Status: Left for Dead

Content With Redundancy

Chapter Two

I tossed the Xbox controller onto the ground, a groan of frustration escaped between my lips as I tugged on the ends of my dark hair. The quiet was becoming too much for me to handle. Getting off the couch and walking over to the stereo I put in the closest Blink album I could find, turning it up as loud as I could.

Slumping over to my kitchen I opened the fridge, pulling out a can of beer. Walking back to the living room I fell to the deep, red leather couch, reclining my shoulders against the smooth, cool armrest and starring up at the shadowy ceiling. Cracking open the can I placed it too my lips, drinking down as much as I could before I needed to take a breath. God I was so tired of being alone.

There had to be more than this; more than living by myself, hanging out with the guys or bringing some girl home when I got bored, taking my laundry to my parents’ house for my mom to do. I always wondered what it would feel like to fall in love like they did in the movies, to meet someone and then after a week of getting to know them through odd encounters and adventures, deciding they were the ‘one’. I mean, how the fuck did they know? How the fuck do you know? Love at first sight was always thought in my mind to be superficial. In my mind a dumb broad with big tits only went as far as one night, maybe even two if we stuck around a place long enough.

But I guess life wasn’t like the movies. Do you know how creepy you would have to be if you did manage to live your life like a romantic comedy? Trying to figure out where the girl you met the other day at a coffee shop likes to shop for food just so you could see her again? That’s why nothing ever ends up like a movie either; people are just too damn lazy. Or at least somewhat sane.

Placing the beer to my lips again I realized how light it became, and feeling the last drop hit my taste buds I realized I must have drank it all while I was thinking. I wonder if this happened to anyone else. Did anyone else think about how stupid movies are? I bet Alex has. He thinks of stuff like this all the time; the real deep shit.

I went to retrieve another cold can of beer. After shutting the fridge door I slipped my iPhone out of the pocket of my skinny jeans and leaned against the sink, looking at the sunset through the small, uncurtained window. I was going to give Alex a call.
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Sorry for the crappy update, but I have part of an upcoming chapter written out so that should be a good motivator for me... I hope... haha!