, her green/grey eyes staring him down. Liam chewed on his lip. He didn’t know what to really say. He was upset, and didn’t want to make the matter worse. The boy knew that he was over-reacting. He was sure of that. He just didn’t know exactly why.
Liam sighed heavily, and opened up his arms for the girl to easily step into. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, nuzzling her head in-between the man’s shoulder and chin. She hugged Liam as tightly as she possibly could. She knew that this video could cause some tension. That’s why she didn’t exactly release the information about the videos. She knew that the boy would get, dare she think it, insecure. By the time Liam had given up on being mad, Spencer had already made his heart squeeze inside his chest in a pleasant way. He gave in, and hugged the girl back.
Liam’s arms locked behind the girl’s back, placing his own head into her neck. He placed a small kiss there. He squeezed her tightly to him, loving the feeling of simply being with the girl in the most innocent of ways. In that moment, she knew that she was forgiven. He didn’t need to say it out loud. He preferred not to, in fact. His pride would be way to hurt to do that. He wouldn’t admit to loudly, but Liam Payne preferred not to be corrected. Much like his counter-part; the boy hated to be wrong. He knew when he was wrong. He just never really admitted it out-loud. Not to his girlfriend, and certainly not to anyone else.
“I’m sorry,” The girl breathed against his neck, holding him closer before she placed a series of kisses on his previously marked up neck. “I’m so sorry for hurting you. I didn’t mean too,”
“I know.” Liam sighed heavily, pulling back a little bit. When he was able to see his girlfriend’s face, he started smiling anyway even if he didn’t want to. “You’re infuriating,”
“Me?” She laughed.
“Yes, you!” Liam chuckled. “How in the world am I not still mad right now? It’s like I can’t stay mad at you,”
Spencer slightly smirked at this tad bit of information.
“Because you love me,” She sang playfully. “You still love me right?”
“Yes, I love you, you prat.”
“I have no idea what that means, but I’m going to assume it’s something dirty.” She laughed, pecking his lips lightly.
Liam rolled his eyes.
“Of course you would,”
“Could you please speak English from now on?” She asked him almost seriously.
“I am speaking English, love.”
“You know what I meant, Payne.” She stood up on her tip-toes to press their foreheads together. Even then Liam had to bend down slightly. She averagely tall girl, at 5’5”, was still rather short compared to the 5’11” English boy. “Please don’t get mad at me. You know how much that hurts me. I’m trying here, Liam. You know somewhat of my history. I’m not good at this relationship thing. However, I want you. Now all you gotta do is remember that, and say that you want me too.”
Liam laughed and pressed a small kiss to the girl’s lips.
“That was very cheesy. You weirdo,”
Spencer rolled her eyes, and pulled away to go back down on her flat feet.
“Thank you, I try.”
“How much of your history do I not know?” He questioned, looking at her. “Is there anything else I should really know?”
“I’m yours, that’s all that should matter.” She admitted. “I don’t ask about what happened with Danielle, because frankly it doesn’t really matter.”
Liam nodded in agreement with the girl before letting her go all together.
“I suppose you’re right.”
“Of course I am,” She scoffed. “I’m always right.”
“Always?” He raised an eyebrow.
“You apologized, didn’t you?” She asked in a bland tone that normally would have made the boy mad. However, he just chuckled at the girl before agreeing with her anyway. She was right, and he knew that. He knew enough about Spencer to know that he would never win at another argument again as long as he was with her, and Liam hoped he’d be with her for a long time. In that moment, Liam Payne realized that he probably wouldn’t ever be right again in his life-time. He certainly wanted the girl around that long.
“I love you,” Liam stated, happily.
Spencer beamed at him before quickly jumping to wrap her arms and legs around him. Liam made a small groan sound, un-prepared for the jump but he caught her nonetheless. She pressed happy kisses against his lips before smiling again at him. Liam never got tired of that smile that graced his girlfriend’s lips. It was a nice change compared to the glare he used to see all of the time.
“I love you.” She emphasized. “You’re stupid for even getting angry over something so small, you know that right?”
Liam sighed, smiling at her.
“I know, I’m a plonker.”
“OH my Gosh! English, Liam, English!” She exaggerated. “What do you want me to do? Start speaking pig-latin?!”
“That would be interesting.” Liam chuckled, puckering his lips playfully.
“I swear, I’m going to have to buy a fucking dictionary.”
“Probably wouldn’t hurt, love.” He smiled cheekily.
Spencer rolled her eyes before un-wrapping her legs to get down from him.
“Come on, douche bag,” She let go to pull on his hand.
“That’s not a very nice word.”
“Nether is prat or plonker…I’m assuming.” She shrugged. “I have no fucking idea if they are or aren’t.”
Liam shook his head and laughed at his over-the-top, in-your-face, rather loud and annoying, American girlfriend. He didn’t stand a chance at trying not to fall in love with Spencer Tucker. He just did, and he damn well liked it.


“Damn you for being so good with your mouth.” Louis sighed as soon as Ash crawled back up to her boyfriend’s chest to pass out. She smirked down and him before pressing a long kiss to his lips. When they pulled away, she pushed his dampened fringe out of his face. The girl just beamed at her boyfriend, causing him to laugh. He didn’t have to ask her what she wanted to know. He knew what she was thinking. “Yes, you’re forgiven.”
“You only love me because I give excellent blow jobs.” Ash joked, laying her head down on his bare chest.
“No…that’s just a bonus.” He laughed. “You’re just wonderful.”
“So you’re no long mad about the video?”
“Of course I’m still mad…I’m just not upset with you anymore.” Louis answered honestly, wrapping his arms around her.
“Awe,” She laughed, hugging him back tightly. “That was fun.”
“You’re really good at that.”
“Thanks…” She girl rolled her eyes. “I couldn’t tell that you like it or anything.”
“I just thought that you would like a compliment.”
“As long as I’m the only one who can make you do that, that’s enough for me,”
Louis sighed.
“Damn, you might have it out with Harry then.” He joked.
Ash rolled her eyes at the boy before pressing a kiss to his chest.
“Of course I will, babe.” She stated sarcastically. “I will give him a rather large lecture.”
“I’m sure,” He played with the girl’s hair.
In all honesty, Louis probably forgave Ash just as quickly as Liam had forgiven Spencer. All the girl had to do was give him a proper pout, and she was home-free. Louis noticed this as a very, very bad sign. It was odd for him to get so attached to a girl as quickly as he seemed to be attached to Ash. She was fun and flirty. She was definitely his type, but vastly different. She was un-like Eleanor in so many ways. She wasn’t tall, but had long legs. She played instruments, and had many tattoos.
Louis had properly been in love once. He wouldn’t exactly call what he had with Eleanor love. However, Hannah before her was different. He truly loved that girl. They just grew to far apart. Their lives were way too different from each other’s to actually stay together. They grew up, and apart. Distance hurt them greatly. With Eleanor, they were closer together, and the girl was able to fly out to see him for weeks at a time. However, it got rather old. He wouldn’t say that she was clingy, no, but she was rather…attached. Honestly, it got too hard for a man of twenty to handle. The pair broke up quickly before One Direction had met Reckless Little Hearts.
Louis didn’t want distance to drive him and Ash apart. They had become really close. They got to see each other as much as they want for the next two months. It was a perfect situation for everyone. The couple was now coming up on their three month anniversary in a few weeks. It was hard to believe that they were already together for that long. Louis was shocked to actually be this close to another girl so soon. Louis realized that he was in danger of loving the girl that had her hand on his heart, quite literally at the moment, and he started to think. He knew that he couldn’t handle having this relationship under wraps for too long. And he had to tell his mum soon. God, Jay was going to be upset when she finds out.
“What are you thinking about, babe?” Ash questioned the boy.
“All of this…” He trailed off. “I’m thinking that telling my mum would be a good idea.”
Ash raised her head.
“Are you sure that it’s a good idea?”
“I’m sure,” He smiled. “I just want to be able to tell her face to face, ya know?”
Ash nodded, toying with his hair.
“Not really…”
In that moment, Louis realized his choice of words.
“Oh…love…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” Louis sighed heavily. “It’s just that I love my mum, and she’s always met my girlfriend’s properly before we made our relationship real.”
“We could skype her?” Ash chewed on her lip. “It’s only like one or something over there right?”
Louis nodded.
“She works at a hospital.” Louis answered. “She should be getting back home within the hour.”
Ash smiled and lightly punched his arm.
“Then call her and ask her if we can skype!” She encouraged. “I want to meet my boyfriend’s mom!”
The boy smiled before fishing out his mobile. Within the hour, they were on the laptop talking to Jay. She was smiling and laughing, happy to talk to her only son. Louis happily beamed between Jay and Ash. He was happy that they seemed to hitting it off wonderfully. She frowned deeply when they explained that they weren’t allowed to tell the public about their relationship. She didn’t approve of that very much. She kept ranting about how pretty Ash was that a girl that pretty should not have to be hidden. All in all, Jay really did approve. She had grown fond of the girl. Jay even begged the girl to go visit her as soon as the tour was over, and exchanged twitter names.
“Well I have to turn in,” Jay yawed. “It’s been a long night,”
Louis smiled.
“Okay. I love you, mum.”
“I love you too, boo bear.” She smiled sleepily. “Goodnight Ashley. It was nice to meet you,”
Ash blushed slightly at the sound of her entire name.
“It was nice meeting you too, Jay,”
“Bye loves,” Jay waved one last time before disconnecting.
“Awe…my mum loves you,” Louis laughed.
Ash chewed on the inside of her lip.
“I kinda love her too.” She admitted.
“You exchanged twitter’s. That’s massive.” Louis hugged her tightly. “I love this!”
“Me too, boo bear.”
Louis groaned.
Curse his mum.


Emery playfully messed up Zayn’s hair in her bunk. He just groaned, and tried to push her hands away. The Bradford boy wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t really want to talk to her at the moment. He just wanted to sit in his own bunk and pout, but the girl had skillfully gotten him into her bunk. Nothing was really going as planned. He just wanted to be alone; Emery wasn’t going to let that happen. She knew Zayn would end up sulking if he had the chance. The music video wasn’t something that the dark-haired girl was going to allow him to get upset about.
Zayn rolled his eyes, slapping the girl’s hands away. She didn’t say anything about it, she just smiled. She continued on messing up his perfectly styled locks. It was funny how much Zayn loved his hair. She used to have the golden rule that no one touched her hair. It’s just how it was, but Zayn was allowed to. He was her boyfriend, so he got special rights above everyone else. She didn’t see what the big deal with playing with his hair was. It was at least ten at night by this point, and Zayn was a sleeper. It’s not like he actually had a place to be while the bus was moving to another location.
“Will you sod off?” He asked her. He meant to be serious and grumpy, but the small smile and laugh threw the entire comment off.
Emery grinned and shook her head.
“Stop messin with my hair.” He stated, smacking another hand away from his prized possession. “You’re messing it up.”
Emery gave him the dumbest look in the world, and he raised an eyebrow in return.
“Babe…it’s night-time. We’re in a bunk, on a bus, that is on the road and you’re worried about your hair?”
“You know that I hate when people mess with it.” He accused.
“Am I suddenly people?”
“You are when you snog other people for a video.” He stated stubbornly, crossing his arms.
Emery rolled her eyes and straddled her brooding boyfriend.
“You are being ridiculous.” She stated as his hands automatically flew to her thighs. “It was all staged, and very precise. The director told us where to put our arms or what to do. It wasn’t even a real make-out session or anything. If you’re worried about Garrett, then something is majorly wrong with our relationship. If I wanted to be with Garrett, I would have two years ago, Zayn. I’ve known those boys since we started as a band. Hell, me and the girls met them before we were officially a band. It was odd that they remembered us, but whatever.”
Zayn blinked up at the girl before he laughed.
“You’re right, I get it.”
“Thank you,” She rolled her eyes. “Are we done being ridiculous now?”
“Yeah…” He trailed off. “I’m sorry, love.”
Emery beamed.
“It’s okay, just kiss me to make it better.” Emery stated proudly before bending down to her boyfriend and received a quick kiss from him.

“Guys I think that Every Avenue is coming to the show tonight,” Liz stated, walking into the big green room where the two bands were currently chilling out with the exception of Roxie and Harry. Harry was still sleeping, assumed by the others, and Roxie was going over some drum parts that she claimed she needed to work on. It was okay with the rest of the bands. They paid no mind to the weird excuse, and let her do her thing. Roxie was certainly grateful for their passiveness as she wanted to be alone.
The room turned slightly awkward as the girls turned to really look at her. Liz made a face and shrugged. She didn’t know why the guys were visiting either. She just received a text message from Dennis, their drummer, saying that they were coming to check out the lame boy-band and to catch up. She didn’t really question it. Liz wanted everyone to really get along. She was the practically the peace maker within the groups. She might have been one of the biggest party-goers of the group, but she wasn’t one of the ones to hook up rather often. She left that to the other four.
“What do you mean by you think?” Emery asked her carefully.
“I mean that they…sorta…are.” Liz blushed and shrugged at the same time again.
“Liz!” Ash scolded. “Are you serious right now?”
“No, I thought I’d freak everyone out for the hell of it! Of course I’m serious!” She snapped back.
“Roxie is going to kill us all,” Spencer sighed, shaking her head.
“You do realize how dead we are, correct?” Ash asked, looking over at Emery.
Emery ran her hands angrily through her hair.
“Yeah, I pretty much fucking realize. Thanks for that!”
“Don’t get bitchy at me!” Ash retorted. “Dammit, that’s the first and the last time I share a hook-up with you.”
The other dark-headed girl shook her head at her band-mate.
“Yeah, no kidding,”
“This is just perfect.” Spencer stated sarcastically. “Why, God?” The girl almost playfully asked.
Oddly enough, she was being serious. She didn’t want the boys of Every Avenue to come. That entire tour they were on screwed ninety-nine percent of the band over. Emery and Ash has some weird love triangle going on with the drummer of the band while Spencer was fucking the lead singer and Roxie was getting hot and heavy with the guitarist. The guys had chosen now as the perfect time to show up to one of their shows. It didn’t really make any sense.
“Did I mention that they are already here?” Liz asked softly, chewing on her lip.
Niall looked at his girlfriend curiously. He could tell that she was nervous. She wasn’t trying all that hard to hid it. She was clearly freaking out on the inside, as well as the other girls.
“Holy shit, what about Roxie?” Emery spoke. “Do you guys realize how awkward this is going to be?”
“What happened exactly?” Liam questioned.
Ash sighed.
“Yours truly being what we are…reckless.”
“I’m surprised one of us hasn’t ended up dead, pregnant and or in rehab,” Emery groaned, tossing her head back. “Why, why, why?”
“I’m going to barf.” Spencer stated.
“Please don’t.” Louis laughed.
“I don’t think that’s gonna stop her, mate,” Zayn shrugged on the other side of him.
“How are they getting in?” Niall questioned his girlfriend whom he was now pulling down beside him.
“Um….” Liz looked guilty again. “Inga may be out there at the ticket booth waiting for them…”
Ash exhaled angrily.
“Fucking wonderful. This is just…the best thing ever!” She stated sarcastically.
“Well I would hope that you’re excited to see us,”
That voice made the girl’s eyes go wide. Emery and Ash quickly turned toward the voice while Spencer dove off of Liam’s lap and to the other couch, confusing the boy. Liz stayed seated where she was, happily, and smiled at the band. The five men walked closer toward them, and One Direction realized how much older they must have been. They didn’t look like they were anywhere near their ages, that was for sure. The only one that looked even some-what younger had shaggy dark hair. Even then, he looked like he was maybe his early twenties.
“Hi,” One with facial hair and a nose ring spoke. “I’m David.”
“Hey.” Liam smiled slightly, weary of the man.
“Hi,” Zayn casually nodded.
Louis raised a hand and smiled.
“Hello,” He called.
“It’s been a long time, the dark-haired boy laughed. “What have you been up too?”
“Oh…you know…legal trouble.” Ash spoke sarcastically, getting up to awkwardly hug the boys. Soon enough, Liz, Emery, and Spencer followed suite to hug their old friends. Supposing friends is an okay term to describe their relationship with the rock band. “Hey Dennis.”
He laughed, shaking his head.
“Look at you, all grown up.”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, like I was that big of a kid two years ago.”
“You’ve grown.” He shrugged, looking over at Emery. “You have as well. Nice tan,”
Emery shrugged.
“What are you doing here, David?” Spencer spoke, backing up a little bit and crossing her arms protectively over her chest. The boys of One Direction made their way toward the group. They felt slightly out of the loop. From what they gathered the band before them had some sort of history with their girls. It was unnerving at how tense the air had become.
“Can’t we come to a concert without being accused?” Another man spoke playfully.
“Not when we have the history that we do.” The girl was quick to speak before she could really think. The girl silently cursed herself before taking a quick glance at Liam, and then back to the band. “None of you should be here, especially you, Josh.”
The youngest looking member rolled his eyes.
“Relax, Spence! She isn’t even here!” He laughed. “Speaking of the blonde, where is she?”
“She’s a couple of rooms down.” Emery sighed. “She’ll probably want to see you,”
Josh smiled.
“I’m going to go find her,” He stated.
“I’ll go!” Inga volunteered. “I have to find her anyway.”
The girls visibly rolled their eyes. She just wanted to get away from the awkward tension as soon as possible.
“Do you think that the world revolves around you?” The one called David asked suddenly.
Spencer’s head turned back toward him.
“I know that it doesn’t.”
“Good, keep it that way. I wrote a song, and I’m over it. I’m over you,”
“Is it on your new album?” Emery asked him.
David nodded.
“It’s called Fall Apart.”
“I’ve heard it.”
“Good, maybe you should learn from it.” David stated, shaking his head. “You’re a train wreck, you know that?”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, and you’re a pretentious asshole.” She shrugged. “Shit happens.”
“We all apologized. Isn’t that enough?” Emery added into the conversation.
“No, not really,” David crossed his arms.
“We’re different now.” Liz sighed, causing the attention to be drawn toward her. “We aren’t sixteen anymore, David. We’re adults now. We’ve grown.”
“Not that much from what I hear,” He stated, looking back at Spencer. “That big public break-up with Kellin must have hit you pretty hard,”
Spencer tried her best to make herself appear un-affected.
“It’s not a break-up when it’s just sex.”
“That one sounds really familiar. Did you tell him the same thing you told me?”
Liam chewed on the inside of his cheek to keep himself from moving. He caught Zayn’s gaze, realizing that maybe he wasn’t the only person also thinking that way. Niall’s arm stayed wrapped around his girlfriend’s shoulders, and he pressed a small kiss to her temple. The room became almost unbearable.
“Don’t even pretend like I’m the bad guy here,” She stated. “From what I remember you’re the one who screwed it all up,”
“That was after I found out that you and O’Callaghan had something going.”
“Don’t bring John into this.”
“I saw the video. I thought you two broke up,”
“We did.”
“Oh so you’re fucking now again?” David stated sarcastically. This guy almost made Kellin look like the good guy, almost. Spencer, being hot headed, almost let her anger get the better of her before she turned around to start pacing back at forth. She ended up laughing before shrugging.
“What is the point with trying to prove anything to you? You’re never going to believe me, and you’re never going to let us be friends again.”
“It’s funny that you think we were friends in the first place.” He laughed.
“David has a point,” An un-named band-mate stated. His name had yet to be pointed out to the group.
“You’re just pissed before she wouldn’t sleep with you,” Emery snapped. “Or any of us would for that matter.”
“You were too busy fighting over Dennis.”
The two dark headed girls glared at the man, who simply shrugged his shoulders.


Harry’s lip hungarily attacked Roxie’s collar bone the second that they stepped into the room. He was feeling particularly turned on by the blonde, and they hadn’t really gotten to be together like this for a day or so. Harry was an attractive man, and hey, he liked the touring because he got laid a lot. Harry wasn’t a slut; no, he was a man. A young man at that, and he had needs. He had needs that Roxie was currently happy to fulfill his desires.
The girl was pulling and tugging on his curls, making delicious sounds fall from his lips. Roxie was aware that the other’s could walk in any minute, but she thought that she had locked the door. Like any of them would care. Her other band members were too into their boyfriends to really care what the blonde did. She was really free to do whatever it is that she wanted. The girl wanted to do Harry. He seemed to want the same thing as she did.
The pair haphazardly crashed into a nearby table. They ignored the pointy edges as Roxie backed the boy up to it. She grabbed his face, bringing those addicting lips back to her own mouth. Harry seemed to really enjoy those anyway. He went to grab her shirt to pull it off of her, but she shoved him away. The girl dropped down the ground in front of him. His eyes widened slightly before she started to undo his skinny jeans, pulling them down his legs. Harry however, didn’t really want that at the moment. He bent down to her eye level before pulling her back up to a standing position. She grabbed her shirt, skillfully removing it.
The small game of un-dressing each other went back and forth until they were in their undergarments. They had made it actually onto the table. It felt odd under Harry’s nearly bare body. Roxie however, didn’t seem to mind as she continued lightly sucking on his neck. He didn’t mind. He just rather be the one that was marking her. He lightly pushed her over, making sure her body lined up perfectly with his. He attached their mouths once more.
Harry very much liked doing these things with Roxie. She was fun, and she was well…a good shag. The lad liked Roxie for more than just that. She was a good person for him to be around. She made him smile without really trying to. He still had the biggest crush on her possible. He wanted something way more than just sex with the girl. However, she seemed perfectly content with their situation. She wasn’t ready for another boyfriend. It was too real; to established.
The boy happily pulled his mouth to her neck again, making the fading bruised more noticeable. He wasn’t happy that Roxie got numbers from other guys. He didn’t want the girl to hook up with, or date, anyone else. He selfishly wanted the girl all to himself. Maybe it was in vain, but he couldn’t stand the thought of another guy on top of her, making her make the same noises that he was pulling from her at the moment.
“Mine.” Harry mumbled. Roxie furrowed her brows. She had thought she heard him say something. She felt like she must have been a little paranoid. She just shook her head, and continued to run her hands through Harry’s wild curls. She just enjoyed his presence. Harry was nice to have around. He was a wonderful friend, and someone who she really enjoyed being with. For the two, it was easy for them to separate their sex life for their normal one. “Mine.”
“What?” She breathed heavily.
“You’re mine.” Harry mumbled against her neck, and she couldn’t help the shudder that surged throughout her entire body.
“Why?” She said breathlessly.
Harry stopped kissing her. The girl found the perfect opportunity to flip them over on the just large enough table. She straddled his waist. The body, gripped the back of her neck, and pulled her down to his level. He pressed a slow, agonizing, kiss onto her lips. She let out a loud moan that she hadn’t really expected.
“Because, I said.” He whispered. Roxie quickly nodded her head. She would agree with anything that the British boy said in that certain position and that gravely. It made her insides churn. It wasn’t like she was going to shake her head, and Harry knew this. She could feel his smirk against her neck once again. She couldn’t exactly protest when he flipped them over once more.
“Sing to me?” She questioned.
Harry wanted to laugh.
“Sing to me,” She whispered, more like demanded.
“I uh…erm…I…dunno…I’m…” Harry awkward stuttered.
“Please?” She randomly asked.
“I don’t know what to sing,” He admitted through placing more kisses over her neck before ending back up at her ear. She encouraged him lightly before he started singing Miss You from Blink-182. Roxie smiled softly. She song meant a lot of the girl. Blink the band had been a huge influence as a band, and the song was personally one of her favorites. The girls broke his words off by pressing her lips flush back against his. She turned to move back on Harry, her movements slow. He reached up to the back of the girl’s bra to take it off. He almost got it off, to.
When the door swung open, Roxie jumped. She didn’t really know how it happened, nether of them did. Harry’s hands weren’t exactly gripping her waist or legs, he had her bra. The girl was so startled that she somehow lost balance, and ended up going over the edge nearest to the door. Harry quickly reached for her arm, but he wasn’t fast enough. The girl smacked the floor, landing with a groan. She bounced back quickly though, moving to her knees to see who had just walked into the door as she made contact with the ground.
“Found it!” She stated, making Harry furrow his brows. He looked almost casual, leaning on his entire left side, looking down at the girl.
“What’s going on?” Inga asked them slowly.
“Harry here was helping me look for my contact!”
Harry smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand.
“Love, you don’t wear contacts.” He whispered, not quite enough because the mystery man and Inga heard him loud and clear.
“Shit! My earring, I dropped my earring.”
The man stood shocked while Inga looked horrified.
“You’re ears are stretched, Roxie.” Inga sighed.
“Can’t anyone fucking go along with this for ten damn seconds before we go into details?!” She nearly yelled. “Damn…fucking hell.”
Harry shook his head, and lifted up until he was off of the table. He didn’t miss the obvious once-over Inga gave him or the glare that Roxie sent the other blonde in return. He decided to go ahead and slip his black, skin-tight jeans onto his legs before pulling the black t-shirt and the gray beanie on over his curls. The entire time, Roxie stood motionless, captivated by the man that was standing less that ten feet from her. Josh was gaping like a fish. He definitely didn’t expect to see that when the girl had a pretty big, and slightly well-known, break up. He didn’t expect to see this girl that he torn him apart on some other guy.
“Into younger guys now, I see.” Josh lamely joked as the girl finished dressing.
She gave him a dry look.
“Please, not right now.” She sighed.
“It’s just he actually looks your age,” Josh almost smiled. “I’m kind of impressed,”
Harry awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.
“Uh…erm…sorry, mate?” He spoke. Roxie sighed, and gripped onto Harry’s toned arm while he looked at the other man standing in front of them. “You look young.”
“I’m twenty-seven.” He shrugged.
Harry looked back over at Roxie before looking back at the man again. He didn’t know what to say. He was nearly nude with an also nearly nude Roxie on top of him. It was obvious that something else was going down. Roxie herself was very on edge now. The way that Inga stared at Harry made her blood boil. No other girl should be allowed to look at Harry like that, especially when he was hers at the moment. They had an agreement. They were each other’s when they were together, almost like they were dating, but without all of the strings attached. Roxie, being the almost possessive, slipped underneath Harry’s arm. She wrapped both of her arms around his waist. She gripped his black t-shirt causing it to ride up just enough to get Inga’s attention.
The blonde girl didn’t let go when she noticed that the other girl was staring. She also noticed the way that Josh watched the way that the two were interacting, almost like they used to a few years ago. He noticed the difference of Roxie and his boy’s relationship quickly. She was being possessive. That was something that clearly didn’t happen before. Roxie smirked almost before lifting her head to where her lips lightly touched the purpling mark she had left him. Harry’s body tensed up the closer that she got. It threatened him to almost unravel, forcing the lad to think about old men in speedos. The girl didn’t stop before pressing more than one light kiss on the mark.
“Mine,” She spoke. It was meant as a whisper, but within the four ways and five feet from each other, the words flowed between the four of them. The girl held on a little longer, her brown eyes sprinkling with mischief. She pulled away from Harry, but tugged on his hand. He gladly let her pull him along, but she was stopped short at a simple sentence. Both of them started to panic, turning around to face the other two.
“I’m sure Simon would just love to hear that two of his stars are hooking up behind everyone’s back.”
Harry’s hand dropped her own.
“Inga…” He trailed off. “It’s just a bit of fun, yeah? We’re getting along well. We’re shagging, that’s it.”
Inga smirked.
“Nevertheless, stop it this instant. You’re going to cause more drama than it’s worth, Roxie.” She warned the girl.
“So the others can actually be in a relationship and hide it from the public, but we can’t do something that no one knows about?” Roxie scoffed. “Because that makes sense,”
Harry rested a hand on her shoulder.
“Love, don’t make it worse.”
“Oh, shut up.” She rolled her eyes. “Whatever, let’s go. I’m pissed anyway. What in the hell are you doing here anyway?”
Josh shrugged.
“Came to see the show, really, but it looks like I got a whole lot more,” He playfully joked. “Should I pay you or…”
Roxie’s eyes filled with anger. If looks could kill, the guitarist would be dead.
“Come along now, we’ve got a show!” Inga smirked, knowing that she had won.


“What do you want from me, David? Because I already said that I was sorry!” Spencer nearly yelled.
“I want you to fall apart like I did.” He answered with a shrugged.
Thankfully in that moment Inga, Josh, Harry, and Roxie all came into view. Inga wordless looked at the entire situation before shaking her head.
“Reckless Little Hearts, dressing room…now!” her voice boomed, making the girls scamper rather fast. However, they were all a little distraught. Every Avenue waved mockingly before leaving the green room, and One Direction slightly speechless. The girls minds were running wild, and only one thought really stayed with them anyway. The simple fraze left them confused; echoing in all of their minds.
I want you to fall apart like I did.
♠ ♠ ♠
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