Status: Left for Dead

Content With Redundancy

Chapter Four

“Have I ever told you how perfect you are?”

Alex looked at me and smiled, “Only every time you’re drunk, but seeing that you are sober right now you must really mean it, or at least I think you do.” He opened his door a little wider and stepped aside, “Please, come into the castle good sir!”

I entered the house, heading into the living room only after petting Alex’s dogs, as it would be nearly impossible to enter without doing so. Plopping down on the couch Alex walked in after me.

“So it’s a yes from you?” he asked, sitting down next to me.

Of course, he was talking about the new tour he thought up yesterday. Well I wouldn’t really call it a tour but more of a couple of shows around the east coast, nothing longer than a month. We wanted to get our fans psyched for our sixth record we are dropping and with the success of our last album still fresh, Alex thought we should pool our money together and made this an independent tour really hitting back to our roots.

“Fuck yeah, anything for the kids,” I said excitedly. “Who else is coming so far? Rian and Zack are doing it right?”

Alex looked at me with a look that read ‘are you being serious right now?’. “Yes they’re coming. It wouldn’t be All Time Low without them dumb ass.”

Shaking my head I looked at him, “Dammit, those fuckers. You know I was really hoping on have a ‘Jack and Alex tour’ type thing; a real Jalex moment between us and our fans.”

He just laughed and took his phone out, his long fingers scrolling through messages. “Flyzik’s in, Cassadee said she wouldn’t mind opening for us, which is a good thing, Danny said he’s good to go, Vinny is coming obviously…” He continued on, naming at least 15 different people who were interested in either supporting us or working with us, he named at least 15 people that started to really get me excited about this tour.

Thoughts and memories started brewing in my head as a large smile made its way to my mouth. “You know, this is exactly what I needed Alex. We haven’t been on tour for like ever-"

“It’s been a month” he interjected in that ‘know-it-all’ way of his.

“Which for us is like ever,” I stated, laughing. “I was really starting to get restless. I think even my mom was getting tired of seeing me so often.”

Alex chuckled, shaking his head, “Oh Mama Barakat… But you’re totally right dude. That phone call we had about two weeks ago, you know, that one about movies and love and shit, that was starting to scare me. It wasn’t like you man, but now it’s time for us too…” He paused trying to find the correct word to use then continued on in a flamboyant voice, “It’s time for us to shine!”

“Time for us to be free like the unicorns in space!” I added.

“Free like the herpes infesting my genitalia!” Alex concluded, ending his sentence with a fit of laughter that I soon accompanied him in.

Catching my breath I gave my best friend a sideways glance, “That’s gross.”

The next few hours were spent over cold beers and conversations of touring. Preparations, details, money, cities we are stopping at, if we should actually travel by van or not, and if it will really be as good as we think it would be.

Walking out onto the front porch, properly buzzed at 6:30 in the evening, Alex pushed me over to one of the many wicker chairs. I felt great; talking about the tour has been the fix to my lonely streak. The feeling of being jaded had vanished and it wasn’t just the alcohol either. I was psyched about the upcoming two months.

“You know,” Alex sat next to me, bare feet propped on top of the porches railing, “I was really beginning to think you were going to change on us, you were going to become depressed and all that shit, but I think I have the old Jack back now and this tour is just what he needed to reappear.”
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Okay so I am going to be gone for like a good five days and I just wanted to give you guys another update before I left! Things are going to get a bit more interesting soon so I hope you can stick around that long to find out!