Sequel: American Candy
Status: Complete

The Reckless and the Brave


“We have been on way too many planes recently.” Roxie complained as the girls walked off of the platform first. The bands took the first plane back out to Arizona where they left their tour bus. It had been a pretty restless week, and everyone was tired. Roxie had jumped on four of the nine others in the bands within the past two days. Niall was hungry, making his mood turn a little sour already. Louis was rolling his eyes at everything. Liam tried his best to make everyone remain calm, but it just made them even more high-strung. Spencer was bitchier than normal. Ash wanted to personally chuck Roxie out of the plane’s window. Liz doted on Niall. Zayn was attempting to sleep, and Emery cut off the world with her iPhone.
It was a tiresome trip, indeed. Inga was constantly breathing down their backs. They weren’t even allowed out of the hotel anymore unless they were looking presentable. The girls have always felt that way, but now they had to match colors. It was awkward for them to see each other in corresponding outfits. Nothing about that was normal, and the girls were convinced that this was just the beginning. They were slowly loosing control over it. They knew that it might happen sometime, but they didn’t expect it to happen so soon into the tour. Five dates down so far, and they were already matching in everything that they wore. The girls no longer had their own personal flare with their outfits on stage anymore.
No one replied to Roxie’s comment. They much rather separate now before anything got any worse. The music awards were just a day or so ago, but already people were trying to read between the lines with the girls and One Direction. Emery and Zayn’s kiss made front page news as well as Roxie hugging Liam. Some stupid story of another love triangle popped up when Harry hugged Spencer and Ash a little too long for comfort. It was getting ridiculous. The little headlines were kind of getting out of hand. Everyone knew that. Harry just tried to shrug them off, he was too used to the media’s scrutiny.
“Niall and I are going to order in,” Liz stated, running a hand through her boyfriend’s hair as his head rested on her shoulder. “He’s running low on fuel, and you know how he can get,” She sighed.
“Food…” He nearly whimpered.
“I know, Nialler, I know.” She cooed before shooing him off toward their room.
The others nodded silently as they stood in the hotel lobby trying to figure out what their next step was actually going to be.
“’Need a nap,” Zayn yawned. His hand was linked tightly with Emery’s. The girl was still blocking out the world, not really caring that she was ignoring everyone else. He gently took the ear-bud from her ear, and she sent him the death-glare. Zayn just smiled lazily. “Nap time, love?”
Emery nodded slowly before looking at the rest of them.
“See you later,” She mumbled before her and her boyfriend wondered off toward their shared room for the night. Simon had finally broken down and allowed a few of the couples to share a room. The couples that weren’t allowed to just snuck in each other’s rooms anyway. It wasn’t like Simon would find out, right? They were careful.
“I think that they have the right idea,” Roxie sighed.
“Bed does sound nice.”
“Oh no, you don’t.” Liam sighed, placing his fatherly hand on Harry’s shoulder. “We’ve got a twitcam to do.”
“What?” Spencer asked, looking toward the other two. “Why now, Liam?”
“Because tonight is when Simon wanted it. It’s also one of the only nights that we have to actually hang out,” He answered calmly per usual.
“Whatever,” Spencer sighed. “I was going to do some song writing…”
“Do it before or after the twitcam,” Liam offered.
“Only if you’re up to hearing a bunch of cussing, and aggravated sighs, then by my guest.” The girl snapped back.
“Looks like the rest of us are having a camp-out in Liam’s room.” Ash stated.
Louis rolled his eyes.
“Spencer and I need to write, babe.” She retorted. “Weren’t you listening?”
“Not really, no.” Louis snapped back.
Spencer rolled her eyes.
“Okay, Mr. Sass. There clearly is too much smart-assery going on between our group. I vote that we all just shut the fuck up for the remainder of the night.” Spencer retorted.
“I’m not sober enough for this.” Ash sighed.
Liam shook his head before motioning the group to follow him. Roxie decided that she might as well follow them. She was going to stay in the room up until Harry was leaving. The two hadn’t had any alone time in a few days. Inga made sure that it was nearly impossible. She was secretly craving for his touch, and Harry was craving for her touch in return. Ash just wanted to write a few songs while they were annoyed. Some of Reckless Little Hearts’ best music came from when the girls were annoyed or over-worked. It was the perfect time for them to try to write.
The groups appeared up in Liam’s quiet hotel room. It was kind of neat, but he was a boy. No matter how mature, boys still make messes. Spencer took her usual spot on the right side of the bed, paying no attention to anyone else. Her own suite case was casually thrown over onto the un-used bed with some of her clothes pulled out onto the mattress. Liam laughed, grabbing his macbook out of its proper case. He sat the laptop down beside the girl whose eyes were closed. She almost looked like she was sleeping.
“Spence,” The British boy sighed. “You need to clean up your mess.”
The girl peaked one eye open.
“Must you sound like a mother?”
“Now,” Liam stated, not really willing to deal with her attitude.
Getting up, she mocked him the entire time she cleared her stuff off of the bed. She tossed the luggage in the floor haphazardly. This annoyed Liam even more. He groaned, crossing his arms as he watched her lay back down. The couple was not perfect by any means. They always got on each other’s nerves. They were constantly bantering back and forth about silly things. It wasn’t like they hated each other, because they were very much in love, it just was something they needed to work on.
“Happy, Li?” She smirked with her eyes closed.
“Spencer…” He took his warning tone.
“Liam…..” She mocked, keeping her eyes closed. The other four people in the room watched wordlessly as the couple had a small argument over her things. They knew that they were just tired, but they didn’t want to interrupt the two.
“That’s not picking up your stuff.” He sighed.
“No, it’s not.” She agreed, sitting up. “If you want it picked up so mother fucking bad, then you can do it yourself,”
“I just wanted you to move your things so they could sit down,”
“I did move them, Liam!” She sighed heavily, sitting up. “I can clean it up in the morning.”
“We’re checking out tomorrow.” He gave her a pointed look.
Spencer groaned, rolling her eyes.
“I hate you right now.”
“The feeling is mutual.” He stated. “Do it, now.”
“You’re not my mother.”
“No, I’m not. You’re mother walked out on you.” He stated harshly, but only because he was mad. “I’m your boyfriend, and this is my room. If I say to pick up something then you should pick it up.”
“Fine.” Spencer stated with a fake smile plastered on her face. She stood up, picking back up her suite case. The girl started to shove her things into her suite case, zipping it up. She rolled it to the door, and turned around to walk back into view. “I’ll take my suite case back to my room. That way you can sleep in your clean room on your bed all by your fucking self. How in the hell does that sound?”
Liam ran his hands over his face, and finally peered back up at her.
“I didn’t mean it that way,”
“Yes you did.” She argued. “I believe that it’s best that we don’t share a room right now.”
“Why not?” He sighed.
“Because I might just hurt you,” She stated, taking a seat on the opposite side of the room. “Now, let’s get this twitcam underway so I can go back to my room.”
“You’re being difficult.”
“As are you,” She winked. “It’s a two-way street, baby.”
Liam sighed, shaking his head. He said nothing more on the matter while his computer booted up. The others joined Spencer on the bed where her stuff used to lye. Ash scooted close enough and the girl rested her head on the girl’s shoulder. Harry just stared between all of them. He didn’t understand how this twitcam thing was meant to be pulled off if Liam and Spencer were having a small row. It didn’t really make sense to him. Honestly, Simon had gone off of the deep end with the girls.
Liam had signed on, being the normal weirdo that he was on camera, but everyone actually in the room could tell how much he didn’t want to do one at the moment. Spencer could tell that their little argument turned his mood even sourer than it was before they got back to the hotel. The girl cared, she did, she just was annoyed with Liam at the moment. She figured that she had the right to be. He was giving her attitude, and she gave him a double dose back. He should’ve known better than try to argue with her at a time such as this. She didn’t like pretending that she wasn’t in love. Love was already a lot more complicated than the girl could really remember. The last relationship she had didn’t end to well, and that was when the girl wasn’t even eighteen at the time.
Harry and Spencer were waved from behind the computer by Liam. They showed up, joking a little bit. Liam announced that he and Spencer were trying to be friends for the sake of the bands. The words that flowed from his mouth were perfectly rehearsed, just like Simon wanted. However, the fact that the two were having a spat, the natural snide came out in their voices. They still looked like they had nothing in common, and would rather be anywhere else. That was honestly how the young couple felt too. They wanted to really be apart for the moment. They were way too close together.
Before long Liam signed off of his twitcam with the promise to do another one soon along with a follow spree. Ash and Spencer already had guitars and some sheet music out by the time that Roxie and Harry disappeared. Louis sat down on Liam’s bed, playing with his phone while the dynamic duo decided to drop some major bombs with their new songs that they were composing. One was cleverly titled Fearless with such a line as I’m not fearless, I’m just reckless perfectly fitting for both the song and the band. The other was titled Crazed with something that went like Be a bit crazed, little dazed. Shake you up, I get my way. The boys were only half-way paying attention to the girls. They were going to hear the songs eventually. Surely they would get a better peak at the new music sooner.
Spencer, Ash, and Louis left Liam’s room around two in the morning to return to their own rooms. Liam sighed heavily, getting ready for bed. He brushed his teeth with a flashing tooth brush, and followed some people before he just scrolled through his twitter time-line. He re-tweeted a few things before he was ready to sit his phone down. However, Liam didn’t. He saw that a particularly aggravated, hot-headed, 18-yeard old girl was up, and tweeting a few fans before he decided to send out a tweet, indirectly of course.
Real_Liam_Payne: miss u. x
It wasn’t long before he refreshed his screen that had him sitting right up in his empty hotel room bed. He scooped up his phone charger, and turned off his light. Liam grabbed his toothbrush, just in case, and walked the mere twenty feet it took to get to the girl’s hotel room. He knocked lightly on the door, and she opened it slowly. He smiled sadly before he wrapped his arms around her. He didn’t care about being slightly in the public as he pressed his lips slowly against hers. He felt horrid, and one stupid tweet got him to calm down, and practically run back to her.
SpencerRLH: I’m sorry. I love you. xx

And that was all it took to have Liam Payne walking toward the girl’s hotel room in the middle of the night because well…he loves her too.


“I know that I’ve said it before, but I just can’t wait to meet you,” Jay spoke over Skype to Ash.
The dark-headed girl just blushed and smiled back at Jay.
“I can’t wait to meet you too,” She answered.
“You have to come back with Lou when he visits the next time!” She gushed. “Your accent is just darling.”
“Thank you,” She laughed. “I like yours too.”
“The girls can’t simply wait to meet you. They’re so excited that Lou has someone else in his life that he cares so much for.” She answered. “They loved Eleanor and all…but…”
“I’m different?” Ash laughed.
Jay blushed the smallest bit, and nodded.
“Yeah…you’re different. At least, that’s what my son keeps telling me,”
“Is that so?” Ash laughed, looking over at her boyfriend. He was snuggled tightly into her sheets, sleeping soundly. “You don’t think that he would get mad that I used his computer, do you?”
“Of course not!” She laughed loudly. Her sweet voice carried in the silent hotel room. “I did beg you after all,”
“You didn’t really beg…” Ash trailed off lightly. “I was more than happy to accept!”
Jay giggled.
“We’re just getting to know each other!”
“Right! What does Lou have to really be worried about?” Ash giggled in return.
“Well…I am his mum, and you are his new girlfriend…”
“The boy gets rather embarrassed. I could share quite the few stories, and pictures to match. Did he tell you that he played Danny in his school’s production of Grease?”
Ash giggled, shaking her head.
“I must show you the video when you visit! I already have a list of things that I must get before your stay. Just let me know a few days prior so that I can prep.” Jay informed her.
Ash laughed again.
“I will, I promise.”
“He must be out cold,” She stated.
“He is,” Ash promised. “Do you want to see him?”
“Yeah, just tip the computer screen a little bit,” She instructed. Ash did as she was told, showing the English woman her twenty-year old son in the bed beside of her. Ash thanked God that she was wearing something sensible to bed that night instead of sleeping nearly naked. “He looks like a baby again,”
“Yeah, he does.” Ash agreed with a small giggle. “It’s early there, right?”
Jay shrugged, a sleepy smile on her face.
“It’s not so bad,” She answered. “The girls are already off to school,” She answered. “I might have to turn in soon though, I’m rather shattered.”
“I am too,” Ash yawned. “I’ll get Lou to call you when he wakes up later,”
“Thank you,” Jay smiled. “Sweet dreams, sweetie.”
“Thanks…you too.” Ash smiled before waving at the screen before it went black.
Ash really liked talking to Louis’ mom a lot. She felt accepted when Jay demanded that they meet as soon as possible. Apparently Louis talks about her all of the time. Ash nearly giggled before she sat his laptop on the floor beside her carefully. Louis groan as the girl moved to a lying position on the bed beside him. He rolled over, lapping his arm over the girl’s midsection. He pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his hand in her neck. The girl giggled lightly, but let her hands fall into his hair. He sighed in his sleep, bringing another smile to the girl’s lips.
Ash was aware that she was falling hard. The closeness of her boyfriend made the girl think back to right before the boys took the stage. Liam had publically, and stupidly, stated that he loved Spencer. Spencer even returned the public proclaim. The pair didn’t mean to, Ash knew that, but it happened. It made her wonder how the couple came to terms with their love. Ash herself had no clear idea how she felt about Louis. She cared a lot for him. They were always together, and they had a lot of energy. However, they weren’t no Liall or Zemery, but she cared. Fuck Ash cared for Louis more than anyone she had ever cared for before.
Maybe she should start to panic now. Maybe she should grow some balls and tell Louis. Maybe the girl shouldn’t stay in his bed anymore. But Ash wasn’t going to do anything. Not at the moment, that is. She rather cuddle with the wind-swept haired boy beside her. There was no denying that the two had chemistry. They were pretty important to each other. Louis made that clear to her. The girl was even friends with his mom. That was something that didn’t really happen. She didn’t know what to really think about it. The dark-haired girl cuddled closer to the boy before pecking his cheek lightly.
“Please go to sleep,” Louis muttered. “I can practically hear your brain.”
Ash rolled her eyes, placing her lips at his ear.
“I like you, a lot.” She admitted before cuddling closer.
“I like you, too.” Louis mumbled before he drifted back into dream-land. However, Ash stayed up a little bit longer before was able to finally relax into Louis’ touch.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right now,” Emery sighed. “Really? Fucking really?!”
“What?” Liz laughed, looking over at her friend.
“What in the world are you talking about?” Roxie asked her friend.
“You don’t want to know,” Emery shook her head angrily.
“Just tell us, Emery.” Ash rolled her eyes, finishing off her make-up as she stared into the mirror.
“There’s more than just one thing…”
“It can’t be as bad as Roxie and Liam’s smooch on the front page of every magazine everywhere,” Spencer joked lightly.
Emery sighed.
“It says this, ‘All-girl rock group, Reckless Little Hearts, show way too much skin at VMA’s. Are the girls trying to get the attention of every male within the entire venue or are they just that skanky?’, and then this one said ‘Reckless Little Hearts are just in it for the sex!’ Really people? Fucking really?”
“Greatttt,” Roxie rolled her eyes. “People calling us whores is nothing new, Emery.”
“They brought One Direction into it. According to these trashy magazines, we’re all fucking One Direction,”
“We kind of are…” Liz trailed off, looking all confused. “Aren’t we?”
“I mean…I know I am,” Spencer shrugged.
“Louis and I are pretty active,” Ash confirmed.
Emery shook her head.
“Not like that. This stupid thing is saying that we’re all fucking all of the boys. As in, I’m being un-faithful as is Liz. You don’t even want to know what they’re saying about Roxie.”
“What are they saying about me?” Roxie asked, taking the magazine away from her friend’s hand. “Those bitches! I haven’t slept with all of the boys at least twice!”
“Exactly,” Emery sighed. “Why in the hell is everything all of the sudden blown out of proportion?”
“You’re really asking that question right now?” Liz looked at her dumbly.
“Why do our personal lives all of the sudden have to matter?” Spencer shook her head. “It should be about our music, not who’s getting it in or not.”
“You want to go tell them that?” Roxie snapped.
“Actually, yes I do.” She answered. “Why in the hell not?”
“Because we could possibly get into trouble?” Roxie stated slowly. “You have to think about everything else now, Spencer. We all do,”
“It’s bullshit,” Ash proclaimed. “Why can’t they give it up?”
“We’re touring with One Direction, and we don’t have the best reputation. Think about it, guys,” Liz tried to point out. “It only makes sense…”
“Dammit,” Roxie muttered. “I’m going to publically go out and get laid now.”
“Me too,” Spencer rolled her eyes, everyone looking at her. “He will know that it’s not going to actually happen! I just need to be seen with someone else!”
“They already think that you’re with Harry,” Ash pointed out. “And they think that I am too…”
“We should probably go out on a double with a few guys,” Spencer reasoned. “I just want them to give it up, you know?”
“Amen to that,” Ash agreed.
“Why don’t you guys just get some of our friends from other bands to go out with you?” Emery questioned. “You guys can go on a double date, Zayn and I will go out. Niall and Liz can do their own couple thing. Roxie can hit on a few more fans. Everything will be fine.”
“I don’t think that me hitting on a few fans will look that good,” Roxie sighed. “That just sets up an entirely different reputation for me,”
“Then what do you suggest?”
“I suggest that I actually go out with someone.”
“Fuck if I know! I just gave you the suggestion!” She laughed.
“Who do you want to fake-date?” Ash asked, looking over at Spencer.
The girl shrugged.
“Hell if I know.”
“I just feel like we need to get this done and fast.”
“Well duh,” She laughed.
“You’ve been quiet.” Roxie accused of Inga, whom was just standing in the room with the girls.
“I don’t know what to do,” The girl admitted. “I just did what Simon told me to do,”
Roxie rolled her eyes.
“It’s not my fault that the press has gotten these stories!”
“They’re fake!” Roxie argued. “No one knows that though,”
“Plenty of people seem to believe that they’re real,” Inga stated. “David, was that his name, commented on it. He’s in the magazine as a source.”
“Fucking perfect,” Liz sighed, shaking her head. “What do you suggest that we do?”
Inga furrowed her brows.
“Me? You’re asking me what to do?”
“Yes,” Roxie confirmed.
Why?” Inga spat.
“Because you’re Simon’s lap dog at the moment, and we’re all fresh out of things to do,” Roxie stated. “You are paid to help us, so do your fucking job.”
“I think that publically dating other people would help. I can call Simon and run it by him,”
“Okay,” Ash nodded.
“As for the rest of you, really play up the love.” She stated. “Niall and Zayn already look helplessly in love, just make it more obvious.”
“That’s doable,” Emery urged the girl to continue.
“Harry should be seen with another girl…besides the five of you, of course,” The blonde continued. The other five girls continued to bit their lips in attempt to actually listen to something that Inga was saying. “I’ll talk to Simon about what he thinks Roxie’s next move should be. Until then, just stay quiet, and no commenting. Don’t even tell the boys until we have it finalized.”
“Okay…” Ash trailed off, nodding. “We’re trusting you, Inga.”
“I know,” The stylist nodded.


“I don’t think that I’m really okay with this,” Louis sighed, looking over at the other four boys standing in front of him.
“I don’t think that really matters, Lou.” Zayn said sort-of softly. “Simon has made up his mind,”
“Simon sucks,” Liam muttered.
Everyone turned toward the most mature member of the band. They didn’t expect such a statement to come from his lips. He was Daddy Direction after all. Liam always did what Simon told me to do. He never really questioned what the man had said. He did it regardless. So, it was rather odd that Liam was stating that the man sucked. If the discussion was semi-important, Niall and Louis would have started to laugh. Harry felt weird about the entire situation. He didn’t understand why everything got so out of hand.
“I don’t understand why this has gotten so big,” The curly-haired boy voiced his opinion.
“At least you can hang out with a girl in public,” Louis snapped. “I can’t properly date my girlfriend.”
“That doesn’t mean that I get to date someone, Lou.” Harry argued. “Every friend I step out with is suddenly my sex buddy or my girlfriend.”
“You don’t seem to let it bother you,” Louis sighed.
“Shut it,” Zayn rolled his eyes. “Both of you are giving me a headache.”
“We have to be overly public,” Niall made a face. “I don’t like PDA,”
“No one does,” Zayn agreed. “But if kissing Emery more in public means getting people off of her back, then I’ll do it.”
“I would do that too for Liz,” Niall nodded. “Isn’t that what this is all about anyway? You’d do anything for your bird’s.”
Liam nodded.
“It’s not that, Nialler,” He sighed. “It’s the fact that other lads, former boyfriend’s, are going out with them,”
“They were fuck buddies, Liam. Get the term correct,” Louis snapped. “I don’t like it though. Even if it is fake, my girlfriend is going to be paraded around with some bloke.”
“It’s not easy to do that,” Liam agreed.
“At least you’ve met the bloke that Spence is going to go with,” Louis argued. “I have never set eyes on this Ronnie,”
“Maybe you should google him?” Zayn joked. “You know, get his story,”
“Didn’t they used to shag?” Harry voiced. Everyone turned to give him a pointed look. “What? I watched the interview they did a while back just a few days ago. That name sounds familiar, that’s all.”
“Roxie is hanging out with some lad named Jacky.” Zayn pointed out. “Do you lot know who that is?”
“He’s in the same band as Ronnie,” Harry answered before shrugging. “I pay attention when people tell me things,”
The other lads rolled their eyes at their youngest member. Liam, however, decided that looking them up would be a good idea. He knew that Kellin was a singer for his band that he practically forgotten the name of, and this other guy’s band was also a mystery. They would have to do some searching, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find them. The boys crowded around Liam on the couch in various places while he carefully typed in Kellin’s name. His friends gave him a side-ways glance.
“I want to hear what he sounds like.” He muttered quickly. The second link showed the name of Kellin’s band, Sleeping With Sirens, and he pulled up another tab for YouTube.
“Don’t pretend that you want to know what the bloke sounds like.”
“I also want to know what that Every Avenue sounds like, but I haven’t searched them,” Harry pointed out.
“We can?” Liam suggested.
Louis rolled his eyes.
“Later.” He stated. “I’d rather sees and hear these bands now,”
Harry shrugged, and sat back into the couch as Liam typed the band name into the YouTube search bar. He just clicked on the first result, which ended up being a cover of Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. The video started to load before the music started. One Direction all stopped talking and gave the band on the screen their attention. It wasn’t hard to just sit and watch. It had practically silenced them all. When the video was over, they all just kind of looked at each other before Zayn awkwardly coughed.
“If I was Spencer…I would’ve fucked him too.” He stated, causing the rest of the boys to look at him.
“He does have a set of pipes,” Louis mumbled. “It’s just a fake date, Liam.”
“I know…” Liam trailed off. “Let’s watch the video that won against our girls, alright?” He questioned, getting shrugs and nods from the others before he easily found the Do It Now, Remember It Later video in the related video’s section. The boys weren’t as silent as they watched the video. They laughed, and agreed that it was a really good video. They kind of enjoyed it. It was no Coldplay, but it was decent in their view.
“Liam…he has your tattoo,” Louis pointed out.
“Yeah…” Liam trailed off, not really wanting to think about it. “What was that band that the other’s are in?”
“Falling In Reverse,” Harry sighed, remembering the name that Roxie had told me earlier. “They’re pretty big, I guess.”
“Okay…” Liam trailed off, typing in the name of the band. “Which one? There are five videos. We can’t really watch them all.”
“They have weird titles.” Niall chuckled.
“Click on Good Girls Bad Guys,” Zayn sighed. “Emery has it on her iPod. I have just never listened to it.”
“Okay,” Liam shrugged, clicking on the video. The video was definitely different. The men had a lot of tattoos. It seemed that they were just the kind of guys that their girlfriends tended to hang around. It shouldn’t have surprised them really, but it still did.
That’s Ronnie?” Louis asked. “He looks like a druggie.”
“He was,”
All of the heads turned around quickly to spot Ash walking into the room alone. They were about to question why she was alone before the door swung open, and Spencer came into the room with Kellin, and two men following behind them with Roxie following up in the back. Louis seriously felt bed for his comment, but entirely grateful that they were later than his girlfriend. Ash walked over, and sat right down on Louis’ lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and smiled down at him widely.
“What do you plan on doing, love?” He questioned, brushing her hair back.
“We’re going to the movies and shopping or something,” Ash shrugged. “I’m not really sure,”
“Ash…” Spencer warned.
“Oh!” Ash laughed, standing up. “Guys, this is Ronnie and Jacky,” She stated.
Ronnie smiled and waved at the British-Irish boy-band.
“Hi…” He trailed off awkwardly.
“Hey,” A much softer voice called, and everyone turned toward Jacky. He just shrugged before looking over at Roxie. They were close friends, and friends only. Jacky wasn’t really that guy that took too much advantage of girls. He just wasn’t. He liked being friends with all of the girls instead.
“You know dumbass.” Spencer playfully stated, nodding toward Kellin.
“Hey!” He shouted, shaking his head with a laugh.
“So Jacky and I are going to head on out now…” Roxie trailed off, grabbing the man’s wrist. He nodded toward the group of people before they both left. As soon as they were gone, Liz and Emery walked in.
“Hey!” Emery yelled, making everyone turn toward her. She instantly wrapped her arms around Ronnie’s neck his a bone-crushing hug. “How in the hell have you been?”
“Pretty good, you?”
“Not getting into too much trouble, believe it or not.” Liz laughed.
“I’ve had my fair share of bar fights, I know how it gets,” Ronnie smiled sadly. “But ya know…that’s different now.”
“I’m sorry that we were so uncontrollable the last time you saw us,” Ash found herself apologizing.
“You were doing some really bad things,”
“I’m sorry,” She added again.
“Being sober is definitely easier when you’re around people who don’t drink or use.” He sighed. “But I’m glad that you grew up,”
“Hey, we’re still dummies!” Spencer interjected. “We’re just…not as…bad.”
“True that,” Kellin laughed.
“How old are you guys?” Ronnie changed the conversation toward One Direction. “You looked like fetuses.”
“Ronnie!” Ash busted out laughing.
“Uh…I’m twenty,” Louis stated first.
“I’m nineteen,”
“I’m almost nineteen so there’s that.” Liam shrugged.
“Hey, me too!” Niall nodded in agreement.
“I’m the baby.” Harry shrugged.
“You look around the oldest,” Ronnie laughed.
“How old are you?”
“I’m almost twenty-nine,” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Don’t feel bad,” Kellin laughed. “I’m twenty-six.”
The boys did a double take, looking at each other, making the older men laugh .
“You’re old men,” Spencer stated. She looked over at Liam. He smiled softly, making the girl’s smile widen. She grabbed his hand, pulling him up toward her. The British man wrapped his arms around her middle, hugging her tightly to him. She played with the now shorter hair. “Why are you and Lou going to do while we’re gone?”
“Probably play some Fifa. We’ve got a rather boring night planned.”
“I suggest that we go skydiving.” Louis shrugged. “But Liam said no way in Hell.”
“Awe.” Spencer cooed. “You baby.”
“Thanks. Coming from the shorty,”
Spencer let go of him, shoving him away slightly, and Liam just chuckled.
“I want to go now,” Emery sighed. “I’ve got a lot of puckering up to do.”
“Not that I’m complaining or anything.” Zayn shrugged with a small smirk on his lips.
“I’m hungry.” Niall stated.
“Me too!” Liz proclaimed. “Let’s go get some greasy food while these losers be all healthy and shit.”
“God, you’re perfect.” Niall stated, hugging her tightly. “It was nice meetin ya!”
“You too,” Ronnie chuckled.
“Bye, Kellin!” The couple called, moving out of the door.
“Ready to go get thrown out of somewhere for to much snogging?” Zayn asked his girlfriend.
“You’re weird. Let’s do it.” She winked. “I must say goodbye. We’ve got a long night ahead of us,”
“Bye,” Ronnie chuckled, hugging Emery once more. “I like your tattoos.”
“Thanks, man,” Zayn smiled. “You’re are sick too.”
“Thank you,” Ronnie laughed before they left the room.
Harry shimmed on down on the couch before he looked over at Louis and Liam.
“Want to hit the gym?”
“Yeah,” Liam nodded, agreeing to it. “I’ll see you later?”
Spencer nodded slowly, smiling at him.
“I’ll try not to have too much fun without you,” She stated. “I might just die of boredom.”
“Okay… I got it, Daddy Direction worries.” Liam rolled his eyes before pecking her lips lightly. “Be good,”
Spencer laughed at him while Louis kissed Ash softly.
“I’ll see you later, alright, babe?”
“Okay,” She giggled before he waved at the two men standing there before he walked toward Harry and Liam, who were standing at the room door.
“You’re not my mother!” Spencer yelled at Liam.
“No, but I am your boyfriend!” Liam shouted back before the boys disappeared behind the door, leaving Ronnie, Kellin, Ash, and Spencer in the room alone. Ronnie raised an eyebrow toward the two girls. They blushed slightly and shrugged. It was totally random, and they knew that the two men weren’t exactly expecting that much flirting and cuteness. Kellin didn’t realize that Liam and Spencer were so carefree since their kiss. It was kind of nice, he noted.
“It’s the British accents, I swear,” Ash threw up her hands in defense.
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