Status: Left for Dead

Content With Redundancy

Chapter One

Emma’s POV
Ever had those days when you feel like you’re in a movie? Like as you’re driving down the street, windows opened, air rushing through your hair, it feels as if you could be filmed right then and put into a movie. Just add a catchy pop song for background music, make a montage of you doing stupid things, and you’re set. No worries. I’ve come to find that days like these haven’t crossed my path lately, but when they do I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Turning up my iPod a tad bit louder, I walked out on my small balcony and rested my elbows on the railing, the sunset over the Delaware River reflecting in my eyes. Suddenly I was reminded of the time in high school when my friend Lauren told me that everyone in Delaware was super nice and they have basically no taxes on anything there. Laughing I walked back to my cheap lawn chair and sat down, still admiring the gorgeous sunset.

I took my turn with Delaware, tried it out for a little while, found some quirks, found some jerks, but in the end I returned it for something bigger; Philadelphia. Sure, the whole tax thing was nice, but this is where it all began, literally. I was born here along with our country, though I grew up in Baltimore, Philly always felt like home.

And home it will remain, at least as long as I could keep myself there, but for the next year, this is where I will stay. Besides, I couldn’t leave, not with her in the hospital as sick as she is. She would stay for me, I know she would. It’s a silent agreement we both took together in days of our youth.

Sighing I tilted my head back, closing my eyes. Thinking about it was too much to bear as my eyes started brimming with tears. Drawing in a shaky breath I pinched my eyes even more shut, hoping to squeeze out the pain and deep melancholy I was feeling. It couldn’t go away, not even for a day could it? Just a few minutes ago I felt like I was in an uplifting, fun movie, but now it feels more like a beginning to a nightmare.
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