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The Reckless and the Brave

Act My Part

One Direction’s Harry Styles and hardcore rocker Spencer Tucker dating?

The stupid headline had Liam pacing nervously inside of the venue that the bands were meant to play together that night. He had the article on the cover of some trashy magazine balled up in his fist. On the couch, Spencer, Ash, Roxie, and Harry sat while Inga stood against a table a few feet from them. No one really knew what to say, or why the rumors had started. All Inga had to do was show them the current headline, and Liam was all to pieces. It was odd; peculiar. Liam just wanted to fix this sort of rumor. He wanted to stake his claim on the former-red headed girl sitting beside Ash on the couch.
Harry was almost as upset. He couldn’t even hang out with a girl without his “Heartbreaker” status coming into the lime-light. He couldn’t be friendly with someone without rumors starting. He assumed this was why he couldn’t be seen with any of the girls alone. It was ridiculous. Harry Styles was young, he was aware of how his looks affected girls. It wasn’t a secret that he enjoyed a female companion for the night. Expect for the fact that Harry actually wanted a girlfriend. He wanted someone to call his. He wanted to put a label on his weird relationship that he begun with Roxie. He didn’t like that people believe he and Spencer had something gone on, but he knew that he had too. Simon liked it that way.
No one really knew what to say. Inga had entered the room merely five minutes ago, and the mood dropped drastically. It wasn’t something that they really had to deal with before. This wasn’t a story that they couldn’t exactly laugh at. Spencer was dating Liam. Harry was too involved with Roxie, but no one knew that. Inga had a small smile on her lips. She seemed rather pleased with what was going on, and that made Roxie even more irritated. She had a feeling that whatever was written in that article had been her idea. Call her paranoid, but Roxie just simply knew that she had something to do with it. The girl had been too persistent at keeping her and Harry occupied away from each other.
“Liam,” Spencer sighed. “Please stop pacing,”
“I don’t think that I can,” He sighed. “Why is this even a story on the front page? Do you think that it really is front page worthy?”
“No, I don’t.” She answered, standing up to take the magazine out of Liam’s clenched fist. He huffed and puffed some more before the girl rung it away from him, and tossed it away. “That’s why I am not freaking out about it. It’s a stupid story,”
“I guess…” Liam sighed shaking his head. “Who could have even gotten these pictures of the two of you?”
“We were in a public place,” She laughed. “I haven’t read the article, and I have no interest in seeing what it actually says. It’s bullshit. Everyone in this room knows the truth, and I guess…for right now…that’s all that actually matters,”
Liam was silent for another minute or so. No, he wasn’t okay with the false stories going out about him. He wanted to blast those lies on twitter. He hated lying to his fans, that’s why they knew about him and Danielle before they broke up. He didn’t want to give the girls false hope. At the time he was crazy about the older woman, but things turned sour. He should have seen it coming, and oddly enough, he had been the one to break her heart. Danielle saw it coming, she said. She realized a long time before that they weren’t the same people anymore, and that the relationship had run it’s course. Liam Payne liked his privacy, but he not one had to hide his relationship. Now that he was happy with Spencer, happier than he had been in a long time, he had to hide his happiness for the sake of the fans.
“I’m really disliking Simon right now,” Liam mumbled.
“This was Simon’s idea.” Inga spoke, walking over toward the group to pick up the magazine. “He released a official statement saying that Harry and Spencer are just enjoying each other’s company.”
“That’s not a total lie…” Harry trailed off. “We’re mates,”
“Harry is funny. We mesh well,” Spencer nodded in agreement. “But that’s as far as it goes.”
“I believe that this is Simon’s way to get the whole fandom warmed up to the idea of One Direction being interested in Reckless Little Hearts,”
“I don’t understand why Emery and Liz don’t get shit about their relationships,” Ash huffed.
“They do,” Harry quickly spoke up. “It just isn’t as bad as it would be for you lot. You’re the more publicly wild children.”
“Thanks,” Roxie rolled her eyes.
“Simon wants Harry and Spencer to look like their shagging.” Liam finally sighed, sitting down where his girlfriend was currently sitting. “Fuck,”
“Li…” Spencer trailed off, walking over to him. She tried to pull his hand away from his worried face. “Please…stop. It’s okay.” She shrugged.
“How could you say that it’s okay? You and Harry looking like you’re fucking is not okay with me, Spence. I’m usually good at hiding my feelings, but bloody hell this isn’t easy! Does Simon honestly think that it will warm them up to your band? If anything it will make you look like a slag when we actually get to go public with our relationship.”
Spencer huffed and nodded.
“We’ll get through it.” She shrugged lightly.
Truth was, Spencer didn’t know if they would or not. It was an awful big statement full of doubt. Looking like she was hooking up with Harry was going to cause issues. She knew this. She wanted to go public with Liam, she wanted it more than anything. It just didn’t do anything to want anymore. She was under Simon’s control, the entire band was. It was a simple fact of doing what he wanted at the moment. The band had to trust their boss, even if they were hurting from it. Simon knew best, right?
“This is bullshit.” Roxie stood up before she exited the room with the slam of the door. The blonde was not happy about the current situation.
“What happened to Liam and Spencer having to look like they are friends? Why cant they now?”
“What do you mean?” Harry asked, looking over at his girl best friend.
“Three months ago Simon wanted Spencer and Liam to play nice. They still avoid each other in interviews, and occasionally say that they can’t stand each other on twitter. Why can’t they be friends? Being friends should warm up the fandom, right?” Ash spoke, looking between the other four people in the room. “Why can’t they just be friends first, Harry and Spencer continue spending time together like best friends, and then when they are ready they can come out.”
Inga chewed on her lip.
“I think I can ask Simon…”
“No, you won’t.” Harry spoke firmly. “You have done enough, Inga. I think that Liam should speak to Simon. Simon trusts Liam the most, so he should listen if it is coming from his mouth.”
Liam nodded in agreement.
“Harry makes perfect sense.” Ash added. “If anyone is going to fix something, maybe, for this then it has to be Liam.”
Spencer looked at her boyfriend expectedly. This conversation was far from over between the two of them. She knew that Liam wouldn’t be one-hundred percent satisfied with the answer until the pair was able to public walk with their hands clasped tightly together. It was ridiculous, and everyone knew it.


“We really need a metal show to go to soon,” Emery sighed dramatically as she applied eye-liner to her bottom lid. The girls of Reckless Little Hearts were all prepping for a music awards show. One Direction were of course going to sit near them at the same event, and the bands had to take separate vehicles. They had flown on out to California from Arizona just a few hours prior, and were getting ready at their hotel. The girls were some-what matching again, much to their dismay.
“I agree,” Roxie nodded in agreement as she continued to work on her long, blonde hair.
Ash was sitting on top of the counter while the other girl’s finished getting ready. The girl had been one of the first done, and she had nothing better to do. She observed their outfits and mentally cringed. They all matched, weirdly so. It wasn’t like they wanted it that way. Inga insisted that the girls dressed this way. The other blonde simply knew too much, and Simon trusted her too much for them not to listen.
“Ash? Can you help me with these suspenders?” Spencer asked as we walked into the room with Liz trailing behind her. “Dammit, they are making me mad!”
Ash rolled her eyes at her best friend before helping the girl snap them into the perfect place. Liz looked at her hair once one before she turned toward the rest of her friends. She had finished and was now waiting with Roxie and Ash for Emery and Spencer to finish. Once they were done, the girls grabbed their cell-phones. They were very excited for the night’s events; it was the MTV VMA’s after all. The girls were scheduled to present some awards for that night. They were performing at the iconic event. The boys were to perform also, but the girls were in the middle of the show while the boys were more toward the end of the show.
The girls were ushered out into their own car that Simon had rented for them. They were excited. The awards show was always fun for them. Some of their friends in other bands were going to be there. That was probably the best part of the entire experience. The girls were nominated for one of their videos from the pervious records. Sure, they wanted to win, but they weren’t going to hold their breath. It was hard for an all-girl rock group such as theirs to actually win awards. They were okay with that. The girls accepted this a long time ago. It was hard enough to prove themselves against all of the critics.
The girls walked down the carpet, getting yelled at by a lot of interviewers. They walked their way, talked for a little bit before they walked away again. The process continued, and it was rather monotonous. Different interviews wanted to know all of the same questions. They didn’t get annoyed with it. It was expected. They stopped by E! News and were asked who they were wearing. Reckless Little Hearts honestly didn’t know. They just got their clothes from wherever. Inga was in-charge of that, and hadn’t informed them. Kelly Osborne was their interviewer, and she gushed how much she loved their outfits. It made the girls smile in return.
Jimmy Kimmel was the host for this year. He made a few jokes about One Direction, unsurprisingly. What really surprised the girls was the fact that he made a joke toward them. They ended up laughing, being good sports about it all. It was funny, he was a wonderful comedian. He made comments on how they barely wore anything to the event and how they were barely legal. He even threw in the fact that they act like forty-five year-old rock-stars instead of teenagers. The girls just laughed and shook their heads. It was rather funny, and it was true. The girls were wearing bras, and a corset, for tops with tight jeans or shorts. Their looks deceived them, making them look older than they really were. The tattoos helped with this factor.
When it was time for their category, the girls were slightly shaking. The nerves were there. They didn’t expect themselves to be this nervous. It was the first time they were in the category, and they wanted to win. The girls really wanted to win. It wouldn’t surprise them if they didn’t. They were in the same category as Sleeping With Sirens, Every Avenue, and Black Veil Brides. They didn’t think that they had a chance. This award wasn’t voted by the fans, and if it had been, they might have a chance against the all-boy rock groups.
Super-stars Kat Von D and Joe Perry from Aerosmith walked out to the music to some older rock song. The girls stole glances at each other, and they knew that they all were freaking out on the inside. It wasn’t hard to see at all. They wanted to win. It would show everyone that yes, they do have what it takes to be rock-stars in an industry full of men. They knew that other girls were rooting for them. Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless called when she first heard, and Juliet Simms sent them a huge gift basket. The girls knew personally that Kat Von D wanted them the win the most, she did some of their tattoos over the past year.
“Over the years, rock music has changed the world. From Joe’s iconic band Aerosmith to the current rock music of today, people can relate.” Kat started out.
“Rock music never will go out of style. So many complicated rhythms, fast beats, and rough vocals. These musicians have proven how much they can rock out.” Joe read.
“Whether you are an all-girl rock band from New York City, a fast-pace guy metalcore band from Florida, a punk-rock band, or a band of men that love wearing leather outfits and make-up, you can rock. Here are the nominees for Best Rock Video.”
The music started to play along with the over-head voice.
“Sleeping With Sirens; Do It Now, Remember It Later. Every Avenue; Fall Apart. Reckless Little Hearts; You’re No Marilyn. Black Veil Brides; Rebel Love Song,”
“And the winner is…” Joe Perry trailed off.
“Sleeping With Sirens; Do It Now, Remember It Later!”
People started to cheer, including the girls while the men of Sleeping With Sirens stood up. The girls were bummed that they didn’t win, but of course they were happy for the guys. They were close friends, and the girls loved their friend’s music. They deserved to win just as much as RLH did. They couldn’t be all that sad.
“Wow…” Kellin laughed. “This is great that we actually won! We honestly didn’t think that we would win this one. We as a band discussed it, and we want to give this award up.”
“Can we get Reckless Little Hearts up here on stage with us?” Jesse, the lead guitarist, stated more than asked. The girls sent each other questioning looks, and even looked over at One Direction. They seemed to urge them forward, so the girls all got out of their seats, and headed toward the stage while Jesse continued talking. “These girls deserve this award more than anyone else in the category. We all came to that agreement. So, munchkins, this award goes to you,”
Roxie was the first on stage, so she reached out to grab the moon-man from her friend’s hands while the rest of the girls hugged Sleeping With Sirens. As soon as the award was in her hand, she hugged Jesse as tightly as she could. The room seemed to be pretty okay with the guy group giving up their award for the girls. They weren’t complaining.
“Oh my damn,” Roxie laughed. “This isn’t supposed to happen!”
“Thanks to Sleeping With Sirens,” Emery laughed. “Because we didn’t really win,”
“We’re a bunch of little girls who really just had a dream. To even be nominated is a huge honor. So thank you!” Liz smiled before the girls hugged Kat Von D, and Joe Perry. The two bands and the presenters were sent in the back of the stage. The girl’s instruments were being set up when they got there. Roxie quickly changed her shoes into some boots so that she could play her drums. The other girls didn’t change. They just made sure that all of their things were put up correct. They only had to wait backstage for fifteen minutes before their announcers; Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale, walked out onto the stage. MTV chose their presenters as girl’s because the band was an all-girl rock group. The girls were slightly nervous, they weren’t going to lie.
“Our next performers are an all-girl rock band from New York City. The girls started as young as fifteen, and three years have passed. They have won several Revolver Rock- God awards, graced the covers of Rolling Stones magazine as well as Vogue,” Selena spoke first.
“Their first CD, Home Is Where The Heart Isn’t showed a much more mature sound and lyrics than most sixteen-year olds go through. It reached number two on the Billboard Top 200 the first day that it was released. They have three music videos, five sold-out tours, and they are currently touring the country with British-Irish boy-band, One Direction,” Ashley Tisdale added. “From their second studio album, playing Act The Part…”
“Put your hands together for Reckless Little Hearts!”
The girls were already up on stage, and the curtain was pulling up to reveal the five girls at their respective spots. The girls started to play.

I’m a little selfish with a lot to give
I’m a broken bone, I’m a losing bid
I know you want me in, in my place.
I’m a tremendous bliss, I’m an unknown voice
Make you feel less alone, but I’m not your toy
I know you want me out, out of your face.
I can smile for the camera
I can feed you my heart
I can lie lovin at ya
I can act my part
And it’s not the way I wanted it to be
But no one ever asked me
So I smile for the camera
And I act my part

Spencer jumped right off the side of the stage, landing perfectly to her surprise. She walked toward the audience members full of famous people, tracking her every move. This was their first VMA performance, and the girls wanted to make it good. She had been planning it, along with the other girls, and she walked toward the row that held One Direction as she began to sing the second verse. She missed up Liam’s hair, and snapped Louis’ suspender when she started to sing again.
Under my skin written in my blood
There’s a secret I keep, it’s not your love

The girl knew that she was stirring the pot, but she walked in front of Harry, effectively grabbing his tie while she continued the next part of the song.
I know you don’t know me at all
I’m a little bit bruised living in the lies

She pushed him back in his seat before she walked over toward Sleeping With Sirens.

But your hungery for more and I can paint my disguise
I’ll be your fight, be your fall

Spencer stopped beside of Kellin, and handed held out the microphone for the both of them to sing the beginning of the chorus before she walked away back up onto the stage.
I can smile for the camera
I can feed you my heart
I can lie lovin at ya
I can act my part
And it’s not the way I wanted it to be
But no one ever asked me
So I smile for the camera
And I act my part
And you’re everything that I hide away
Buried deep, another face
All the secrets you will never know
*screams* Yeah!
I can smile for the camera
I can feed you my heart
I can lie lovin at ya
I can act my part
And it’s not the way I wanted it to be
But no one ever asked me
So I smile for the camera
And I act my part

The crowd cheered loudly when they finished. The girls were rushed back stage. Inga was waiting to make sure that their outfits were in place. They were given water and a few snacks before they were pushed back out into the crowd. The girls felt eyes on them. Their hearts raced. It was their first awards show performance, and apparently it had gone pretty well from what they could tell. It was definitely one of the best live performances they have ever given. The girls put everything that they had into their performance.
The handlers and people that worked for MTV, and the venue ushered them back to their seats. A few famous people complimented them on the way back to their seats. The likes of Adam Lambert, Coldplay, Simple Plan, and Justin and Selena paid them compliments. The girls were so buzzed that it barely registered that these insanely famous people were telling them that they enjoyed their performance. They were excited about it.
Despite being in such a public place, and slightly aware of the paparazzi, Zayn got up. He wrapped his arms around his girl’s middle, and hugged her to him tightly. Emery’s smile widened, and she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck. Zayn was beyond proud of his girlfriend. He felt the need to show some sort of affection. It wasn’t an obligation to him. He wanted more than anything to tell her how proud of her he was. Everyone in the theatre could see the dark-haired boy’s happiness for the girl in front of him. Zayn pulled back just enough to plant his lips firmly on his girlfriend’s. People didn’t expect the “mysterious” boy to do such a thing publically. That was right up Harry’s ally, not Zayn’s.
Niall mimicked Zayn’s actions slightly. He just pecked his girlfriend’s lips slowly. The couple had already been out, so it didn’t really matter. He hugged her tightly before he had to let her go to sit down. The bands felt like everyone’s eyes were on them. It was kind of hard for them not to actually look. It was One Direction. The other girls kept that in mind as they hugged the other members of the band. Liam made sure to pull Spencer in for a really quick hug before he had to let her go again to hug Roxie. Harry felt bad for Ash and Spencer having to openly give the boys that they cared about half-hearted hugs. He smiled sadly at Spencer and Ash, giving the girls a bear hug instead of a quick one.
By the time that the end of the show rolled around, Reckless Little Hearts were backstage again. They were to introduce One Direction. The boys were buzzing from excitement. Spencer, Liam, Louis, and Ash were huddled in a corner away from everyone else. It was there that the couples were allowed to give each other some sort of congratulations. Louis latched onto Ash like an octopus, hugging the life out of the girl. Liam took both of Spencer’s hands in his, and he smiled goofily down at the girl. She smiled back before lifting up on her toes to actually plant a kiss on his awaiting lips. Liam couldn’t help but feel the love flow out of him. He pulled her closer, now holding her tightly.
Louis let his hands tangle into his girlfriend’s hair, pulling her in for a much deserved kiss. The girl was beaming like an idiot. Her heart pounded in her chest as their lips moved slowly together, but they had to break apart. One Direction was due to go on second to last. The end of the show was coming up, and the bands planned on bolting early instead of actually staying for the last bit. The two groups honestly weren’t that interested in whoever else was there to perform or what awards were being given out. The couples stopped kissing, and hugged once more before they started to pull away.
“Break a leg,” Ash smiled and stated toward Louis.
Louis winked in return.
“Of course,” He stated.
“I love you,” Liam said out-loud, forgetting that Louis and Ash were there momentarily. Spencer didn’t seem to mind one bit, the girl herself forgot, as she smiled widely back at him.
“I love you, too.” She stated. “Go get ‘em tiger,”
Liam beamed before he and Louis started to run off to join the other band members of One Direction.
Spencer jumped and turned to look at Ash. Ash was staring at the girl with wide eyes. The former redhead now realized the mistake that she and Liam had so foolishly made in front of their friends. Ash could sense the girl’s panic. Ash would argue that she wasn’t all that surprised, but you could just read her face like a book. The dark-haired girl hadn’t expected to hear those three little words from Liam’s mouth so soon or from Spencer’s mouth ever again. She knew that the girl was crazy about the British boy, she just didn’t think that they were to that point in their relationship yet.
“I…uh…yeah,” Spencer sighed. She couldn’t take back what she had said. It was Liam. He was her boyfriend, and it was obvious that the pair were really into their relationship. It probably shouldn’t have been that surprising, but it was. Spencer Tucker doesn’t just love boys. It was all knew to Ash. She was caught between worrying and being extremely proud of the girl for finally growing up. “So… we should walk over there now, yeah?”
Ash chewed on her bottom lip.
“Are you happy?” Ash questioned her best friend, looking into her eyes. She could see that the girl was just oozing happiness, it was a little contagious.
“Happier than I’ve been in a long time,” She answered.
That was enough for the older girl before she looped arms with her best friend, and drug her toward the rest of their band. One Direction had already disappeared, and they were about to go on to present the boy-band. The girls honestly didn’t really know what they were supposed to say. They were told to really just wing it. That was probably the worst thing to tell these girls. They were okay with pressure, but they tended to blurt out a lot of things that people probably shouldn’t say on an award show.
Their cue music came on overhead and the five girls were ushered out of the back-stage area. Each girl had their own microphone in their hands. They walked out, getting applause. They stopped at their mark, waiting for the crowd to quiet down.
“There have been some pretty great boy-bands in the past thirty years.” Roxie started, being the smartest of the group at the moment. “This British-Irish boy-band is no different.”
“We’ve had the great pleasure of actually touring with this five-guy group,” Liz continued.
“Their fans are dedicated, and I’m surprised that I haven’t gone deaf by now from the girls screaming.” Emery joked.
“They’re hot, they’re young, and they’re down-right ridiculous.” Spencer spoke next
“Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together for One Direction!” Ash called before the girls moved off of the stage and their boys came on.
The boys had changed, because they’re divas, for the performance. They were performing Tell Me A Lie. It was the first time that the boys were performing the song for an award show. The girls had moved back down to their seats. They stayed standing, and danced along while the music played. The song was one of their favorites that the boys have ever played live. They moved around the stage in a pack, like usual, and sang to the cameras. The girls laughed at them, but continued on enjoying them anyway.
A lot of other famous people up, and dancing along to the boys music. The lights for the show were going crazy, and the cheering was loud. This was the first time that the girls were watching their boys from how the audience would see them. It was different. They liked it, but nothing could really compare to being on the side of the stage. Nevertheless the girls were just as proud of the boys as the boys were of them.
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