Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave

The Story of Your Life

The group of eleven rode most of the way to Arizona completely bored. There’s not too much to do when you’re cramped up on a tour bus with ten other people sharing your space. It got rather aggravating when they all just wanted to get some space. This was mostly the girls’ problem. They always had to do something else rather than sit there. Everything was starting to get annoying to the other girls around the bus. It was the normal ‘bus fever’, as opposed to cabin fever. Sometimes they seriously got annoyed with staying inside the confines of the bus. The girls especially were excited for them to be able to stay in a hotel for a few days.
While stopping in Arizona, the girls had a few things for them to do. Spencer, Emery, and Zayn had all planned on getting new tattoos. Roxie was heading out to hang out with Stephen Gomez from The Summer Set, and Ash was going to do a photo-shoot with Dirk Mai. The rest of the One Direction boys were really able to do whatever they wanted to do. They had no plans set in stone, but they had to be careful. Harry was the most aggravated of the group. Inga, the evil bitch, had a longer conversation with Simon and now he was being silently forced away from the blonde drummer. Roxie of course didn’t know what was happening, but she wasn’t exactly clueless.
The past few days had been rather intense. The girls were getting high-strung. It was like every passing minute Simon and Inga gained more control over them. They were no longer allowed to drink, admittedly that they were still so young, but they weren’t allowed to be themselves. The girls were now being warned against so much language that they were using. Simon was making their lives hell. The only thing that really kept them in line was the fact that their entire career was riding on his recording company. It was insane to think that one person had so much power over a five girls with a pretty big following.
Louis, Liam, Niall, and Liz all decided that checking out a few things around Arizona would be better than actually staying in the hotel room or the bus. Harry was told to stay away from Roxie, so he went invited himself with Spencer, Zayn, and Emery to get tattoos. It wasn’t his first choice, but if Louis and Spencer were so much alike than they would probably get on really well. It wasn’t like he had spent a ton of time with Spencer. He didn’t really know the girl as well as Liam or Louis, but he got a chance to try.
“Have fun today, yeah?” Louis questioned, looking down at Ash. “What exactly are you getting into?”
“We are just going to do some roof-top pictures and stuff. Nothing too special…Dirk is pretty out there sometimes.” She lightly joked. “I’ll see you whenever I get back to the hotel, okay?”
“Okay,” Louis laughed. “Don’t have too much fun though.”
Ash rolled her eyes before kissing him lightly.
“I’ll see you later. I’ll see all of you later!” She joked before grabbing her purse, phone, and jumping off of the bus.
Louis sighed and felt Niall’s arm casually draped around his shoulders.
“You ready, Lou?”
Louis rolled his eyes.
“I am,”
“Good, you could use some fun,” Liz giggled. “I believe that we all could.”
“It’s just hard to keep up a secret,” The man admitted. “I don’t know how so many people do it really.”
“Why do we care what our fans think about our girlfriends that we know better than anyone else?” Liam almost joked.
“Because they will loose their recording contract,” Louis sighed heavily.
Liz gave them a small smile before nodding toward the exit. There wasn’t a lot to really do in Arizona, but the girl loved it there all the same. Liz led the small four-person group around the area for a while before Louis and Liam just got bored. They didn’t really want to be anywhere else. Niall and Liz took pity on the boys by decided to join the others at the tattoo parlor. When they entered the two only saw Zayn and Emery. Zayn was sitting down in a chair next to the girl while she got tattooed on her inner, left forearm. It was a few simple stars that were nearly done.
Liam and Louis looked around the parlor, noticing that Spencer and Harry were definitely not there anywhere. Liam looked to Louis, and they both shared the same confused look. It wasn’t like they could have gone too far. There were a lot of things to do, but they didn’t know where really begin if they were to look for their friends. Emery nearly laughed at the pair just standing there looking around. She shook her head at them before adding to the conversation that she was having with her artist. From what it seemed, they had known each other quite a while.
By the time that Liam had gone to full-on worry mode, Harry and Spencer walked back into the tattoo parlor. They were laughing, and from the looks of it, they were eating ice-cream. Harry and Spencer were loud laughers, so the fact that the two of them were laughing meant that they found something in common. They were pretty notorious for having a different person every week, and their music taste was very similar. Liam sighed in relief until he saw that they were just…smiling. It was an odd sight to see. The two hadn’t really spoken all that much. They were friends, but the two had never cracked up like they were currently. That was definitely what Harry would do with Ash, not Spencer.
“Liam!” Spencer giggled, walking closer and wrapped an arm around his waste before pulling away. “What are you doing here?”
“They got bored,” Niall admitted, smiling at the girl.
“Wallowing in self-pity is more like it,” Louis rolled his eyes. “I figured if I could see my girlfriend, my Haz would do.”
Harry rolled his eyes, but put on a cheeky smile before wrapping his arms around his best friend in a quick hug. He jokingly pinched Louis’ cheek before he handed Louis his ice-cream cone to hug Liam. He laughed, finding that he could actually stay mad at him. Harry was charming with everyone. That’s why they were able to get along so easily. No one could stay mad at him for too long.
“We stepped out for some ice-cream while Emery finished getting tattooed.” Spencer smiled widely at him. “You want some?”
Liam nodded slowly taking the cone from her hand to lick some. He grimaced at the flavor before he turned it toward his girlfriend. She laughed again before she finished off the melting cone. Harry shook his head, and let Louis finish the ice-cream. Spencer playfully poked Liam’s side, and he rolled his eyes at the girl.
“You eat that stuff?”
“It’s the best!” Spencer argued, crossing her arms over her chest. “Harry!”
“It’s the best, Liam.” Harry playfully winked at the other boy. “I promise, mate. I ate some myself.”
Liam just shook his head.
“No, it’s not.”
Liz giggled and wrapped her hand around Niall’s.
“I’m afraid that I must bid you all a farewell. If I stay here any longer, I’m going to get something tattooed.”
“You want to?” The big man asked, not taking his eyes off of Emery’s reddening arm.
“Jeffrey, you know that I’m a very indecisive person and would end up not being able to choose.” Liz argued. “Maybe I’ll think about it while Niall and I are out…then I’ll get one.”
“Okay, Lizard.”
The girl rolled her eyes at their tattoo artist.
This guy was their tattoo artist from the beginning. They each only had one tattoo that wasn’t done by Jeffery. It was rare that they trusted anyone else to do their ink. The girls got on a first-name basis with the artist a long time ago. He now preferred to call them by their own special nick-names. Liz was clearly Lizard. Emery was known as Em Breezy, because her and Jeffery liked to play-rap along to music that was terrible. Roxie was Blondie because it was the easiest nick-name to give her. Spencer was Vocals, because she’s a vocalist. Last but not least, Ash was Smashley. No one really knew why he called her that; he just did.
Niall and Liz left the parlor laughing at nothing in particular. Jeffery finished off the newest edition to Emery’s arm. Zayn was commenting on how good that it looked. The Bradford boy almost decided to get another tattoo. Harry and Louis were making up some stupid game as they sat down. The two really couldn’t sit still for more than fifteen minutes. Spencer wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s waist. She rested her chin on his chest and smile up at him. Liam, looked around to make sure that the coast was clear before he wrapped his arms around the girl in return.
“Leeeeeeummmmmm,” Spencer said in a sing-song voice.
“Uh oh,” Liam sighed. “Yes, Love?”
Spencer’s smile widened.
“You should get a tattoo.”
“No,” He shook his head.
“No, absolutely not,” He affirmed.
Spencer wrinkled her nose.
“Pleaseeeeeee?” She pleaded some more.
“Spencer, no,” He chuckled. “I believe that it is your turn,”
The girl rolled her eyes before letting go of him. Emery and Zayn had already moved out of the way, and Liam took Zayn’s previous seat. Spencer just looked at Liam with wide, green/blue eyes. Her bottom lip was sticking out just a little bit more. He shook his head at her. The girl took in a deep breath, and let her shoulders fall downward into a slump. Spencer was definintley pouting, and Liam had to look away. Jeffery seemed fairly amused by it all. He shook his head and grabbed the stencils for her tattoos.
“So you want some words added to your tattoo, correct?” He asked, looking up at her. “Where at, Vocals?” He added. Spencer looked down at her right shoulder before showing Jeffrey where she wanted the words Dream on Dreamer tattooed along side of the dream-catcher she was sporting. The dream-catcher had been the first tattoo she had ever gotten. It hurt a whole lot, but it was worth it. At the beginning it was just a dream-catcher but now it had somewhat of a background to it. Small stars were around it, and the colors were dark purples and blues. Jeffery found the empty spot where Spencer wanted it and set the stencil. It took him barely half an hour to do the words on her arm. He wrapped it up carefully, before moving to grab the other stencil.
“What are you getting now?” Liam asked casually.
Spencer smiled at him.

“I’m getting a treble clef on my left wrist, if you must know.” She laughed. “I may plan on getting the bass on my right wrist so it makes a heart but…”
Liam smiled over at her.
“You really want me to get a tattoo?”
“Yes.” She sighed. “Please?”
“I wouldn’t even know what to get!” He chuckled lightly.
Zayn clamped a hand on his shoulder.
“You promised me that you would get me one, mate.” His dark-haired friend stated with an easy smile on his lips. “I believe that this would be a good time for one,”
“Oh, I agree,” Emery laughed.
“Me too!” Harry called from behind them.
“I don’t know if you should, Liam.” Louis cautiously warned. “Just be sure what you want,”
Spencer grinned widely at her boyfriend.
“Are you going to do it?”
“I don’t know.” Liam sighed. “Can I watch you get tattooed first?”
The girl nodded and Jeffrey started back on her treble clef while the others teased Liam about the tattoo decision. By the time that Jeffery was finishing up Spencer’s second tattoo of the day, Liam had decided. He was certain what he wanted to. If things would go wrong, then he would just get more added to it later. Liam Payne has always been rather cautious all of his life, and he was nearly nineteen. In fact, his birthday was in a few weeks. Maybe it was because of his new relationship or his mates rubbing off on him, but Liam wanted to do something different.
“What are you going to do?” Zayn asked, wiggling his eyebrows at one of his best mates.
Liam shrugged.
“Are you going to do it?” Harry smiled widely, and Spencer looked over at him with her own charming smile.
Liam sighed.
“Yolo,” He spoke, using the stupid saying for the first time in a long time.
Jeffery smiled widely.
“I believe I know what you would want.” He stated before grabbing another stencil that was already made up for Spencer. He looked at the former red-head. “Is this okay, Vocals?” The girl nodded.
Liam ended up getting the other half of the heart tattooed on his right wrist. He convinced himself that he could hide it from the public until his relationship was allowed to be out in the open. Sure, he would have to move his watch to his right wrist, but he didn’t care. It was stupid and crazy, but it was a tattoo. You do only live once, and Liam was young. He would rather make mistake this young, if it would be a mistake, than make it later. It was kind of funny how quickly Emery and Zayn thought it was so cute. Harry was just proud that Liam got a tattoo, and Louis was weary. He just wanted to make sure that Liam was okay with permanently marking up his skin.
Spencer and Liam put their wrist together long enough for the girl to snap a picture on her iPhone. It was just for the two of them, and no one else. No one had to know that the couple had matching tattoos. They had to be extra careful around each other simply because new tattoos are raw and require nothing to touch them. The two couldn’t get to close, because surely people would be able to see.


“How have you been?” Stephen smiled at the blonde girl that he was currently sitting in a restaurant with in Phoenix, Arizona.
“I’ve been pretty good, actually,” Roxie sighed. “It’s been different without Oli, but at the same time it hasn’t. I do miss being able to call him mine, but he was never around anyway.”
“I’ve been telling you forever that you needed to get rid of him,” The man slightly laughed. “You look like you could use a drink.”
“All of the band could, actually.” The girl giggled. “Simon’s got us on lock-down.”
“Come over to Brian’s house tonight,” He stated. “We’ll make sure you get back to your hotel safely. It’s just a small house party. Not too many people are coming over.”
“Are you sure about that?” She asked. “We’ve got to be extra careful now, Stephen. Simon has turned super crazy. We have a new tour manager. She’s freaking insane. She’s our stylist, and she insists on us matching.”
Stephen laughed at her, and shook his head.
“So you need a night out?” He questioned.
“Not out, because we’re not allowed to be seen in public. For fuck’s sake, Ash and Spencer aren’t allowed to be seen with their boyfriends!” She blurted. The second that she saw Stephen’s confusion started turning into recognition, she turned so red. “No, no, no! Please pretend that you didn’t hear that! I didn’t mean to say it. I tried to stop it, but my mouth wasn’t working right.” She rambled.
Stephen rolled his eyes at her.
“Are you going to call them or not?”
Roxie sighed and smiled.
“Okay, we will definitely be there.” The girl admitted. “I don’t think that they would turn down free drinks, and friends.”
“I know that you wouldn’t be able to,” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “Come on, let’s get out of this shit place, and go get those friends of yours.”
The blonde girl laughed and nodded in agreement.

“Okay, if you could just turn a little bit to your left then that would be fantastic.” Dirk laughed lightly.
Ash rolled her eyes and moved a little bit so that the taller man could be able to take the photograph that he wanted. Dirk was a friend of the band, and he had been for a really long time. He did a lot of their group photos, and even asked the girls to be subjects in his own shoots. They had a really great relationship. Yeah, one or two of the girls probably had hooked up with him in the past, but that didn’t change anything. The girls were fun. They were great girls to really be around. Despite the fact that they liked sex; the girls were wonderful friends.
Dirk loved to work with Reckless Little Hearts. They were all photogenic. Although he hadn’t released most of the photos to the public, the photos were some of his favorites. Whether it was shooting Spencer in the water, Ash on the top of a building, Roxie in the middle of the desert, Emery in an abandoned warehouse, or Liz in downtown; Dirk had fun. It was like handing out instead of doing something a shoot others would consider a job. It was a wonderful experience to work with them.
“Okay, that’s it,” Dirk smiled, pulling his camera away from his face.
“Are you sure?” Ash jokingly questioned, causing the older man to roll his eyes.
“I’m positive.” He replied, moving toward the girl. “Great shoot, Ash. Really,”
“Thanks,” She laughed. “I love working with you,”
“I know,” He joked, smirking slightly. “What are the others up to?”
“Doing things around Phoenix, I assume.” Ash lightly laughed.
“We need to get together again. I have some ideas for your album shoot,”
“We already shot our album with you!” She laughed.
“I know but I have a really cool idea!” He retorted, laughing just as hard at the girl was. “I need five people for this photo, and I want the five of you to do it.”
“Get The Maine to do it!”
“John and Jared already told me no,” He sighed. “Please, Ash? Please?”
“Dirk, you don’t beg.”
Dirk rolled his eyes.
“I will if it means that I get to shoot you,”
Ash paused, staring at her male friend before bursting into laughter.
“Dirk…” She trailed off. “Okay, okay, I’ll ask.”
“That’s all I want,” He winked. “What do you say to getting off the top of this roof before they kick us off, and grab some food?”
“I think that’s a splendid idea.” She smiled and they started walking. “Wait, what do you mean before they kick us off?” The tall male didn’t answer but instead headed toward the stairs that they climbed to get there. “Dirk!”

Reckless Little Hearts were finally up, and ready. They had an interview in Phoenix, and a show later in the night. They had set up with a familiar interviewer, Bryan Stars, inside of the venue. Bryan was someone that the girls had repeatedly gone to. They enjoyed the blonde, pale boy. He was someone that they would just mess with throughout the entire interview, and not have to worry about him getting offended. They loved Bryan. Anyone that had given the boy the time of day, loved that he came up with the best questions.
Ash, Liz, Emery, Roxie, and Spencer all stood around a room that their interview was supposed to happen at. Their boys were currently eating a bunch of donuts. The girls were not allowed to eat until after the interview. Inga had them on a pretty strict schedule. It was a miracle that the ten person group was able to sneak out of the hotel to get to the lead singer of The Summer Set’s house. They partied until the early morning. Stephen and Jess had taken it upon themselves to make sure that the group got back to the hotel on time. It was rather hard when they had nine, pretty wasted, people. Liam helped the best that he could. He stirred his girlfriend in the right direction as well as a helpless Niall.
There were more bands there than expected. The Summer Set, The Cab, and even The Maine showed up at some point of the night. Everything was a little blurry for the girls. They were wasted by the time the party started into full swing. Louis and Ash were pretty much the life of the party. They were playing beer pong, and took more than a few body shots off of each other. Zayn and Emery were dirty dancing with each other to crappy music. Niall and Liz took the opportunity to eat a bunch of food in the kitchen and talking to John Gomez. He laughed at everything that the Irishman said. Niall was a hit with the others. He could hold his drink. He did comment on how weak that it was.
The more that Spencer drank, the more that Liam laughed and argued with the girl to keep her clothes on. Eventually, the entire house could tell that Liam and Spencer were definitely dating. The girl would just stupidly beam by sitting underneath his arm. She’d place soft kisses on his cheek. Despite the attention brought to them, Liam smiled just a stupidly. She even got up to sing stupidly with Alex Deleon from The Cab before returning toward her boyfriend on the couch. Harry was nearly charming the pants off of Jess. No matter how much the other girl drummer tried to ignore the curly-haired boy, she couldn’t. Harry had too much sex appeal for that. He was British, and he was striking. Because he was spending all of his time with the girl, Roxie grabbed Alex Marshall. They were in a corner, drinking and making out messily. It wasn’t until later when they were leaving that Harry felt the need to claim the blonde in more ways than one.
Bryan Stars finally arrived after having a hard time with security. He did a double take when he saw the boys of One Direction just casually sitting there chatting. He hadn’t really expected them to be there at the particular moment. He smile and offered a wave while the girls all attacked Bryan. Bryan had some-what became an older brother with the band. They had been interviewed by him for more than five times. They wrapped their arms around him, hugging him tightly. He laughed within the mix, and they all pulled away. He asked them regular questions about how they were doing before the interview started.
“Hi! I’m Bryan Stars, and I’m here with Roxie, Emery, Liz, Ash, and Spencer of Reckless Little Hearts. Hey guys!”
“Hey!” The girls replied.
“So it’s not every day that we get all of the members of a band with me, so I feel slightly honored to be with you girls. If Bryan Stars were to be a part of Reckless Little Hearts, what would I have to do?”
“Well, first you would have to cut off your penis, because we’re girls.” Spencer stated, making the girls slightly laugh.
“Then you will have to either get a wig or hair extentions,” Roxie added.
“We would prefer hair extensions, because they’re practically required in our band. None of this is real, people,” Ash added picking up her extensions.
Liz laughed.
“Yeah, we’re all pretty into hair extensions,”
“Doesn’t it get like really hot?” Bryan asked. “I don’t think I could handle that on my neck. Long hair seems like a hassle.”
“There’s more to grab onto, if you know what I mean,” Emery winked.
“About how much is hair extension and how much is your real hair?” He laughed.
Ash went right to picking her hair apart. She picked up a piece of rather short hair. It was just below her shoulders.
“This is my real hair.” She laughed. “Obviously the rest down to my waist is extensions.”
“My hair is only a little bit longer,” Spencer laughed. “It comes to about my boobs.” She shrugged.
“My hair is actually up to my shoulders.” Roxie spoke. “The rest is definitely not my hair.”
“My hair is actually the longest, but I have hair extensions anyway.” Emery shrugged. “It comes about half-way down my back, but I needed longer hair.”
“A point of that hair extension rule,”
“Definitely,” Liz laughed. “I was pressured into getting hair extensions, but mine are obviously not as long as the others.”
“My hair extensions aren’t that long!” Roxie retorted. “But yeah…”
“So I need to go buy ridiculously long hair extensions, cut off my penis, and then I can be in Reckless Little Hearts?”
“Oh no,” Ash shook her head. “Bryan you have be able to rock some massive heels to. We’re rarely flat footed. We will even wear them on stage sometimes.”
“I was about to comment on how short all of you are today.”
“Hey!” Spencer retorted. “I’m not short! I’m vertically challenged!”
The rest of the band cracked up.
“Now if you girls were going to switch places with any girl in the band, who would it be?”
“Roxie, hands down.” Emery stated.
“Yeah, she’s to fucking pretty!” Liz added.
Roxie blushed.
“I’d like to be Liz,”
“Because that girl can fucking eat whatever she wants! I eat two fries, and BAM! I’m ten pounds more,” Roxie sighed. “I hate that about being a girl.”
“What about you Ash and Spencer?”
Ash and Spencer shared a small look.
“We’d obviously trade bodies with each other,” Ash stated while laughing. “We’re pretty much the girl version of Larry Stylinson.”
“I think that we’re more hardcore,” Spencer shrugged.
“We’re clearly better than them,” Ash shrugged. “But we don’t have a couple name,”
“We could call you Sash,” Liz laughed.
“No, no, no!” Roxie giggled. “I’d called them Spash.”
“I’d prefer to call them Double Trouble,” Emery shrugged.
“We’re a package deal,” Ash nodded. “Any of us all are, really. You don’t get one without getting the other.”
“We’re going to call them Spash. Hastag that shit,” Bryan laughed. “Who drinks the most within the band?”
Emery laughed.
“It’s not Roxie,”
“Hey!” The blonde stated. “I can drink, I’m just a fucking lightweight!”
“I mean, we don’t drink a lot anymore.” Liz interrupted.
“Despite the fact that we are all very hung-over right now,” Ash pointed out.
“None of you are the legal age,” He laughed. “How do you get to drink like that?”
“We know people,” Spencer yawned. “It’s not hard to find.”
“But who drinks the most…come on…”
“Emery,” Roxie replied without missing a beat.
“Emery does drink a lot,” Liz admitted.
“Emery,” Ash agreed.
“I actually think that it’s a tie between Ash and Emery,”
“I’m going to say Spencer, because I can,” Emery laughed.
“Now I recently did an interview with Sleeping With Sirens. You guys have some history. It got pretty bad on twitter. I was like, ‘What in the hell is this?” Do you know what I mean?”
“Yeah,” Spencer shrugged. “For all…um…reasons label-wise, Kellin is an ex. We were really good friends, really, really good friends. When things started to get serious, I didn’t know how to deal with it all. It got bad fast, but we’re good now.”
“We talked about Reckless Little Hearts, and he made the comment that if you are in a band, you haven’t made it until you have slept with one of the girls from Reckless Little Hearts.” Bryan stated. “How do you really feel about that?”
Ash rolled her eyes.
“Honestly, we’re not the biggest whores, despite what people may think. You would be surprised what girls actually do sleep around more than us. Especially on Warped Tour, everyone knows everything. All of the bands just have the mutual understanding of not bringing hook-ups up.”
“Have you heard the song from them called With Ears To See and Eyes To Hear?”
“No,” The girls laughed.
“I shall play it later!” He joked. “If you were on a deserted island, which band member would die first?”
“Liz,” Spencer laughed.
“I wouldn’t know what to do!” The girl retorted. “Roxie would die right after me!”
“That is very true.”
“I would be the one that survives,” Spencer shrugged.
“Probably, that or I’ll eat her.” Emery shrugged.
“One Direction or The Maine.”
“Noooooo!” Liz yelled dramatically. “Don’t!”
“Bryan!” Ash laughed.
“That’s just rude,” Roxie crossed her arms.
“You’re putting us on the spot!” Spencer groaned.
Bryan laughed.
“For those of you who don’t know, One Direction is right behind our camera men.” He stated. “They’re being lazy,”
The camera man swiveled around, and shot the boys who were either on their phones or eating something before it turned back toward the girls. They were laughing, and shaking their head.
“I choose One Direction, simply because my boyfriend is giving me the evil eye,” Liz stated. “Niall looked harmless, but the potato can be mean when he wants to be.”
“One Direction,” Emery giggled. “But I still love The Maine.”
“Um…The Maine,” Roxie shrugged.
“One Maine,” Ash stated. “A combination,”
“What about you, Spencer?”
The girl felt slightly on the spot.
“The Maine,” The girl replied. She knew that her and Liam were good enough that she could actually say that. She was supposed to dislike him. They weren’t supposed to be friends. The girl had already nearly gotten into trouble when she said that Liam was hot, so this was playing it safe. She still felt awkward.
“Which boy of One Direction fits the best in with you girls, and why?”
“Harry,” Spencer laughed.
“Oh yeah!” Emery laughed. “Harry is such a hipster,”
“I love hipster Harry!” Liz giggled.
“He just sort of gets our vibe,” Ash agreed. “He is like me, but in male form. We’re twins! But he’s like…got the whole Hispter vibe thing down. He just fits in with us so well. We mesh,”
“We had a bonding experience recently. We were at the tattoo parlor yesterday, and we started talking about tattoos! Then he got me ice-cream.”
“Are you trying to be bad influences?”
“We don’t try to be bad influences!” Roxie laughed. “It just sort of happens!”
“I’m trying to get him to get a shoulder tattoo,” Spencer admitted. “I even said that I’d hold his hand, but he refused to get one. It made me rather sad.”
“He’s a baby,” Roxie rolled her eyes. “He won’t admit it, but he really is.”
“He’s older than like three of us, but he’s still a baby!” Liz laughed. “Like Roxie, Spencer, and I are all June babies. So it’s weird for us to actually think of him as a baby. He’s a good four months older.”
“You do give One Direction a run for their money,”
“They are really big partiers,” Emery laughed. “I was shocked.”
It was silent for a few moments before Bryan laughed.
“You all look so dead right now,”
“We pretty much are,” Roxie laughed dryly. “We’re waiting for our coffee.”
“Then we can go have a relay race, which you still owe me!” Bryan stated, making the girls laugh.


“How are you guys doing tonight?” Spencer asked, stepping up to the microphone while the crowd yelled and called at the band currently on the stage. The girl had taken Liz’s guitar so that the girl could play a little bit of piano for the cover of the song that they were going to be playing. The girl looked over at Ash, and the pair laughed. It was funny to get such a reaction from the crowd, even after nearly two and half years of actually having a recording contract.
“We’re going to play you a cover of a song, if that’s alright with you guys?” Ash asked, getting a huge cheer from the crowd.
“Who here loves We The Kings?” Spencer asked, getting a rather large reaction. “Good, because we’re playing one of their songs,”
“It’s a good one!” Emery laughed.
Spencer took a quick glance at the side to see Liam standing there. He gave the girl a thumbs up, and she smiled, looking back at the crowd.
“This is for a special brown-haired boy.” She stated before they started playing.

The story
Of your life is so twisted
'Cause someone out there is missing
Everything you do

You're wasted
Nothing ever really makes sense
If you keep searching you'll find me
Hidden inside you

Leave behind your troubled eyes
See brand new what I can do
Just say yes if you really want me to

We can stay like this or go, go, go
We can take it too fast or take it slow
We can spend our lives oceanside
Or count the stars in the desert
On a magic night
You can lie awake in bed
Or come and sleep with me instead
If you give me one chance to take your hand
I'll fill the empty pages as you write
The story of your life

The story
Of your life is unwritten
So put me down as your ticket
Don't even fight it

You're shaking
You're not sure of the ending
But let me be the beginning
Just put it in writing

Leave behind your troubled eyes
See brand new what I can do
Just say yes if you really want me to

We can stay like this or go, go, go
We can take it too fast or take it slow
We can spend our lives oceanside
Or count the stars in the desert
On a magic night
You can lie awake in bed
Or come and sleep with me instead
If you give me one chance to take your hand
I'll fill the empty pages as you write
The story of your life

This is now, no I don't mean maybe
Just wanna scream and call you baby now
Take a chance and call me crazy
Smile kid, there's only one way out

We can stay like this or go, go, go
We can take it too fast or take it slow
We can spend our lives oceanside
Or count the stars in the desert
On a magic night
You can lie awake in bed
Or come and sleep with me instead
If you give me one chance to take your hand
I'll fill the empty pages as you write
The story of your life

Fill the empty pages
Fill the empty pages

The girl had no idea that a simple statement would soon become so controversial.
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Happy 2 years One Direction! <3

Much love!

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