I'll Meet You There

Chapter One.

I looked up at the moon as it slowly went back to normal. I sighed, looking down at my cell phone for the seccond time. Still no new messages. I took one more glance at the sky as I started to walk back home. Around the lake and down the road."Hell its dark." I said quietly to myself. I looked at the beautiful lake beside me. The water swifting back and forth with the moons reflection shining. I smirked and tuged my hands in my black hoodies pokets. I took one last look at the lake before turning onto my street.

I started walking in the middle of the road, anyways it's 12am, its not like anyone is gonna be driving. It's a quiet nighborhood not many people live here and if they do its only for three months. People come and they go around here. Well theres my house number 53. Not big, not small.

My parents you see only have two children, my older brother and I. My mother doesn't care about me and my father is always on a bussness trip or somewhere at work. So thats somewhat half my life.

I looked at my pale white door. I slowly opened the door too see all the light off. My mother already sleeping? Odd. My bother sleeping? Really odd. I sighed and turned on the lights suspecting someone to say Surprize! Nope, nothing. Oh did I forget to mention it's my birthday too? Of course I did.

I sighed and walked into the kicthen. Everything was clean and put alway as it normaly is. I walked out and turned the light off. I locked the door and walked up to my room. Everything was so quiet. It's never this quiet, normaly I would wake up at 1 o'clock in the morning to hear my mother screming that my brother left something dirty in the kitchen sink. Oh well maybe they we're screaming at eachother all day and now they're sleeping it off to scream some more at eachother.

When my father comes home everything will be fine. We'll all act as if nothing happend and everything was okay but when he leaves again oh hell has risen from the ground.

I sliped my black hoodie off and threw it on my bed. I closed my door and turned the light on quickly taking my blue skinny jeans off and putting my batman pj's. Along with a batman tanktop. I walked into my mini bathroom and yawned. I brused my teeth and took my eyeliner off. I scaned my currly black hair witch sooner or later I met my bright green eyes. I looked away and walked out closeing the door. I got my laptop and took a quick look at my email. No New Messages. I laughed. It's funny how all my 'friends' that used to live here said that they would email me. But they never do. I closed my laptop, turned my light off and hoped into my cold bed.

I dreamt that night. I dreamt that everything was normal just like when I was younger. I would throw myself on the grass without a care. I was laughing and running around with my brother and a long lost family friend. We laughed and laughed. But then, I woke up.
♠ ♠ ♠
Okay hope you enjoy it! Adam Young will be in the next chapter people!