Status: Left for Dead

Content With Redundancy

Chapter Six

Jacks POV
I looked around my bedroom one last time going through the mental checklist in my mind. Everything was getting marked off until I looked over at my bathroom door, I ALMOST FORGOT MY TOOTH BRUSH. Quickly grabbing it from the cup on my sink, I walked back into my room and stared at my overstuffed, almost bursting suitcase; how that hell was I going to get this in there?

“Jack, Rian is here!” I heard my mother call from out in my living room. I always invited her over before we left for tour, just so we could say goodbye and stuff. Plus it felt right having my mom around before I left. I used to live a home until just recently so it’s become part of our routine.

I groaned and shoved the toothbrush in my pocket before grabbing my suitcase off the bed and my pillow off my bed. Before leaving my room I quickly grabbed a pair of sunglasses and put them on top of my head.

“Yeah well me and Cass have wanted to go on tour for a- Oh hey Jack,” Rian greeted as I walked into my living room, suitcase trailing close behind me. I rolled my eye’s at the mention of Cassadee. Their relationship didn’t really bother me but there have been plenty of times when Rian wouldn’t shut the hell up about her.

“Hey man,” I gave him a curt nod and walked over to the door, grabbing a pair of Supras that I haven’t packed with me and sliding them on to my feet.

“Jack do you have everything? All your vitamins and enough underwear to last you throughout the trip? What about your toothbrush? Did you remember your-“

I cut my mom off, feeling a slight blush forming on my cheeks; she worries far too much about me. “Yes Mom, I’ve got it all. You make it sound like I’m going off to battle or something.”

She gave me a bit of a disapproving look, “Well I’m just making sure you’ve got everything you need. I bet Rian’s mother would do the same thing to him.”

Rian shrugged as my mom looked at him for reassurance, “Probably…”

I slid into my left shoe and walked forward, “Mom I’m going to be fine.”

“I know,” She said with a sad smile, “but I just worry about you, that’s all.” She pulled me into a hug and I hugged back, knowing that I won’t be seeing her for a while now; two months at the most.

Pulling away she looked at Rian, “Make sure he stays out of trouble Rian. You seem to be one of the few I can trust with that job.”

He put two fingers up to his forehead and saluted, “Alright ma’am, you have my word.” I shook my head as Rian clapped his hands together, “Ready to go dude?”

My eye’s made a quick scan of the room around me and I went through that mental check list one more time; my phone’s in my pocket (as well as my tooth brush), my charger’s in my bag along with my vitamin’s and other shit my mom listed off as important. I think I was ready to go on tour.
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Sorry for the short chapter, I honestly didn't know what to put here so it's a bit of a filler. Next chapter is going to get a bit more interesting though so I hope it makes up for this one :) A big shout out to my commenters, you know who you are! :D