Status: Left for Dead

Content With Redundancy

Its been nine years since they've come face to face again.

Jack and Emma.

They had the 'lets make fun of each other for no reason' relationship in high school. Friends I guess you would say. They hung out with the same group of people, enjoyed the same things, listened to the same music. I guess you could call them friends.

But what will happen when they meet again for the second time, will they fall back into the same unusual friendship that they held in high school?

*Title Credit: 'We Say Summer' by All Time Low
Obvious Disclaimer: This story only has the rights to all fictional characters and plot. Those associated with the real All Time Low and are in the band themselves are completely real people and are not associated with the plot regarding their characters actions and fate. Obviously.
  1. Chapter One
    Emma's POV
  2. Chapter Two
    Jack's POV
  3. Chapter Three
    Emma's POV
  4. Chapter Four
    Jack's POV
  5. Chapter Five
    Emma's POV
  6. Chapter Six
    Jack's POV